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The PSB Digital Marketing services professionals provide you with the right recommendation to help grow your business, by offering services/packages  such as content marketing, social media  marketing, SEO.

PSB Digital Marketing Services offers various different packages/services which are tailored to fit your company’s needs for an instant. We offer a social media marketing package where our team will walk you through and explain to you what will be included in the package as well as how it will benefit your company. Finally we offer the SEO package which will help you build your creditability as well as support your content marketing.


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List of PSB digital Services

  • Social Media Marketing.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • Content Marketing.

Social Media Marketing

Here at PSB Digital Marketing agency we want to help you achieve your social goals which is why we offer a social media marketing package. Where our team walks you through the steps on how we would increase your brand awareness, website traffic and SEO rankings, increase sales, and finally drive purchase decisions. This is important to your business as the main goal for any business should be to make as much profit as possible, which is why we believe every business should have the right tools to succeed in their business.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

The second Package we offer is the recurring SEO package which main purpose is to boost your credibility as well as support your content marketing as we acknowledge as a business you are trying to stay on top of the search pages to increase recognition and to help individuals get the products best suited for them. Agency//

Content marketing

builds brand personality

builds brand loyalty

the final package we offer is the content marketing package where our team assess your existing social media and content as well to come up with the best plan to rebrand/showcase the real image of the company to attract the clients/consumers you are targeting.

Trusted By Leading Brands

“PSB Digital Marketing services provided us with the right tools and strategies to help grow our business via social media, as well as SEO. They achieved this by setting up a plan that will hep us with  interacting with our consumers and they also edited our SEO so we would show up and get more consumers. PSB Digital Marketing really helped us achieve our goals.”


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Social media



Active Digital Marketing Agency in Mississauga

Easily available results and recommendations provided within hours

PSB Digital agency is actively working on benefiting you by developing marketing strategies, improving SEOs, and providing plans for all your needs! 

What we can do for you

What Do We Offer?

Here at PSB digital we offer a variety of services that are just right for your company. We have many professionals that specialize in SEO and PPC services. These individuals will help you understand these elements and will work to improve them. We also offer social media management services which will help to increase engagement and reach new consumers. Lastly, we are looking into web development and web design services which will be available soon.

About PSB Digital and Our Services

At PSB we are a team of well-educated individuals who are frequently working on new cases and developing our knowledge. We like to find new and creative ways to help our clients on the daily. Every member of our team is proud to be apart of PSB digital and we can show you why!


The First Service we provide is SEO (Search engine optimization), this is important to your business without analyzing this many consumers would just scroll right past your website. Here at PSB we can help move your website up in the rankings on google and other search engine platforms.


The Second service we Provide is PPC (Pay Per Click) with this an expert can help your company to receive the best return on you advertising dollar which can be very useful on many platforms.


The third service is SEM (Search engine Marketing) this service can be faster than SEO but, SEO is more cost effective than this service. This service will allow your company to gain immediate online presence.


The fourth and last service we provide is social media management. With these services we will help to make your platforms attractive to your target audience. We will increase engagement and drive traffic to your website and platforms.


We are working on perfecting our last service which will be able soon which is web development and web design which our experts will help companies create the platforms of there dreams.

Trusted by leading brands

“PSB Digital gave us so much insight and knowledge on how to improve our network and engage more with our consumers which has really helped us succeed”

Richard Maltsbarger, CEO, Pet valu

Let us help you improve your network one step at a time

Check out our social media to see some of the work we have done. 

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Digital agency AI-technology in GTA

Digital Agency AI-Technology In GTA

Our dedicated team will ensure that your business achieves its goals by helping you implement and integrate new technology. Start enjoying the benefits of a thriving business starting right here at PSB Digital. 

What You Need To Know

Check out this video to learn more about how AI is used in digital marketing!

What's In It For Your Company?

We will make the most of our Ai technologies to deliver the best outcomes possible to improve our customer’s experience. From the ability to collect data, analyze it, apply it and then learn from it, we can make pay-per-click advertising more effective, create personalizing websites, creating content, predicting behaviour and more. We will also gain insight that can help you create more effective client touch points.

