Best Applicant Tracking Systems for Small Businesses

Automate & Revolutionize Your Small Business Recruitment Process.

Data-driven insights to optimize each step of your hiring process, automate boring tasks, prospect and nurture the perfect hidden talent, and let our software do the heavy lifting.

Best Applicant Tracking Systems for Small

Tired of spending countless hours and resources on recruitment with little success?

Join our webinar on “How to hunt, prospect, retain, and nurture talent on autopilot” and learn how our cutting-edge recruitment software can streamline your hiring process, attract top talent, and improve your candidate screening and assessment. Our experts will share best practices and data-driven insights to help you make informed hiring decisions and save time and money. Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your recruitment strategy and stay ahead of the competition. Register now!

"Unlock the Power of Automated Recruitment"

Register now to learn the secrets to automating your talent recruitment process and retaining top candidates with ease. Our webinar will equip you with the necessary tools and strategies to streamline your recruitment process, so you can focus on growing your business. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform your recruitment process and boost your bottom line. Register now to secure your spot!

Webinar Agenda

  1. The State of Recruitment Today: A discussion on the current state of recruitment in various industries and the challenges that companies face when it comes to attracting and retaining top talent.
  2. The Benefits of Automated Recruitment: An exploration of the advantages that automated recruitment can offer, including increased efficiency, reduced time-to-hire, better candidate matching, and more.
  3. Best Practices for Implementing Automated Recruitment: Practical tips and strategies for successfully implementing automated recruitment in your organization, including selecting the right software, integrating it with your existing systems, and training your team.
  4. Real-world Examples: Case studies and success stories of companies that have successfully implemented automated recruitment and the results they achieved.
  5. The Future of Recruitment: A glimpse into the future of recruitment and how automated recruitment is set to evolve and transform the industry.

Mark Thompson

mark thompson Best Applicant Tracking Systems for Small

Mark Thompson is an experienced HR Manager with over 10 years of experience in the field. He has a deep understanding of the challenges faced by HR departments when it comes to attracting and retaining top talent. Mark has successfully implemented AI recruitment software in his organization, which has led to faster and more accurate candidate screening, resulting in a higher quality of hire. He is passionate about leveraging technology to drive innovation in HR processes, and he is excited to share his insights and strategies in this upcoming webinar.

Mary Johnson

mary Best Applicant Tracking Systems for Small

Mary Johnson is a seasoned Talent Acquisition Specialist with a track record of identifying and hiring top talent across various industries. She has extensive experience working with AI recruitment software, having implemented it in her previous organization. She is a firm believer in the power of AI to improve the recruitment process by reducing bias and improving candidate matching. Mary is excited to share her expertise and provide practical tips for HR professionals looking to leverage AI in their recruitment process.

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Tech Pro Ops

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ELITE Developers LLC

etc Best Applicant Tracking Systems for Small

ETC Technology Group

John Smith, HR Director at ABC Company

john Best Applicant Tracking Systems for Small

PSB Recruit has transformed our recruitment process! With the help of their AI-powered software, we were able to find the most qualified candidates in no time. I highly recommend PSB Recruit to anyone looking to streamline their recruitment process.

Michael Brown, HR Manager at DEF Industries

mike Best Applicant Tracking Systems for Small

I’ve been in HR for over a decade, and I’ve never seen a recruitment software as effective as PSB Recruit. Their AI-powered technology is simply outstanding, and it has helped us to find the most qualified candidates with ease. Thank you, PSB Recruit!

Don't Miss This!

Join us for this webinar and gain exclusive insights from our expert speakers on the latest recruitment software trends and how they can benefit your small business. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to network with industry professionals and take your recruitment strategies to the next level. Register now and secure your spot for this must-attend event!

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PSB Software| The Most Powerful AI Hiring Software

Welcome To Your AI Hiring Buddy

We will make your hiring process as EASY as it gets

Our AI Technology Will Provide You With

The Best Hiring Software ✅

No Interview Hassles ✅

More Qualified Applicants ✅

A Faster Hiring Process ✅

Connect With People ✅

Very Affordable Plans ✅

All-in-one software that help you solve all your hiring obstacles and get connected with you applicants

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Efficient AI Recruitment Software in Ontario

image of PSB Recruit's logo that is used to promote candidate tracking systems for recruiters to recruiters

Looking to Hire Qualified Candidates Effortlessly?

