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Who are we?

fitness training Peel region


Looking to lose some pounds and kickstart your summer body look no more PSB fitness offers world-class weight training and fat loss workouts. PSB aims to offer our customers a fit and healthy way to stay on top of their fitness journey. At PSB fitness you are sure to make progress and keep track of your performance. We offer affordable membership and flexible payment options. We have two active locations currently at the Davis campus in Brampton and the heart of Mississauga near Square one shopping centre. We aim to provide the best facilities to start your fitness journey.

PSB fitness has all the required facilities available to achieve your fitness goals. We offer a welcoming environment and offer support and guidance to our members and are available 24/7 online chat and customer service to accommodate and help our customers.

Facilities our gym offers:

Gym facilities

  • PSB fitness offers an affordable and flexible membership payment plan.
  • have the latest gym equipment for your workout needs
  • have an application that offers easy access to online video training that demonstrates proper form and technique.
  • Customers at our facility can expect a healthy workout environment with clean air and controlled humidity levels.
  •  offer flexible gym hours for when it is convenient timing
  • PSB fitness offers a 14-day free trial
  • We aim to have clean gym equipment and promote the use of masks and sanitizer at our gym to ensure COVID- 19 protocols.


Payment and pricing options for weight training options


At PSB fitness we aim to offer flexible pricing to suit our student’s financial situation we aim to provide flexible options.

  • Workout now pays later members can start their workout and pay later.
  • Our membership fee starts at $29.99 per month with an additional $20-$25 for extra yoga or Zumba classes.

Why choose PSB fitness?


in conclusion, we offer a 14-day free trial period to make you comfortable at our gym and provide you with our gym package that includes our mobile application. Our facilities are equipped with the latest and greatest gym equipment to suit all your needs.

24/7 customer support is available to ensure customer satisfaction. We hope to see you soon!

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Motivational workouts with PSB Fitness!

25-Minute Total-Body Strength Workout | POPSUGAR FitnessAbout Us

At PSB Fitness, we strive to provide you with motivational workouts while keeping track of your progress and performance. We offer our members a fitness club membership that’s both affordable and packed with extraordinary features. Currently, we have two active locations at the Hazel McCallion and Davis Sheridan College campuses which are available to both students and the community. We want to provide you with everything you need to establish your routine. 

PSB Fitness wants to provide you with all the tools you’ll need to reach your goals. Our facilities will offer you a comfortable and welcoming gym environment for members at any point in their fitness journey. We want our members to have the guidance they need, so we provide 24/7 online support. Join PSB Fitness to start your health fitness journey today! 

Don’t know where to start?

It is important to have a dedicated space for working out to keep you focused and energized. PSB Fitness will provide you with numerous features that will help you enjoy your exercise activities. Some include:

  • Flexible gym hours that allow you to work out when it’s convenient.
  • Music is played at both locations to ease you through your exercises and elevate your mood.
  • Top-of-the-line equipment for all your workout needs.
  • Daily classes and scheduled workouts at our Mississauga and Brampton locations are available to all members.
  • Our PSB mobile app and website with numerous qualities and features to help you attain your fitness goals.
  • Motivational and knowledgeable staff that will provide you with the services you need.
  • A free two-week trial that will allow you to fall in love with our facility and ensure it’s the right gym for you!

14-Day Free Trial 

To perform at your best, it is important to ensure that the gym membership you choose corresponds to your needs. For this reason, we encourage you to take advantage of our 14-day free trial as it is a great way to get a feel of our services before registering. The trial will give you access to both of our gym locations, along with the special features that are included as part of the membership.

Special Services

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PSB Fitness takes pride in providing our members with a motivational, safe, and comfortable environment for their workouts, regardless of whether you are a regular exerciser or just getting started. Our gyms are equipped with quality and top-of-the-line equipment and machines to help you achieve your goals. No matter your fitness level you can finish your workout and feel accomplished. 

All members will receive their own PSB Fitness account upon registration, which will give them access to the PSB Fitness mobile app and website. On these platforms, you can find scheduled workouts, daily exercises, a monthly calendar for planning workouts and classes, as well as video demonstrations to improve your form and technique for a better workout. In addition, we offer guided classes, including boxing, yoga, strength training, spinning, boot camp, interval training, and more! Personal training is also available to those who are looking to build a routine and expand their knowledge about personal fitness, as well as health and nutrition.

