6 Essential Safety Tips for Solo Female Explorers Updated 2023

Are you a fearless female adventurer ready to embrace the world on your terms? As you plan your solo escapades, have you considered the critical aspect of safety? How can you ensure a secure and confident journey as you navigate uncharted territories alone?

Safety tips for female explorers

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In this updated guide, discover eight essential safety tips curated specifically for the intrepid female solo explorers. These insights are designed to equip you with the knowledge and confidence necessary to embark on your journey, enabling you to explore with assurance and freedom.

1. Prioritizing Safety: Essential Preparation

Before stepping into the great unknown, equip yourself with essential safety items and thorough preparation. Ensure you have emergency contacts, carry crucial documents, and pack a basic first-aid kit. Prior preparation lays the foundation for a secure journey.

2. Research about the Destination

Having insightful knowledge about the upcoming destination can help you to get risk of unexpected events such as weather, local culture, etc. Research local customs, cultural norms, safety tips, and potential risks. This knowledge will empower you to make informed decisions. This is one of the most important safety Tips for Female Explorers that we want to mention!

3. Navigating Solo as a Female Traveler

Navigate the world with confidence. Explore unique challenges and specific strategies tailored for female solo travelers. Discover cultural considerations, techniques to maintain personal safety, and strategies for maneuvering unfamiliar territories independently. From learning local customs to understanding the safest modes of transport, empowerment comes from knowledge. 

women solo explorers

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4. Have faith in your instincts. Pay attention to your gut.

Your intuition is a useful tool. Whenever anything doesn’t feel right, follow your gut and get out of the situation. Priority one is your safety. Being attuned to your instincts serves as an invaluable compass, guiding you through unfamiliar terrains and ensuring a secure and fulfilling solo adventure

5. Awareness of Public Transportation: Exercise Street Smarts.

Examine your options for public transport in the area and become aware of any possible safety risks. Avoid late-night travel and stick to well-lit routes. Below are some tips:
Don’t leave your luggage unattended. This advice will be repeated over the intercom at your destination, but even a brief period of time spent without checking your bags can make you a target for thieves. Even though it may seem inconvenient, always bring your bags. 
Lock your luggage: When traveling alone, it’s a good idea to have a little padlock for your case and/or backpack. This will give you the peace of mind that nothing but you can access your goods.

6. Creating a Supportive Network for Female Solo Travelers

Join a community of fellow female adventurers. Share advice, experiences, and build a supportive network for safer travel. The shared experiences and mutual support foster a community that empowers and ensures the safety and success of solo explorations.

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5 Safety Tips for Solo Travelers

Planning a solo trip? Some of the biggest concerns when travelling alone are the unknown whether lack of knowledge of the area or being unfamiliar with the foreign language. All of these concerns contribute to the safeness of travelling abroad as a solo traveler.We have done all the hard work for you and have created some safety tips to ensure a fun and one of a kind experience anywhere your heart desires.Here are 5 safety tips to help you enjoy your solo travels abroad.

Solo Traveler
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1.Research, Research, Research

There is nothing worse than going into a situation completely blind. We recommend that as a solo traveller you do research on your intended destinations for things such as language spoken, currency and the up to date currency exchange rate, common tourist areas and the current political events happening (if any). Your safety is important to us so we have included a link below to find out the current status of all countries according to the Government of Canada.


2.Leave Your Favourite Accessories at Home

You know that diamond ring that has been in the family for 3 generations? We regret to tell you, leave it at home. Not only do we want you to loose or damage the ring, as a solo traveller you want to avoid the attention drawn to you. If you are set on bringing accessories with you to enjoy while travelling and heading to that beautiful steakhouse seen on reviews, we recommend bringing those that you are ok with potentially loosing or getting damaged.

3.Did We See an SOS?

There is nothing worse than being in a country that you are unfamiliar with and have no plan in the event that something doesn’t work out, or in the case of an emergency. We recommend as a solo traveller you tell friends and family of these plans and have an alternative contact for you but not make huge announcements of these plans.

Solo Traveler taxi
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4.Ohhhhhhh Taxi!

As a solo traveller, there is no worse feeling than getting into a car with a stranger in an even stranger place. The great news, you can feel more secure in your choices by booking your travel needs through excursions booked through your travel agent at the time of booking or done through the hotel concierge when you arrive to your destination. If it doesn’t feel right, don’t go. Your safety as a solo traveler is our main priority.

5.Ridin’ Solo?

When travelling to a new place it is hard to predict what you will be heading into. There are many social media groups run by other solo travellers and provide reliable reviews and more tips about places visited within the group. This will allow engagement with others in your same shoes and can give some comfort to this solo adventure.

Wether you are escaping the cold or just trying to see the world, we have all your travel needs covered at PSB Travel.

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