PSB Recruit’s AI technology optimizes the recruitment process so that you can hire the right candidate faster. Don’t miss the chance to learn how you can leverage the most efficient AI recruitment software in Ontario for your business.

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Streamlining Your Recruitment Process has Never Been Easier

The technology industry is constantly evolving especially within app development. Thousands of students are graduating from software development programs along with the hundreds of experienced professionals that are moving to Ontario to be a part of our province’s growing technological sector. Accordingly, the increase of individuals within the industry comes the dilemma of hiring. Obviously as a growing or leading app development company, you want to hire the best. This is no easy task as managers must go through hundreds of resumes to find the best candidate. This can be an extremely stressful and tedious task. Well, look no further as PSB Recruit is the solution, it is the newest and most efficient AI recruitment software in Ontario. 

It uses artificial intelligence that allows users to enter specific criteria or keywords that their company is looking for. After a few clicks all you have to do is just sit back and relax as the AI filters through all potential candidates to find the best one for your company needs. This state-of-the-art technology will not only optimize your company’s hiring process, but it will also save you the headache of hiring the wrong candidate. Register to learn more about how PSB Recruit can help you hire qualified candidates faster without all the stress.

In This Webinar You Will Learn:

-How artificial intelligence can optimize your recruitment process

-All the benefits associated with implementing an AI software

-How AI can help you hire the best candidates for the job 

Webinar Agenda

1. Why AI is The Future: Artificial intelligence is vital for future job recruitment especially in the app development industry. With competition higher than ever before, being able to leverage AI is a huge competitive advantage.

2. Benefits of AI Recruitment Software: From attracting the right candidate, saving time, being able to fill positions faster, never overlooking a qualified candidate ever again and so much more!

3. How AI Can Find The Most Qualified Candidates: PSB Recruit uses a special keyword feature where the company can insert specific criteria that they are looking for. This keyword feature allows the software to efficiently filter through hundreds of resumes to provide hiring managers with the best candidates out of the pool. Tune in to learn more!

Special Webinar Guests

Samantha Wexler the lead software designer behind PSB Recruit. Big believer in efficient recruitment solutions in Ontario

Samantha Wexler

Samantha is the lead software designer behind PSB Recruit. She completed an undergrad in software development from UOIT and received her masters from the University of Toronto. Moreover, she has been in the app development industry for over 10 years. Her career first started as a junior software designer at Zeus App Development Studios where she gained vast experience in the industry working for one of the leading companies in the industry. During the webinar she will explain what PSB Recruit's AI technology actually is and how to use it for your business. Moreover, she will further explain the benefits of PSB Recruit and how it is truly the most efficient AI recruitment software in Ontario.

Darryl Hutchins VP of human resources at Awesome Games. One of the first to implement efficient ai recruitment software

Darryl Hutchins

Darryl is the VP of Human Resources at Awesome Games, one of the leading app development companies in Ontario. He was one of the first to implement PSB Recruit within his company. Darryl will explain how his company incorporated PSB Recruit within their recruitment process and how they were able to hire qualified candidates at a significantly more efficient rate. Darryl has always been a big believer in change and continuous evolvement. Accordingly, he believes that learning is a key part of life and that once you stop learning you stop living. So once we told Darryl about how PSB Recruit is the most efficient AI recruitment software in Ontario, he had to see it for himself.

Xavier Collins leading artificial intelligence expert in Ontario. Strives to provide companies with efficient ai recruitment solutions.

Xavier Collins

Xavier is one of Canada's leading artificial intelligence experts. He has been specifically working with app development companies located in Ontario over the past 5 years. He strives to help provide companies with efficient AI technology solutions. Once Xavier learned about PSB Recruit, he immediately reached out to see that it was truly what it claimed to be. To say the least, he was very impressed. Thus, Xavier will provide his personal and unbiased opinions regarding PSB Recruit as well as more details about how AI technology is a must in terms of making your company's recruitment process more efficient.

Trusted by leading brands

Efficient recruitment company

West Tech App Development

Efficient recruitment company

EXP Technology Ltd.


