Essential Travel Items: Budget Edition

Let us narrow down a list of budget friendly essentials to pack on your next trip to Banff, or anywhere in the world!

Packing for a trip is for some the least enjoyable activity associated with travelling. There are a lot of factors to consider such as, weather, destination, duration of stay, activities participating on the trip, etc. Some other stressors can include having to consider weight restrictions based on airline requirements.

Organizing all the items to bring on a trip can be overwhelming that is why we are breaking it down for you in some easy steps. Whether you are planning a trip full of fun adventure and active outings or a leisurely trip consisting of relaxation and rejuvenation, this list will come in handy no matter the purpose of your trip.

The more frequently you travel the easier it will be to realize the items you actually need and will use daily. Essentially these are the items that will make your trip memorable, comfortable, and most importantly they will not break your bank!  

Girl packing the essentials for a trip, checking list of budget friendly items to pack when traveling.
Figure 1. Packing for a trip. (Photo by Timur Weber from Pexels)

Here are some must have budget friendly items that you should think about bringing on your next trip.

Reusable Water Bottle

When you are traveling any where in Canada, the US, Europe or any other country, there is always access to free clean drinking water. It is a quite costly and bad for the environment to be buy one-time plastic water bottles.

Although a stainless-steel water bottle like a Stanley, is great at keeping water cold for a long time, they can be quite expensive. Not to mention heavy to carry around while commuting to different destinations and an extra unnecessary load to carry on uphill hiking trails.

We suggest a budget friendly, sturdy plastic water bottle with a carabiner attachment to clip on to backpack for easy access and to save space.

Small Backpack

This brings us to out next tip. Bring a small backpack for daily trips. This can be used on adventure hikes or when exploring the city landmarks and museums. No matter the activity, it is a great way to store any daily essentials such as, water bottle, snacks, extra sweatshirt, rain jacket, wallet, phone, camara, etc.

Something durable, preferably water resistant will be key. Also, a backpack is more spacious and offers more back support than a tote or purse.

Rain Jacket

As mentioned earlier one of the items to bring in the backpack when heading out to explore for the day is a rain jacket.

Whether can be so unpredictable at times it is important to pack for any possibilities, to ensure you get the most out of our day even if the weather changes.

Umbrellas can be bulky and heavy to carry with you all day. Having a high-quality jacket will keep you dry and warm in the rain and windy weather.  There are many budget friendly options out there!

Comfortable Footwear

No matter how you choose to spend you vacation weather it be seeing the city landmarks and museums or trekking through the forest to reach a peak lookout spot, comfortable foot wear is a must. It is also a good tip to break in the footwear before the trip. The last thing anyone wants is to deal with is blisters and chaffing on a supposedly relaxing vacation.

There are many options out there, a good pair of hiking boots can last you a long time, think of it as an investment in your future hiking adventures.

Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada. Girl standing looking at the lake wearing a rain jacket, backpack, and hiking shoes.
Figure 2. Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada (own photo).

Student ID Card

There are many attractions, including restaurants, museums, shops, and art galleries, that offer student discounts. The discount can cut the cost in half, which will save you a lot of money! If you are a student or were recently a student ID would definitely be something worth bringing while traveling. This would also be the ideal time to remind you to bring your wallet and identification such as a passport or diving licence while traveling. Other everyday essentials should include clothes, charging cables, power banks, toiletries and medications.  

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Bring these budget essentials to ensure you have the best experience!