Call for a low budget Coffee? Head over to PSB Café.

Coffee Shop in Sheridan College
Coffee on the go at the Sheridan Campus!

PSB Café is for you all! We bring in the best in town café in your college premises to have you get the stress off your mind while you read that busy chapter of your book or build those little conversations with a sip of that cup of coffee. With the start of the Fall, PSB Café is enlightened to welcome the new batch of students  for an all new experience of coffee at a pocket-friendly price. An escape from your daily grind, an affordable yet approachable coffee experience at the next stop of your class. Our dream is way more than just a coffee café- we want to make you all relieve stress from your daily chores and build good memories together with your classmates. So be ready for an all new coffee experience at Sheridan HMC and Davis campus. Learn more

coffee being brewed from a machine
Fresh brewed single-origin coffee

Story behind PSB Café  

Jessie and Matt, alumni to Sheridan College formed the PSB Café with their whole heart and hands. Out of our two founders – Jessie, who grew up in a family of bakers was so fascinated that her only dream was to open a bakery and Matt, an experienced barista is a pure coffee connoisseur whose dream comes to action with PSB café.

Whether you want to try a coffee that release your stress, to complete your pending assignment or to grab a quick cup, we’ll make that happen for you every time you wish for it.




You don’t pay more here!

Pocket friendly coffee with the chit-chats.

Get in. Get a coffee. Get going. It’s just that easy and pocket friendly, so you will never feel the pain in spending your dollar here. We personally curate every aspect of the coffee experience to serve you a perfectly delicious cup every time but will never distress your pocket. Our aim is to substantiate our prices with the daily coffee needs of the PSB students so that they enjoy their experience here and relieve their study stress over a sip of coffee and our good range of bagels and bakery items.

Our affordable range of coffee and the savories set a perfect match with your busy academic schedule. Moreover, bagels, donuts and cakes will be an added choice for you always on the coffee table.

Discounts and Offers

  • Buy 1st cup of coffee and register for an e-card, your second coffee will be on a flat 50% rate.
  • Buy 2nd cup of coffee and get one bagel at 50% rate.
  • Tell your friends about the e-card and get them registered, you will get 20% off on your next coffee.
  • Follow our pages on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter & avail 10% off on your next meal.

We’re Social

We want to see you all at our café and serve you better. Do check us out for promotional offers, new inclusions in our menu and upcoming campaigns on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram



PSB Cafe at Sheridan

Don’t miss out the launch
In our former life, we were Sheridan students… but things have changed.

Coffee gripped us by the soul as well as our taste buds and what started as a love, grew into an obsession and finally a new lease on life.

About Us!

PSB Café at Sheridan is named after Pilon School of Business at Sheridan college, that produces waves of perfection, as our coffee here is roasted to perfection. We use only top quality beans, and our highly passionate crew serve amazing coffee from the green bean to the cup, at this Coffee Roastery.
Everyone should be able to have good coffee any time.

So, buy your favourite coffee right here and have them shipped straight to your taste buds. There should be no compromise on finest coffee and its made with no contact, just freshly roasted coffee starting at your fingertips and straight to your soul.


PSB Café was founded by two Pilon School of Business graduates from Sheridan College, Jessie, and Matt. Jessie’s family is of bakers and she always had a dream of owning a bakery. Matt on the other hand considers himself a coffee connoisseur.
Both wanted to provide a safe and pleasant environment for people, as well as room for all to socialize.
But ultimately both of them wanted to keep the Spirit of Bruno alive because as a student they got back so much from Sheridan College and decided to give little back.


Table d’hôte (Menu)
Enjoy the taste of Sheridan with our Bruno cupcakes in flavour, mango, passion fruit & blueberry with white chocolate filled and topped with icing and a Bruno head decoration.

When paired with a refreshing coffee straight from our barista, what could be better?

There are loads in the range to choose from to brighten up your day and couldn’t say no.


Where you Bean?
In a busy Sheridan life getting your hands on a good coffee cup can be challenging, especially when you’re stuck under the pile of assignments, or an exam is around the corner, but you couldn’t get a good night sleep because of studying overnight.
But only good coffee and great food is not enough the location of the coffee shop is of great importance also greatly too when you are in a hurry for a class.
Look no further, because PSB Café will be operating right at the heart of HMC and Davis campus of the college at B-wing and sway everyone with our fine aroma of meals.


