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Introduction to Financial Software

Best Solution for Ethnic Fast-Food Restaurants

Date and time: October 25, 2023 - 6:00-7:00PM

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Running a successful business can be intimidating and time-consuming. We invite you to get to know about how our financial software and its services can benefit your business. Our software is designed to take off the stress of organizing your businesses finances and make the process easier for you.

Learn how to make your business successful by attending our webinar!

This webinar is designed to help ethnic fast-food restaurant owners, like yourself, to better manage their finances. We are focused on finding the best solution for you to help with cloud-based access, inventory management, bookkeeping, time tracking, payroll process, etc. This webinar aims to provide the best advice for you to run a successful business. There will be five modules and each topic correlates to the core services our software provides. We will give provide you with the opportunity to show how each section works and give you a chance to test it out yourselves. We also prioritize your feedback and to address concerns by allowing time at the end of the webinar for some questions and answers.




The positive impact that PSB Finance has had to Five Guys is astounding. This software offers the most effective inventory management and is super helpful to our business.


Ryle Collins

PSB Finance is an exceptional software, and it has completely transformed our business. This software improved our time tracking and has allowed our employees to clock in and clock out with ease. It is an asset to Beaver Tail.


Denise winters

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This webinar is perfect for you if you want an easy way to manage your finances if you are within the ethnic fast-food restaurant industry. 

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The Healthcare Industry in Canada needs simple B2B, cloud based finance software!

The Healthcare Industry in Canada needs simple B2B, cloud based finance software!

Join our webinar “B2B Financial Software for the Healthcare Industry: Best Practices and Benefits” to learn all about how the right financial software can revolutionize your business.

Register now to gain insight into the future of simple B2B cloud based finance software for the healthcare industry in Canada!

October 31st, 2023| 5 p.m. EST

Simple B2B cloud based finance software is the
future for the healthcare industry in Canada!

With this webinar, we want to educate you all on how the right financial software can impact a business. Based on your different business needs, you’ll require different capabilities and specifications. However, one thing is for certain; a simple, easy to learn, cloud based B2B finance software will change your business for the better! In this webinar, we will discuss benefits, best practices and even give a great demonstration with our very own PSB Finance software!

During the webinar, you’ll get the chance to hear from our lovely speaker- Dr. Vanatella Braner, PhD. She will walk you through her experiences with B2B cloud based financial software, and she’ll explain to the ins and outs of the processes! We will educate you on the challenges you may meet in everyday business operations, and we’ll show you how a great finance software can fix them!You’ll also hear about a few of the great capabilities of our very own PSB Finance Software! This includes, seamless integration, multiple different product capabilities and cloud based access!

Dr. Vanatella Braner, the speaker for the webinar "B2B Financial Software for the Healthcare Industry: Best Practices and Benefits" for the overall topic of simple B2B cloud based finance software in the healthcare industry Canada

Our speaker Dr. Vanatella Braner, PhD has been working in the healthcare industry for over 16 years, and has experienced firsthand, how the correct finance software can change a business! She also has 10 years of experience dealing with the financial aspects of her own business: Health & Heart Laboratory!

“I have put my trust and support into PSB Finance, and they have shown me why- time and time again. No other financial software has been able to help my business like PSB Finance does. I have seen my business change before my eyes, with improved efficiency and less errors. My business was able to transition flawlessly into utilizing PSB Finance, thanks to its seamless integration capability. The healthcare industry needs PSB Finance!”

Dr. Vanatella Braner, PHD

PSB Finance is trusted by leaders in the healthcare industry!

At PSB Finance, we pride ourselves on creating long lasting connections with medical testing laboratories across the country! Here are just a few of our amazing clients.

Brands that trust PSB Finance

You're just a few clicks away from understanding why simple B2B cloud based finance software will change the healthcare industry Canada!

Make the best decision for your business and learn about the best practices and benefits of the right finance software!  Register now – you’ll be happy you did!

Learn Hints For Accounting Software in Canada

Bring Productivity of Finance Operations

To the Next Level

Join our free webinar to learn modern hints for accounting software in Canada that will help you to increase your business productivity while decreasing operational costs.

