Curated Luxury Travel Locations: Discover the World

Curated Travel Destinations – Lago di Braies – Italy

Crafting The Perfect Getaway

  • At PSB Travel, we take your dreams of travel and turn them into a luxurious reality by giving you curated luxury travel destinations. Located in the ever-growing city of Mississauga, we offer curated luxury travel locations that are matched with clients’ preferences and tastes. The expertise comes from not just creating the vacation, but creating one that will resonate with you for years to come.
  • Each journey begins with you! Your influences, style, and goals. Whether you are seeking a relaxing spa retreat or the excitement of the outdoors PSB Travel has luxury accommodations for you.
  • Imagine waking up to the sounds of nature in an exotic location followed by an active workout session and then being able to spend your day how you please.
  • At PSB Travel we understand that luxury is personal. Meaning that every part of your trip has been planned out according to your needs and wants, ensuring a travel experience like no other can provide.
  • So, if you’re looking to get away from the busy daily life or just looking for your next adventure, PSB Travel has you covered. Call us today and schedule a meeting with one of our travel experts and make your curated luxury travel destinations a reality.

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Authentic Experiences Await

At PSB Travel, we love to craft not just trips but adventures and experiences that are authentic and make us stand apart from the rest. We take great care in choosing destinations that are not just beautiful, but also rich in culture and adventure. Whether it is finding hidden gems off the beaten path or diving into local kitchens.. authenticity is always on our minds when providing you with potential curated luxury travel locations. So let us curate your next vacation today!

Curated Luxury Travel Destinations

A road surrounded by dessert and rocks
Jake Blucker – Valley of Fires (Unsplash)

At PSB Travel, we make great efforts to select destinations that will provide our customers with positive, fulfilling travel experiences. Every location offers our visitors a different charm and experience. From the classical cobblestone alleys of Europe to the beaches of the Caribbean. Our customized arrangements may take you to remote parts of the Canadian Rockies or breathtaking regions of Asia. These places are more than simply travel destinations; they’re all new worlds to discover.

Check out Forbes top 20 locations:

Points Reward System

Since we at PSB Travel appreciate our customer’s loyalty, we’ve created a cool Points System to make your curated luxury travel experience even more enjoyable. Each time you travel with us, you get points that may be exchanged for other advantages on later trips. We want every trip you take with PSB Travel to be even more thrilling than the last, so this method is our way of expressing thanks.

You may use the points you earn to upgrade to first-class accommodation, gain unique access to events, or even receive savings on your next far-away vacation. It’s all up to you!

Location – Come check us out!

Offer for discount if booked today


10% Off


With PSB Travel, we are dedicated to serving you and making sure you have the best time every time with our curated luxury travel experiences. Our website is up and running 24/7 or you can give us a call at the office Monday to Friday 10 am-5 pm. We hope to hear from you soon!

Adventurous Destination: Trip to The Faroe Islands

Thinking about a new adventure? Have you considered the Faroe Islands as your next destination? From the stunning landscapes to sustainable adventures, discover how you can book trip cheap from Mississauga and unlock over 40% in savings with collected bonuses.

Immerse yourself in eco-conscious travel and delve into the wonders of this pristine destination. Learn more about the Faroe Islands, booking tips, and unique experiences below.

Føroyar, is how natives call it.

Simply, Faroes. It is a ‘hidden gem’ for individuals and groups of single-minded people, who share the same idea of sustainable tourism, liminal location away from hum and buzz, unique food outposts that offer local tasting experiences, music, and contemporary art.

The Faroe Islands

is a small and distant point hiding on the map in the North Atlantic, containing 18 islands of the Kingdom Denmark. Which are located about 350km right in between the UK, Norway, and Iceland.

The Faroe Islands. A man standing on the cliff.

It is a place filled with fresh and breathtaking atmosphere combining distant, dystopian, cinematic, and at the same time vibrant motifs. No wonder such a place attracts adventurers and explorers from all over the world.