Support fellow Bruins
Coffee is the real social network. You meet friends for coffee, have meetings over coffee and share a coffee with the one you love. So of course, we want our coffee to be shared as much as possible. So, Join the Club because we’re happy to provide exclusive rewards on our roasted coffee and roast your beans for you…
The more ways we can help people share coffee the better. You can help us by roasting our social media pages with your fellow Bruins on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.
Also, subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date and in front of the line.

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Robusta coffee PSB Mississauga

Sheridan PSB Cafe

Opening in the September, serving there special Robusta coffee is now available at Sheridan

Robusta coffee

 PSB Mississauga

About PSB Cafe


Owned by students and is more than just a spot where you can have a cup of coffee in the morning or where you can relax and enjoy that freshly brewed cup of coffee. If you need to work, there is a space set aside for you. Also get a cosy seating area in front of a fireplace that is ideal for your tired mind and body. features an excellent coffee choice, including the most popular Robusta coffee, which is prepared by highly trained staff. Cafe provide everything from classic coffee to house-made specialty beverages. Every single one of us.


Robusta Coffee

Robusta Coffee is coffee made from the beans of the Coffea canephora plant, the origins of which are in Africa.

Originated in central Africa, Now widely grown in different parts of the world including Vietnam, Brazil, Indonesia, India, and some countries in Africa. Robusta is a strong, full-bodied coffee with its distinctively bitter, bold, and earthy taste.

With 40% of global coffee production, it is the second-most popular coffee in the world. Only arabica, which derives from the Coffea arabica plant, accounts for the remaining 60% (or more) of global coffee production.

This Coffee contains more chlorogenic acid and antioxidants than arabica coffee.

Studies on the effects of chlorogenic acid have revealed health benefits such as lower blood pressure and increased metabolism, making it an arguably healthier coffee option overall.

Without a doubt, Arabica is a better coffee than Robusta. The fact that it has more complex flavor notes, more detail, more aroma, a longer finish, a velveted mouthfeel, more fruity flavor, and more elegance simply makes it better coffee.


Benefit of On Campus Cafe



Robusta coffee
social coffee
  1. sheridan
    Group Task

    Excellent place to make new friends

    friends fun
  2. Make your own social life.
  3. Improve your academic performance.
  4. Keep yourself safe.
  5. Feel encouraged.
  6. Spend less money.
  7. Reduce your commuting time.
  8. Be self-sufficient.
  9. Provide a boost of energy.
  10. Encourage Creative Inspiration.
  11. Great place for networking.
  12. Perfect place for casual business meetings with clients.
  13. Improves problem-solving skills and memory.
  14. Brain identify specific phrases or words faster
  15.  Uniquely calm atmosphere.
  16. Get-together with family and friends to catch up over a cup of something warm.
  17. People also take phone or video calls.
  18.  Music for relaxation
  19. On walls are images and phrases, has a homey feeling.


Apple and Android pay

Sheridan Psb café will have Apple pay and Android pay. no need to carry bank cards or cash just  pay by tapping.

Carrying cards around is far more secure and less risky, but there is one con that seems to outweigh everything else.

Need not to carry bulky wallet as you are able to pay with debit and credit cards through your mobile phones.

Convenience. We are always carrying our phones. They are responsible for everything. It seems only logical that we would begin to use them to pay.

When you enable the service on your phone, you enable stronger security protections as well as the obligation to pay using your fingerprint. This is far superior to shielding a pin from prying eyes. You’re not carrying around credit cards that you might lose.

Criminals will not be able to access your payment information  in case your phone is stole and you can use Find My Device apps to track them down and retrieve your device. If your credit card is stolen, you must report it, obtain a replacement, and most likely place an alert on some of your accounts.


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PSB Café Fast Service Sheridan College

2Logo of PSB Cafe

Ain’t no queue for you!

Welcome to our world of coffee and snacks where high quality with super fast service speed is the motto.

