Curated Luxury Travel Locations: Discover the World

Curated Travel Destinations – Lago di Braies – Italy

Crafting The Perfect Getaway

  • At PSB Travel, we take your dreams of travel and turn them into a luxurious reality by giving you curated luxury travel destinations. Located in the ever-growing city of Mississauga, we offer curated luxury travel locations that are matched with clients’ preferences and tastes. The expertise comes from not just creating the vacation, but creating one that will resonate with you for years to come.
  • Each journey begins with you! Your influences, style, and goals. Whether you are seeking a relaxing spa retreat or the excitement of the outdoors PSB Travel has luxury accommodations for you.
  • Imagine waking up to the sounds of nature in an exotic location followed by an active workout session and then being able to spend your day how you please.
  • At PSB Travel we understand that luxury is personal. Meaning that every part of your trip has been planned out according to your needs and wants, ensuring a travel experience like no other can provide.
  • So, if you’re looking to get away from the busy daily life or just looking for your next adventure, PSB Travel has you covered. Call us today and schedule a meeting with one of our travel experts and make your curated luxury travel destinations a reality.

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Authentic Experiences Await

At PSB Travel, we love to craft not just trips but adventures and experiences that are authentic and make us stand apart from the rest. We take great care in choosing destinations that are not just beautiful, but also rich in culture and adventure. Whether it is finding hidden gems off the beaten path or diving into local kitchens.. authenticity is always on our minds when providing you with potential curated luxury travel locations. So let us curate your next vacation today!

Curated Luxury Travel Destinations

A road surrounded by dessert and rocks
Jake Blucker – Valley of Fires (Unsplash)

At PSB Travel, we make great efforts to select destinations that will provide our customers with positive, fulfilling travel experiences. Every location offers our visitors a different charm and experience. From the classical cobblestone alleys of Europe to the beaches of the Caribbean. Our customized arrangements may take you to remote parts of the Canadian Rockies or breathtaking regions of Asia. These places are more than simply travel destinations; they’re all new worlds to discover.

Check out Forbes top 20 locations:

Points Reward System

Since we at PSB Travel appreciate our customer’s loyalty, we’ve created a cool Points System to make your curated luxury travel experience even more enjoyable. Each time you travel with us, you get points that may be exchanged for other advantages on later trips. We want every trip you take with PSB Travel to be even more thrilling than the last, so this method is our way of expressing thanks.

You may use the points you earn to upgrade to first-class accommodation, gain unique access to events, or even receive savings on your next far-away vacation. It’s all up to you!

Location – Come check us out!

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With PSB Travel, we are dedicated to serving you and making sure you have the best time every time with our curated luxury travel experiences. Our website is up and running 24/7 or you can give us a call at the office Monday to Friday 10 am-5 pm. We hope to hear from you soon!

The Accounting Mobile App for Small Businesses

We Are PSB Finance

Revolutionize Your Small Business with PSB Finance App

Discover the Essential Accounting Mobile App for Small Business Owners. Operate Anywhere, Anytime!

Date: Nov 15, 2023 at 2pm

Join an interactive session where small business owners will share their success stories with the PSB Finance App. See how it transformed their businesses and made their financial lives simpler.

Are you a small business owner looking for a game-changing solution to simplify your finances and accounting? Join our exclusive webinar to explore how the PSB Finance App, an outstanding accounting mobile app for small businesses, can empower you to manage your business from the palm of your hand. Say goodbye to the complexities of daily transactions, bills, and payrolls. Our award-winning mobile app and software make it easy, even for beginners, to stay in control and streamline your financial operations. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to join a vibrant community of entrepreneurs, gain valuable insights, and take your business to new heights.

Why Join Our Webinar

In our webinar, discover how the PSB Finance Mobile App can make the complexities of daily transactions, bills, and payrolls a thing of the past. We’ll show you just how easy and intuitive finance and accounting can be with the right software, even if you’re new to the game.