Picture-perfect green hills roll into sheer cliffs that plunge dramatically into the swirling ocean below. The weather here is as changeable as the tides, painting the skies with an ever-shifting palette of moods. The islands are a haven for those seeking an intimate connection with nature. Hikes along the trails offer encounters with cascading waterfalls, hidden coves, and emerald-green pastures where fluffy sheep roam freely. These islands present a patchwork of opposites—serene valleys transform suddenly into awe-inspiring views, while the crashing waves against the rocky shores starkly contrast with the serene, glassy fjords. Visiting the Faroe Islands feels akin to stumbling upon a hidden realm where nature takes the lead, and each corner unravels a stunning, fresh sight.

Experiences in Faroes

Active Tourism
Active Tourism
  • Hiking
  • Waterfall visits
  • Kayaking
  • Mountain Biking
  • Speed boating
  • Snorkeling
  • Fishing
  • Cliff climbing
  • Museums
  • Art Galleries
  • Exhibitions
  • Relaxing Tours and Guides
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Cafes
  • Hotels
  • Hostels
  • Camping

Getting there

There are many ways to get to The Faroe Islands. Since the place actively promotes sustainability, they provide eco-friendly travel options for tourists with a different budget.

PSB Travel greatly supports the idea behind responsible tourism, giving our clients bonuses for traveling with respect to nature. We provide direct flights and sails to the islands from France, Scotland, Denmark, and Norway. As well as combined packages when traveling intercontinentally (Canada, US, Asia, Africa).

Moreover, our “Adventurer” Loyalty Program offers an opportunity to collect valuable bonuses and deals for your trips when using sustainable transportation during your travels. You receive 1 point per mile when flying and sailing. Our commitment to eco-conscious travel not only contributes to a greener planet but also rewards you with points for every mile you cover. These points can be redeemed as discounts on your future bookings, making your next adventure even more affordable. Embrace sustainable transportation and watch your points accumulate, paving the way for exciting, environmentally friendly travels while enjoying fantastic benefits and savings through PSB Travel’s Adventurer Program.


Indulge in exclusive bonus points when booking trips to unique locations and traveling sustainably with our Adventurer Loyalty Program. This package offers special deals for your future experiences, saving you both money and time.

Collect points as you explore responsibly, earning rewards that pave the way for unforgettable adventures while contributing to a greener world. Join now and unlock the benefits of eco-conscious journeys with PSB Travel.

Special: The Faroe Islands – Book a Trip Cheap and Fast with PSB Travel

With the Unique Package from PSB Travel to The Faroe Islands, travelers have a chance to visit one of the world’s gems and travel destinations, experience untouched nature, local food, and many more, and save more than 40% on your next trip with the bonuses collected.

Book a trip cheap to Faroe Islands from Mississauga Travel Agency. Discover more deals & savings on breathtaking adventures with PSB Travel.

Office Location:
Confederation Parkway, Mississauga

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The Accounting Mobile App for Small Businesses

We Are PSB Finance

Revolutionize Your Small Business with PSB Finance App

Discover the Essential Accounting Mobile App for Small Business Owners. Operate Anywhere, Anytime!

Date: Nov 15, 2023 at 2pm

Join an interactive session where small business owners will share their success stories with the PSB Finance App. See how it transformed their businesses and made their financial lives simpler.

Are you a small business owner looking for a game-changing solution to simplify your finances and accounting? Join our exclusive webinar to explore how the PSB Finance App, an outstanding accounting mobile app for small businesses, can empower you to manage your business from the palm of your hand. Say goodbye to the complexities of daily transactions, bills, and payrolls. Our award-winning mobile app and software make it easy, even for beginners, to stay in control and streamline your financial operations. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to join a vibrant community of entrepreneurs, gain valuable insights, and take your business to new heights.

Why Join Our Webinar

In our webinar, discover how the PSB Finance Mobile App can make the complexities of daily transactions, bills, and payrolls a thing of the past. We’ll show you just how easy and intuitive finance and accounting can be with the right software, even if you’re new to the game.

Award-Winning UX Design

Our user-friendly interface ensures a seamless start for beginners like you.

Affordable Pricing

Take advantage of our annual payment plans tailored to small businesses.

Mobile App

Manage your business from the comfort of your smartphone with PSB Finance App. Work Anywhere, Manage Anytime!

