In-house Coffee Beans Production

Cold Coffee, Whipped Cream, Cocoa, Chocolate

In-house Coffee Beans Production at PSB Cafe 

We produce our coffee in-house, with no fertilisers. As a result, it has a rich flavour that awakens your senses and refreshes your taste buds. We blend our own beans to give our coffee distinctive flavours, and espresso is one of our most energising coffees. Besides serving it as a shot, it is also a base for many coffee drinks, such as lattes, cappuccinos, and frappes. There is a warm brown colour to the mixture, with some tiger striping and a very consistent cream texture in the espresso cup.

 Coffee Beans, Brown Colour, Bowl

What’s our process of in-house coffee beans?

Did you know that coffee is a fruit?. During the first year of growth, coffee plants form white blossoms that are short-lived (a few days). After this, round “cherries” form. It takes 3-5 years for the coffee plants to produce the coffee fruit, which occurs only in the right climate. Before they ripped, coffee cherries are green. Depending on the type of coffee, hand can do coffee harvesting or machine once the coffee cherries turn red and glossy. We recommend hand picking the coffee to maximize the harvest, since it can leave unripen coffee cherries to ripen before harvesting.

There will be a portion of the harvest that is not ripe when it is harvested by a machine. We make coffee from roasted coffee beans, which are seeds from berries belonging to the Coffea species. Their bright red colour, rather than their original green color, can detect the ripeness of coffee berries. We followed by harvesting and drying. To achieve a particular coffee flavour, dried we refer coffee seeds to as “beans,” and we roast them to various degrees. During brewing, roasted beans are ground and combined with near-boiling water.

How is the espresso coffee prepared?

Quick to prepare, yet tiny and powerful in the cup, espresso’s a beloved way to make coffee that’s also one of the finickiest.

  1. Dial in the Grind.
  2. Measure and Dose
  3. Distribute and Tamp
  4. Purge the machine
  5. Pull the shot
  6. Watch the shot extract
  7. Clean it out
  8. Serve and enjoy

Health Benefits of Coffee

Besides its energising effects, it has linked coffee to a long list of potential health benefits, giving you more reason to get brewing.

  • Boosts energy levels
  • Could support brain health
  • Promote Weight Management
  • Linked to a lower risk of depression
  • Could protect against liver condition
  • Supports heart health
  • Could increase longevity

Loyalty Program PSB Cafe

PSB Cafe Loyalty Program

PSB Café is the brainchild of two Sheridan college alumni Jesse and Matt. Jessie having born in a family of bakers always wanted to offer something to the students of Sheridan in form of a bakery, and as for Matt he is an experienced barista and a huge coffee connoisseur.

PSB Cafe

What do we offer?

PSB Café prepares and offers speciality snacks and various beverages at budget friendly rates.

We have cookies, muffins, donuts, pastries, coffee, and many more that will fill your belly if you don’t have time and want to grab a quick bite.

Walk into any of our locations in Davies campus or HMC you will enjoy a hip, happening café experience filled with our aromatic smell of coffee freshly brewed and prepared as per your needs.

Seating capacity of over 15 people at a time, Super fast internet and hot snacks on your table is the exact Kick that you need to start your day or just casually hangout.

Did someone say Birthday….???

We offer customized Cakes, donuts with special requests for making them based on your needs and preferences.

Tasty cafe products

Affordable Price and Superior Quality…..

All our products are pocket friendly only thing heavy will be your hearts once you leave us.

Product range starts from 0.99$ to 4.99$, so much affordable that  you will try the entire range everyday and we won’t disappoint you at all.

We are there with you in your tightest month, just select, pay, and enjoy your favourite snacks or beverage without the added pressure of calculating the bill.

We promise superior quality, all our products are made and served with appropriate hygiene and safety.

Use of fresh ingredients and all out machines, kitchen area is cleaned monthly so that the food made does not get contaminated.

PSB Cafe Loyalty Program

At PSB café come September and we are launching something special for our special customers.

As a token of appreciation for our returning customers we are launching Loyalty Program exclusively at our Sheridan Hazel McCallion Campus and Davies Campuses

What is this program?