Digital Agency AI-Technology in GTA

How AI Is Enhancing Digital Marketing

A Better User and Consumer Experience

Providing a better user experience is one of the key ways AI can change the digital marketing industry. With the help of AI, we can better understand the needs, behaviours, and journeys of your customers. It can even help in the prediction of specific behaviours and purchasing motivators.

You can constantly access fresh or improved insights using our AI technology, that can help you improve your marketing and how you connect with customers. We will use analytics to help you perfect your marketing by learning how to best market to people and what works best. It can be highly beneficial if what you offer matches up well with what your audience or potential consumers expect.

Increased Marketing Personalization

Personalization is a popular topic for businesses. Personalization must be considered in all areas, including marketing and products. People want to feel truly valued by businesses, not just as another buyer. Some customers might not be open to the message you are delivering if they don’t feel like you are speaking to them directly. Digital marketing can now be much more personalized and individualized using AI.

You can create tools for decision-making and determining the best marketing strategy with AI and machine learning. The more data you have, the more effectively machine learning will function. Eventually, it will be able to determine the most effective strategy for targeting specific groups.

Save a Ton of Money and Time

AI has the ability to significantly improve things on the marketer side of the industry while also benefiting consumers. In the past, a lot of marketing was done through trial-and-error and testing to get things done right. Using AI, many of these technologies will learn as they go and will not require any human help. Using past data, they will be able to see which methods are likely to be beneficial and which are not. This opens up a lot of work time to be spent on more urgent needs.

Although AI software and tools aren’t always cheap and affordable, they are definitely a better option than hiring a team to test different strategies to see what works.


Trusted by leading brands

“PSB Digital has greatly helped me in the development of my business. They helped me save a ton of time and money while helping me create a better user and consumer experience. Loved my experience with PSB Digital! My company is now better than ever!”

Daniella Owens, Bone & Biscuit

Tell Us Your Marketing Goals. We'll Make Them A Reality

Grow your business with proven best practices and customized marketing strategies.

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Affordable Pet Store Full-Service Marketing Mississauga


Affordable Full-Service Marketing

Affordable pet store full-service marketing in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

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Need help with marketing? PSB Digital Agency has you covered with professional full-service marketing reports and guides about market strategy, SEO, digital platforms & social, as well as web design. Also, did we mention that we offer 24/7 on-demand and live chat support?

PSB is designed and curated to give you the power and help you grow and prosper.

Affordable Full-Service Marketing

We’re here for you through-out your entire journey, no matter where you are. PSB Digital Agency is the affordable pet store tailored full-service marketing agency that wants you to succeed. Whether you just begun your journey as a start-up pet store business or have been in the game for many years.

All your digital growth needs from search engine optimization, social media marketing, website design and analytics tools, to market strategy reports are all at your fingertips. These tools and reports are easy to understand and use for any skill-range while not compromising on features or capabilities.

Want to know in-depth information about the marketing process? Read further and learn more.

Digital Marketing Explained

A brief overview by HubSpot on Digital Marketing

Pet Store tailored Services Overview

A ‘purrfect’ digital plan begins with a plan, anything is ‘paw-sible’ if you believe

If you don’t plan, you plan to fail. PSB Digital knows how difficult it can be for any business at any stage of their life cycle to tackle the complexities of marketing and having a digital presence which is why we’re here to help! PSB Digital Agency is a pet store tailored agency which provides full-service from brand identity creation to analytics tools so you can succeed.

We understand you may be scared especially if you’re a smaller business which is why we’re excited to say we have 24/7 on-demand virtual support and highly flexible in-person support so no matter the time if you’re in a crisis we can help! And the best part? This support lasts for the entirety of our professional careers together. Think of us like a family, we’re here for you.

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Affordable Pet Store Services

Marketing Strategy & Brand Identity

For new pet shops or pet shops looking to revamp their design this service aims at setting you apart from the competition. Developing a logo, a theme of your brand, a message, a mission statement, and vision. The entire purpose of this service is to build consistency and brand image. If you feel you struggle creating a brand image and strategy by yourself let us help you, we’ll work together one-on-one to get you to a creative comfort zone that you’re proud of!