Prices and Promotions

A variety of payment methods and plans are available to suit your individual needs. 

The price of the membership is $30.00 per month with an administration fee of $29.99. Our payment plans will allow you to work out and pay later with no added stress! By taking classes with PSB Fitness, you will have the opportunity for a discounted monthly rate. For more details, you can reach out to our staff by visiting our website or calling either of our locations.

Visit our website to register and join our online community by following our social media platforms!

PSB Fitness, Stay Healthy and Stay Happy

Sheridan gym financing-option Mississauga

Sheridan College’s newest gym center

The perfect gym center in Mississauga from Sheridan College.

After 3 years of under-construction, Sheridan College is finally opening up the newest gym center, “The only gym that offers financing-option in Mississauga.”. This Sheridan gym center will provide an affordable membership fee, financing-option, up-to-date equipment, and high-tech environment controller for students and people around Mississauga.

Who We Are:

PSB Fitness is the newest high-tech gym center from Sheridan College. Founded by two Sheridan college former students, Jessie and Matt, who have many experiences in the fitness industry. (ar15discounts) We are located on the HMC campus in the heart of Mississauga. Our priority purpose is to help students work out and bring back their true body potential. The gym will also be supported by the professional, friendly, and multicultural team from Sheridan College.

sheridan college gym founders

“The only gym that offers financing-option in Mississauga.”

We understand that the covid-19 pandemic can affect our member’s financial situation. Many Sheridan students are struggling with their financial situation or taking a semester off because of it. However, our membership will not stop going to the gym because they cannot afford a membership fee. With affordable membership financing options,  members will not feel the burden of paying the premiums price while visiting our brand-new fitness center.
PSB Fitness payment plan’s slogan is ” work-out first, pay later!”. This unique payment plan will apply to both new and existing members. All qualifying member can start their gym session right away. Then, they will pay the fee later after applying for a payment plan. There are two payment options, 90 days or 120 days, at only a $29.99 administration fee. During that 90 and 120 days period, members will not need to pay anything but enjoy their work-out.

sheridan college gym

A gym for everyone.

While most of the gym offer only 1 to 3 days free trial, PSB Fitness have a 14-days unlimited trial program. It will help all trial status members have a proper time to explore all of the gym features.
PSB Fitness’s membership fee starts at $29.99 per month, which is affordable and competitive gym membership compared with other competitors. Member can also pay an extra $20-$25 additional fee for extra yoga, Zumba, and cycling class. Besides, members can also pay per gym session instead of paying for the entire month. These options will help customers have a chance to customize their membership plan that will fit with their purpose. Not all of the members have the same need, budgets, and financial situations.

Equipped with high-tech and professional equipment.

All PSB Fitness locations will be equipped with intelligent environment control equipment, so customers will receive the professional atmosphere level while work-out in our facility. This will help PSB Fitness have the best workout environment in town and members can able to stay away from injuries and practical work-out sessions. In addition, the entire gym will have a high level of precaution against the Covid-19 pandemic with high-frequency cleaning equipment as well as a free mask and hand sanitizer each time members visit.

PSB Fitness also will come with a user-friendly website integrated and mobile app. It will help members quickly book, cancel and find out more about our class and guidance videos

Ready to start your fitness journey?

Whenever customers choose Sheridan College’s gym, they will receive all of the highest levels and standards of work-out environment and customer service.  Thus, if you think all of the above information is helpful. Give us a call or check out our website today to start their gym sessions. You will find out why PSB Fitness will be your perfect gym spot in Mississauga.

If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to contact our 24/7 customer support line.



Personal Training for Students

*Drumroll* PSB Fitness is a brand new fitness facility conveniently located in not one but BOTH Sheridan College campuses. They are located in Mississauga and Brampton. We are not your average gym, we offer services such as Personal training for students/non students on campus that not your average school gym has. THATS RIGHT!

Personal Training

Personal Training is not common in campuses around the area, and we take pride in the ability to launch this. Within Sheridan we want to help  students maximize their fitness goals, not just their grades!  We believe that training is an essential service that should be available to those who want it regardless of the location of a gym. Sometimes guidance can go a long way.Matt is our certified PSB personal trainer who has 5 years of experience in the field so you are surely in good hands. Whether you are looking to get stronger, leaner, or whatever your goals may be, PSB fitness trainer Matt,will make sure that he can assist you in achieving what you want.


student working along side our personal trainer
Matt our personal trainer, teaching a student on how to maintain proper form.

