PSB Cafe at Sheridan

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In our former life, we were Sheridan students… but things have changed.

Coffee gripped us by the soul as well as our taste buds and what started as a love, grew into an obsession and finally a new lease on life.

About Us!

PSB Café at Sheridan is named after Pilon School of Business at Sheridan college, that produces waves of perfection, as our coffee here is roasted to perfection. We use only top quality beans, and our highly passionate crew serve amazing coffee from the green bean to the cup, at this Coffee Roastery.
Everyone should be able to have good coffee any time.

So, buy your favourite coffee right here and have them shipped straight to your taste buds. There should be no compromise on finest coffee and its made with no contact, just freshly roasted coffee starting at your fingertips and straight to your soul.


PSB Café was founded by two Pilon School of Business graduates from Sheridan College, Jessie, and Matt. Jessie’s family is of bakers and she always had a dream of owning a bakery. Matt on the other hand considers himself a coffee connoisseur.
Both wanted to provide a safe and pleasant environment for people, as well as room for all to socialize.
But ultimately both of them wanted to keep the Spirit of Bruno alive because as a student they got back so much from Sheridan College and decided to give little back.


Table d'hôte (Menu)
Enjoy the taste of Sheridan with our Bruno cupcakes in flavour, mango, passion fruit & blueberry with white chocolate filled and topped with icing and a Bruno head decoration.

When paired with a refreshing coffee straight from our barista, what could be better?

There are loads in the range to choose from to brighten up your day and couldn’t say no.


Where you Bean?
In a busy Sheridan life getting your hands on a good coffee cup can be challenging, especially when you’re stuck under the pile of assignments, or an exam is around the corner, but you couldn’t get a good night sleep because of studying overnight.
But only good coffee and great food is not enough the location of the coffee shop is of great importance also greatly too when you are in a hurry for a class.
Look no further, because PSB Café will be operating right at the heart of HMC and Davis campus of the college at B-wing and sway everyone with our fine aroma of meals.


Support fellow Bruins
Coffee is the real social network. You meet friends for coffee, have meetings over coffee and share a coffee with the one you love. So of course, we want our coffee to be shared as much as possible. So, Join the Club because we’re happy to provide exclusive rewards on our roasted coffee and roast your beans for you...
The more ways we can help people share coffee the better. You can help us by roasting our social media pages with your fellow Bruins on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.
Also, subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date and in front of the line.

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PSB Café – A Place By Students For Students Coming This Fall!!

PSB Café

A Place By Students For Students
Coming This Fall!!

PSB Cafe

The Origin

PSB Café is cofounded by Matt, Jessie and Ben, three alumni from the Pilon School of Business. From a young age, Matt was influenced by his family and his passion for Coffee and opening his own Café. Jessie is an experienced baker and considers herself a cake connoisseur. And along the way they met Ben, he was a photographer pursuing his master’s in marketing. All three met at their alma mater, where they became fast friends. After graduation, they pursued their respective careers in different parts of the country. They always kept in touch and dreamed about opening a café together someday. During the pandemic they decided to leave their job and open a café. Luckily, they found a great place near both Sheridan Campus, and they decided to take the leap and open a nice cozy coffee café for the students where they can work and chill, while doing that enjoy a nice cup of coffee and snacks.

Main Hero Photo of PSB Cafe

Coffee Like No Other

We take our coffee seriously here – only the best beans sourced from around the world will do. We offer a variety of espresso-based drinks, each with its own distinctive flavor that’s guaranteed to please even the most discerning palate.


Baking With Love

Our pastries are made with care using only high-quality ingredients and fresh produce sourced locally whenever possible. We have a wide selection of different croissants, eclairs, muffins, cupcakes, doughnuts and more to satisfy any craving.

Free Wi-Fi For All

PSB Café will cater to the needs of students on campus as it will provide free Wi-Fi for students to work and study. Furthermore, there would be Wi-Fi facility in all corners of the PSB café. Especially in the reading room, so that students can sit down and enjoy reading books, use their laptop or tablet etc.