Award-Winning UX Design

Our user-friendly interface ensures a seamless start for beginners like you.

Affordable Pricing

Take advantage of our annual payment plans tailored to small businesses.

Mobile App

Manage your business from the comfort of your smartphone with PSB Finance App. Work Anywhere, Manage Anytime!

Thriving Community

Join a network of like-minded business owners for support, learning, and growth.
Share and exchange your experiences working with accounting mobile app for small businesses.


Learn how the mobile app’s seamless integration between your smartphone and other devices gives you unparalleled flexibility. No matter where you are, you’ll have full control over your business’s financial pulse.


Our Clients Said

    Fernando Rodriges
    Fernando Rodriges

    Owner of Cafe Blu Blu

    I was struggling with accounting for my small business until I discovered PSB Finance. It’s not just an app; it’s a lifeline for entrepreneurs. It’s intuitive, convenient, and the annual payment plan makes it a budget-friendly choice. Thanks to PSB Finance, I finally have peace of mind when it comes to my business finances.

      Daisy Dunn
      Daisy Dunn

      Owner of Daisy’s Lazy Cafe

      I can’t express how much the PSB Finance App has revolutionized my business. As a small cafe owner juggling multiple locations, managing finances was a nightmare. But this app has simplified everything. It’s so user-friendly, and the community support is invaluable. I can’t imagine running my cafes without it now.

        Delina Shmicell
        Delina Shmicell


        PSB Finance has given me the financial freedom I always dreamed of. I used to dread the accounting side of my business, but this app has turned it into a breeze. It’s a game-changer for beginners and seasoned business owners alike. Plus, the community is a fantastic place to share experiences and gain knowledge.

        of happy users
        Years of Experience
        Winning Awards

        Sign up For Free

        Help Your Small Business To Get On A New Stage!

        Don’t miss this opportunity to empower your small business with cutting-edge financial technology. Join us for an engaging, informative, and game-changing webinar experience. Register today and take the first step toward financial freedom and success.

        Tasty and Diversified Coffee at PSB Cafe

        Relax and Rejuvenate yourself with variety of tasty coffee

        Tired of having the same coffee..? Lets try out something new! PSB Café is coming up with coffee in different variations which will refresh your mood and blow your mind. Our cafe’s cozy ambience that will help reduce your all day stress. Along with that we have snacks and moist layer cakes, decadent desserts, pillowy rolls, tender crumbs—everything we make is a reflection of our commitment to flavor, texture and artistry of the highest caliber.

        About Us

        PSB café was founded by Jessie and Matt, graduate students at Sheridan college. Jessie was brought up in a family of bakers and Matt is an experienced barista and is a coffee connoisseur. Both of them were very passionate with their learning and experience in their respective and wished to open their own cafe. That’s when they connect each other decided to join their hands and came up with a cafe named PSB Cafe.

        Our Mission and Vision

        Another key point of  PSB café is that it has goal of serving variety in coffee and make their customers happy. They are trying to know what their customers like and can customize coffee accordingly. In there beverages menu they not only have coffee but there are other beverages as well such as Milkshake, Tea and Smoothies. Introducing flavored coffee which is rarely available in the market.

        Friends enjoying and talking over a cup of coffee

        Coffee will be the star of the café with an excellent taste. We want to improve the lives of our guests, Support the communities we serve, Promote our common humanity. We wish to connect people with each other and can have a strong bond. People can visit our café have a cup of coffee and talk to their friends and families and can be relaxed.






        PSB Cafe offers wide range of coffee, snacks and bakeries keeping in mind taste and quality of fresh breweries. PSB has many specialties for their customers and besides that our customers can also customize as per their choice. Our popular flavored coffee list includes: Hazelnut,  Mocha, French Vanilla, Butterscotch, Caramel.

        Psb Cafe Menu

        Flavored Coffee Benefits

        Hazelnut Coffee

        • Hazelnut Coffee has tremendous health benefits and can protect your body from several ailments.
        • Makes your bones stronger and helps in relieving joint pain.