Our Facilities

PSB Fitness is  extremely convenient for those that attend the college, as we are a short walk away from your next class, or even before you attend class making this the obvious choice if you are considering a gym. Non- students who wish to join a gym where they can receive constant motivation this is also your calling. PSB Fitness is not only a gym but it is a place to de-stress and push yourself to your limits. Our facilities have been designed in a way that is inviting and accommodating of large numbers, so anytime is a good time for you to do a workout.

Some offerings that you may find within our facilities include:


– Well designed spacious area  

– Brand new high quality equipment

– A section for a Spa/Steam/Sauna  (de-stressing time yesss)

– Personal training for students/ non-students (yeah, we are sorta one of a kind…)

personal trainer and students working out
PSB Personal trainer in a group session with students.


PSB pricing is extremely affordable for anyone looking to join (especially students). and lets not forget about the perks which are endless. Members will receive one week of free personal training for each month they stay with PSB. Who would want to take advantage of that! Members will receive coaching on things such as proper weightlifting technique,customized workout routines and of course consistent motivation that will help you reach your fitness goals, because that is what PSB is all about.

But I’m not sure yet…?

We offer free trials for anyone interested in scoping out the PSB facility (but we are sure it is all the hype). Students/ non-students may spend a day at the facility enjoying our equipment, or taking part in any group exercise classes before making any sort of commitment. You may find our posters plastered outside and inside. This is so everyone can have the opportunity to try out PSB for themselves and decide if it is the right place for them.

Why us?

At PSB we are driven by the results that we can provide for our clients. Upon entering the facility you can surely expect a warm greeting and a positive environment, so that you can perform at your best. We provide a physically and mentally rewarding environment for all of our members and will always place customer satisfaction before anything else. At PSB we want you to feel and look your best! 


So what are you waiting for? Head over to your nearest PSB location, and ask about our free trials or training sessions,so that you can be one step closer to being the best version of yourself because you owe that to yourself!

PSB Fitness Community located in Brampton and Mississauga

“We are here to support you, to make sure that your tomorrow will be a healthier and stronger tomorrow!”

About us:

PSB fitness is not just any Gym, we are an exercise community in Brampton. We look to achieve positive performance and a healthy lifestyle for our members. AKA your goals are our goals. We are fortunate enough to have two locations for students to access and choose from. The first location is in Mississauga known as the HMC campus. The second location is in Brampton at the Davis campus.

Our Exercise Community:

Another thing that PSB fitness does a little differently is we consider both our customers and staff to be part of our family. The reason we do this is so we can offer a one-of-a-kind excise experience, by only hiring people that are energetic, and enthusiastic about fitness. This will create a positive community by allowing only the people that want to be here and want to help you. This way you know you reach your full potential.

Distance Running Challenge:

The distance running challenge is monthly opportunity to push yourself. Whether your goal is 20km or 200km we challenge you to set a distance goal and make it happen. If u mange to reach your goal you will be entered in a chance to win a free month at the gym.

location of Davis Campus
Location of Hazel Campus

New Affordable gyms in Mississauga

Are you looking for a new affordable gym in Mississauga? Well look no further! Here at PSB Fitness we offer a wide variety of price plans and different activities as well as a normal gym to get you physically and mentally in shape.

About Affordable gym in Mississauga

We provide monthly activities at ether one of our campuses (Mississauga/ Brampton) that anyone can sign up for on top of their membership to try out before they purchase the full plan. After the month activity you will have to chance to explore it further for a full-time cost. Our pricing is affordable for anyone that wants to sign up, we understand that right now is a hard time for everyone so we want to help you the best we can with our Affordable gym pricing. We want our customers to know we care about their health and fitness journey just as much as them and will be there for them the whole way.

We offer a 10% discount off the gym membership for the first 4 months if you sign up online with your email. If you sign up in person it will be regular price. Something special that no other gym offers! we offer a loyalty program where give customers a free month of

New affordable gyms in Mississauga training program

payment free after 7 months of consistent payments after a year of being at PSB Fitness. There will be 2 locations available to you at HMC campus and Davis campus at Sheridan, this makes it easier and more convenient for students that have spare times in between class to use their spare time to get a quick pump in.