Internet Cafe
Cafe Date

Quality Conversation All Day Long

PSB Cafe is open all day for your convenience and we want you to enjoy our signature drinks and food. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the company of good friends or new acquaintances.

Experience the "PSB" difference

We offer a variety of food and beverage options, including a full breakfast menu, lunch options, and delicious desserts. Also, our coffee is roasted locally by our friends at Bloomington Roasters. We pride ourselves on offering excellent customer service with a smile, and our staff are always available to help you make your visit to PSB a memorable one.

Events (Lounge)

A place for anything and everything

PSB Café will be a home away from home for students, professionals and families alike. We have a Secret Lounge for hosting Stand-up Comedy and Movie Nights, as well as providing space for Job Interviews or any other event.

Our Team



Matt has a family history of Coffee Farming and his very passionate about coffee.



Jessie loves to bake all kinds of stuffs. Muffins, cookies to a full size birthday cake, she can do it



Ben is a photographer and he is always enthusiastic about marketing.


We serve specialty coffee with a side of conversation at PSB Café. We provide an inclusive environment where people from different backgrounds and walks of life can talk freely and openly, free from distractions. For when you are feeling introspective, PSB Café has you covered with a range of light roast coffees to get you through your day. For those who need something more lively, try our espresso shots or latte macchiato!

Opening This September In Sheridan HMC And Davis Campus!!

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We have a Newsletter also which will keep you updated with the latest Sheridan News and about what’s going on in PSB Café.

Follow us in the following social channels to stay up to date with the latest updates and announcements!!

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PSB Café Vegan Sheridan

PSB Café - Sheridan College

Connect Over Coffee at PSB Café

Our Mission at PSB Café 

At PSB Café, we want people to get connected over their favorite drink, now available with vegan alternatives at Sheridan college, Davis and HMC campus. In this fast-paced environment, and the ongoing pandemic we understand the importance of meeting new people. The idea behind this café is to connect as many people as we can while serving the exceptional coffee and snacks with vegan alternatives. We want people to connect along with their choice of drink.  We are dedicated in providing personalized experience with fast service. We use home made bakery recipes which tastes like home, away from home

PSB Café Vision

After the global pandemic, many people have understood the importance of healthy living. People have started to cut down on dairy products. 65% of the world’s population shows a reduction in ability to digest lactose, according to the NIH. Also, roughly 2.3 million Canadians have switched to vegan diets according to a 2020 Statista report.

Consuming dairy if you are a lactose intolerant, can lead to gas, bloating, cramps, or diarrhea. Increased dairy consumption can lead to acne, which is a concern for a lot of teens and adults.

There are plenty of alternatives that we provide at PSB Café. You can have your favorite coffee flavor with vegan options like almond milk, soy milk or coconut milk as per your personalized needs. For bakery products, vegan flour like coconut, chickpea and soy flour is used.


Idea for Sheridan Students 

“Connect Over Coffee” is a concept in which we encourage random strangers to connect (or chat!) while waiting for your order at PSB Café. The customers get to choose whether they want to continue the conversation OVER COFFEE. Pandemic made everyone feel the importance of connections and how this busy life made all of us detach. Now with vegan options available, every one can have a coffee with worrying about dairy products.

College time is the most elite time for any student to network. This concept can increase their engagement and learn something new every day at Sheridan College.

Connect over coffee - PSB Café


PSB Café Products and Services 

We serve exceptional coffee served by a coffee connoisseur providing different roasts, different types of beans and different ways to brew your coffee.  You can also get a wide variety of flavors in home-made bakery items such as donuts, croissants, cupcakes, cookies, muffins, and cinnamon rolls. At PSB Café, beverages and snacks are available in vegan options and at both Sheridan college campuses.

1) Coffee: Hot Coffee and Iced Coffee (Vegan alternatives available – Coconut, soy and almond milk)

  • Black coffee
  • Latte
  • Cappuccino
  • Americano
  • Espresso
  • Mocha
  • Cold brew
  • Frappuccino
  • Iced Latte


Hot and Iced Coffee - vegan alternatives available
Get served with your favorite drink and enjoy the best time of your life.