At PSB Café we value your time by ensuring fast services so that you won’t be late for your school. The idea behind this café is to offer a high-end service experience to our every customer by providing great quality products in real time. Every member of the PSB café is dedicated to help fulfill our purpose. For ensuring that the coffee is perfect in quality and taste, we use high quality coffee beans from Ethiopia. We maintain a high standard for the freshness of our coffee. A fresh pot of coffee is brewed every 20 minutes and dump the expired pot.

Our concern:

Our team analyzed the problems that the coffee drinkers were experiencing in a daily basis and have worked upon developing new ideas to come up with the best possible solution. We saw that many time students skipped their coffee because of the long queues as they were already getting late for their classes. The alternative was a mobile app for placing the order. But the coffee would get cold sometimes when the lead time between placing the order and pick up was more and if the coffee was to be prepared on the arrival the server will have to complete the pending orders first. So, students will end up in frustration even after such an effort behind the scenes and both parties would remain unsatisfied.

Our New Idea: 

Therefore, we have put our lives into it to make it easier and convenient for the students. We don’t want you to miss your charging cup of morning coffee due to long wait times. And so here comes our brand-new mobile app that will change your lives. We have added some cool options in the app that will ensure that you get your order just on time at your arrival.


Our exciting new services:

Mobile Phone

·         We have introduced a mobile app where you can order your beverages and food. Your order will be ready on your arrival at the pickup point.

·         You can alert us your arrival time in one of the options and we will ensure that your order is ready then.

·         There are no additional charges!


Our Products:

Beverages –

We offer a variety of hot and cold beverages which suits your taste.

Hot Coffee

The hot beverages include our original blend coffee made with the finest African coffee beans, double roasted blend for those who prefer smoother flavour, de-caff coffee, bag-in teas, and our specialty hot drinks, i.e., hot chocolate and white-hot chocolate.

Iced Coffee

Our delicious cold beverages are iced coffee, lemonade (original and slushy) with flavoured syrups like strawberry and peach, creamy slush with chocolate, strawberry, vanilla and caramel syrups.

For those who prefer, we also offer our drinks with almond milk, oat milk and chocolate milk.


Quick Snacks –


Our quick snacks will fill you for the school.

Our savoury baked snacks include doughnuts, muffins, cookies, croissants, cinnamon rolls, and tea biscuits.

We ensure that the food is always fresh and delicious. Consistency is what we strive for.

We serve our hots drinks in paper cups which are environmentally friendly. Our cold drinks are served in plastic cups which can be recycled. At PSB Café we always prioritize the well-being of the society by following out high standard quality.


How can I be a part of the community?


You can join and be a part of our thriving community in many ways.

·         Download our brand-new mobile app available in app store and google play store. Sign up with your email, Facebook, or as a guest. Be a part of our virtual community and get exciting deals.

·         Walk in the store at the campus and our team members will be happy to help you out getting your favourite coffee.

Our Mailing List.

More info about the college cafeteria

“We are so excited to serve you this summer with your favourite coffee and snacks!”



HMC Locker Pickup Cafe

Introducing the PSB Cafe, an Online Self Locker Pickup Cafe in Sheridan HMC Campus. You order will be initiated through an online order- holding your favorite snack and drink- just the way you want!

Avoid Ordering Queues and pick up lines, and head to the PSB Cafe Pick up lockers. There is a Pickup Locker located in each block in the campus for your convenience.


a self pick up box locker having the online orders packed in bags.
Look for the pick up boxes in each block , that stands behind the Online Self Locker Pickup Cafe in Sheridan HMC Campus


Run for your classes, not your Coffee!

PSB Cafe pickup lockers are waiting for you, having your drinks and snacks, so that you’ll never have an excuse to be late for class again!

Save your energy to your classes!

Think within the box! No need to worry about Queues and orders in this short time between classes, while you’re on your mobile, make your order and pick it up within an hour after receiving the confirmation, Yup! it’s that simple!

Fully Customized, just the way you like it!

While you’re fueling up your mind in the classes, we’ll be working on your order and customize it just the way you ordered it to be, so that you’ll fuel up your body, or soul (yes, Caffeine!).. Too good to be true right?

3 bread toasts, having raddish, cucumber, and tomatoes
Your Locker will have items from the PSB Menu that features healthy options that suits every diet and lifestyle.