        Caramel Coffee

        • Caramel Coffee are good sources of vitamin, mineral and good cholesterol.

        Butter Stoch Coffee

        • Helps with the improvement of vision.
        • Promotes effective functioning of brain.
        • Contains anti-inflammatory properties.

        Mocha Latte

        • Helps you concentrate.
        • Reduces anxiety & stress.

        French Vanilla

        • Helps with relieving digestive and constipation issues.
        • Helps with stomach aches

        Join our Phone App

        PSB Cafe brings to you “cash your purchases” offer. Download PSB Cafe application to your phone to order ahead and pick up without waiting in line. Each purchase rewards you with points to either redeem them on your next order or collect points to receive cash backs. Click on the link below to download the latest version of the application!!

        Apple Users:

        Android User:

        Contact Us

        You can connect with us everyday and make yourself comfortable and relaxed. We welcome all your suggestions, feedback at

        Are you looking to find some answers, looking for a new flavor, have questions about our baked good, coffees? please feel free to send us an email at

        Location of Operation

         Hazel McCallion Campus                                             Davis Campus   

        4180 Duke of York Blvd                                                 7899 McLaughlin Road

        Mississauga, ON                                                              Brampton, ON

        L5B 0G5, Canada                                                            L6Y 5H9, Canada

         Get Direction                                                                   Get Direction

        Hours of Operation

        Monday – Sunday: 8am to 8pm

        Phone: 614-232-9009

        Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram to stay updated on our day-to-day promotions, watch our fun-filled reels and in café activities.



        The healthiest cafe around you


        About us

        Welcome to PSB café! With a lot of options around you, PSB aims to offer something unique. Our goal is to offer the healthiest option for your routine café visit. Our standout offerings are the PSB Black Coffee, Americano, Espresso and Decaf Coffee. The café also includes healthy snacks options like Gluten-free Sandwiches, donuts, croissants, cupcakes, pizzas, and macarons. customize your snack the way you want and all this at an affordable price.

        PSB café is founded by graduates, Jessie, and Matt. Both passionate coffee lovers, Jessie grew up in a family of bakers and has always dreamed of having her own bakery and Matt is an experienced barista and considers himself a coffee connoisseur. We are looking forward to seeing you in September and do not forget the chance to redeem exciting offers.


        We promise to offer you the highest quality products and top-notch hospitality. Walking in to pick up your coffee for the road or sitting through the day closing your projects, reading a book, or even meeting your loved ones, we aim to be flexible and try our best to meet different needs. PSB café intends to build a community that not only loves coffee or prioritizes health but wants to offer a platform to network with people of different backgrounds. Anyone walking into the café can sit as long as they wish enjoying their favorite coffee or snack. We aim to be the place where people meet people.

        We also want to be involved in events happening in our neighborhood, setting up mini coffee and snack centers at any location. We want to be closely connected to our neighborhood and support in ways we can. We are also connected with Canadian Mental health association and do an event once a month along with them to raise awareness around mental health problems and aim to uproot stigma attached to it. You too can be a part of this movement, for more details subscribe to our newsletter.



        PSB café offers a variety of Black Coffee, Americano, Espresso and Decaf Coffee and Gluten free snack options.  We also offer the option for you to customize your snack the way you want and all this at an affordable price.



        We prioritize health and all our offerings reflect that. We wish to add more value to coffee and snacks. There are multiple reasons why we chose this route. Healthy coffee boosts energy levels, supports brain and heart health, increases athletic performance, and linked to help lower the risk of depression. Gluten free snacks help improve skin and bone health, reduces frequency of headaches, reduces hair loss, and improves energy levels.



        We are currently located at Sheridan HMC campus and Sheridan Davis campus.


        These offers are available from 1st to 21st September.


        Free large coffee of your choice

        Subscribe to PSB newsletter and unlock a coupon code

        Follow PSB on Facebook, twitter, and Instagram.