2) Bakery products: available in Chocolate, Blueberry, and strawberry flavors. (Vegan Alternatives available)

  • Croissant
  • Muffins
  • Cupcakes
  • Donuts
  • Cookies
  • Cinnamon rolls

    Croissant and Donuts - Vegan alternatives available
    Home-made recipes used for bakery products that tastes like home away from home.


You can either order at our café or via our mobile app and get your beverage or food ready on your arrival. Our mobile app is available in App Store and Google Play Store.

Download our mobile app - PSB Café
Easy to order and get your item on your arrival on our mobile app.

What else do we offer?

  • Register yourself on our website or our mobile app using your college student ID and get student discounts.
  • Come in groups and get group discounts.
  • Get to know today’s special menu items

Our café has a concept “Connect Over Coffee”, we express gratitude every time two strangers decide to continue conversation and encourage them to post about their meet and tag us.

Your support matters!

PSB Café was founded by two PSB Graduates, Jessie and Matt. Therefore, they connect to student life and want others to enjoy theirs. PSB café wants to support students by being pocket friendly. Being an alumni, they understand the importance of budget for a student and therefore gives as many discounts as possible. PSB café is a place where students can increase their networking which can later be useful to them. Either connect to your fellow college mate or your professor.

After the pandemic, we at PSB café understand the concern of healthy living, therefore we introduced new vegan options for beverages as well as snacks.

We appreciate your support. To get daily updates follow us on Instagram and Facebook page. Post your favorite beverage along with the stranger you connect with and tag us on Twitter using #PSBcafe.

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To get more info about PSB Café

” Get ready to meet new people and enjoy your favorite drink at our cafeteria”

PSB Café: Sheridan Ontario Alumni Café


(Sheridan alumni café Ontario)

Coffee for Sheridan PSB students, prepared by Alumni in Ontario!

Sheridan Alumni in Ontario. PSB Café is an on-campus café located at both Sheridan Davis (Brampton) and HMC (Mississagua) campuses in Ontario, Canada. PSB Café was established and is currently run by two Sheridan PSB alumni, Jessie and Matt. Jessie and Matt graduated from PSB and directed their love and passion for coffee and baking into their other love and passion: business.

The Pilon School of Business provided them with the knowledge and skills to pursue business as their full-time careers and now they’re ready to give back to their school! The PSB Café will be opening in September 2022, ready to serve the students and staff for the fall term.

alumni girl campus coffee fall sheridan psb cafe
(FALL in love with PSB Café! Opening this fall at Sheridan HMC and Davis campus)

Why should you support PSB Café at Sheridan?

Support fellow Bruins! As Sheridan students, you could one day be in the same position as Jessie and Matt after graduating- possibly wanting to open a small business of your own. Alumni connections offer ample opportunities for current students, and these alumni just so happen to be offering coffee to go on your campus. Jessie grew up in a family of bakers and has become an (amateur) professional themself! Matt is an experienced barista and self-proclaimed coffee connoisseur.

It is safe to say your coffee and snacks are safe in their hands! 

Sheridan PSB Café Alumni opportunities for Students

As alumni, Jessie and Matt have structured their café around the crazy life of a student. PSB Café offers mobile ordering for all coffees and snacks, available for pick-up all over campus. PSB Café also offers deals and discounts on select products for students using the app, by inputting their student numbers at log-in. The pricing of PSB Café ’s products is superior to any on-campus competition. Get your coffee or baked goods between $2-5 each, and even more reasonable if you have a student number loaded into the app. PSB Café knows the struggles of budgeting during college and doesn’t want you to have to second guess your desire for a coffee for class. Learn more about our pricing here.

PSB Café is proof of just how valuable the business programs at the Pilon School of Business are and how devoted and loyal Sheridan’s students can be! PSB Café offers the fuel you need to be successful in your business program!

Keep your eyes peeled for our Instagram debut to see what coffees and snacks pair best with your classes and projects.

Products at PSB Café at Sheridan

PSB Café offers handcrafted beverages made by Matt, who has years of experience and expertise. PSB Café has oat, soy, almond, cashew, dairy, and lactose-free milk for your choosing! Matt’s coffees are made with local coffee bean options to help support and contribute to other small businesses. 