Affordable, handy, and full of options!

Whether it’s a cup of a hot drink, a cold refreshing smoothy or juice, or even a sandwich or a wrap , it can all fit in the Pick-up locker box. Have a look on the menu, and just select whatever your eyes love and appetite need! Moreover, PSB Cafe’s menu contains a wide selections of gluten free, dairy free, vegan and organic wraps and drinks.

Although it might sound too fancy to be affordable, here’s the truth! No it’s not! Have a look on the menu and check out all the affordable prices offered.

How did it all begin?

A box representing the locker pick up service, with the cafe logo on it.
Save all you creativity and work arounds for the classes, and head to your self pickup locker to fuel up!

PSB Cafe is founded and managed by former students at the college. Consequently, they were trying to find a fast reliable

service for busy students who are always in rush. For people who don’t have time to waste in queues and pick up lines. So they came up with  PSB Cafe lockers. Allowing students to order online before the class (or during the class, wink wink!), and pick it up after class, or even during the class mid-break! It’s only about how fast you’ll run to reach the pick-up locker boxes, and that’s it!

How does it work?

Download PSB Cafe App now, and customize your order just the way you want. All what you have to do is to make the

order, wait for the confirmation notification. You’ll receive a message mentioning  your pick-up locker box number and pin code needed to access your order. pick it up and enjoy!

What if you don’t have a bank account?

Our paying portal allows using PayPal, for more flexible payment options. therefore,  You don’t have to worry about Card payment if you don’t have a bank account.

A box representing the locker pick up service, having the logo cafe on it.
When it’s in a box, it’s definitely exciting



Moreover, If you’re mobile phone is full of apps, head to our website to make your order. However, you’re going to miss the discount code on our app, as well as the premium service of our app members which offers a priority for your order. But guess what?! downloading our app, and becoming a member is absolutely FREE!

Yes! we’re talking about a free privilege club here!


Fancy a subscription with benefits?

Want to keep receiving promo codes, and offers, Subscribe to our mailing list ! Don’t you worry – We’re too busy to send emails every day, so you’ll receive an email every other week, and we promise that you’re gonna wait for it!!


the logo of the cafe, showing a walking cup that represents delivery into pick up locker boxes.

Fresh Brew at Sheridan

Fresh Brew in Sheridan College- HMC and Davis Campus

Are you the one who needs regular caffeine breaks to keep you awake through projects and assignments? Well, you need to wait no longer. With a new batch of students, PSB Café is also making its way into the Hazel McCallion and Davis Campus with fall intake this September and bringing you some fresh brew at Sheridan campus.

Coffee Shop in Sheridan College
PSB café at Hazel McCallion Campus

PSB Café is a new ‘on-campus’ midday coffee shop in Sheridan College that will offer a variety of options for light snacking and fresh brew at your own, HMC and Davis Campus. This café is student- friendly in every sense. Besides being pocket friendly, café also respects the multicultural diversity of students and tries to cater to their specific requirements.


PSB Café- For an ‘On-Campus’ Fresh Brew

PSB Café is located at the heart of HMC and Davis Campus, in Building A. This place has an un-matched vibe. Launching in the month of Fall, aroma of hand-picked Coffee beans and fresh bakes mixing with the cool breeze will make this place even more welcoming for the new batch of students coming with September Intake and will give a sense of newness to the others. What makes this place even more special about being on-campus is that you can spend an endless amount of time with your friends to sit together sipping in your fresh brew and work in groups while enjoying the light music being played in the background. Enjoy the sip of favorite beverage without having to plan and drive to far-off places. Long workdays can be exhausting, and just as our phones and laptops need to be charged for optimal performance, so do our minds. While you enjoy your drink, put your gadgets to rest with our free-of-charge phone and laptop charging stations.

Charging Stations
Phone And Laptop Charging Stations at PSB Café

What if we told you that the good times have just begun? At PSB Café, you can play games like Monopoly, Ludo, Jenga, Uno, and others while taking a break from your studies. Also, watch your favorite team winning the matches on the TV Screen set up in the on-campus café. We guarantee that this location will always be associated with your Sheridan years.