Health and Wellbeing


New affordable Smoothies at gym in Mississauga


Do you struggle with following a strict diet plan? Eating the proper food and having a strict diet is one of the biggest things when working out. If you work out and don’t have a diet plan you will not see the full results. Here at PSB Fitness we have a personalized diet generator where we can make a variety of diets for everyone and anyone.

All you must do is input your allergies to foods, Weight, height, age, gender, and favourite foods, we have something for everyone! We also have a new smoothie/ Juice bar that has everything you can ask for. From protein bars, on the go sandwiches, salads, Acai bowls, and of course freshly blended juices and smoothies.

A small seating area where you can sit and enjoy these things before or after your workout session and catch up with a friend. All our food products are brought in fresh daily from our local farmer’s market.


Online Community

Our online community offers an interactive platform where members can interact with one another and share their work out journeys with one another. We encourage one another to interact with each other and help fellow gym members with tips and techniques. A free pin will be provided to join the group upon the purchase the gym membership. Following along with other journeys may also help your out too, by seeing what you can improve on and what you’re already good at. It also gives you the opportunity to meet new people and make the gym experience more fun.

Nothings worse than going to an event or store by yourself and not knowing anyone. We ensure you that everyone at PSB Fitness is here to help you and want to see you succeed. Tips and motivation will also be posted daily on the page by Jessie who was working previously at Goodlife as a fitness instructor for 7 years, And Matt Who is a certified personal trainer with 5 years of experience.

PSB Fitness League-Mississauga

Fitness in Mississauga

Fitness goals nowadays are increasing as we have been experiencing a pandemic for a few years now and people, especially students, are more health conscious. PSB Fitness League-Mississauga will help the customers to either gain or lose weight.

Being in pandemic also challenges us mentally, which is why Fitness League is also open for relaxing exercises to help our students feel calm and carefree

Our Fitness Program will be offering multiple exercises including Yoga, Personal or Online Trainings, Cardio, Strength Training or Cycling.


Yoga is a way of exercise for customers to manage stress and anxiety but most importantly to mean more energy and brighter moods. Yoga at the same time delivers light exercises for strengths and flexibility.  This exercise can be online or in person depending on the customer’s choice. Each session is scheduled 4 days a week during Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. all session lasts 30mins to an hour. Since yoga is known for relaxation, we will be offering 3 free yoga sessions for 25 mins each for our upcoming memberships. The regular price for this costs is $25.00 per month and 10% off discount for students. If a customer wishes a personal training instructor an additional cost will apply depending on which service is being requested. Additional cost will range between $25-50.

PSB Fitness League-MIssissauga Group yoga session

PSB Fitness League Personal Training

Personal or Online Training is for customers who are unknowledgeable of fitness that fits their body condition and their lifestyle. But also can be either for people who desire a weight loss or weight gain online or in person. Each customer is welcome for a free consultation with an instructor regarding their health condition, mentally and physical status, likes and dislikes and their body goals to achieve. This session costs more than the rest as the customers have the ability to request a session alone with an instructor at any time they desire. And members are also able to have a chat with the instructor for fitness advice or request. $50.00 monthly and 5% off for students that would like a membership or a 1 month free of gym access for customers who achieved their body goals in one and a half month.

PSB Fitness League-MIssissauga Personal Instructor

PSB Fitness League Cardio

Cardio and Strength training helps for people who focus more on building muscles and or maintaining muscles. Not only it helps physically but it also helps internally by helping reduce stress and keeps hearts and lungs healthy at the same time. Upcoming members will be able to have access in the gym for the first week of membership. After a week of free access, monthly membership will apply. Cardio and strength training memberships have unlimited access to gym equipment such as barbells, bicycles, treadmills, cardiovascular machines etc and indoor pool and outdoor tracks. 


The PSB Fitness League-Mississauga not only offers unlimited equipment but also unlimited support and needs for our customers to be able to reach success. We focus on delivering high quality products or services that our customers would be satisfied with but also with affordable monthly costs for everyone.


Customer services will be available in locations front desk, through emails or calls that are provided by our team. Each member is welcome to voice out to deliver better services. Survey forms will be also available online through the company’s website and in person. 


