In-house Coffee Beans Production

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In-house Coffee Beans Production at PSB Cafe 

We produce our coffee in-house, with no fertilisers. As a result, it has a rich flavour that awakens your senses and refreshes your taste buds. We blend our own beans to give our coffee distinctive flavours, and espresso is one of our most energising coffees. Besides serving it as a shot, it is also a base for many coffee drinks, such as lattes, cappuccinos, and frappes. There is a warm brown colour to the mixture, with some tiger striping and a very consistent cream texture in the espresso cup.

 Coffee Beans, Brown Colour, Bowl

What’s our process of in-house coffee beans?

Did you know that coffee is a fruit?. During the first year of growth, coffee plants form white blossoms that are short-lived (a few days). After this, round “cherries” form. It takes 3-5 years for the coffee plants to produce the coffee fruit, which occurs only in the right climate. Before they ripped, coffee cherries are green. Depending on the type of coffee, hand can do coffee harvesting or machine once the coffee cherries turn red and glossy. We recommend hand picking the coffee to maximize the harvest, since it can leave unripen coffee cherries to ripen before harvesting.

There will be a portion of the harvest that is not ripe when it is harvested by a machine. We make coffee from roasted coffee beans, which are seeds from berries belonging to the Coffea species. Their bright red colour, rather than their original green color, can detect the ripeness of coffee berries. We followed by harvesting and drying. To achieve a particular coffee flavour, dried we refer coffee seeds to as “beans,” and we roast them to various degrees. During brewing, roasted beans are ground and combined with near-boiling water.

How is the espresso coffee prepared?

Quick to prepare, yet tiny and powerful in the cup, espresso’s a beloved way to make coffee that’s also one of the finickiest.

  1. Dial in the Grind.
  2. Measure and Dose
  3. Distribute and Tamp
  4. Purge the machine
  5. Pull the shot
  6. Watch the shot extract
  7. Clean it out
  8. Serve and enjoy

Health Benefits of Coffee

Besides its energising effects, it has linked coffee to a long list of potential health benefits, giving you more reason to get brewing.

  • Boosts energy levels
  • Could support brain health
  • Promote Weight Management
  • Linked to a lower risk of depression
  • Could protect against liver condition
  • Supports heart health
  • Could increase longevity

PSB CAFÉ – Sheridan College Ontario



Soon-to-be one of your favorite hanging spot, PSB Café is opening at HMC and Davis Campuses of Sheridan College this winter. Our moderately priced menu has freshly prepared donuts and croissants as well as coffee produced from in-house coffee beans. The PSB Café serves freshly baked, center-filled donuts.

An example of how the cafe would appear like from the front


We, Jessie and Matt, are two alumni of Pilon School of Business, founded PSB Café. Matt, who is a seasoned barista and views himself as a coffee expert. Jessie grew up in a family of bakers and has long dreamed of opening her own bakery.

We decided to team up since we shared the same mindset of starting a business and began brainstorming locations for a café. What better place for us to establish our business than the college we attended, which gave us the knowledge we currently have? As a result, we opted to build the café on the Sheridan College campuses in HMC and Davis, where we had the time of our life.

After a lot of trial and errors, we are now prepared to introduce our Café!


Are you too busy to eat breakfast? You arrived late for your morning class, skipping breakfast? Take a quick stop at PSB Café and experience our freshly baked croissants filled with cottage cheese and beef, donuts that are center filled, and specially roasted and blended coffee that is made just for you. It is not only filling for the stomach but is reasonably priced as well. Make this your favorite spot to relax during breaks or to work on assignments while having fun and create unforgettable moments. Our products come in a variety of sizes, and you can order them to go if you don’t have time to sit down and eat.


An illustration of how the donut would appear from the inside

Have you ever looked at sweets and thought, “Oh, this has much too much sugar in it,” “Maybe it has additional sugar in it,” or “This has so many calories in it,” but decided to eat it and later regretted it?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. You can now enjoy your favorite donuts guilt-free and without worrying about health or digestion issues. They are specially made without artificial flavors, excess sugar, or preservatives.

To top it all off, these donuts are incredibly low-priced, which is the cherry on top given the fact that the students are on a limited budget.


We roast and blend the best coffee in-house, and we make fresh donuts and croissants every day just for you. As sources of brand distinction and value, we go for honesty, straightforwardness, and sincerity. We follow through on our commitments and work to go above and beyond for our clients, partners, and the local communities. Moreover, we cherish every customer’s viewpoint and consider how they might perceive our services, goods, and outcomes. Your achievement is our achievement. What we do, we adore. We pledge to respect each and every person and family we interact with and provide services to. In fact we believe in giving back to society by backing initiatives that directly benefit developing communities. Always happy to serve everyone that visits. We’ll do our best to make everyone feel relaxed and at home at the Café.



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Sheridan College – Hazel McCallian Campus

Sheridan College – Davis Campus

Fresh Brew at Sheridan

Fresh Brew in Sheridan College- HMC and Davis Campus

Are you the one who needs regular caffeine breaks to keep you awake through projects and assignments? Well, you need to wait no longer. With a new batch of students, PSB Café is also making its way into the Hazel McCallion and Davis Campus with fall intake this September and bringing you some fresh brew at Sheridan campus.

Coffee Shop in Sheridan College
PSB café at Hazel McCallion Campus

PSB Café is a new ‘on-campus’ midday coffee shop in Sheridan College that will offer a variety of options for light snacking and fresh brew at your own, HMC and Davis Campus. This café is student- friendly in every sense. Besides being pocket friendly, café also respects the multicultural diversity of students and tries to cater to their specific requirements.