Board Games At Café
Board Games At Café

PSB Specials 


Just in case, if you are wondering what to pick when you first come here, we have a few recommendations to make. If you like it strong, our Expresso Coffee will keep you awake through assignments and studies. We also offer multiple flavor bagels and muffins that are baked fresh throughout the day. If you are a tea lover and especially from India, you must try Cutting Chai that will remind you of back home. Our best pick- Café Latte with Cinnamon Raisin Bagel.

Café Latte with Cinnamon Raisin Bagel
Recommended Meal- Café Latte with Cinnamon Raisin Bagel

Oh wait, is your friend’s birthday round the corner? Book a custom-baked cake at PSB Café 24 hours ago and celebrate it on campus with all your friends. You can pick you favorite base flavor (out of given options) and get it customized your way.

Learn more about our customized cakes.


Rewards Scheme 


Café E-Card
Save the Penny For A Rainy Day

When we say PSB Café is a student-pocket-friendly café, that’s no lie! It goes without saying that there is a lot on your plate and money is the last thing you must worry about. Hence, we have come up with a launch offer of availing 50% off on your second cup of coffee with our Café E-Card. It’s a *limited period offer*. So, grab your Café e-cards soon.

PSB Café is eagerly waiting for you to fill this place with giggles and make the atmosphere even more lively. We are because you are!

Don’t hesitate to drop in your feedback. If you think your favorite flavor of bagel or coffee is missing on menu, do let us know.

Follow us on Social Media for updates, new launches and promotions:

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter



Customized Cakes with PSB Café – Sheridan

Who are we?

Two alumni took an initiative to serve the taste buds of students by launching the PSB Café. With the previous experience in barista and  the other person having family background of bakers. Thereafter, owner dream of having a self-owned bakery. PSB Café comes with an edge to present customized cake to students. So they can celebrate their success moments, farewell, nostalgia goodbyes, birthday of their classmates and many events without any hustle. Also there is no hindrance of second thoughts.  Cakes on occasions and various deserts sweetness give satisfaction of every moment celebrated. PSB Café has the facility to customize cakes and other puddings and deserts as per preference. All over, creating a charming pampered remembering moment for years.

Cakes: Customized flavored orange and other fruits.
Cakes: Customized flavored orange and other fruits.


Students can easily rely on the customized cakes with PSB Café for their friends and loved ones. The taste and freshness is ensured as baking is done when order received, there is no crummy or moldy  items stocked in advance and everything is brought up whenever there is a particular order placed with selective preference. The advantage of being an alumni is that we are very well aware of our on-campus student expectation. Sheridan PSB Café serves the taste of students from overseas that is miss living in Canada. So, PSB Café aims to provide the best products and services to both the domestic and international students.

What we serve ?

PSB Café serves various beverages, deserts, combo-meals and many other items as per both the Canadian taste and international students. Café serves as a combination to mix as per one’s taste and liking. Customized cakes is a new way to make college more lively and students can enjoy to fullest. After a tiring day full of assignments, deadlines and other chaos, eating puddings and sweet platters can be the most positive moment for the day.

Customized cake
Choco chip Cookies as a desert after every meal.

Plenty of items having customization as per the customer desire greets them with pleasure and a sense of contentment. The cakes of PSB Café are baked with love, freshness and lots of care and wishes for the success of student. Lastly, we establish the long-term relationship with the alumni’s and also existing students. Also, helping them academically whenever needed. PSB Café is simply a mode to connect to students on-campus and be the service to their daily needs of meals and regular drinks. Cakes are addition to the moments of joy and cheerfulness, a small gesture one can present to other. Avoid looking outside or long-way drive to do any kind of preparation to please oneself.

chocolate cake
Chocolate cake serves the pampering feelings

Where can you find us easily? 

PSB Café can be easily located at the premises of Sheridan college – Davis Campus and HMC Campus. Also, to avoid delays and hustle, book your order online with the fixed date and timings. Customized Cake with PSB Café is available as to produce the personalized savor and flavors of home country. Various options in deserts, beverages and combo-meals can surely be full satisfying breakfast after reaching college early morning hours. Thus having a break from stressful and pressurized presentations and deadlines. Regular loyal customers enjoy many discounts, rewards and offers. Learn more about the fresh Brew at Sheridan PSB Café.