        Free snack with any size coffee of your choice

        Post a story with your coffee and tag 5 friends. Use hashtag #psbnow


        Free meal with any size coffee of your choice

        Post on Instagram about your visit to PSB café and tag 5 friends. Use hashtag #psbnow


        Apply for loyalty card and receive 40% cashback on first 10 orders.

        Visit your nearest PSB café and apply for your loyalty card at the reception desk.



        Connect with us

        You can always reach out to us for suggestions, queries, or complaints. We highly value your inputs and promise to revert within 12 hours.

        Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date with our offers and services. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

        Weight training with PSB Fitness

        Who are we?

        fitness training Peel region


        Looking to lose some pounds and kickstart your summer body look no more PSB fitness offers world-class weight training and fat loss workouts. PSB aims to offer our customers a fit and healthy way to stay on top of their fitness journey. At PSB fitness you are sure to make progress and keep track of your performance. We offer affordable membership and flexible payment options. We have two active locations currently at the Davis campus in Brampton and the heart of Mississauga near Square one shopping centre. We aim to provide the best facilities to start your fitness journey.

        PSB fitness has all the required facilities available to achieve your fitness goals. We offer a welcoming environment and offer support and guidance to our members and are available 24/7 online chat and customer service to accommodate and help our customers.

        Facilities our gym offers:

        Gym facilities

        • PSB fitness offers an affordable and flexible membership payment plan.
        • have the latest gym equipment for your workout needs
        • have an application that offers easy access to online video training that demonstrates proper form and technique.
        • Customers at our facility can expect a healthy workout environment with clean air and controlled humidity levels.
        •  offer flexible gym hours for when it is convenient timing
        • PSB fitness offers a 14-day free trial
        • We aim to have clean gym equipment and promote the use of masks and sanitizer at our gym to ensure COVID- 19 protocols.


        Payment and pricing options for weight training options


        At PSB fitness we aim to offer flexible pricing to suit our student’s financial situation we aim to provide flexible options.

        • Workout now pays later members can start their workout and pay later.
        • Our membership fee starts at $29.99 per month with an additional $20-$25 for extra yoga or Zumba classes.

        Why choose PSB fitness?


        in conclusion, we offer a 14-day free trial period to make you comfortable at our gym and provide you with our gym package that includes our mobile application. Our facilities are equipped with the latest and greatest gym equipment to suit all your needs.

        24/7 customer support is available to ensure customer satisfaction. We hope to see you soon!

        sign up now at our website to avail 14-day free trial

        Affordable Bodybuilding Gyms Close to You!

        Do you think that you’re unsatisfied with your body and want to improve yourself? If you do, then this is the perfect opportunity to come visit our affordable bodybuilding gyms!

        It is important for you to start exercising as the health benefits are way more then just a beautifully built body, the benefits of exercising include:


        Benefits of Exercising

        • Healthy Weight
        • Combats health conditions
        • Improves mood
        • Promotes better sleep
        • Energy booster

        Are you not convinced after seeing all these benefits? Let me tell you about our gym and the great community we have! See Link for more in-depth information on the benefits of exercising.

        105 Best Bodybuilding Quotes That Are Full Of Strength

        Who We Are

        We are PSB Fitness, a gym located on the Sheridan Hazel McCallion campus with the intent to bring students together to become more athletic and happier with themselves. We have a large variety of equipment in our gym and that ranges with what type of exercise you may be looking forward too, whether you’re trying to get into aerobic activity and have a lean body shape or if you’re trying to gain that dream 6 pack for you to flex at the beach in the summer.


        Our Promotions

        We are offering free trials on your first visit to the gym so that you can see our gym and get a feel to it to see if you like the environment. On top of that, if you decide to sign up on the day of your free trial, we will be waiving your signup fee and offer a 2-week free period of towel service. We also have a loyalty program, if you visit the gym every day for a week, we will be giving a 10% off on your membership fee for that week.