Thriving Community

Join a network of like-minded business owners for support, learning, and growth.
Share and exchange your experiences working with accounting mobile app for small businesses.


Learn how the mobile app’s seamless integration between your smartphone and other devices gives you unparalleled flexibility. No matter where you are, you’ll have full control over your business’s financial pulse.


Our Clients Said

    Fernando Rodriges
    Fernando Rodriges

    Owner of Cafe Blu Blu

    I was struggling with accounting for my small business until I discovered PSB Finance. It’s not just an app; it’s a lifeline for entrepreneurs. It’s intuitive, convenient, and the annual payment plan makes it a budget-friendly choice. Thanks to PSB Finance, I finally have peace of mind when it comes to my business finances.

      Daisy Dunn
      Daisy Dunn

      Owner of Daisy’s Lazy Cafe

      I can’t express how much the PSB Finance App has revolutionized my business. As a small cafe owner juggling multiple locations, managing finances was a nightmare. But this app has simplified everything. It’s so user-friendly, and the community support is invaluable. I can’t imagine running my cafes without it now.

        Delina Shmicell
        Delina Shmicell


        PSB Finance has given me the financial freedom I always dreamed of. I used to dread the accounting side of my business, but this app has turned it into a breeze. It’s a game-changer for beginners and seasoned business owners alike. Plus, the community is a fantastic place to share experiences and gain knowledge.

        of happy users
        Years of Experience
        Winning Awards

        Sign up For Free

        Help Your Small Business To Get On A New Stage!

        Don’t miss this opportunity to empower your small business with cutting-edge financial technology. Join us for an engaging, informative, and game-changing webinar experience. Register today and take the first step toward financial freedom and success.

        Synchronized Finance System to Revamp Fashion Retail


        WEBINAR -
        Revamp Fashion Retail: Introducing a Synchronized PSB Finance System

        Welcome to the future of fashion retail! Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Join us for an exclusive webinar session where we unveil the game-changing solution that will transform your fashion retail operations. (Hint: It’s a new Synchronized Finance System by PSB)

        This live session is hosted for 100 guests only. Secure your spot today before time runs out.

        About Us & Our Sync Finance System

        Introducing the Synchronized PSB Finance System, a software designed to revolutionize the way you manage your finances. Say goodbye to disconnected systems, manual processes, and data inaccuracies. Our webinar will showcase how the synchronized power of PSB Finance can seamlessly integrate your financial operations with the dynamic nature of the fashion industry, allowing you to make informed decisions, streamline processes, and drive growth. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover the secret behind successful fashion retail businesses. 

        Join us for this exciting webinar session and unlock the key to fashion retail excellence!”

        PSB finance system

        Webinar Details


        June 24, 2023

        STARTS AT

        09am - 12pm (EST)


        Zoom Communications

        Registered Participants
        Webinar Registration

        Outline of the Webinar

        This virtual session will be consist of interactive sessions, engaging presentations, and real-world examples to provide attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the benefits and practical applications of the Synchronized PSB Finance System in the fashion retail industry.

        Topics covered in the Webinar:

        Meet our Key Speakers

        Introducing our esteemed lineup of key speakers for the upcoming webinar, “Revamp Fashion Retail: Introducing a Synchronized PSB Finance System.” These industry experts and thought leaders bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in the fashion retail and finance domains. Get ready to be inspired and gain invaluable insights as they share their expertise, strategies, and success stories in leveraging the power of synchronized finance systems.

        financial expert speaker 1

        Rohan Patel

        The Chief Operating Officer (COO) at PSB Finance, and a FinTech Expert. With his extensive background and deep insights into the intersection of finance and technology, he will provide invaluable perspectives on how PSB Finance software can transform financial operations in the retail domain. Get ready to be inspired and gain invaluable insights as Rohan shares his expertise and shedding light on the future of retail and the transformative potential of PSB Finance.

        financial expert speaker 2

        Aisha Nzuri

        An esteemed expert in the field of Fashion Merchandise Management, with over 8 years of experience at Aritzia. Throughout her career, she has been at the forefront of utilizing cutting-edge technologies, including the PSB Finance software, to streamline and enhance her job. Her deep understanding of the fashion retail industry and her firsthand experience in leveraging the power of PSB Finance technology inspires us to learn.