“PSB Recruit is an absolute game changer. I am so happy that I attended this webinar. It really made me understand the significant difference that artificial intelligence can make in the recruitment process!”

Grant Bardone believer in efficient ai recruitment technology


The webinar was truly eye opening. I had absolutely no idea regarding all the benefits that artificial intelligence could provide. I am so excited to implement the PSB Recruit technology and get started!”

Mike Viv, believer in efficient ai recruitment technology

Mike vic-VP of human resources, Sonic Tech

Improve your Recruitment Process Today!

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Talent attraction HR recruitment software PSB

How to use PSB HR Recruiting Software to be a Talent Attraction Expert.

Want to learn more about an helpful recruitment software?

That finds the best people at a cheap price?

Can maximize the potential of your workforce?

Join our webinar at 12pm EST on March 30th, 2023

With the sudden rise of other recruitment software in Canada, we understand that there’s a lot of HR recruitment software. However, you do not have a lot of time and money to look into all the options. We also understand this software does not always have good talent attraction with them. You may be a small business just starting up and have no direction when it comes to the hiring process. PSB Recruit gets that, we were once you. As a result, we want to be helpful to you. At PSB Recruit we invite you to learn more about our talent attraction HR recruitment software.

Want to get the best people in your area with talent attraction HR recruitment software?


Webinar Agenda

Learn also about who we are and what we do. More so, you will also learn more about what PSB HR recruiting software is and how you can best use it for your company. 

We know pricing can be a scary thought to a lot of people so that’s why we want to talk to you about the price of our software as well as any deals that you could potentially get along side it.

Experience how our HR software works to get the best workers for you and for the job. By attending the webinar you can learn about past companies that has used our program to great a effect.

Meet the Speakers

Experts in HR Recruitment software 

Reese Red

Reese Red is a 10-year veteran in the human resources field and has been using PSB recruit for as long as we can remember. Mr. Red has become a bit of a celebrity in the human resources field because he can always get the right people at the right price for the right job.

He is a great speaker and has done many TED talks in the past when it comes to human resources and often shares keynotes and speaker notes at conventions. Mr. Red is known for his passion for his job and is a very vocal advocate for diversity practices, equal rights and fair hiring practices. Furthermore, Mr. Red has a Masters in human resources from McMaster University and a honors in computer science and has used both to help many organizations in the past. He hopes he can share his knowledge with you with this webinar.

Barbra is a smiling women happy about candidate tracking system for recruiters

Elliot Smith

Elliot Smith is an HR expert of 15+ years and has been doing human resources her entire life. She started her own company back in 2005 called Helping Hand which was a company that focused on the connection between software and HR hiring practices. Helping Hand has helped many companies in the past 15+ years learn how to integrate HR practices with recruitment software and is seen as a professional in the field.

Mrs. Smith has racked up quite the portfolio over the years as she has helped companies get the right hiring practice down to a tea. She also has her masters in computer software from Brock and her Ph.D. in HR from Guelph University.
Furthermore, Mrs. Smith is known for getting down to the nitty-gritty of information and is a great explainer of tough subjects that people may struggle to understand. Likewise, she is also known for her passion for her job and is a very vocal advocate for diversity practices, equal rights and fair hiring practices in major companies. To cap it all off Elliot hopes she can help you with any questions you may have and hopes you walk away from this webinar learning something new to use.

Client Testimonials

“PSB’s webinars are GAME CHANGING. The amount of information and help will get the ball rolling when it comes to recruiting”

Joe Plant
VP, Hospice homes

“They are the best when it comes to giving information. It’s like they are a talent attraction machine”

Catherine Tot,
HEad of HR, Retirement Centeral

“I was skeptical of how a software could solve my problems but it really did! They get the best people for the job and help with any issues you may have if you just reach out”

Connor destiny
CEO, HR helper

Learn more on how to be a Talent Attraction Machine !!

This webinar is the best chance to learn about the best HR software out there. By attending you will learn more about this powerful software and learn how it can improve your hiring process without breaking the bank. You will also learn great insights on how easy it is to use as well as answers to any questions you may want to ask us. Don’t miss out on this limited time event or you’ll regret it!! 