Matt offers a rotational and seasonal menu of coffees and specialty drinks, including:

  • Cold Brew
  • Lattes
  • Matcha
  • Americano
  • Espresso
  • Drip Coffee
  • and more!
psb cafe sheridan college ontario coffee latte
(A PSB Café specialty; an oat Latte with cinnamon on top!)

Not a coffee person? Totally fine, PSB Café has a large selection of teas that may suit you better!

PSB Café also offers baked goods, snacks, and pre-packaged sandwiches ready to order on the go. All goodies are made and prepared carefully by Jessie. 

PSB Café understands the student lifestyle and caters to it- quite literally! 

Mobile App and Pick-Up Options 

With the busy life of a student and the hectic environment of the campus, PSB Café has made it easier and more convenient to get the coffee and snacks you need and deserve. 

Take a look at Sheridan’s campus maps to figure out your best route to class and PSB Café- Sheridan Maps.

girl texting phone psb cafe order mobile app college campus
(You’re likely on your phone already, why not order ahead for convenience!)

Download the PSB Café app, create an account, and enter your student number (if you have one). PSB Café has convenient pick-up windows throughout campus where you can schedule or order ahead to have your order ready for your route to class. Want to learn more? Click here.

We look forward to starting a fresh semester with you, with an even fresher cup of coffee!

Follow us on InstagramTwitter and Facebook to keep up-to-date on our progress and the grand opening of the sheridan ontario alumni café!

Customized Cakes with PSB Café – Sheridan

Who are we?

Two alumni took an initiative to serve the taste buds of students by launching the PSB Café. With the previous experience in barista and  the other person having family background of bakers. Thereafter, owner dream of having a self-owned bakery. PSB Café comes with an edge to present customized cake to students. So they can celebrate their success moments, farewell, nostalgia goodbyes, birthday of their classmates and many events without any hustle. Also there is no hindrance of second thoughts.  Cakes on occasions and various deserts sweetness give satisfaction of every moment celebrated. PSB Café has the facility to customize cakes and other puddings and deserts as per preference. All over, creating a charming pampered remembering moment for years.

Cakes: Customized flavored orange and other fruits.
Cakes: Customized flavored orange and other fruits.


Students can easily rely on the customized cakes with PSB Café for their friends and loved ones. The taste and freshness is ensured as baking is done when order received, there is no crummy or moldy  items stocked in advance and everything is brought up whenever there is a particular order placed with selective preference. The advantage of being an alumni is that we are very well aware of our on-campus student expectation. Sheridan PSB Café serves the taste of students from overseas that is miss living in Canada. So, PSB Café aims to provide the best products and services to both the domestic and international students.

What we serve ?

PSB Café serves various beverages, deserts, combo-meals and many other items as per both the Canadian taste and international students. Café serves as a combination to mix as per one’s taste and liking. Customized cakes is a new way to make college more lively and students can enjoy to fullest. After a tiring day full of assignments, deadlines and other chaos, eating puddings and sweet platters can be the most positive moment for the day.

Customized cake
Choco chip Cookies as a desert after every meal.

Plenty of items having customization as per the customer desire greets them with pleasure and a sense of contentment. The cakes of PSB Café are baked with love, freshness and lots of care and wishes for the success of student. Lastly, we establish the long-term relationship with the alumni’s and also existing students. Also, helping them academically whenever needed. PSB Café is simply a mode to connect to students on-campus and be the service to their daily needs of meals and regular drinks. Cakes are addition to the moments of joy and cheerfulness, a small gesture one can present to other. Avoid looking outside or long-way drive to do any kind of preparation to please oneself.

chocolate cake
Chocolate cake serves the pampering feelings

Where can you find us easily? 

PSB Café can be easily located at the premises of Sheridan college – Davis Campus and HMC Campus. Also, to avoid delays and hustle, book your order online with the fixed date and timings. Customized Cake with PSB Café is available as to produce the personalized savor and flavors of home country. Various options in deserts, beverages and combo-meals can surely be full satisfying breakfast after reaching college early morning hours. Thus having a break from stressful and pressurized presentations and deadlines. Regular loyal customers enjoy many discounts, rewards and offers. Learn more about the fresh Brew at Sheridan PSB Café.