        What We Have at Our Gym

        • Yoga Room – Equipment included
        • Weightlifting room
        • CrossFit Section
        • Aerobic/Cardio room
        • Private rooms for personal trainers
        • Locker rooms
        • Showers
        • Massage Room


        Pin on Big Ass Fitness

        Why you should join us!

        We have an incredible team of staff that are committed to help you become the person you want to be, and we make it our priority that you are satisfied with your workout. We have a variety of services that are offered such as aerobic classes and personal training sessions. Bootcamps are hosted monthly in where you can interact with new people that have similar goals aligned with yours.

        PSB Fitness League-Mississauga

        Fitness in Mississauga

        Fitness goals nowadays are increasing as we have been experiencing a pandemic for a few years now and people, especially students, are more health conscious. PSB Fitness League-Mississauga will help the customers to either gain or lose weight.

        Being in pandemic also challenges us mentally, which is why Fitness League is also open for relaxing exercises to help our students feel calm and carefree

        Our Fitness Program will be offering multiple exercises including Yoga, Personal or Online Trainings, Cardio, Strength Training or Cycling.


        Yoga is a way of exercise for customers to manage stress and anxiety but most importantly to mean more energy and brighter moods. Yoga at the same time delivers light exercises for strengths and flexibility.  This exercise can be online or in person depending on the customer’s choice. Each session is scheduled 4 days a week during Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. all session lasts 30mins to an hour. Since yoga is known for relaxation, we will be offering 3 free yoga sessions for 25 mins each for our upcoming memberships. The regular price for this costs is $25.00 per month and 10% off discount for students. If a customer wishes a personal training instructor an additional cost will apply depending on which service is being requested. Additional cost will range between $25-50.

        PSB Fitness League-MIssissauga Group yoga session

        PSB Fitness League Personal Training

        Personal or Online Training is for customers who are unknowledgeable of fitness that fits their body condition and their lifestyle. But also can be either for people who desire a weight loss or weight gain online or in person. Each customer is welcome for a free consultation with an instructor regarding their health condition, mentally and physical status, likes and dislikes and their body goals to achieve. This session costs more than the rest as the customers have the ability to request a session alone with an instructor at any time they desire. And members are also able to have a chat with the instructor for fitness advice or request. $50.00 monthly and 5% off for students that would like a membership or a 1 month free of gym access for customers who achieved their body goals in one and a half month.

        PSB Fitness League-MIssissauga Personal Instructor

        PSB Fitness League Cardio

        Cardio and Strength training helps for people who focus more on building muscles and or maintaining muscles. Not only it helps physically but it also helps internally by helping reduce stress and keeps hearts and lungs healthy at the same time. Upcoming members will be able to have access in the gym for the first week of membership. After a week of free access, monthly membership will apply. Cardio and strength training memberships have unlimited access to gym equipment such as barbells, bicycles, treadmills, cardiovascular machines etc and indoor pool and outdoor tracks. 


        The PSB Fitness League-Mississauga not only offers unlimited equipment but also unlimited support and needs for our customers to be able to reach success. We focus on delivering high quality products or services that our customers would be satisfied with but also with affordable monthly costs for everyone.


        Customer services will be available in locations front desk, through emails or calls that are provided by our team. Each member is welcome to voice out to deliver better services. Survey forms will be also available online through the company’s website and in person. 


        As stated, the gym location is in Mississauga Ontario with a mini convenience store that sells gym equipment, snacks or beverages such as protein bars, protein powders, protein shakes or drinks, elastic bands, mats, knee sleeves and pads. And most importantly a water fountain that is free for all membership. On the other hand, all services are also offered through the company’s website that require appointments. 


        If you want to be hit in life, you gotta be fit and fine

        PSB Fitness.png


        Want to get BODY fit and keep your mind healthy?