This is a point-based loyalty program, and a surprise awaits everyday for our returning customers.

  • Purchase of 1 product = 10 points
  • Purchase of Pre-mix Coffee = 10 points
  • Accumulation of 50 Points – Free cold beverage

Accumulation of 100 points – Free PSB merchandise

Accumulated points can also be exchanged for discounts (once per customer per month)

Like a Beverage? Can’t have just one? Use these points for a free one time In-Store Refill. (buy kern alprazolam)

Why are we doing this?

That’s because we know the value of customers that come to our stores and we would love to have you back with us all day, everyday.

Besides just a purchase we want to make a lasting impression in your hearts and through this program you can choose to try our products or if you are running low on bucks just ask us to redeem your points for a cool discount.

Students are already burdened with a lot of stress and responsibilities towards their studies and part time jobs.

We will give you something to rejoice or look forward to when you hear the word PSB Café.

We are waiting…

So, come one or bring all, starting September we at PSB Café will wait for you to step in and enjoy the most authentic coffee/snacks  and a unique loyalty program designed for you.

Visit us either at HMC or Davies campus and experience affordable prices, superior quality and a fun atmosphere with your friends and family.

Follow us on social media and stay updated –






Call for a low budget Coffee? Head over to PSB Café.

Coffee Shop in Sheridan College
Coffee on the go at the Sheridan Campus!

PSB Café is for you all! We bring in the best in town café in your college premises to have you get the stress off your mind while you read that busy chapter of your book or build those little conversations with a sip of that cup of coffee. With the start of the Fall, PSB Café is enlightened to welcome the new batch of students  for an all new experience of coffee at a pocket-friendly price. An escape from your daily grind, an affordable yet approachable coffee experience at the next stop of your class. Our dream is way more than just a coffee café- we want to make you all relieve stress from your daily chores and build good memories together with your classmates. So be ready for an all new coffee experience at Sheridan HMC and Davis campus. Learn more

coffee being brewed from a machine
Fresh brewed single-origin coffee

Story behind PSB Café  

Jessie and Matt, alumni to Sheridan College formed the PSB Café with their whole heart and hands. Out of our two founders – Jessie, who grew up in a family of bakers was so fascinated that her only dream was to open a bakery and Matt, an experienced barista is a pure coffee connoisseur whose dream comes to action with PSB café.

Whether you want to try a coffee that release your stress, to complete your pending assignment or to grab a quick cup, we’ll make that happen for you every time you wish for it.




You don’t pay more here!

Pocket friendly coffee with the chit-chats.

Get in. Get a coffee. Get going. It’s just that easy and pocket friendly, so you will never feel the pain in spending your dollar here. We personally curate every aspect of the coffee experience to serve you a perfectly delicious cup every time but will never distress your pocket. Our aim is to substantiate our prices with the daily coffee needs of the PSB students so that they enjoy their experience here and relieve their study stress over a sip of coffee and our good range of bagels and bakery items.

Our affordable range of coffee and the savories set a perfect match with your busy academic schedule. Moreover, bagels, donuts and cakes will be an added choice for you always on the coffee table.

Discounts and Offers

  • Buy 1st cup of coffee and register for an e-card, your second coffee will be on a flat 50% rate.
  • Buy 2nd cup of coffee and get one bagel at 50% rate.
  • Tell your friends about the e-card and get them registered, you will get 20% off on your next coffee.
  • Follow our pages on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter & avail 10% off on your next meal.

We’re Social

We want to see you all at our café and serve you better. Do check us out for promotional offers, new inclusions in our menu and upcoming campaigns on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram



The healthiest cafe around you


About us

Welcome to PSB café! With a lot of options around you, PSB aims to offer something unique. Our goal is to offer the healthiest option for your routine café visit. Our standout offerings are the PSB Black Coffee, Americano, Espresso and Decaf Coffee. The café also includes healthy snacks options like Gluten-free Sandwiches, donuts, croissants, cupcakes, pizzas, and macarons. customize your snack the way you want and all this at an affordable price.