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AI: Streamlining your Recruitment Process

Streamlining Your Recruitment Process Using AI

Use AI to automatically scan resume, cover letters and preliminary technical test

Streamlining your recruitment process using the top-of-the-line AI recruiting software with technical test evaluation will not only reliably scan resumes and cover letters but also conduct preliminary technical tests. These technical tests can be customized according to the needs of the specific job posting making more time for hiring managers to focus on the top candidates. 

Want to Streamline your Recruitment Process?

Register Now

Interested in learning more about how using recruiting software with AI can streamline your hiring process? Fill out this form to register for the webinar.

April 25, 2023 1:00-2:00 pm EST

via Zoom

As the technology industry continues to grow exponentially, it is essential for businesses to efficiently hire the best candidates for the job. The industry requires better and smarter approaches to evaluate applicants’ technical skills and reduce recruitment time so that hiring managers can focus on the top candidates. 

Join our industry experts to learn the benefits of using an advanced recruiting software with machine learning capabilities which can help save hiring managers’ time during the recruiting process. This includes how artificial intelligence can efficiently scan through hundreds of resumes, cover letters, and technical tests for specific job postings. With technology continuously advancing, how will YOU adapt?

In this webinar you will learn: 

  • The advancement of AI technology in the recruiting process.
  • How streamlining your recruitment process using Artificial Intelligence will help your company.
  • Best practices when developing a preliminary technical test to send out to promising candidates.


Meet Our Webinar Guests

Barbra is a smiling women happy about candidate tracking system for recruiters

Samantha Johnson

Leading Expert in Artificial Intelligence

Samantha is a well-known AI expert with a long background in computer science. She is currently consulting for many well-known companies across North America for the past 10 years. She is particularly passionate about helping companies work more efficiently by utilizing AI to their advantage.

Morgan Stark

Computer Science Professor at Stark University

Morgan is a Computer Science professor at Stark University with a focus on Artificial Intelligence. Previously she worked at Stark Industries holding the position of Director of Machine Learning. Her mission is to find ways to make AI more adaptable according to the needs of the user. 

John Davis

Lead Software Developer at PSB Recruit

John has been working for PSB Software for the past eight years. Throughout the years, he has been responsible for artificial intelligence within PSB Software. His latest project was working on the PSB Recruit software to improve the efficiency of companies. 


Webinar Topics

The Advancement of AI Technology in the Recruiting Process 

Learn the latest trends in Artificial Intelligence within the recruitment process and how it is practically used within the tech industry. Presented by the leading expert in artificial intelligence, you will receive real-life examples of how the technology transformed multiple companies that Samantha Johnson consults for. She will go into more detail about the process of streamlining your recruitment process. 

Streamlining your Recruitment Process using Artificial Intelligence


Learn how top companies use AI technology in their recruitment process to efficiently find the best candidates. Morgan Stark will walk you through some features that AI can offer which includes scanning resume and cover letters. She will also give you a basic understanding of how users can work with AI by setting parameters to better adapt to their needs. In addition, she will go over how machine learning can make the software more efficient over time. 

Effectively Develop a Preliminary Skill Test

The AI integrated software is only limited by your imagination! Use AI to your advantage and create basic yet unique coding problems suited for each job position. John Davis will briefly walk you through how he uses PSB Recruit’s AI technology to customize preliminary skill test for job positions that require the use of multiple coding languages. In this webinar, you will receive tips and tricks on how to easily create technical tests that is tailored for the position you are hiring.


Trusted by leading brands

Captain Gaming

Panther Technology


Webinar Testimonials


” I am so glad that I attended this webinar! It has opened my eyes to the potential that Artificial Intelligence has for my company. I can’t wait to share the information with my team and start implementing some changes.”

Luke Banner, VP of engineering, parker technology inc.

lady happy about applicant tracking system

“Extremely informative webinar, it went above my expectations! The speakers were very knowledgeable and the information presented was very relevant to me. I would highly recommend this webinar to people who want to save time during the recruiting process!” 

Sophie simons, VP of human resources, Ragnarok games

Interested in streamlining your recruitment process with AI?

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AI: Learn how to 10x your productivity with the best candidate tracking system for recruiters

image of PSB Recruit's logo that is used to promote candidate tracking systems for recruiters to recruiters

Current number of participants: 400/500

Streamlined Recruiting: How to10x Your Productivity With the Best Candidate Tracking System for Recruiters

PSB Recruit: Effortless recruiting, limitless results

This live webinar is scheduled for 11:00 a.m. EST on April 14th ,
2023 via Webex.

