In-house Coffee Beans Production

In-house Coffee Beans Production at PSB Cafe  We produce our coffee in-house, with no fertilisers. As a result, it has a rich flavour that awakens your senses and refreshes your taste buds. We blend our own beans to give our coffee distinctive flavours, and espresso is one of our most energising coffees. Besides serving it as … Continue reading In-house Coffee Beans Production

PSB CAFÉ – Sheridan College Ontario

A WINTER 2022 ARRIVAL! Soon-to-be one of your favorite hanging spot, PSB Café is opening at HMC and Davis Campuses of Sheridan College this winter. Our moderately priced menu has freshly prepared donuts and croissants as well as coffee produced from in-house coffee beans. The PSB Café serves freshly baked, center-filled donuts. THE BEGINNING OF … Continue reading PSB CAFÉ – Sheridan College Ontario

Fresh Brew at Sheridan

Fresh Brew in Sheridan College- HMC and Davis Campus Are you the one who needs regular caffeine breaks to keep you awake through projects and assignments? Well, you need to wait no longer. With a new batch of students, PSB Café is also making its way into the Hazel McCallion and Davis Campus with fall … Continue reading Fresh Brew at Sheridan

Cold cut sandwiches at PSB Café Sheridan

Are you a student who is constantly on the go? Between all your classes, studying, potentially having a job and trying to maintain a social life do you find it difficult to also keep a healthy diet? This is where PSB café can help you! PSB café is dedicated to keeping an affordable menu that … Continue reading Cold cut sandwiches at PSB Café Sheridan