PSB café is founded by graduates, Jessie, and Matt. Both passionate coffee lovers, Jessie grew up in a family of bakers and has always dreamed of having her own bakery and Matt is an experienced barista and considers himself a coffee connoisseur. We are looking forward to seeing you in September and do not forget the chance to redeem exciting offers.


We promise to offer you the highest quality products and top-notch hospitality. Walking in to pick up your coffee for the road or sitting through the day closing your projects, reading a book, or even meeting your loved ones, we aim to be flexible and try our best to meet different needs. PSB café intends to build a community that not only loves coffee or prioritizes health but wants to offer a platform to network with people of different backgrounds. Anyone walking into the café can sit as long as they wish enjoying their favorite coffee or snack. We aim to be the place where people meet people.

We also want to be involved in events happening in our neighborhood, setting up mini coffee and snack centers at any location. We want to be closely connected to our neighborhood and support in ways we can. We are also connected with Canadian Mental health association and do an event once a month along with them to raise awareness around mental health problems and aim to uproot stigma attached to it. You too can be a part of this movement, for more details subscribe to our newsletter.



PSB café offers a variety of Black Coffee, Americano, Espresso and Decaf Coffee and Gluten free snack options.  We also offer the option for you to customize your snack the way you want and all this at an affordable price.



We prioritize health and all our offerings reflect that. We wish to add more value to coffee and snacks. There are multiple reasons why we chose this route. Healthy coffee boosts energy levels, supports brain and heart health, increases athletic performance, and linked to help lower the risk of depression. Gluten free snacks help improve skin and bone health, reduces frequency of headaches, reduces hair loss, and improves energy levels.



We are currently located at Sheridan HMC campus and Sheridan Davis campus.


These offers are available from 1st to 21st September.


Free large coffee of your choice

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Free snack with any size coffee of your choice

Post a story with your coffee and tag 5 friends. Use hashtag #psbnow


Free meal with any size coffee of your choice

Post on Instagram about your visit to PSB café and tag 5 friends. Use hashtag #psbnow


Apply for loyalty card and receive 40% cashback on first 10 orders.

Visit your nearest PSB café and apply for your loyalty card at the reception desk.



Connect with us

You can always reach out to us for suggestions, queries, or complaints. We highly value your inputs and promise to revert within 12 hours.

Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date with our offers and services. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

PSB Café – A Place By Students For Students Coming This Fall!!

PSB Café

A Place By Students For Students
Coming This Fall!!

PSB Cafe

The Origin

PSB Café is cofounded by Matt, Jessie and Ben, three alumni from the Pilon School of Business. From a young age, Matt was influenced by his family and his passion for Coffee and opening his own Café. Jessie is an experienced baker and considers herself a cake connoisseur. And along the way they met Ben, he was a photographer pursuing his master’s in marketing. All three met at their alma mater, where they became fast friends. After graduation, they pursued their respective careers in different parts of the country. They always kept in touch and dreamed about opening a café together someday. During the pandemic they decided to leave their job and open a café. Luckily, they found a great place near both Sheridan Campus, and they decided to take the leap and open a nice cozy coffee café for the students where they can work and chill, while doing that enjoy a nice cup of coffee and snacks.

Main Hero Photo of PSB Cafe

Coffee Like No Other

We take our coffee seriously here – only the best beans sourced from around the world will do. We offer a variety of espresso-based drinks, each with its own distinctive flavor that’s guaranteed to please even the most discerning palate.


Baking With Love

Our pastries are made with care using only high-quality ingredients and fresh produce sourced locally whenever possible. We have a wide selection of different croissants, eclairs, muffins, cupcakes, doughnuts and more to satisfy any craving.

Free Wi-Fi For All

PSB Café will cater to the needs of students on campus as it will provide free Wi-Fi for students to work and study. Furthermore, there would be Wi-Fi facility in all corners of the PSB café. Especially in the reading room, so that students can sit down and enjoy reading books, use their laptop or tablet etc.