Pudding cookies enhances the moments

Considering the coffee-lovers, e-cards are bought up into action so as to charge less after a certain cup of coffee in a day and building up the loyal regular customer for the PSB Café. Lastly, during the college occasions and celebrations, PSB café will continue to offer various other customized products. Therefore, to stay updated and enjoy every moment of Sheridan college holding carefully the Customized Cakes with PSB Café, stay connected with us on social media platforms.




Connect with us on:instagram logo  twitter logo   facebook logo


Affordable Bodybuilding Gyms Close to You!

Do you think that you’re unsatisfied with your body and want to improve yourself? If you do, then this is the perfect opportunity to come visit our affordable bodybuilding gyms!

It is important for you to start exercising as the health benefits are way more then just a beautifully built body, the benefits of exercising include:


Benefits of Exercising

  • Healthy Weight
  • Combats health conditions
  • Improves mood
  • Promotes better sleep
  • Energy booster

Are you not convinced after seeing all these benefits? Let me tell you about our gym and the great community we have! See Link for more in-depth information on the benefits of exercising.

105 Best Bodybuilding Quotes That Are Full Of Strength

Who We Are

We are PSB Fitness, a gym located on the Sheridan Hazel McCallion campus with the intent to bring students together to become more athletic and happier with themselves. We have a large variety of equipment in our gym and that ranges with what type of exercise you may be looking forward too, whether you’re trying to get into aerobic activity and have a lean body shape or if you’re trying to gain that dream 6 pack for you to flex at the beach in the summer.


Our Promotions

We are offering free trials on your first visit to the gym so that you can see our gym and get a feel to it to see if you like the environment. On top of that, if you decide to sign up on the day of your free trial, we will be waiving your signup fee and offer a 2-week free period of towel service. We also have a loyalty program, if you visit the gym every day for a week, we will be giving a 10% off on your membership fee for that week.


What We Have at Our Gym

  • Yoga Room – Equipment included
  • Weightlifting room
  • CrossFit Section
  • Aerobic/Cardio room
  • Private rooms for personal trainers
  • Locker rooms
  • Showers
  • Massage Room


Pin on Big Ass Fitness

Why you should join us!

We have an incredible team of staff that are committed to help you become the person you want to be, and we make it our priority that you are satisfied with your workout. We have a variety of services that are offered such as aerobic classes and personal training sessions. Bootcamps are hosted monthly in where you can interact with new people that have similar goals aligned with yours.

Weight Training and CrossFit in Mississauga

Weight Training and CrossFit in Mississauaga


Are you looking for affordable Weight training and CrossFit Gym in Mississauga ?

PSB Fitness has the best Weight training and CrossFit rec center for you just across the starting point, which causes you to feel new by the atmosphere.

Moreover, Our rec center PSB Fitness is close to Sheridan school (Hazel McCallion Campus) at Mississauga which is at the focal point of the city, would give you the new feel that you are hoping to do your Weight training and CrossFit practice in a rec center.

Secondly, CrossFit with experts is an alternate inclination and it seems like we are more lively . Early daytime running, strolling, or climbing is the best thing. Moreover, Our location and nature of PSB fitness will help you to learn and try different things.

Most importantly, Weight training is difficult yet here with us in enthusiastic field everything turns out to be simple as here we give new abilities and strategies of weight preparing through help of specialists and different techniques for inspiration.

Weight training and CrossFit gym in heart of Mississauga 

Mississauga is the one of the beautiful city along being busiest. People who live close by needs a spot to go do their exercises.

However, Numerous People feel that they miss doing exercise or going out for a run on the grounds that there is fabricating all over the place and its consistently occupied on the streets with vehicles.

Firstly, Our PSB wellness at Sheridan College HMC is the best spot to supplant it. At PSB wellness weight training and CrossFit turned out to be simple as we bring you most effectively available and most reasonable exercise center.

As in the Center of the city you can see distinctive large structures with glass all over them. However, Among this bustling life we can furnish you loosening up openness loaded up with energy, live music to help energy and being prepared by affirmed mentors.

Most Importantly, Weight training and CrossFit at same spot brings various freedoms for you and at sensible cost.  PSB wellness focus is at advantageous area and it effectively available for students and neighborhood individuals.