        In this modern era, everyone is running behind work and are very busy in the working schedule due to which their body is getting out of shape and unhealthy. Even though, they are working, but are not able to get the desired results in their work. In order to get their Mind and body fit, we are launching a Mind And Body Fitness Gym. Where people can keep their body fit with our Cross fitness center and their mind relax with yoga sessions provided. This will help them to focus in achieving their dreams and goals with more energy and focus. Our Mind And body fitness gym will focus on providing the best service at affordable prices.



        What makes PSB fitness Gym special?

        Starting with the combination of mind body fitness gym. The major strength of PSB fitness is the founders of the gym, Jessie and Maat are already certified fitness trainers. The most significant element is that we offer a single day pass as well as membership discounts to new customers. We have excellent customer support and work with the members to help them meet their fitness goals. Most importantly, we have kept the concern of your precious time, so we offer different fitness and yoga/meditation sessions in large number so in order to match your best timing. PSB fitness has a well-trained team of certified trainers in order to ensure you the best quality service in area. Which include the excellent combination of cross fitness and yoga to keep your body and mind healthy and fit at the same time.

        Affordable fitness Gym Memberships

        Affordable plans starting with $35.99+ tax per month up to $48.99 with the increment in the service which is quite affordable as compared to other popular gyms, discounts membership, long term membership discount, special discounts on the payment plan options on the different occasions.

        Where are we located?

        PSB FITNESS Sheridan College Hazel McCallion Campus in Mississauga

        PSB FITNESS Sheridan College- DAVIS Campus Brampton











        Our both branches are in the heart of each cities which are Mississauga and Brampton and moreover, inside the campuses of Sheridan college. Both of our locations are easily accessible to people, by walking, car and most importantly by public transport. Our Mississauga branch is located at Sheridan HMC campus which is just by the square one and easily accessible from the go bus and mi way station. So, a place to keep your mind and body fit is always near to you. Our Brampton branch is located at Sheridan college Davis campus which is gain very accessible to you by any means of transport.


        Join us today and fulfil your dreams with more energy and focus!

        To get to know about us more, follow on our official social media handles!

        Weight Training and CrossFit in Mississauga

        Weight Training and CrossFit in Mississauaga


        Are you looking for affordable Weight training and CrossFit Gym in Mississauga ?

        PSB Fitness has the best Weight training and CrossFit rec center for you just across the starting point, which causes you to feel new by the atmosphere.

        Moreover, Our rec center PSB Fitness is close to Sheridan school (Hazel McCallion Campus) at Mississauga which is at the focal point of the city, would give you the new feel that you are hoping to do your Weight training and CrossFit practice in a rec center.

        Secondly, CrossFit with experts is an alternate inclination and it seems like we are more lively . Early daytime running, strolling, or climbing is the best thing. Moreover, Our location and nature of PSB fitness will help you to learn and try different things.

        Most importantly, Weight training is difficult yet here with us in enthusiastic field everything turns out to be simple as here we give new abilities and strategies of weight preparing through help of specialists and different techniques for inspiration.

        Weight training and CrossFit gym in heart of Mississauga 

        Mississauga is the one of the beautiful city along being busiest. People who live close by needs a spot to go do their exercises.

        However, Numerous People feel that they miss doing exercise or going out for a run on the grounds that there is fabricating all over the place and its consistently occupied on the streets with vehicles.

        Firstly, Our PSB wellness at Sheridan College HMC is the best spot to supplant it. At PSB wellness weight training and CrossFit turned out to be simple as we bring you most effectively available and most reasonable exercise center.

        As in the Center of the city you can see distinctive large structures with glass all over them. However, Among this bustling life we can furnish you loosening up openness loaded up with energy, live music to help energy and being prepared by affirmed mentors.

        Most Importantly, Weight training and CrossFit at same spot brings various freedoms for you and at sensible cost.  PSB wellness focus is at advantageous area and it effectively available for students and neighborhood individuals.







        Cost Effective

        Attempting to be healthy and have solid way of life ought not be trouble over your head.

        However, PSB wellness can gladly say that we are most moderate wellness place in zone and contrasted with our rivals.