        Trusted by leading brands




        Hear What Fashion Retail Leaders Say About Our PSB Finance System

        "Thanks to the incredible power of the Synchronized PSB Finance System, we've unlocked advanced level of inventory management, and cost-saving opportunities. The seamless synchronization and real-time insights provided by this system have completely transformed the way we operate. We now have access to up-to-date information at our fingertips. And the best part? We're now able to move our business forward with renewed efficiency, strategic decision-making, and unprecedented success"
        finance system testimonial - 1
        Park Sung Hoon
        Retail Store Manager, ARITIZIA

        Don't miss out on this opportunity to streamline your finance processes

        This exclusive event is limited to just 100 guests, ensuring an intimate and engaging live experience. Here, you are promised to gain insights from industry experts, learn about the game-changing Synchronized PSB Finance System, and network with fellow fashion retail professionals. Register today before all spots are filled and secure your place in shaping the future of finance in fashion retail!

        We look forward to seeing you at the webinar and helping you take your retail management expertise to the next level.

        synchonized system user


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        How The Top Recruitment Agencies In Mississauga Find The Best Candidates.​

        One Job, One Candidate.

        How the Top Recruitment Agencies in Mississauga find the best Candidates.

        PSB Recruit is the top recruitment Cloud-Based Software. Learn how to make your business' recruitment process faster with PSB Recruit’s Talent Acquisition Team.

        Are you looking for ways to make the recruitment process quicker? Do you need help finding the best agencies to match you with the top international talent? PSB Recruit is the top international recruitment software in mississauga! It’s cloud integrates all PSB Software modules into one platform that is flexible, quick and accessible 24/7 for all your HR needs! We are so proud to have worked with thousands of employers from the public and private sectors in Mississauga to help elevate their business. 

        Learn how PSB Recruit can elevate you! Join us for PSB Recruit’s First Webinar on March 31st at 1 pm! Sign up below!

        Hiring Season is coming up! Let's find the best candidate with PSB Recruit! ​

        Have no fear! Our HR team is here! Throughout this webinar, keynote speakers – Ryan Destiny, Chief Executive Officer – of PSB Recruit, Jasmine Dione Peters, Talent Acquisition Director – of PSB Recruit, and Jason Ali Davis, Associate Director of Employment Relations and Business Development of PSB Recruit – will break down common misconceptions in the hiring process, recruitment strategies and ways in which PSB recruit can help you!

        In this session, you will learn the following:

        Trusted Brand Testimonials

        PSB REcruit was Designed by top recruitment agencies, for your hr needs.

        Hiring new talent is an exciting yet, extremely tedious process. Join us on March 31st, 2022, at 1 pm for an interactive webinar hosted by PSB Software’s talent acquisition and management team. The steps to make the recruitment process easier webinar is the perfect opportunity to connect with inspirational speakers and talent leaders that break down an effective hiring process and share the inside track on how PSB recruit finds the top international candidates for businesses.

        Webinar Agenda:

        1. [1:05 pm-1:30 pm] Keynote Discussion One: Current HR Hiring Trends & Common Hiring Misconceptions 
        2. [1:35 pm-2:00 pm] Keynote Discussion One: The evolution of AI in Talent Acquisition. 
        3. Break
        4. [2:10 pm-2:45 pm] Virtual Tutorial and Discussion: What is PSB Recruit? How can our cloud-based recruitment software make hiring faster?
        5. [2:45 pm-3:00 pm]Benefits of Cloud-Based Software
        6. [3:00-3:30 pm] Q&A Session and Networking

        “25 years in the business, and I’ve never been able to master the recruitment process like this before! Every recruitment agency needs to be like PSB Recruit.

        This platform is one of the most helpful and accessible cloud-based software I’ve ever used. This platform helped match us with the most accurate candidates and elevated the overall workflow of our business.”