Internet Cafe
Cafe Date

Quality Conversation All Day Long

PSB Cafe is open all day for your convenience and we want you to enjoy our signature drinks and food. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the company of good friends or new acquaintances.

Experience the "PSB" difference

We offer a variety of food and beverage options, including a full breakfast menu, lunch options, and delicious desserts. Also, our coffee is roasted locally by our friends at Bloomington Roasters. We pride ourselves on offering excellent customer service with a smile, and our staff are always available to help you make your visit to PSB a memorable one.

Events (Lounge)

A place for anything and everything

PSB Café will be a home away from home for students, professionals and families alike. We have a Secret Lounge for hosting Stand-up Comedy and Movie Nights, as well as providing space for Job Interviews or any other event.

Our Team



Matt has a family history of Coffee Farming and his very passionate about coffee.



Jessie loves to bake all kinds of stuffs. Muffins, cookies to a full size birthday cake, she can do it



Ben is a photographer and he is always enthusiastic about marketing.


We serve specialty coffee with a side of conversation at PSB Café. We provide an inclusive environment where people from different backgrounds and walks of life can talk freely and openly, free from distractions. For when you are feeling introspective, PSB Café has you covered with a range of light roast coffees to get you through your day. For those who need something more lively, try our espresso shots or latte macchiato!

Opening This September In Sheridan HMC And Davis Campus!!

Follow us

We have a Newsletter also which will keep you updated with the latest Sheridan News and about what’s going on in PSB Café.

Follow us in the following social channels to stay up to date with the latest updates and announcements!!

© Copyright - PSB Café, Sheridan College

Vegan Café Sheridan HMC


This Image is logo of the café. The logo is made up of a mug and pie slice

PSB Vegan Cafe at Sheridan HMC

PSB Café is run by two college graduates, Jessi and Matt, and serves Canadian specialty snacks and beverages, as well as vegan plant-based options, at a reasonable price on the Sheridan College HMC campus.

Are you a coffee lover who’s sick and tired of the milk and meat-filled drinks offered by traditional coffee shops? If so, you’ll be happy to know there’s a new vegan coffee shop in town!

The PSB Cafe Which is set to launch in the coming month is the perfect place for any plant-based foodie. From their coconut hot chocolate to their vegan cinnamon buns, it’s clear that all of their creations are cruelty-free. Give your body and the animals a break with the all-vegan menu, satisfying your taste buds from head to toe.

About the Cafe

The interior of this café is warm and inviting. Inside the café, there are several small wooden tables without tablecloths, wooden chairs, and comfortable soft sofas. On the tables, there are stands with sugar, salt, spoon, fork, and paper napkins. Along the walls are wooden cases containing artwork and photographs.  There is always melodic music playing here.

This image depicts how the café appears with tables, chairs, and a proper sitting view.
Cafe sitting view

The Cafe’s Products

  • Cookies
  • Muffins
  • Customized name donuts
  • Pastries
  • Pies
  • Butter tarts
  • Beaver Tails
  • Cinnamon buns
  • Cake pops
  • Sandwiches
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Hot chocolate
  • Milkshakes

This image depicts coffee being poured from the machine into a cup.

The mission of the Cafe

PSB Cafe’s mission is to provide high-quality food and beverages, particularly vegan coffee and vegan snack items, at an affordable price. Our cafe wants to be in the business of relieving the daily stress of students and busy working professionals by providing peace of mind through great ambiance, a convenient location on campus, and the best service. The cafe also has missions and plans to provide students with job opportunities.

This image showcases the students working in the cafe

The cafe also offers product customization and a loyalty program that rewards you with a surprise every time you visit.

Read on below for more information about veganism.


The term “Vegan” was coined in 1944 by a small group of vegetarians who separated from the Leicester Vegetarian Society in England to form the Vegan Society. Although the vegan diet was defined early on in The Vegan Society’s beginnings in 1944, The term “vegan” was chosen from the combination of the first and last letters of “vegetarian.” By 1949, the first definition of veganism had been born. The society was first registered as a charity in August 1964 but its assets were later transferred to a new charity when it also became a limited company in December 1979.