Pudding cookies enhances the moments

Considering the coffee-lovers, e-cards are bought up into action so as to charge less after a certain cup of coffee in a day and building up the loyal regular customer for the PSB Café. Lastly, during the college occasions and celebrations, PSB café will continue to offer various other customized products. Therefore, to stay updated and enjoy every moment of Sheridan college holding carefully the Customized Cakes with PSB Café, stay connected with us on social media platforms.




Connect with us on:instagram logo  twitter logo   facebook logo



If you want to be hit in life, you gotta be fit and fine

PSB Fitness.png


Want to get BODY fit and keep your mind healthy?

In this modern era, everyone is running behind work and are very busy in the working schedule due to which their body is getting out of shape and unhealthy. Even though, they are working, but are not able to get the desired results in their work. In order to get their Mind and body fit, we are launching a Mind And Body Fitness Gym. Where people can keep their body fit with our Cross fitness center and their mind relax with yoga sessions provided. This will help them to focus in achieving their dreams and goals with more energy and focus. Our Mind And body fitness gym will focus on providing the best service at affordable prices.



What makes PSB fitness Gym special?

Starting with the combination of mind body fitness gym. The major strength of PSB fitness is the founders of the gym, Jessie and Maat are already certified fitness trainers. The most significant element is that we offer a single day pass as well as membership discounts to new customers. We have excellent customer support and work with the members to help them meet their fitness goals. Most importantly, we have kept the concern of your precious time, so we offer different fitness and yoga/meditation sessions in large number so in order to match your best timing. PSB fitness has a well-trained team of certified trainers in order to ensure you the best quality service in area. Which include the excellent combination of cross fitness and yoga to keep your body and mind healthy and fit at the same time.

Affordable fitness Gym Memberships

Affordable plans starting with $35.99+ tax per month up to $48.99 with the increment in the service which is quite affordable as compared to other popular gyms, discounts membership, long term membership discount, special discounts on the payment plan options on the different occasions.

Where are we located?

PSB FITNESS Sheridan College Hazel McCallion Campus in Mississauga

PSB FITNESS Sheridan College- DAVIS Campus Brampton











Our both branches are in the heart of each cities which are Mississauga and Brampton and moreover, inside the campuses of Sheridan college. Both of our locations are easily accessible to people, by walking, car and most importantly by public transport. Our Mississauga branch is located at Sheridan HMC campus which is just by the square one and easily accessible from the go bus and mi way station. So, a place to keep your mind and body fit is always near to you. Our Brampton branch is located at Sheridan college Davis campus which is gain very accessible to you by any means of transport.


Join us today and fulfil your dreams with more energy and focus!

To get to know about us more, follow on our official social media handles!

Bodybuilding Gym with meal plans and nutritional counter

The ideal Bodybuilding and meal plans in Brampton & Mississauga with nutritional counter for healthy shakes and protein bar at PSB Fitness.

bodybuilding and meal plan
PSB Fitness

Who are we?

Here at PSB Fitness we provide an ideal bodybuilding and meal plans in Brampton that is specifically designed for every student and faculty of Sheridan College, in addition to individuals living in nearby neighborhood communities.

We operate at 2 locations, Brampton and Mississauga campus. PSB Fitness focus on healthy lifestyle, boosting self-confidence and one’s physical image. Above all, we differentiated ourselves by offering unique features that many fitness club/gyms haven’t incorporated as yet.

What makes us different?

Our strengths are what makes us different and unique. PSB Fitness differentiated themselves from the competition by including unique features that many gyms in the industry haven’t incorporated as yet.  Features such as value- added services like diet and nutrition cafes, celebrity trainers and unique classes. PSB fitness is owned by two highly experienced personnel who already have a combined experience of 15 years in the industry

What we offer? 