Digital Platforms & Social

Social media is a prominent tool in any marketer’s tool-belt, with rising platforms like TikTok and the trends they create we can help you navigate these millions of users’ and help you get a paw in the door. It’s important to have presence but it’s more important to focus on the platforms which best align with your target market (TikTok; younger, Facebook; older) which is only one part of the digital and social service. Get started by slowly reviewing the demographics and begin the learning. 

The other part is about pillar content and micro content (long-form content like blogs or podcasts and short-form content like images, memes, video snips, etc. respectively). This content will be the core part of your digital and social life since it’s what you post! This service will help you develop and tie in your brand identity and marketing strategy nicely so you can both relate to your target audience but keep in-line with your business goals and strategies.

Web Design

The web design service is as it sounds, it’s a web designer service which will allow us to show you the ropes of how to use our web designing platform, how to update it, how to create blogs, and much more just like if you were using a word document file all thanks to our no code web designer tool. If you do struggle the best part? Help is a click away with videos, live chat, and more to assist you in your journey. Learn about no code web pages.

SEO & Analytics

The SEO and analytics tool service will help you develop search engine optimization, SEO is all about manipulating the search engine (Google) to help you rank higher. Increasing rank helps you rank on page one of Google which helps the reachability and visibility of your business. This plays into the analytics tool which is a PSB-designed platform that will help you track your web and social analytics and present them.

Don’t believe our word of being the best affordable pet store full-service marketing firm in Mississauga? Well hear from our clients!

Trusted by leading brands

Pet Paradise logo, client of pet store full-service PSB marketing
Pet Only logo, client of pet store full-service PSB marketing

Pet Only

For the Affordable Full-Service Marketing in Mississauga, Ontario

“PSB Digital Agency are a kind group of individuals who put passion and care into everything they do. From creating to implementing, a truly marvel Mississauga specialty.”

affordable pet store full-service marketing rated 4 and a half stars from Pet Only

LEna Oxton, VP, PEt Only marketing

Dive Deeper in the Canadian Pet Industry

Learning about PSB Digital’s affordable, easy to use services shown here is only the surface level. 

Mississauga’s born firm has much more to offer in terms of planning and solutions. For more detailed information download the white paper marketing guide.

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E-commerce agency for pets in Mississauga

The Power of E-commerce Agencies for Pet Stores

A team that offers affordable and integrated digital solutions, from social media advertisement, productivity, consistency, SEO, and quantifiable results.

pet business
Pet advertisement on facebook with pictures and words

What is an E-commerce Agency?

PSB Digital Agency

Our agency services specialize in content creation, social media advertisement, promotional tactics, and search engine optimization to get you the strong results you desire.

PSB Digital have access to a variety of technological tools and software that helps us provide accurate analytical reports and perform our jobs at a high standard.

Our increased services will take care of delivering your new pet products at high content creation while allowing you to maintain healthy relationships with your target audience.

However, many of our trustworthy clients have experienced their best results while covering digital marketing areas at a low cost!

What can our e-commerce agency do for you?

PSB Digital offers increased digital marketing services to their clients with flexibility and at a low cost! From technology, content creation, customer relationships and strong search results, our services can guarantee your business for long-term success. This includes advertising and showcasing your current and new products in a well-designed way. We will help you attract new customers and define the customer loyalty in your business.

However, we have made significant impacts towards trusted leading pet brands in Mississauga, that include Pet Smart, Tail Blazers, Global Pet foods and Pet Valu. With the use of digital marketing tools, we have fulfilled customer engagement through social media advertisement, launched new products through data-driven analytics and provided strong search results through Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Our main goal is to create and maintain a sustainable growth for both our clients and our team at PSB Digital. We desire to develop mutual relationships and receive great client experiences through competency and achieving consistent results. We dedicate our time to understand your needs and wants to fulfill the success of your business whether our agency is a good fit for your organization or not.

In addition, PSB Digital’s services provide the work for our clients. This includes tools like, web development, email marketing, content creation, advertisement and many more. This allows our clients to save time and money to manage other sectors of their business.


Trusted by leading brands

Pet SMART - tailblazers - global petfoods- Pet valu

Do you think you are a good fit with PSB Digital?

Make your business better, instantly. 

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