Our technological world is constantly evolving, and staying up to date with the latest trends and best practices can be a daunting task for some recruiters, particularly those who are inundated with information. As start-up recruiters, you are constantly faced with the challenge of finding qualified app developers who possess the skills and experience needed to help your company thrive in the ever-changing landscape.

During the webinar, you will learn about the latest advancements in recruitment technology and how it can help your start-up technology organization overcome the challenges of finding qualified programmers and maintaining a diverse workforce.

14 days left!

By registering for this webinar, I agree to be
contacted via email or other automation
software periodically with event details
Person in Meeting talking about candidate tracking system for recuiters

Is This the Right Webinar for my Company?

If you are a recruiter at a start-up technology organization who is finding it increasingly difficult to find qualified app developers, we encourage you to signup for our webinar, as it will equip you with the technological competencies necessary to attract the talent pool your company deserves!

Webinar Discussion Topics

Bias recruiting software can perpetuate prejudices and discrimination, leading to a less diverse and qualified workforce. Fortunately, attending this webinar will teach you how robust recruiting software can help your start-up avoid bias.

By attending this webinar, companies will have the opportunity to learn about the latest advancements in AI recruitment technology and how to implement them to gain a competitive edge in their industry. In addition, you gain insights into how candidate tracking systems can automate tasks such as resume screening and candidate matching, thereby reducing the time and effort required to hire a candidate.

This webinar will teach you about the different types of bias that can be introduced into the recruitment process and how to avoid them using AI algorithms. In addition, you will also learn about the legal requirements for collecting and processing personal data and how to ensure that your recruitment process is compliant with relevant Canadian data privacy laws. ​

Attending our webinar will provide recruitment managers with tips on how to attract the right programmers for their job openings. Furthermore, you will gain a better understanding of how to optimize the coding interview process for app development positions

 During our Q&A session, our panellists will provide practical tips and advice on how to create job postings that resonate with candidates, how to conduct effective interviews, and how to negotiate competitive offers that will entice top talent to join your organization. In addition, our webinar will provide an overview of the different tools and resources available to help recruiters identify and engage with potential candidates, including social media, job boards, and industry events.

Trusted by Leading Technology Recruitment Companies


Nexus Nok

Paradigm, Inc



"Thanks for the insightful webinar on the importance of recruitment software. It was great to learn about the latest trends and how PSB Recruit can benefit our hiring process. "
Mike Viv, believer in efficient ai recruitment technology and candidate tracking system for recruiters. He is smiling
John Lu
"Thanks for the fantastic webinar! As someone who is new to recruitment software, I found the information presented by Gaben and Barbra incredibly helpful and insightful. Can't wait for the next one!"
HR professional smiling about candidate tracking system for recruiters
Dwight Stevens
" I just wanted to thank you for such an informative webinar on the importance of recruitment software. I learned a lot and can't wait to implement this technology for my company; cheers!"
HR manager happy about new a candidate tracking system for recruiters
Sasha Beer

Meet the Webinar Speakers

Gaben and Barbra have over four fours years of experience organizing seminars and webinars for PSB Software. They are both industry professionals with seasoned experience in the mobile app industry and AI sectors.

       Gaben Belford- Engineer

Gaben has over 20 years of experience in mobile app development, with a focus on building AI models and optimizing his candidate tracking systems for recruiters

Barbra is a smiling women happy about candidate tracking system for recruiters

       Barbra Warfet- HR Manager

Barbra is an experienced hiring manager with over ten years of expertise in talent acquisition, retention and development. She also has 9 years of experince in the technology industry.

It's time to Learn More About Canada's the Best Candidate Tracking System for Recruiters!

This webinar is your last chance to learn about PSB Recruit's candidate tracking system for recruiters, a powerful technological tool that can improve your hiring process and productivity. Additionally, you'll gain valuable insights into the latest trends and best practices in recruitment and have the opportunity to connect with highly skilled recruitment professionals who can share some of their insights. Don't miss out on this limited-time opportunity to learn how to expand your knowledge!