We offer services such as bodybuilding and meal plans. For example, powerlifting, freshly blended nutritional shakes and protein bars onsite. Our products and services are affordable. Coupled with benefits to boost confidence and promote the theme of a healthy lifestyle. Unlike competitors, our product is of better quality such as equipment’s, lower priced membership, flexible hours and private classes hosted by celebrity and skilled trainers.

Protein Smoothies have Arrived

Wondering what are the benefits of bodybuilding and a healthy meal plan?

Resistance training increases muscle strength and size. Muscle strength is highly correlated with a lower risk of cancer, heart and kidney disease as well as several other critical illnesses. A change to healthy eating and  Planned meals helps to maintain one’s weight, lower the risk of heart disease and other health conditions and increased in energy levels. A healthy eating plan gives your body the nutrients it needs everyday while staying within your daily calorie goal for weight loss or weight maintenance.

Product price of our bodybuilding and meal plans in Brampton

The price will be at a normal and ‘freemium’ level. Our ‘freemium’ pricing strategy is an offer of free services or product in addition to paid options. For example, A free 1 week trial (occasionally) at our gym but if you desire shakes or protein bars you will need ask to pay the amounted price. However, we offer:

  • Monthly membership fee at $30 for students, $35 for staff and $45 for persons outside.

Besides the membership fee, Prices for over the counter products;

  •  small shake is $6 and large $ 10
  •  single nutrition bar is $2.5
  • Monthly pass for shakes & bars is $ 20 for 5 shakes per month and 1 bar each visit
  • Meal plan is $60 per week with 6 meals


  • Limited Free membership
  • Student and Faculty loyalty membership card
  • weekly, monthly Contest

Why Us? 

Have difficulty balancing work/school and your outside life?

We take pride in everything we do. In this case, our services help to reduce the stress of balancing work and enjoying the outside world. Moreover, we valued our customers needs and desire. Occasionally, we offer free membership for a limited period, students and faculty discounts that varies and competitions. On the positive side, all campuses are accessible for every service and product.


How to be a valued member of our bodybuilding and meal plans in Brampton?

Registration is simple and at your finger-tip. visit our website  or any of the 2 campuses with your student ID – OneCard.

For more info, please feel free to email us:

“Each new day is a new opportunity to improve yourself, join us today to “build” a better you!” – opportunities awaits you!

“Come and bring out the beast within you!”


Instagram, Facebook, Twitter apps



Premium Priced Coffee at Sheridan College

Premium Priced Coffee at Sheridan

The True North Caf-eh is the only location at Sheridan College that provides premium-priced coffee. Moreover, the cafe also provides foods such as donuts,  meat pies, etc.  The Cafe is expected to open early 2021 and is the only cafe on the Mississauga and Brampton campuses to offer coffee delivery at Sheridan College. This cafe will provide affordable coffee to the Sheridan faculty and students also.


Premium Priced Coffee of The True New Cafe

First, the new PSB cafe will have a new Canadian culture-focused atmosphere. The Cafe takes pride in its Canadian roots and patriotism. This cafe will offer an affordable price for all its customers offering them fast service. For starters, most students at the college like fast food. Owing to busy work arrangements balanced eating is challenging to manage.PSB cafe also gives them the opportunity to maintain their good wellbeing.


PSB Cafe Location and Flavours

The coffee arrives in several special tastes, too. You can pick from matcha, sencha, shincha, and several other flavors. They have been sourcing worldwide to match your palate. You don’t need to think about having exposure to your coffee. We offer unique distribution except for our PSB café. Which is by providing pre-order services to our customers at the comfort. This will also offer Sheridan college’s first coffee distribution, making it more accessible for students and teachers to reduce waiting times. This PSB Cafe is located Right near


Sheridan  J wing library on the first floor. So, it is convenient for students who sit and study in the library. The picture below describes the Sheridan college Davis campus location. The cafe can sell a range of products, with the high-energy coffee and freshly baked items the most notable. Coffee is a must for young people because it gives them an energy boost to fight through the day. At “The true North Caf-eh,” we encourage customers to pick up a limit of 400 mg per serving of their coffee.


