Coffee House with variety- PSB

 COFFEE HOUSE WITH VARIETY- PSB About Get ready for the unveiling of Coffee House with Variety- PSB café this year in the coming September, in Sheridan college HMC campus and Davis campus. Benefit from exciting deals and offers in the launch of Coffee House with Variety-PSB . The products offered at PSB café are unique … Continue reading Coffee House with variety- PSB

Fresh Brew at Sheridan

Fresh Brew in Sheridan College- HMC and Davis Campus Are you the one who needs regular caffeine breaks to keep you awake through projects and assignments? Well, you need to wait no longer. With a new batch of students, PSB Café is also making its way into the Hazel McCallion and Davis Campus with fall … Continue reading Fresh Brew at Sheridan

PSB Café: Sheridan Ontario Alumni Café

PSB CAFÉ (Sheridan alumni café Ontario) Coffee for Sheridan PSB students, prepared by Alumni in Ontario! Sheridan Alumni in Ontario. PSB Café is an on-campus café located at both Sheridan Davis (Brampton) and HMC (Mississagua) campuses in Ontario, Canada. PSB Café was established and is currently run by two Sheridan PSB alumni, Jessie and Matt. … Continue reading PSB Café: Sheridan Ontario Alumni Café

Weight training with PSB Fitness

Who are we?   Looking to lose some pounds and kickstart your summer body look no more PSB fitness offers world-class weight training and fat loss workouts. PSB aims to offer our customers a fit and healthy way to stay on top of their fitness journey. At PSB fitness you are sure to make progress … Continue reading Weight training with PSB Fitness

Affordable Cardio workouts in Mississauga

About PSB Fitness PSB Fitness products and services include a well-designed facility with high-quality workout equipment, a spa, and a sauna. Cleanliness and maintenance staff is a priority to protect their customers from the concern of covid-19. They have plenty of resources such as sports equipment, personal trainers, and group exercises to accommodate any kind … Continue reading Affordable Cardio workouts in Mississauga


If you want to be hit in life, you gotta be fit and fine   Want to get BODY fit and keep your mind healthy? In this modern era, everyone is running behind work and are very busy in the working schedule due to which their body is getting out of shape and unhealthy. Even … Continue reading PSB FITNESS GYM TO KEEP YOUR MIND & BODY FIT

Weight Training and CrossFit in Mississauga

Weight Training and CrossFit in Mississauaga   Are you looking for affordable Weight training and CrossFit Gym in Mississauga ? PSB Fitness has the best Weight training and CrossFit rec center for you just across the starting point, which causes you to feel new by the atmosphere. Moreover, Our rec center PSB Fitness is close … Continue reading Weight Training and CrossFit in Mississauga

Calories Displayed PSB Sheridan

Calories Displayed PSB Sheridan What can I add to my low calories Protein Smoothie PSB Sheridan? Calories displayed PSB Sheridan, We have a variety of gradians to maintain your low-calorie diet. The main thing we focus on is for you to know how many calories your smoothie has. We also offer standard protein-infused smoothies with … Continue reading Calories Displayed PSB Sheridan

Affordable Protein Smoothies PSBCafe

Raising the Protein Smoothie Game at PSB We are pleased to announce the launch of Affordable Protein Smoothies PSBCafe. They are offered at both Davis and HMC campuses. PSB Café has creatively tailored our affordable protein smoothies with our audience in mind. Specifically targeted to the individual who takes large interest in working out. Firstly, … Continue reading Affordable Protein Smoothies PSBCafe

PSB Café’s Green Tea Health Benefits

Importance of green tea We eat for the benefit of our bodies. Taking tea is an excellent accompaniment to most meals. Be it a snack or breakfast. In addition to consuming various foods, there are few that take note of what it does to the body. For instance, most college students prefer junk food. Healthy … Continue reading PSB Café’s Green Tea Health Benefits