        Laila Grant, VP Bling fashion Forward Mississauga

        Meet Our Speakers

        Ryan Destiny is a passionate change-maker that has spent over 10+ years as a talent acquisition director in various fields. Ryan received her MBA in Human Resources in 2013 from Harvard University. In 2018, Ryan became the CEO of PSB Software and developed its first-ever cloud software PSB Recruit. Ryan uses her expertise in human resources to help redefine company structures and accelerate talent acquisition functions.

        Jasmine Dione Peters | Talent Acquisition Director | PSB Recruit

        Jasmine Dione Peters is a world-renowned Talent Acquisition Leader with over 20+ years of experience. Jasmine has enjoyed managing various talent acquisition teams in high-growth SaaS companies and served in some of the world’s largest recruiting corporations. Jasmine graduated from McMaster University, receiving an MBA in Human Resources and E-Commerce.

        Jason Ali Davis | Associate Director of Employment Relations | PSB Recruit

        With 30+ years of experience, Jason Ali Davis has made his mark as one of North America’s well-versed recruitment relations liaisons. Jason has worked alongside fortune 500 companies and recruitment agencies in Mississauga to elevate business models. Jason received an MBA in Human Resource Management and a Ph.D. in Talent Acquisition and International Business.

        Ready to Take Your Recruitment Process to the next level?

        PSB Recruit allows for timely process completion and reduced cost of time – everything a successful business needs! Learn how PSB Recruit’s unified software can help match the most qualified candidates to your job openings.

        Registration closes March 20th, 2023. Spots are limited. Registration for this free event is open now! 

        © Copyright - Pilon School of Business, Sheridan College

        Affordable Pet Store Full-Service Marketing Mississauga

        Affordable Full-Service Marketing

        Affordable pet store full-service marketing in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

        cat banner

        Need help with marketing? PSB Digital Agency has you covered with professional full-service marketing reports and guides about market strategy, SEO, digital platforms & social, as well as web design. Also, did we mention that we offer 24/7 on-demand and live chat support?

        PSB is designed and curated to give you the power and help you grow and prosper.

        Affordable Full-Service Marketing

        We’re here for you through-out your entire journey, no matter where you are. PSB Digital Agency is the affordable pet store tailored full-service marketing agency that wants you to succeed. Whether you just begun your journey as a start-up pet store business or have been in the game for many years.

        All your digital growth needs from search engine optimization, social media marketing, website design and analytics tools, to market strategy reports are all at your fingertips. These tools and reports are easy to understand and use for any skill-range while not compromising on features or capabilities.

        Want to know in-depth information about the marketing process? Read further and learn more.

        Digital Marketing Explained

        A brief overview by HubSpot on Digital Marketing

        Pet Store tailored Services Overview

        A ‘purrfect’ digital plan begins with a plan, anything is ‘paw-sible’ if you believe

        If you don’t plan, you plan to fail. PSB Digital knows how difficult it can be for any business at any stage of their life cycle to tackle the complexities of marketing and having a digital presence which is why we’re here to help! PSB Digital Agency is a pet store tailored agency which provides full-service from brand identity creation to analytics tools so you can succeed.

        We understand you may be scared especially if you’re a smaller business which is why we’re excited to say we have 24/7 on-demand virtual support and highly flexible in-person support so no matter the time if you’re in a crisis we can help! And the best part? This support lasts for the entirety of our professional careers together. Think of us like a family, we’re here for you.

        Affordable Pet Store Services

        Marketing Strategy & Brand Identity

        For new pet shops or pet shops looking to revamp their design this service aims at setting you apart from the competition. Developing a logo, a theme of your brand, a message, a mission statement, and vision. The entire purpose of this service is to build consistency and brand image. If you feel you struggle creating a brand image and strategy by yourself let us help you, we’ll work together one-on-one to get you to a creative comfort zone that you’re proud of!

        Digital Platforms & Social

        Social media is a prominent tool in any marketer’s tool-belt, with rising platforms like TikTok and the trends they create we can help you navigate these millions of users’ and help you get a paw in the door. It’s important to have presence but it’s more important to focus on the platforms which best align with your target market (TikTok; younger, Facebook; older) which is only one part of the digital and social service. Get started by slowly reviewing the demographics and begin the learning. 