Price( Premium Priced Coffee at Sheridan)

Premium-priced coffee is sold at Sheridan college by PSB cafe. the prices of coffee vary according to the size and flavor of the coffee. Moreover, there are different cells given to the new students. As they can get Medium size coffee at only $2.99 this offer is suitable for welcoming students only. Moreover, PSB cafe gives chance to only pay by debit or credit but also through their Sheridan id card So, in case any student forgets to take a card they can pay by student id card also. The number of cups increases the number of reward points to win the chance of getting 5 cups of coffee free. You can match prices with others also. Moreover, more about our cafe will be on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, youtube.

Different size cups

The advantages and the quality of service

The premium prices coffee delivered at Sheridan colleges has various benefits. The cafe will provide party and person seating configurations. This will have a large space for social events and sports, and individuals will have a single island breakfast room. The cafe accepts cash, internet, and card sales as well as eat-in, distribution, and food intake methods. The cafe also features music and indoor games recreation and leisure areas such as pool and ping-pong. The Cafe’s would be situated next to the market place for convenient access to both campuses. In short, the cafe offers a socialization environment coupled with facilities that improve consumer comfort.

ping pong

Indeed we almost as much enjoy our treats as our southern neighbors. Canada produces more than 85 percent of the world’s maple syrup (AGC, n.d), so we’ve chosen to incorporate it into the foods we love.



Protein Smoothies Sheridan HMC

Calling all gym enthusiasts! Are you looking for protein smoothies with variety at Sheridan College HMC? So, why not choose from your local PSB cafe? We offer a variety of protein powders mixed with fresh ingredients to create energizing smoothies. I know what you may be thinking: “protein powder in smoothies? That might not taste good.” You’re wrong! Smoothies made at Sheridan College combine your choice of protein to go along with your choice of ingredients to give you a great tasting blend. In addition to the premium quality and taste, the smoothies are affordable to provide a better bang for your buck.

Why choose protein smoothies?

If you are a fitness enthusiast that wants an escape from their daily meal plan, protein smoothies are great for you! According to a registered dietitian, Ryan Andrews, smoothies must contain a combination of nuts, vegetables and possibly protein powder for the beverage to be considered equivalent to a meal. Therefore, protein smoothies can act as a quick replacement for your regular meals!

Whey protein breaks down easily which is especially essential for your body. It is suggested that protein smoothies should be taken post-workout for your body to repair its muscles faster. Drinking smoothies packed with fresh ingredients and protein powder allow you to receive your body’s daily nutrient requirements.

So the big question is: what is holding you back from trying one of our protein smoothies from the PSB Cafe?

A lot to protein and ingredients to choose from!

We provide locally sourced fresh ingredients mixed with vegan based protein options to energize your workouts! All ingredients used in smoothies come from local farms to give you that great revitalizing taste. We have low-calorie options without added sugar or preservatives for diet-concerned individuals.  For gym enthusiasts, the calories are displayed on the cup of each beverage to help you keep track of your daily caloric intake! Some protein options that can be added into smoothies are shown below:

Protein Powder in a bag optionProtein powder in the container








Affordable Protein Smoothies!

We understand that students have enough bills from attending college! Therefore, we have developed affordable options to meet your daily protein needs! Along with healthy protein drinks, we also offer small snacks to be added as a meal to go along with your beverage. These are some of the options below:

$4.99 – Small Protein Smoothie! Mixed with 1 tbsp of your choice of protein.

$5.99 – Medium Smoothie with 2 tbsp of protein.

Finally, the $6.99 – Large Smoothie with choice of protein quantity.

In addition, add an energizing snack for just $1.99.

Where are we located?

Why in Sheridan College HMC of course! The PSB cafe is in the A-Wing of the HMC, which is right across from Square One’s Food District. Sheridan gym members can also pick up pre-packaged smoothies from outside the fitness centre located on the second floor of A-Wing. Protein smoothies will also be offered outside of the new gym being opened soon at the campus.