Connect With Other Participants who Signed up!

Note: By typing the @RecruitSolver command, you will activate the solver AI chatbot, which you can use to ask any webinar-related questions. Alternatively, you can contact the PSB Software help desk at

My Chatbox
John: Hi there! 10:00 AM
Jane: Hey John, how's it going? 10:05 AM
John: Not bad, I can't wait for PSB Recuits webinar!
Jane: Same here! my start-up has been in the mud recently 10:15 AM
sarah: @Recruitsolver will there be tickets for this event? 10:20 AM

Affordable Marketing and Content Creation Services in The GTA

PSB Digital Agency

Expert-led Affordable Marketing Services and Content Creation for Pet Stores

Affordable Marketing and Content Creation Services in The GTA

Receive a unique marketing plan for pet stores created by leading authorities in each sector. PSB Digital Agency offer from SEO and PPC. To social media, web design, and more Affordable Marketing solutions


pet care centre

Here is a small Video on Digital Marketing!
A Beginner’s Guide To Marketing

17 minutes video to help you get started with us to understand the most important things you need to know about Digital Marketing


Cost-Effective Marketing and Viral Content Creation Services for Pet Stores

The marketing and advertising content for pet stores of our customer will be significantly enhanced by the viral and creative content creation of our product.
Our content and design teams collaborate closely to create concepts that have the potential to go viral in the market or leave a lasting impression on viewers.

Affordable Marketing and Content Creation Services in The GTA


Our Expert-led Marketing Services For Your Pet Store

                                                         Content Creation 

The act of coming up with subject ideas that are appealing to your buyer persona, developing written or visual material around those ideas, and then making that information available to your audience as a blog, video, infographic, or other content forms is known as content production.

You’re also generating some major value for your company, as these content marketing stats show:

  1. Almost 40% of marketers say content marketing is an essential part of their marketing strategy. 81% say their company sees content as a business strategy
  2. B2B marketers have data that says content marketing is a successful tool for nurturing leads (60%), generating revenue (51%), and building an audience of subscribers (47%).
    And 10% of marketers who blog say it generates the biggest return on investment.

Content equals business growth. So, let’s get started with the types of content you can create and then review your content strategy


                                                                     Search Engine Optimization

The technique of increasing the amount and quality of search engine traffic to a website or web page is known as search engine optimization. SEO focuses on organic traffic as opposed to bought or direct traffic.

Search engines such as Google and Bing use bots to crawl pages on the web, going from site to site, collecting information about those pages and putting them in an index. Think of the index like a giant library where a librarian can pull up a book (or a web page) to help you find exactly what you’re looking for at the time.

Next, algorithms analyze pages in the index, taking into account hundreds of ranking factors or signals, to determine the order pages should appear in the search results for a given query. In our library analogy, the librarian has read every single book in the library and can tell you exactly which one will have the answers to your questions.


Brand marketing is the process of establishing and growing a relationship between a brand and consumers. Rather than highlighting an individual product or service, brand marketing promotes the entirety of the brand, using the products and services as proof points that support the brand’s promise.
Branding is perhaps more important than ever as marketplaces become more saturated and it becomes harder to make genuine connections with consumers. Branding allows companies to tell their unique stories and shift perception by giving customers something to believe in. It sparks interest, and invites customers to discover, learn about, and establish a memorable relationship with their brand. Rather than specs and features, branding is about what a company stands for – who it is at the core. Branding is about making consumers feel good about supporting a company and establishing an emotional connection. Those that brand effectively create a lasting impression that helps grow advocacy and loyalty among customers for the long term.

                                                      Affordable Marketing and Content Creation Services in The GTA


Trusted by leading brands

The Fluffy Logo - Organic Pet Marketing Agency
The Fluffy Carnivore Testimonial

“The kindhearted people at PSB Digital Agency give their all into whatever they do. “

Get In Touch with Us!

Reach us out via email at OR on our social media platforms.




24 Houirs cusomer service

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Affordable Pet Store Full-Service Marketing Mississauga


Affordable Full-Service Marketing

Affordable pet store full-service marketing in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

cat banner

Need help with marketing? PSB Digital Agency has you covered with professional full-service marketing reports and guides about market strategy, SEO, digital platforms & social, as well as web design. Also, did we mention that we offer 24/7 on-demand and live chat support?