        The other part is about pillar content and micro content (long-form content like blogs or podcasts and short-form content like images, memes, video snips, etc. respectively). This content will be the core part of your digital and social life since it’s what you post! This service will help you develop and tie in your brand identity and marketing strategy nicely so you can both relate to your target audience but keep in-line with your business goals and strategies.

        Web Design

        The web design service is as it sounds, it’s a web designer service which will allow us to show you the ropes of how to use our web designing platform, how to update it, how to create blogs, and much more just like if you were using a word document file all thanks to our no code web designer tool. If you do struggle the best part? Help is a click away with videos, live chat, and more to assist you in your journey. Learn about no code web pages.

        SEO & Analytics

        The SEO and analytics tool service will help you develop search engine optimization, SEO is all about manipulating the search engine (Google) to help you rank higher. Increasing rank helps you rank on page one of Google which helps the reachability and visibility of your business. This plays into the analytics tool which is a PSB-designed platform that will help you track your web and social analytics and present them.

        Don’t believe our word of being the best affordable pet store full-service marketing firm in Mississauga? Well hear from our clients!

        Trusted by leading brands

        Pet Only

        For the Affordable Full-Service Marketing in Mississauga, Ontario

        “PSB Digital Agency are a kind group of individuals who put passion and care into everything they do. From creating to implementing, a truly marvel Mississauga specialty.”

        LEna Oxton, VP, PEt Only marketing

        Dive Deeper in the Canadian Pet Industry

        Learning about PSB Digital’s affordable, easy to use services shown here is only the surface level. 

        Mississauga’s born firm has much more to offer in terms of planning and solutions. For more detailed information download the white paper marketing guide.

        dog at desk image

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        E-commerce agency for pets in Mississauga

        The Power of E-commerce Agencies for Pet Stores

        A team that offers affordable and integrated digital solutions, from social media advertisement, productivity, consistency, SEO, and quantifiable results.

        pet business
        Pet advertisement on facebook with pictures and words

        What is an E-commerce Agency?

        PSB Digital Agency

        Our agency services specialize in content creation, social media advertisement, promotional tactics, and search engine optimization to get you the strong results you desire.

        PSB Digital have access to a variety of technological tools and software that helps us provide accurate analytical reports and perform our jobs at a high standard.

        Our increased services will take care of delivering your new pet products at high content creation while allowing you to maintain healthy relationships with your target audience.

        However, many of our trustworthy clients have experienced their best results while covering digital marketing areas at a low cost!

        What can our e-commerce agency do for you?

        PSB Digital offers increased digital marketing services to their clients with flexibility and at a low cost! From technology, content creation, customer relationships and strong search results, our services can guarantee your business for long-term success. This includes advertising and showcasing your current and new products in a well-designed way. We will help you attract new customers and define the customer loyalty in your business.

        However, we have made significant impacts towards trusted leading pet brands in Mississauga, that include Pet Smart, Tail Blazers, Global Pet foods and Pet Valu. With the use of digital marketing tools, we have fulfilled customer engagement through social media advertisement, launched new products through data-driven analytics and provided strong search results through Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

        Our main goal is to create and maintain a sustainable growth for both our clients and our team at PSB Digital. We desire to develop mutual relationships and receive great client experiences through competency and achieving consistent results. We dedicate our time to understand your needs and wants to fulfill the success of your business whether our agency is a good fit for your organization or not.

        In addition, PSB Digital’s services provide the work for our clients. This includes tools like, web development, email marketing, content creation, advertisement and many more. This allows our clients to save time and money to manage other sectors of their business.


        Trusted by leading brands

        Pet SMART - tailblazers - global petfoods- Pet valu

        Do you think you are a good fit with PSB Digital?

        Make your business better, instantly. 

        Pet advertisement on smart phone - Just 4 dogs

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        Instagram icon with red and purple background
        Twitter logo with blue bckground
        Facebook logo with dark blue background

        PSB Café – A Place By Students For Students Coming This Fall!!

        PSB Café

        A Place By Students For Students
        Coming This Fall!!