Cost Effective

Attempting to be healthy and have solid way of life ought not be trouble over your head.

However, PSB wellness can gladly say that we are most moderate wellness place in zone and contrasted with our rivals.

We will give free preliminaries to initial 50 individuals as first come first serve.

Moreover, Our participation goes from $7 each week and month to month membership charge is $22.99.

To Conclude, At PSB we cared for each perspective and chose to give individuals helpful and moderate cost.


Connect With Us 

Is it accurate to say that you are prepared to join?

PSB wellness offering best CrossFit and Weight preparing at Sheridan campus?

Remember to be one of initial 50 Participants to appreciate free preliminaries and it is accessible for the students.

Look at our Facebook ,Instagram Twitter and follow us for updates about PSB wellness.


Bodybuilding Gym with meal plans and nutritional counter

The ideal Bodybuilding and meal plans in Brampton & Mississauga with nutritional counter for healthy shakes and protein bar at PSB Fitness.

bodybuilding and meal plan
PSB Fitness

Who are we?

Here at PSB Fitness we provide an ideal bodybuilding and meal plans in Brampton that is specifically designed for every student and faculty of Sheridan College, in addition to individuals living in nearby neighborhood communities.

We operate at 2 locations, Brampton and Mississauga campus. PSB Fitness focus on healthy lifestyle, boosting self-confidence and one’s physical image. Above all, we differentiated ourselves by offering unique features that many fitness club/gyms haven’t incorporated as yet.

What makes us different?

Our strengths are what makes us different and unique. PSB Fitness differentiated themselves from the competition by including unique features that many gyms in the industry haven’t incorporated as yet.  Features such as value- added services like diet and nutrition cafes, celebrity trainers and unique classes. PSB fitness is owned by two highly experienced personnel who already have a combined experience of 15 years in the industry

What we offer? 

We offer services such as bodybuilding and meal plans. For example, powerlifting, freshly blended nutritional shakes and protein bars onsite. Our products and services are affordable. Coupled with benefits to boost confidence and promote the theme of a healthy lifestyle. Unlike competitors, our product is of better quality such as equipment’s, lower priced membership, flexible hours and private classes hosted by celebrity and skilled trainers.

Protein Smoothies have Arrived

Wondering what are the benefits of bodybuilding and a healthy meal plan?

Resistance training increases muscle strength and size. Muscle strength is highly correlated with a lower risk of cancer, heart and kidney disease as well as several other critical illnesses. A change to healthy eating and  Planned meals helps to maintain one’s weight, lower the risk of heart disease and other health conditions and increased in energy levels. A healthy eating plan gives your body the nutrients it needs everyday while staying within your daily calorie goal for weight loss or weight maintenance.

Product price of our bodybuilding and meal plans in Brampton

The price will be at a normal and ‘freemium’ level. Our ‘freemium’ pricing strategy is an offer of free services or product in addition to paid options. For example, A free 1 week trial (occasionally) at our gym but if you desire shakes or protein bars you will need ask to pay the amounted price. However, we offer:

  • Monthly membership fee at $30 for students, $35 for staff and $45 for persons outside.

Besides the membership fee, Prices for over the counter products;

  •  small shake is $6 and large $ 10
  •  single nutrition bar is $2.5
  • Monthly pass for shakes & bars is $ 20 for 5 shakes per month and 1 bar each visit
  • Meal plan is $60 per week with 6 meals


  • Limited Free membership
  • Student and Faculty loyalty membership card
  • weekly, monthly Contest

Why Us? 

Have difficulty balancing work/school and your outside life?

We take pride in everything we do. In this case, our services help to reduce the stress of balancing work and enjoying the outside world. Moreover, we valued our customers needs and desire. Occasionally, we offer free membership for a limited period, students and faculty discounts that varies and competitions. On the positive side, all campuses are accessible for every service and product.


How to be a valued member of our bodybuilding and meal plans in Brampton?

Registration is simple and at your finger-tip. visit our website  or any of the 2 campuses with your student ID – OneCard.

For more info, please feel free to email us:

“Each new day is a new opportunity to improve yourself, join us today to “build” a better you!” – opportunities awaits you!

“Come and bring out the beast within you!”


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