Types of Veganism: –

The quality of a vegan diet is determined by the food that it is made of. As a result, some vegan diets have many health benefits, while others may not. The vegan diet is classified into the following categories.

  • Dietary Vegans: The term, which is also known as “plant-based eaters,” refers to those who avoid animal products in their diet but continue to use them in other products such as clothing and cosmetics.
  • Raw-food vegans: This set of people only eat food that is raw or cooked at temperatures below 48 degrees celsius.
  • Junk food vegans: People who eat a lot of processed vegan foods like vegan meats, fries, frozen dinners, and desserts like Oreo cookies and dairy-free ice cream.
  • Low-fat vegans: These people, also known as fruitarians, limit their intake of fatty foods such as nuts, avocados, and coconuts but rather depend on fruits. They eat only a minimal quantity of plants.
  • Whole-food vegans: These people prefer a diet high in whole foods such as Vegetables, Fruits, Seeds, Legumes, Whole grains, and Nuts.

Foods that Vegans eat: –

  • Beans, peas, and lentils: Red, Brown, and green lentils Split peas, Black-eyed peas, Back beans, white beans, and kidney beans.
  • Starchy Vegetables: Such as potatoes Sweet potatoes, Corn, Squash, and Beets.
  • Non-Starchy Vegetables: Cabbage, Broccoli, Flower, Asparagus, Radishes, and leafy greens.
  • Fruits: Oranges, Tangerines, Bananas, Berries, Mango, Pineapple, Pears, and Apples.
  • Seeds:  Chia seeds, Flaxseed, Hemp seed, Sunflower seeds, and Sesame seeds.
  • Nuts: Peanuts, Almonds, Cashew.
  • Soy products: Soybeans, Soy milk, Tofu, Natto.
  • Whole grains:  Whole wheat, Whole oats, Whole grain brown rice, Grain bread, Pasta.
  • Other plant-based food: Plant milk and yogurts, Maple syrups, and Nutritional yeast.

Foods That Vegans avoid: –

  • Meat and fish: such as beef, chicken, duck, fish, and shellfish
  • Eggs: Whole eggs and foods that contain them, such as bakery products
  • Dairy: milk, cheese, butter, and cream, as well as foods made using these ingredients
  • Other animal-derived ingredients: such as honey, albumin, casein, carmine, gelatin, pepsin, shellac, isinglass, and whey

Health Benefits of a Vegan diet: –

  • Lose excess weight: Vegan diets may aid in weight loss without the requirement for calorie restriction.
  • Reduce diabetes risk: Vegan diets may lower the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. The ingredients are effective in lowering blood sugar levels and may help to reduce the risk of future medical problems.
  • Reduce arthritis pain: Vegan diets are high in antioxidant-rich whole foods. They considerably reduce osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis symptoms.
  • Prevent cancer: Several components of the vegan diet may provide protection against malignancies such as prostate, breast, stomach, and colorectal cancer.

Interested in what else PSB cafe at Sheridan HMC has to offer aside from delectable vegan treats?

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PSB CAFÉ – Sheridan College Ontario



Soon-to-be one of your favorite hanging spot, PSB Café is opening at HMC and Davis Campuses of Sheridan College this winter. Our moderately priced menu has freshly prepared donuts and croissants as well as coffee produced from in-house coffee beans. The PSB Café serves freshly baked, center-filled donuts.

An example of how the cafe would appear like from the front


We, Jessie and Matt, are two alumni of Pilon School of Business, founded PSB Café. Matt, who is a seasoned barista and views himself as a coffee expert. Jessie grew up in a family of bakers and has long dreamed of opening her own bakery.

We decided to team up since we shared the same mindset of starting a business and began brainstorming locations for a café. What better place for us to establish our business than the college we attended, which gave us the knowledge we currently have? As a result, we opted to build the café on the Sheridan College campuses in HMC and Davis, where we had the time of our life.

After a lot of trial and errors, we are now prepared to introduce our Café!