PSB is designed and curated to give you the power and help you grow and prosper.

Affordable Full-Service Marketing

We’re here for you through-out your entire journey, no matter where you are. PSB Digital Agency is the affordable pet store tailored full-service marketing agency that wants you to succeed. Whether you just begun your journey as a start-up pet store business or have been in the game for many years.

All your digital growth needs from search engine optimization, social media marketing, website design and analytics tools, to market strategy reports are all at your fingertips. These tools and reports are easy to understand and use for any skill-range while not compromising on features or capabilities.

Want to know in-depth information about the marketing process? Read further and learn more.

Digital Marketing Explained

A brief overview by HubSpot on Digital Marketing

Pet Store tailored Services Overview

A ‘purrfect’ digital plan begins with a plan, anything is ‘paw-sible’ if you believe

If you don’t plan, you plan to fail. PSB Digital knows how difficult it can be for any business at any stage of their life cycle to tackle the complexities of marketing and having a digital presence which is why we’re here to help! PSB Digital Agency is a pet store tailored agency which provides full-service from brand identity creation to analytics tools so you can succeed.

We understand you may be scared especially if you’re a smaller business which is why we’re excited to say we have 24/7 on-demand virtual support and highly flexible in-person support so no matter the time if you’re in a crisis we can help! And the best part? This support lasts for the entirety of our professional careers together. Think of us like a family, we’re here for you.

affordable full-service marketing planner banner

Affordable Pet Store Services

Marketing Strategy & Brand Identity

For new pet shops or pet shops looking to revamp their design this service aims at setting you apart from the competition. Developing a logo, a theme of your brand, a message, a mission statement, and vision. The entire purpose of this service is to build consistency and brand image. If you feel you struggle creating a brand image and strategy by yourself let us help you, we’ll work together one-on-one to get you to a creative comfort zone that you’re proud of!

Digital Platforms & Social

Social media is a prominent tool in any marketer’s tool-belt, with rising platforms like TikTok and the trends they create we can help you navigate these millions of users’ and help you get a paw in the door. It’s important to have presence but it’s more important to focus on the platforms which best align with your target market (TikTok; younger, Facebook; older) which is only one part of the digital and social service. Get started by slowly reviewing the demographics and begin the learning. 

The other part is about pillar content and micro content (long-form content like blogs or podcasts and short-form content like images, memes, video snips, etc. respectively). This content will be the core part of your digital and social life since it’s what you post! This service will help you develop and tie in your brand identity and marketing strategy nicely so you can both relate to your target audience but keep in-line with your business goals and strategies.

Web Design

The web design service is as it sounds, it’s a web designer service which will allow us to show you the ropes of how to use our web designing platform, how to update it, how to create blogs, and much more just like if you were using a word document file all thanks to our no code web designer tool. If you do struggle the best part? Help is a click away with videos, live chat, and more to assist you in your journey. Learn about no code web pages.

SEO & Analytics

The SEO and analytics tool service will help you develop search engine optimization, SEO is all about manipulating the search engine (Google) to help you rank higher. Increasing rank helps you rank on page one of Google which helps the reachability and visibility of your business. This plays into the analytics tool which is a PSB-designed platform that will help you track your web and social analytics and present them.

Don’t believe our word of being the best affordable pet store full-service marketing firm in Mississauga? Well hear from our clients!

Trusted by leading brands

Pet Paradise logo, client of pet store full-service PSB marketing
Pet Only logo, client of pet store full-service PSB marketing

Pet Only

For the Affordable Full-Service Marketing in Mississauga, Ontario

“PSB Digital Agency are a kind group of individuals who put passion and care into everything they do. From creating to implementing, a truly marvel Mississauga specialty.”

affordable pet store full-service marketing rated 4 and a half stars from Pet Only

LEna Oxton, VP, PEt Only marketing

Dive Deeper in the Canadian Pet Industry

Learning about PSB Digital’s affordable, easy to use services shown here is only the surface level. 

Mississauga’s born firm has much more to offer in terms of planning and solutions. For more detailed information download the white paper marketing guide.

dog at desk image

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Want Affordable Custom-Bundle Marketing in GTA?