December 20, 2023 | From 12-1:30 PM

Seeking new ways to increase your company’s productivity?

Get insights from industry leading professionals! Firstly, you will benefit from some innovative hints for accounting software in Canada. Secondly, we will show you how to apply them in practice. Finally, we will share with you the best tools you can start using right now to make the most out of your financing!

Image of an Accounting Professional smiling and ready to tell hints

Learn Hints For Accounting Software in Canada from PSB Finance

This free webinar is created and structured specifically for small and medium sized businesses. If you were seeking ways to maximize your business’s productivity by utilizing hints for accounting software, than look no further!

Two industry leading professionals from our team will tell you about the most emerging trends and methods that the accounting software market can offer. You will get expert advice on which of these trends can bring you the most benefit as well as what should be avoided.

Then we will be showcasing a real-world example of how all these benefits can be utilized using our PSB Finance Software. Each of you will be given a 5-day free trial to play around and apply all learnings yourself. This will allow you not only to practice what we told you, but also see how your business can benefit from this.

At the end, we will share with you a list of free tools that all small and middle-sized businesses can make use to bring their productivity to the next level.

Join us on Wednesday, December 20 from 12 to 1:30 pm to learn about the most recent hints for accounting software in Canada.

Our clients trust us!

Burrito Especial

    Burrito Especial

    Mexican Restaurant

    We’ve been using PSB Software for more than 10 years now and we believe they are the best! We constantly get updated on the software we use to include all most modern technologies available on the market.

    Cow's Delights

      Cow’s Delights

      Ice Cream Cafe

      Last year we visited their webinar on hints for software in Canada that increase productivity. We were surprised on how beneficial advices appeared. We managed to reduce more than 30% of working time on some processes.



        Mac&Cheese Cafe

        After using inventory management software from BSB for almost 5 years we recently decided to try their new finance module. It appeared to be just a breakthrough!

        Loaded Burgers

          Loaded Burgers

          Burger Restaurant

          We never thought a 2-hour benefit could give us so much benefit! A team of professionals gave so many advices and hints that allowed us to innovate our processes and reach new productivity level! Looking forward for more!

          Are You Ready To Thrive?


          Can I get recording of the Webinar

          Yes, but only those, who visited webinar will receive free PSB Finance 5-day trial as well as a FREE access to the tools that can boost your business productivity.

          I am not available for this time, do you have other dates?

          Yes, this “Learn Hints For Accounting Software in Canada” Webinar will be also conducted in February and April 2024. Subscribe to our social media to get notified on new dates and new Webinars!

          How long does it take to install PSB Finance

          All of our software modules are cloud based. You can start benefiting from using the in less than 10 minutes.

          Accounting Professional Smiles and eager to tell hints


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          BSB Software

          Best accounting software for supermarkets in Toronto

          Eliminate Manual Financial Processes With Simple Accounting Software

          Get efficient with PSB Finance.

          Accounting Software that’s powerful. Seamlessly connects all your financial tasks into one unified platform, that simplifies your financial management

          Boost your productivity with the best accounting software! 

           Join our webinar on August 2nd, 2023.

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          200+ Canadian Customers Trust PSB Finance for their Accounting Solutions

          What is PSB Accounting Software about?

          PSB Finance is an accounting software for supermarkets, designed to simplify financial processes.

          It analyzes data efficiently, and seamlessly integrate with existing software.

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          And learn more about our premium software features.

          How the Accounting Software Webinar will benefit you

          Find out how PSB Finance eliminates manual processes, simplifies data analysis, and drives accounting efficiency for supermarkets.

          Increase your accounts productivity:

            • Automated payroll calculation
            • Generate supermarket sales reports
            • Update information frequently

          Try! The Best accounting software for supermarkets in Toronto

          Join the Webinar and gain valuable accounting insights from:

          Julia Gallant, a well-known financial advisor and provides expert advice on the retain industry such as including supermarkets. 

          What Customers have to say

          Time is running out and spots are limited!

          Here’s what you can expect

          • Software demonstration, showcasing its powerful features
          • Learn from real-life examples
          • Interactive question and answer session
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