As stated, the gym location is in Mississauga Ontario with a mini convenience store that sells gym equipment, snacks or beverages such as protein bars, protein powders, protein shakes or drinks, elastic bands, mats, knee sleeves and pads. And most importantly a water fountain that is free for all membership. On the other hand, all services are also offered through the company’s website that require appointments. 

Fitness Near me

Gain your workouts at your nearest fitness. Provided for the whole fall semester!

Yes! You will get hotter together!

Grab a smoothie, before you sweat!

Join Us For a free trial at our fitness

Fat Loss Weight Training Mississauga
Nearest fitness. At your campus. Daily morning workout routines to gain your goal. We work out every semester to provide positive mental and physical health. We provide organic smoothies every morning you gain the energy to work out with us.

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At our fitness, can buy a monthly pass

Truscott Mississauga | Vive Fitness 24/7 Toronto Gym Fitness Club
Why join us?

  • Improves Mental and Physical Health.
  • Weight/Muscle Loss or gain.
  • Increased Strength and Stamina.

Indoor and outdoor activities that allow a different environment for the fall and winter semesters.

The fall semester includes:

  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Baseball
  • Bluejays game

The Winter semester includes:

  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Skating at City center
  • skiing weekend resort

Workout Schedule:
Monday-Friday: 5:30-7:30am

5:30am- Smoothie/Introductions
6am-Jog/Run across campus
6:30am-Arm/Core Workouts

5:30am- Smoothie/Introductions
6am-Jog/Run across campus
6:30am-Leg Workouts


5:30am- Smoothie/Introductions
6am-Jog/Run across campus
6:30am-Arm/Core Workouts

5:30am- Smoothie/Introductions
6am-Jog/Run across campus
6:30am-Leg/Back Workouts


5:30am- Smoothie/Introductions
6am-Activities change throughout
This will become your future routine. Get ready to enjoy and sweat. Great way to meet future friends and classmates.

Find Us On…
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/psbdigital1/

Reviews from previous attendants:

Sonya C Kuszel: Excellent way to get away from studying and activities. Allows me to just be myself and concentrate on myself.

Simon Delironom: Got to gain the muscle I’ve wanted. With progress got me looking hotter than ever. Thanks for the Boot Camp gained my stigma to a new level!

Juan Pena: God these workouts killed me from the beginning. But got through it cant wait for next semester!

Chad Smith: Hotter! All the ladies want me. Gained the body I’ve wanted. Met cool people I still chill with, always will have them in my life;)

Find Relaxation and Workout at same place!


Find Relaxation and Workout at same place!

This is where you can find it both. Find relaxation and workout at the same place.

Find relaxation and workout at the same place. We are a relaxation gym. PSB fitness introduces a new workout facility that allows relaxation and fitness combos in the same area. Our gym guarantees you complete rejuvenation and healthier life.


Relax at our Spa
Spa Services at gym
  • Our gym will include state of the art facilities that make us stand apart from other gyms.
  • After exercise and preparation, one can enjoy our premium facilities that include spas and saunas.
  • Other services include pools, personal sessions/classes, yoga, lounging rooms, deep sensory deprivation tanks, and calming music for relaxation and to de-stress.

Relaxing Post–Workout activities:

  • After exercise, the members can relax and experience quality muscle relief.
  • After rigorous exercise or training helps build core strength.
  • The variety of programs provide the opportunity to de-stress themselves with casual workouts or training courses.
  • A way to regenerate the zen and eliminate issues relevant to work.
  • Members will minimize the commitment between preparation and the recovery stages that they need to perform as a priority in our gym.

    Relaxation after workout
    Enjoy an entertaining atmosphere


Our Membership plans:

  • Three gym memberships provided by us are individual, family and platinum memberships.
  • Our Platinum memberships enable the members to bring a plus one.

Other gym Benefits:

  • We have our gym located at a prime location where our members can have easy access to parking and public transportation services if you are walking or taking a bus.
  • Features like weight training rooms and some aquatic exercises are provided.
  • Bonus offers include membership at a better price for friends and family and a one-week free trial for students at Sheridan.
  • You can find the services and join us in our different price packages through our online services. Come join us and take fitness to the next level.

Come join us and get yourself a relaxing experience after rigorous workouts! visit us using the link below.

Website: www.seven.psbdigital.ca

Facebook: www.facebook.com/PSB7digital/