        PSB CAFE

        The Origin

        PSB Café is cofounded by Matt, Jessie and Ben, three alumni from the Pilon School of Business. From a young age, Matt was influenced by his family and his passion for Coffee and opening his own Café. Jessie is an experienced baker and considers herself a cake connoisseur. And along the way they met Ben, he was a photographer pursuing his master’s in marketing. All three met at their alma mater, where they became fast friends. After graduation, they pursued their respective careers in different parts of the country. They always kept in touch and dreamed about opening a café together someday. During the pandemic they decided to leave their job and open a café. Luckily, they found a great place near both Sheridan Campus, and they decided to take the leap and open a nice cozy coffee café for the students where they can work and chill, while doing that enjoy a nice cup of coffee and snacks.

        Main Hero Photo of PSB Cafe

        Coffee Like No Other

        We take our coffee seriously here – only the best beans sourced from around the world will do. We offer a variety of espresso-based drinks, each with its own distinctive flavor that’s guaranteed to please even the most discerning palate.


        Baking With Love

        Our pastries are made with care using only high-quality ingredients and fresh produce sourced locally whenever possible. We have a wide selection of different croissants, eclairs, muffins, cupcakes, doughnuts and more to satisfy any craving.

        Free Wi-Fi For All

        PSB Café will cater to the needs of students on campus as it will provide free Wi-Fi for students to work and study. Furthermore, there would be Wi-Fi facility in all corners of the PSB café. Especially in the reading room, so that students can sit down and enjoy reading books, use their laptop or tablet etc.

        Internet Cafe
        Cafe Date

        Quality Conversation All Day Long

        PSB Cafe is open all day for your convenience and we want you to enjoy our signature drinks and food. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the company of good friends or new acquaintances.

        Experience the "PSB" difference

        We offer a variety of food and beverage options, including a full breakfast menu, lunch options, and delicious desserts. Also, our coffee is roasted locally by our friends at Bloomington Roasters. We pride ourselves on offering excellent customer service with a smile, and our staff are always available to help you make your visit to PSB a memorable one.

        Events (Lounge)

        A place for anything and everything

        PSB Café will be a home away from home for students, professionals and families alike. We have a Secret Lounge for hosting Stand-up Comedy and Movie Nights, as well as providing space for Job Interviews or any other event.

        Our Team



        Matt has a family history of Coffee Farming and his very passionate about coffee.



        Jessie loves to bake all kinds of stuffs. Muffins, cookies to a full size birthday cake, she can do it



        Ben is a photographer and he is always enthusiastic about marketing.


        We serve specialty coffee with a side of conversation at PSB Café. We provide an inclusive environment where people from different backgrounds and walks of life can talk freely and openly, free from distractions. For when you are feeling introspective, PSB Café has you covered with a range of light roast coffees to get you through your day. For those who need something more lively, try our espresso shots or latte macchiato!

        Opening This September In Sheridan HMC And Davis Campus!!

        Follow us

        We have a Newsletter also which will keep you updated with the latest Sheridan News and about what’s going on in PSB Café.

        Follow us in the following social channels to stay up to date with the latest updates and announcements!!

        © Copyright - PSB Café, Sheridan College

        Customized Cakes with PSB Café – Sheridan

        Who are we?

        Two alumni took an initiative to serve the taste buds of students by launching the PSB Café. With the previous experience in barista and  the other person having family background of bakers. Thereafter, owner dream of having a self-owned bakery. PSB Café comes with an edge to present customized cake to students. So they can celebrate their success moments, farewell, nostalgia goodbyes, birthday of their classmates and many events without any hustle. Also there is no hindrance of second thoughts.  Cakes on occasions and various deserts sweetness give satisfaction of every moment celebrated. PSB Café has the facility to customize cakes and other puddings and deserts as per preference. All over, creating a charming pampered remembering moment for years.

        Cakes: Customized flavored orange and other fruits.
        Cakes: Customized flavored orange and other fruits.


        Students can easily rely on the customized cakes with PSB Café for their friends and loved ones. The taste and freshness is ensured as baking is done when order received, there is no crummy or moldy  items stocked in advance and everything is brought up whenever there is a particular order placed with selective preference. The advantage of being an alumni is that we are very well aware of our on-campus student expectation. Sheridan PSB Café serves the taste of students from overseas that is miss living in Canada. So, PSB Café aims to provide the best products and services to both the domestic and international students.