Are you too busy to eat breakfast? You arrived late for your morning class, skipping breakfast? Take a quick stop at PSB Café and experience our freshly baked croissants filled with cottage cheese and beef, donuts that are center filled, and specially roasted and blended coffee that is made just for you. It is not only filling for the stomach but is reasonably priced as well. Make this your favorite spot to relax during breaks or to work on assignments while having fun and create unforgettable moments. Our products come in a variety of sizes, and you can order them to go if you don’t have time to sit down and eat.


An illustration of how the donut would appear from the inside

Have you ever looked at sweets and thought, “Oh, this has much too much sugar in it,” “Maybe it has additional sugar in it,” or “This has so many calories in it,” but decided to eat it and later regretted it?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. You can now enjoy your favorite donuts guilt-free and without worrying about health or digestion issues. They are specially made without artificial flavors, excess sugar, or preservatives.

To top it all off, these donuts are incredibly low-priced, which is the cherry on top given the fact that the students are on a limited budget.


We roast and blend the best coffee in-house, and we make fresh donuts and croissants every day just for you. As sources of brand distinction and value, we go for honesty, straightforwardness, and sincerity. We follow through on our commitments and work to go above and beyond for our clients, partners, and the local communities. Moreover, we cherish every customer’s viewpoint and consider how they might perceive our services, goods, and outcomes. Your achievement is our achievement. What we do, we adore. We pledge to respect each and every person and family we interact with and provide services to. In fact we believe in giving back to society by backing initiatives that directly benefit developing communities. Always happy to serve everyone that visits. We’ll do our best to make everyone feel relaxed and at home at the Café.



You can sign up here and follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to remain in the loop about everything. You’ll be the first to learn about great deals and menu updates! Remember to share with your friends.



Sheridan College – Hazel McCallian Campus

Sheridan College – Davis Campus

PSB Café Vegan Sheridan

PSB Café - Sheridan College

Connect Over Coffee at PSB Café

Our Mission at PSB Café 

At PSB Café, we want people to get connected over their favorite drink, now available with vegan alternatives at Sheridan college, Davis and HMC campus. In this fast-paced environment, and the ongoing pandemic we understand the importance of meeting new people. The idea behind this café is to connect as many people as we can while serving the exceptional coffee and snacks with vegan alternatives. We want people to connect along with their choice of drink.  We are dedicated in providing personalized experience with fast service. We use home made bakery recipes which tastes like home, away from home

PSB Café Vision

After the global pandemic, many people have understood the importance of healthy living. People have started to cut down on dairy products. 65% of the world’s population shows a reduction in ability to digest lactose, according to the NIH. Also, roughly 2.3 million Canadians have switched to vegan diets according to a 2020 Statista report.

Consuming dairy if you are a lactose intolerant, can lead to gas, bloating, cramps, or diarrhea. Increased dairy consumption can lead to acne, which is a concern for a lot of teens and adults.

There are plenty of alternatives that we provide at PSB Café. You can have your favorite coffee flavor with vegan options like almond milk, soy milk or coconut milk as per your personalized needs. For bakery products, vegan flour like coconut, chickpea and soy flour is used.


Idea for Sheridan Students 

“Connect Over Coffee” is a concept in which we encourage random strangers to connect (or chat!) while waiting for your order at PSB Café. The customers get to choose whether they want to continue the conversation OVER COFFEE. Pandemic made everyone feel the importance of connections and how this busy life made all of us detach. Now with vegan options available, every one can have a coffee with worrying about dairy products.

College time is the most elite time for any student to network. This concept can increase their engagement and learn something new every day at Sheridan College.

Connect over coffee - PSB Café


PSB Café Products and Services 

We serve exceptional coffee served by a coffee connoisseur providing different roasts, different types of beans and different ways to brew your coffee.  You can also get a wide variety of flavors in home-made bakery items such as donuts, croissants, cupcakes, cookies, muffins, and cinnamon rolls. At PSB Café, beverages and snacks are available in vegan options and at both Sheridan college campuses.

