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Who said you had to choose between your health and success?

We can’t even begin to imagine how hard you are working to begin and create a life for yourself as college student trying to balance your work and life while studying every free moment that you have so that you can graduate debt-free. You are doing so incredibly amazing! But don’t forget to give your body and brain a break! Situated in an urban area, by Mississauga, Ontario, the opportunities available around you to achieve your goal is endless!  It can be daunting to have to think about what workouts you need to do at the gym. At Mississauga CrossFit and strength training, we’d like to take that stress away for you!

You might not always have spare time to do what you truly love, like hiking in the summer or skiing in the winter but imagine there is a place for you to take a breather and relieve stress in between your hectic schedule and blow off steam from school and work stress. 

Certified strength and conditioning coaches


Certified strength and crossfit training can help you improve in speed, balance, flexibility, conditioning, physical and mental strength. Even if you’re only able to visit Mississauga crossfit and strength at PBS twice a week, do it!

What’s in it for you?

PSB Fitness is bringing a new and affordable Mississauga crossfit and strength training gym near you! We have certified strength and crossfit coaches on the clock and available to provide you with quick, safe, and efficient workouts in an open concept area where you can have fun while gaining muscle and increasing stamina.

The first 7 days is the most difficult getting back into the groove of things. Once you join, you can bring in a friend along for them to give us a chance for 3 days! But run! Hurry and tell your friends, this 3-day trial can only be redeemed in the first 7 days you join!

Crossfit and strength training

How to make time for what you love and the people you love!

We understand your time is valuable. That is why high intensity workouts will be your best friend in helping you achieve your goals while saving time and worrying less about the how joining the gym will hold you back from saving for after graduation. Crossfit and strength training style workouts can help increase in stamina and gain muscle strength so you can spend more time doing what you love like hiking, running, skiing, and rock climbing with your friends and family.

Be a part of something great!

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If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to contact us! We are excited to be a part of your success story and can’t wait to hear from you!

Still unsure? Our doors are open. We are ready when you are!

Allow us to show you what you are capable of anything as long as you are willing to push your body to achieve the unthinkable.

Come in to have a quick chat with one of us and receive a free trial, on us.


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