In addition to a convenient location, the PSB cafe will soon be implementing classroom delivery! So, that means no more lineups, and no more waiting around for your order. Soon it will be possible to order on the Boost Mobile App and receive your protein smoothie almost anywhere on campus at HMC! Isn’t that exciting? We thought so too! Imagine receiving a cool and refreshing protein smoothie in class, delivered in style. Moreover, Boost will also have some of our recipes listed if students want to try to make a protein smoothie at home!

Protein Smoothies at Sheridan HMC


If customers buy five protein smoothies from the PSB cafe, their sixth one will be free!

Now its time for you to go out and try protein smoothies at Sheridan College HMC! Follow us on social media for new products, news on special events and promotions:

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

Other pages related to this one:


Vegan Powders at Sheridan College.



Are you craving a highly nutritious fruit smoothie right now? Well hello hello, all you diet-conscious fitness enthusiasts! We have some good news for all of you who are spending a lot of time at or around the Sheridan College HMC campus. We heard your concerns about not having enough healthy food and drink options on campus. As a result, we decided to bring you something very exciting! Let us give you a hint – “healthy smoothies Sheridan HMC?”

You wanted it, and now you got it! As a result, here at our very own campus, you will be now able to find something that you will not be able to resist after an exhausting session at the gym. We present to you our very own – protein-infused smoothies – exclusively available at the PSB Cafe at Sheridan College.

Let us make a promise to you; these drinks taste exactly like any other smoothie you will have. But what’s different in our smoothies? OUR SMOOTHIES HAVE NO SUGAR! In addition, we will even keep all artificial additives away from you. We already know the health benefits of protein smoothies and so, this smoothie is here to keep you on track for your nutrition goals for as long as you keep coming to us. Our smoothies are being kept MILES away from any sugar, and we replace all those bad calories with good calories in the form of fruits, and that to of your choice. At very modest prices of $4.99, $5.99 and$6.99 for a small, medium, or large smoothie, you even have the option of choosing the type and quantity of protein to go in your smoothie. Well, do we have your attention now?


Sheridan College | Toronto Area: Brampton Mississauga Oakville

We are located at Sheridan College’s HMC Campus, adjacent to the Square Mall Shopping Mall. The PSB Cafe is located on the Ground floor of the A-wing of the campus and is open for business from 8 am to 10 pm daily.  Located in a very convenient location, there are very spacious common areas right outside the PSB Cafe where you can relax after a day filled with classes and extra-curricular activities, and enjoy one of our refreshing, healthy smoothie with your friends. Sheridan College has a current enrollment of over 18,000 students who walk in and out of the cafeteria doors on a daily basis. The PSB Cafe is conveniently located very close to the library, gymnasium, and team study rooms. In addition to that, we have table tennis situated right next to our cafe! Now isn’t that a blessing?


Protein smoothies Sheridan HMC

For your convenience, we will place a promotional stall right outside the Sheridan HMC Gym located on the B-wing 2nd floor. Hence right after a workout session, don’t hesitate in stopping by at our booth to try our fruit and protein smoothies. We will be there wherever you want us!


Sometimes you might be running late for a group meeting and do not have the time to stop for a protein smoothie, don’t be disappointed! If you can’t come to us, we will come to you! Through the “Boost” app currently being used by Tim Hortons for advanced orders, you will have the facility to order a drink and we will deliver it to you at the Sheridan Library located in the B-wing. Now how can you ever say no to a classic protein smoothie?


Protein smoothies Sheridan HMC

If you think delivering to the library is a blessing, wait till you hear this. In addition to library deliveries, WE EVEN DELIVER TO CLASSROOMS! Moreover, you do not need to miss those important lectures to grab a drink. Eventually, the “Boost” app will bring the smoothies to your classroom as well. Now, do you have an excuse to not give us a try? We don’t think so!

We understand how stressful it can be to manage school and fitness. So now all you young gym enthusiasts know what we have brought for you. In short, your “Healthy Smoothies Sheridan HMC” dream has finally come true!


The PSB Cafe has also announced a special loyalty program just for the new refreshing smoothies. Thus, after every 5 drinks, your 6th smoothie would be free through a loyalty reward card. So let’s start enjoying those free drinks!

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Finally, we look forward to seeing you, or if you want, we will come to see you!


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