1) Coffee: Hot Coffee and Iced Coffee (Vegan alternatives available – Coconut, soy and almond milk)

  • Black coffee
  • Latte
  • Cappuccino
  • Americano
  • Espresso
  • Mocha
  • Cold brew
  • Frappuccino
  • Iced Latte


Hot and Iced Coffee - vegan alternatives available
Get served with your favorite drink and enjoy the best time of your life.

2) Bakery products: available in Chocolate, Blueberry, and strawberry flavors. (Vegan Alternatives available)

  • Croissant
  • Muffins
  • Cupcakes
  • Donuts
  • Cookies
  • Cinnamon rolls

    Croissant and Donuts - Vegan alternatives available
    Home-made recipes used for bakery products that tastes like home away from home.


You can either order at our café or via our mobile app and get your beverage or food ready on your arrival. Our mobile app is available in App Store and Google Play Store.

Download our mobile app - PSB Café
Easy to order and get your item on your arrival on our mobile app.

What else do we offer?

  • Register yourself on our website or our mobile app using your college student ID and get student discounts.
  • Come in groups and get group discounts.
  • Get to know today’s special menu items

Our café has a concept “Connect Over Coffee”, we express gratitude every time two strangers decide to continue conversation and encourage them to post about their meet and tag us.

Your support matters!

PSB Café was founded by two PSB Graduates, Jessie and Matt. Therefore, they connect to student life and want others to enjoy theirs. PSB café wants to support students by being pocket friendly. Being an alumni, they understand the importance of budget for a student and therefore gives as many discounts as possible. PSB café is a place where students can increase their networking which can later be useful to them. Either connect to your fellow college mate or your professor.

After the pandemic, we at PSB café understand the concern of healthy living, therefore we introduced new vegan options for beverages as well as snacks.

We appreciate your support. To get daily updates follow us on Instagram and Facebook page. Post your favorite beverage along with the stranger you connect with and tag us on Twitter using #PSBcafe.

Follow us Instagram and Facebook - PSB Café

To get more info about PSB Café

” Get ready to meet new people and enjoy your favorite drink at our cafeteria”

PSB Café Single-Origin Coffee

Coming in Fall 2022!

PSB Café is opening this Fall 2022 at the Sheridan College HMC and Davis Campuses. Our menu offers brewed coffee and baked goods. We strive for sustainability, this is why PSB Café uses single-origin coffee and high-quality ingredients.

inside of a café
PSB Café opening soon

About PSB Café

PSB Café was co-founded by two PSB graduates, Jessie and Matt. Jessie grew up in a family of bakers and had always dreamed of having her own bakery. Whereas Matt is an experienced barista and considers himself a coffee connoisseur. They both were passionate about their interests. And their dream was to do something that will satisfy this urgency to bake and make coffee while giving back to the community they have grown up in. In addition to this, they wanted to do something to help the farmers who produce the ingredients they were going to use to make the baked goods and coffee.

After graduating, both Jessie and Matt decided to pursue the café business they were passionate about opening. While doing their research they came across two Sheridan college campuses where they both had studied, which were open for rental to businesses who would offer food for the students. For Jessie and Matt this was a phenomenal opportunity to give back to the community they were a part of for such a long period of time. After confirming the locations where they will operate, they both got to work.  It took one year and a half of planning and execution to build the café, but now PSB Café is ready to open its doors to the students and staff at Sheridan College.

Our Menu

At PSB Café, we use high-quality ingredients in all the products we make. We authentically brew our coffee from scratch for each customer individually, so it is always fresh and flavourful. Our mission is to provide our customers with an experience they will reminisce about. To view a full list of products we offer on our menu click here.