PSB Café- For an ‘On-Campus’ Fresh Brew

PSB Café is located at the heart of HMC and Davis Campus, in Building A. This place has an un-matched vibe. Launching in the month of Fall, aroma of hand-picked Coffee beans and fresh bakes mixing with the cool breeze will make this place even more welcoming for the new batch of students coming with September Intake and will give a sense of newness to the others. What makes this place even more special about being on-campus is that you can spend an endless amount of time with your friends to sit together sipping in your fresh brew and work in groups while enjoying the light music being played in the background. Enjoy the sip of favorite beverage without having to plan and drive to far-off places. Long workdays can be exhausting, and just as our phones and laptops need to be charged for optimal performance, so do our minds. While you enjoy your drink, put your gadgets to rest with our free-of-charge phone and laptop charging stations.

Charging Stations
Phone And Laptop Charging Stations at PSB Café

What if we told you that the good times have just begun? At PSB Café, you can play games like Monopoly, Ludo, Jenga, Uno, and others while taking a break from your studies. Also, watch your favorite team winning the matches on the TV Screen set up in the on-campus café. We guarantee that this location will always be associated with your Sheridan years.

Board Games At Café
Board Games At Café

PSB Specials 


Just in case, if you are wondering what to pick when you first come here, we have a few recommendations to make. If you like it strong, our Expresso Coffee will keep you awake through assignments and studies. We also offer multiple flavor bagels and muffins that are baked fresh throughout the day. If you are a tea lover and especially from India, you must try Cutting Chai that will remind you of back home. Our best pick- Café Latte with Cinnamon Raisin Bagel.

Café Latte with Cinnamon Raisin Bagel
Recommended Meal- Café Latte with Cinnamon Raisin Bagel

Oh wait, is your friend’s birthday round the corner? Book a custom-baked cake at PSB Café 24 hours ago and celebrate it on campus with all your friends. You can pick you favorite base flavor (out of given options) and get it customized your way.

Learn more about our customized cakes.


Rewards Scheme 


Café E-Card
Save the Penny For A Rainy Day

When we say PSB Café is a student-pocket-friendly café, that’s no lie! It goes without saying that there is a lot on your plate and money is the last thing you must worry about. Hence, we have come up with a launch offer of availing 50% off on your second cup of coffee with our Café E-Card. It’s a *limited period offer*. So, grab your Café e-cards soon.

PSB Café is eagerly waiting for you to fill this place with giggles and make the atmosphere even more lively. We are because you are!

Don’t hesitate to drop in your feedback. If you think your favorite flavor of bagel or coffee is missing on menu, do let us know.

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Cold cut sandwiches at PSB Café Sheridan

Are you a student who is constantly on the go? Between all your classes, studying, potentially having a job and trying to maintain a social life do you find it difficult to also keep a healthy diet? This is where PSB café can help you! PSB café is dedicated to keeping an affordable menu that is quick, easy and healthy for students who need it most! We want all students at Sheridan to have a go to place to get a quick meal while they’re either in between classes, busy studying or just on the go in general.


Photo found here 

How do we keep our product healthy?

PSB café picks from the best possible products with the least amount of preservatives for all our products, from cold cuts to our veggies. Our cold cuts, cheeses and veggies are freshly sliced every morning, keeping them as fresh as possible. We want you to enjoy every bite of your sandwich, from the crisp veggies to the soft and warm bun. We have many different bread options, some healthier than others, such as our gluten free option. Also, if you’re keeping track of your meals let us know and we will make sure you can count your macros, calories or whatever nutritional values you need to know.

What makes our sandwich better?

Its built for you! We have so many options to choose from, you can build your sandwich your way! You do not have to choose from a list of pre-built sandwiches, first you pick your bread, than you pick your base, either protein based, or veggie based, choose any of your toppings, from veggies and cheese and finally any choice of sauces on top. Build the sandwich you want to eat, hot or cold. No more picking and choosing, you can have your sandwich and eat it too!

How many options do we have?

At PSB café we are dedicated to giving you options for your meals, from meatball subs, salami, turkey, ham, grilled veggies, eggplant Parmesan, classic grilled cheese and more. We even have a wide variety of breads from Italian, Rye, Whole Wheat, Cheddar and gluten free. You can also make any of your sandwiches a combo, with chips or a salad and a drink (pop, juice or water). We want to give our guest as many options as we can because we know not everyone wants to eat the same thing. Find a full list of options at our locations.

Photo found here 

Our promise to you!

PSB café wants to provide a healthy and fast option to all our students at Sheridan College, you keep busy with your schooling, and we will keep busy cooking. Not only are we keeping busy cooking, but we are keeping busy keeping healthy options. Although we know that because students spend a lot of time studying, they may not have the time to be working, therefor we have made it as affordable for students to be eating at our café as possible. When it’s this easy to get a healthy meal, you can even have some time to yourself, or your friends, we want you to have a well balanced life.


We want you to try us out! Checkout our social media pages too. We are on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, @PSBCafe and you can find all sorts of promotion code and coupons! If you were thinking about trying us out now is the time! (

Where can you find us?

We are located at Sheridan Colleges Hazel McCallion Campus, across the street from Square One Centre. We are located on the first floor of building B, open as early as 8:00am and closes at 8:00pm. We stay open longer than the other cafes because we know sometimes your schedule doesn’t always line up with specific hours, so have lunch or dinner with us on your time.