The Relaxation Gym: PSB Fitness


 The Relaxation Gym: PSB Fitness

 We are a relaxation gym. PSB fitness introduces a new workout facility that allows relaxation and fitness combos in the same area. Our gym guarantees you complete rejuvenation and healthier life.

Products:Spa Services at gym

  • Our gym will include state of the art facilities that make us stand apart from other gyms.
  • After exercise and preparation, one can enjoy our premium facilities that include spas and saunas.
  • Other services include pools, personal sessions/classes, yoga, lounging rooms, deep sensory deprivation tanks, and calming music for relaxation and to de-stress.

Post–Workout activities:

  • After exercise, the members can relax and experience quality muscle relief.
  • After rigorous exercise or training helps build core strength.
  • The variety of programs provide the opportunity to de-stress themselves with casual workouts or training courses.
  • A way to regenerate the zen and eliminate issues relevant to work.
  • Members will minimize the commitment between preparation and the recovery stages that they need to perform as a priority in our gym.Enjoy a Fun atmosphere


Our Membership plans:

  • Three gym memberships provided by us are individual, family and platinum memberships.
  • Our Platinum memberships enable the members to bring a plus one.

Other Benefits:

  • We have our gym located at a prime location where our members can have easy access to parking and public transportation services if you are walking or taking a bus.
  • Features like weight training rooms and some aquatic exercises are provided.
  • Bonus offers include membership at a better price for friends and family and a one-week free trial for students at Sheridan.
  • You can find the services and join us in our different price packages through our online services. Come join us and take fitness to the next level.

Come join us! visit us using the link below.