        What we serve ?

        PSB Café serves various beverages, deserts, combo-meals and many other items as per both the Canadian taste and international students. Café serves as a combination to mix as per one’s taste and liking. Customized cakes is a new way to make college more lively and students can enjoy to fullest. After a tiring day full of assignments, deadlines and other chaos, eating puddings and sweet platters can be the most positive moment for the day.

        Customized cake
        Choco chip Cookies as a desert after every meal.

        Plenty of items having customization as per the customer desire greets them with pleasure and a sense of contentment. The cakes of PSB Café are baked with love, freshness and lots of care and wishes for the success of student. Lastly, we establish the long-term relationship with the alumni’s and also existing students. Also, helping them academically whenever needed. PSB Café is simply a mode to connect to students on-campus and be the service to their daily needs of meals and regular drinks. Cakes are addition to the moments of joy and cheerfulness, a small gesture one can present to other. Avoid looking outside or long-way drive to do any kind of preparation to please oneself.

        chocolate cake
        Chocolate cake serves the pampering feelings

        Where can you find us easily? 

        PSB Café can be easily located at the premises of Sheridan college – Davis Campus and HMC Campus. Also, to avoid delays and hustle, book your order online with the fixed date and timings. Customized Cake with PSB Café is available as to produce the personalized savor and flavors of home country. Various options in deserts, beverages and combo-meals can surely be full satisfying breakfast after reaching college early morning hours. Thus having a break from stressful and pressurized presentations and deadlines. Regular loyal customers enjoy many discounts, rewards and offers. Learn more about the fresh Brew at Sheridan PSB Café.

        Pudding cookies enhances the moments

        Considering the coffee-lovers, e-cards are bought up into action so as to charge less after a certain cup of coffee in a day and building up the loyal regular customer for the PSB Café. Lastly, during the college occasions and celebrations, PSB café will continue to offer various other customized products. Therefore, to stay updated and enjoy every moment of Sheridan college holding carefully the Customized Cakes with PSB Café, stay connected with us on social media platforms.




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        Weight training with PSB Fitness

        Who are we?

        fitness training Peel region


        Looking to lose some pounds and kickstart your summer body look no more PSB fitness offers world-class weight training and fat loss workouts. PSB aims to offer our customers a fit and healthy way to stay on top of their fitness journey. At PSB fitness you are sure to make progress and keep track of your performance. We offer affordable membership and flexible payment options. We have two active locations currently at the Davis campus in Brampton and the heart of Mississauga near Square one shopping centre. We aim to provide the best facilities to start your fitness journey.

        PSB fitness has all the required facilities available to achieve your fitness goals. We offer a welcoming environment and offer support and guidance to our members and are available 24/7 online chat and customer service to accommodate and help our customers.

        Facilities our gym offers:

        Gym facilities

        • PSB fitness offers an affordable and flexible membership payment plan.
        • have the latest gym equipment for your workout needs
        • have an application that offers easy access to online video training that demonstrates proper form and technique.
        • Customers at our facility can expect a healthy workout environment with clean air and controlled humidity levels.
        •  offer flexible gym hours for when it is convenient timing
        • PSB fitness offers a 14-day free trial
        • We aim to have clean gym equipment and promote the use of masks and sanitizer at our gym to ensure COVID- 19 protocols.


        Payment and pricing options for weight training options


        At PSB fitness we aim to offer flexible pricing to suit our student’s financial situation we aim to provide flexible options.

        • Workout now pays later members can start their workout and pay later.
        • Our membership fee starts at $29.99 per month with an additional $20-$25 for extra yoga or Zumba classes.

        Why choose PSB fitness?


        in conclusion, we offer a 14-day free trial period to make you comfortable at our gym and provide you with our gym package that includes our mobile application. Our facilities are equipped with the latest and greatest gym equipment to suit all your needs.

        24/7 customer support is available to ensure customer satisfaction. We hope to see you soon!

        sign up now at our website to avail 14-day free trial