        We will give free preliminaries to initial 50 individuals as first come first serve.

        Moreover, Our participation goes from $7 each week and month to month membership charge is $22.99.

        To Conclude, At PSB we cared for each perspective and chose to give individuals helpful and moderate cost.


        Connect With Us 

        Is it accurate to say that you are prepared to join?

        PSB wellness offering best CrossFit and Weight preparing at Sheridan campus?

        Remember to be one of initial 50 Participants to appreciate free preliminaries and it is accessible for the students.

        Look at our Facebook ,Instagram Twitter and follow us for updates about PSB wellness.


        Affordable Protein Smoothies PSBCafe

        Raising the Protein Smoothie Game at PSB

        We are pleased to announce the launch of Affordable Protein Smoothies PSBCafe. They are offered at both Davis and HMC campuses. PSB Café has creatively tailored our affordable protein smoothies with our audience in mind. Specifically targeted to the individual who takes large interest in working out. Firstly, PSB Café achieves this by bringing you very high-quality ingredients. Our target market upholds this to be most important. Not only are the benefits of protein countless they are vital for everyday functions. Our booth offers all our products at affordable prices in retro spec to our current competitors, without sacrificing overall quality.

        Affordable Protein Smoothie PSBCafe







        Benefits of Protein

        The smoothies that we offer are fortified with everyday essential nutrients. First off this provides optimal energy levels. Secondly, being a student stress is something that we’ve come to live with. In fact, consuming adequate amounts of protein can help lower hunger and reduce overall appetite. There are numerous negative impacts stress can cause your central nervous system along with your digestion system. Our ingredient profile mixed with our top tier protein supplements combat this. Boosting your immune system and providing optimal digestion health are just some of the few benefits you will walk away with.

        Affordable Protein Smoothies PSBCafe

        The PSB Café has made the pricing for these smoothies with the student in mind. First, the price point for our smoothies reflects our quality but doesn’t break the bank. Ultimately, this is how we differentiate ourselves from other beverage companies. It was a major part upon the launch that we created a smoothie that would financially entice our target. Above all, our brand provides healthy drinks at premium pricing expresses the value of our product. Our pricing is as follows;

        $4.99 – Small Smoothie Mixed with 1 tsp protein

        $5.99 – Medium Smoothie with 2 tsp protein (qty)

        $6.99 – Large Smoothie with choice of protein quantity 

         Smoothie Customization

        Our customer satisfaction is the driving goal behind our campaign theme at the PSB Cafe. With the upcoming 3 tier gym at HMC campus it is a great time to launch our protein infused smoothies. Customers love to be able to make changes and make personalized items that suite their specific needs. Firstly, PSB Cafe offers a wide selection of many fruits and vegetables that allow the consumer to customize their smoothie to exactly what they want. Ultimately, individuals have the opportunity to customize from a huge menu. As a matter of fact the menu has all options of protein to fit vegan, Gluten free and keto lifestyles.

        Quality Driven at PSB Cafe

        The cafe here at Sheridan college offers only the highest quality ingredients. We outsource products protein and fresh ingredients in which we can confidently back. Quality is what drives us. Firstly, we have numerous distributors ship raw ingredients as well as finished foods in which have to be inspected for premium quality. PSB Cafe doesn’t stop at product quality but also excels in experience and convenience. Offering delivery to all classes, libraries and college gyms we really exceed expectations. It is achieved through the well known “Boost” app that allows the customer to order virtually and be placed in a queue. All aspects of a company contribute to overall quality, it doesn’t just end with the product and we really cover all aspects well.


        Affordable Protein Smoothies at PSBCafe await!!

        The launch of these protein infused smoothies are going to be in great demand. Extensive research was implemented into finding the exact wants and needs of our consumer. Not only did PSB successfully locate the booths but also provided high protein and fresh ingredients. Ultimately, the product campaign is convenient, attractive to customers and differentiates itself well from competitors in the area.

        Look forward to serving all at the booths!!!