Affordable Custom-Bundle Marketing for GTA Pet Stores

Learn what marketing services you need to develop an budget-friendly digital marketing plan that will grow your pet store. Get your affordable custom-bundle marketing in GTA with PSB Digital Agency. 

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Dog In Front of Pet Store That Could Benefit from Affordable Custom-Bundle Marketing in GTA

Affordable Marketing Services to Add to Your Custom-Bundle for GTA Pet Stores

Growing your small business can be daunting but you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your needs or finances to make it happen. PSB Digital Agency offers affordable custom-bundle marketing packages in the GTA. In other words, we allow clients to get all the marketing services they need without breaking the bank. Specifically, we let each pet store client choose which services they need to create their own custom marketing package. Then, we pair that package with corresponding affordable bundle pricing. 

Top 4 "Paw"-some Affordable Types of Digital Marketing for Your Custom Bundle in GTA

There are so many options for pet stores to embark on their marketing journey. Digital marketing is a great place to start because its affordable, easy-to-use, and can provide amazing results. At PBS Digital Agency we can guide your pet store’s journey in marketing locally with affordable custom-bundle marketing in GTA.

1.    Social Media Marketing

There are so many social media platforms flooded with millions of active users. Therefore, there are millions of potential customers for your pet store. It’s important to realize that social media can help increase brand awareness and build customer relationships.

Don’t know what social media marketing is? Here is a short video that quickly covers the topic for beginners. 

To get the most of your social media marketing, you will need to understand the platform you wish to market on. This is because each social media platform has a specific user base and preferred type of content. For example, Twitter users tend to be young adults and short-form text or image content performs best on this platform. At PSB Digital Agency, we can help you pick the right platform and content to access your target audience.

2.    Short Video Content Creation

Secondly, the newest and booming trend for 2022 is short video content. Recently, Tiktok is the platform that has popularized short video content. Because of this, other platforms are now implementing and promoting their own short video sections. Namely, YouTube Shorts on YouTube and Reels on Instagram. For that reason, if you want to make splash with younger generations, go with creating valuable short video content.

Never made a short video before? Here is a quick and easy how-to video for creating short form video content. 

PSB Digital Agency can help you with creating, uploading, and managing your short video content. This service can be bundled with any of our other digital marketing services. Round out your digital marketing campaign with our affordable custom-bundle marketing in GTA.

3.    SEO

Search Engine Optimization is when company’s change their website to improve the visibility of their site on search engine results. Increasing the position and appearance of a company’s website in search engine results can increase website traffic and build credibility. In fact, if you found our webpage from Google, then you’ve just proved that SEO works. PSB Digital Agency has used SEO so that potential clients like you are able to find our website. We can help you do this too and connect your website with your potential customers for your pet store.

4.    E-mail Marketing

Lastly, another great digital marketing option is e-mail marketing. It is an older form of digital marketing, but it is an effective method to generate clicks for your website. There are many types of e-mail marketing including welcome emails, newsletters, promotional emails, and seasonal marketing emails. However, e-mail marketing involves managing a contact list, following email regulations, offering targeted promotions, and developing customer personalization. With so many possibilities, it can be difficult for a business to handle or know what will work. 

Ultimately, that’s where a digital agency like PSB Digital Agency comes in. We can take some or all the workload and put it into the hands of an experienced marketer. Additionally, we can help you maximize your leads and conversions. For instance, we can choose the best targeted emails that will help grow your business and build your customer relationships.


This list is only the beginning of what marketing can offer your business. Therefore, make sure to learn more by checking out this page on our website. In conclusion, each pet store and small business will have different business goals and needs. That’s why at PSB Digital Agency we let you pick the digital marketing services that you need. Then, we let you bundle them together in a customized package for an affordable price. Therefore, you won’t have to conform to a set marketing package. Instead, get your affordable custom-bundle marketing in GTA now with PSB Digital Agency. 


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“Our small business was able to create our own custom digital marketing plan for a great price! Loved working with the team at PSB Digital Agency!”

Marta from MArta's Pet & Aquaria, 2022

Check Out This Video on Digital Marketing!

Here’s a quick 15-minute video to help you get started with digital marketing for your business!

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Don’t miss out on a complete digital marketing guide for your pet store. 
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