PSB Café Single-Origin Coffee

hands holding coffee beans and small plant growing from the beans
PSB Café single-origin coffee

During their time at PSB, Jessie and Matt had learned about the coffee farmers and how they do not get paid their fair share in the service they offer. Since coffee is the main source of income for these farmers making up 50% of their salary. Cultivating coffee from start to finish is a one-year process, but it is not an easy one. There is always the possibility of unprecedented events. This can be due to large occurrences such as natural disasters or changes in the economy. This is why Jessie and Matt chose to help the farmers who provide ingredients for their products. Therefore, PSB Café has pledged to use single-origin coffee certified by Fairtrade International to support the farmers, as their income is dependent on how the process of cultivation of coffee has been that year. Read more about fair trade here.

coffee being brewed from a machine
PSB Café single-origin coffee being brewed

Our Values and Promises

Matt and Jessie always participated in campaigns to reduce waste, so they wanted to integrate this idea into their company. In addition to using fairtrade coffee, PSB Café also uses environmentally friendly packaging for the goods they are selling. We use biodegradable cups for hot beverages and recycled plastic cups and straws for cold beverages at PSB. By bringing their own cup, our customers will be actively participating in our mission. To promote this, PSB Café will give a discounted price to customers who participate in reducing their carbon footprint. If you have any suggestions we always welcome new ideas to reduce the waste we are producing to help the environment, send us an email at We would love to integrate ideas for the sustainability of this beautiful planet we live on known as Earth.

Furthermore, we want to reduce our carbon footprint and be known as an environmentally-friendly company. This is why we are operating in a small space with energy-efficient appliances. This allows us to reduce the cost of our high-quality products for our customers. To read more, go to this page.

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Locations of Operation

HMC Campus Sheridan College

Davis Campus Sheridan College

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PSB Café Brewed Coffee

Opening in Fall 2022 at the HMC and Davis Campuses of Sheridan College!

Reminisce in the memory of your childhood with the aroma of brewed coffee and baked goods from PSB Café. A café with a cozy ambiance that takes you down memory lane every time you enter it. PSB Café offers brewed coffee and baked goods at our brand-new locations.

psb café interior
Sneak peek inside a PSB Café location opening in September 2022.

The Origin of PSB Café

PSB Café is cofounded by Jessie and Matt, two alumni from the Pilon School of Business. From a young age, Jessie was influenced by her family and her passion for baking and opening her own bakery. Whereas Matt is an experienced barista and considers himself a coffee connoisseur. They both met during their undergraduate years at Sheridan College and discussed their life goals. Both Jessie and Matt wanted to pursue their passions and agreed to become partners for a future café business together. After graduating, they both worked towards their goal and found rental spaces at the Davis and HMC campuses of Sheridan College. Within a year and a half of planning and execution, they are finally ready to open the doors of PSB Café to students and staff of Sheridan College.

PSB Café operates in a small space to reduce its environmental footprint. The appliances we use are efficient and economical, minimizing the amount of energy lost. Reducing the cost spent on the rented space, allowed PSB Café to reduce the price of our products for our valued customers. Read more about PSB Café’s efficiency effort.

Menu – Brewed and Baked

The menu for the products we offer.

Menu for PSB Café
Menu for PSB Café

We make sure to consider all dietary restrictions by offering a wide variety of products year-round to choose from. For coffee drinkers, we offer milk alternatives such as oat, almond, pea, cashew, coconut, soy, and lactose-free. In addition to this, we have alternatives for individuals who prefer something other than coffee, such as chai, hot chocolate, and specialty green teas. For individuals with nut allergies, we make sure that our facilities and our products are kept nut-free.

Our Promise to You

The coffee bean is the main star of any coffee. That is why Matt selects the best organic, ethnically farmed coffee beans from a single source. The flavour profile and aroma of a single-sourced coffee bean are much more potent than an average coffee bean. In addition to this, We use clean, nongenetically modified ingredients, which are locally sourced for baked goods. If you have any questions, ask us in person or online at We are transparent about the ingredients that go into the coffee or goods our valued customers are purchasing.

Values of PSB Café

We use simple ingredients to make our products because food is essential, so why make it complicated. In addition to this sustainability is very important to companies, especially with global warming on the rise. To do our part in combating global warming we will be using cups that are made from recycled plastic, and biodegradable straws as well as paper cups for hot beverages. We love and care for our environment and whenever our customer can bring their own cup, they will get a slight discount for their effort. Read more about our sustainability effort here.

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Locations of Operation

HMC Campus Sheridan College

Davis Campus Sheridan College

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