PSB Aqua Fitness and Spa with relaxation Services

PSB Aqua Fitness Gym And Spa, Transform Your Body And Ease Your Mind At Our State Of The Art facility

State of the art Weight Room
Weight Room
Treadmills and aqua fitness area
Cardio area with glass cut view of our aqua room

About PSB Aqua Fitness And Spa

PSB Fitness is opening a new state of the art facility which is a unique combination of relaxation and fitness under one roof. The idea is to work out and relax your body and mind without ever having to leave the location. Our unique concept of deprivation tanks is being implemented in this gym which allows members to restore their energy by taking therapeutic naps after a long week of work. 

Trainer helping out with correct form for this exercise.
Fitness trainer helping with the correct posture

PSB Aqua Fitness And Spa’s Speciality 

Taking care of our members and creating stress-free environment is one of our main priorities. It was very important for us to have our gym conveniently located in Mississauga and Brampton so that we could pull the highest amount of people from the surrounding neighbourhoods. People search for comfort and ease when joining a gym and that is why we chose the best and most convenient locations with lots of parking spaces so that our members don’t face any sort of difficulties.

Our Memberships and Offers

We are offering 3 types of memberships; single entry, family and platinum memberships. Each membership is priced differently and offers different perks and privileges. We also have an exclusive offer for students at Sheridan by giving them a one-week free trial. All they have to do for registration is show their student id card for verification. We encourage everyone to try PSB aqua fitness and spa and take their fitness journey to the next level.

Join Us To Transform Your Body And Peace Of Mind!

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Transform Yourself in Mississauga

“Your Second Home”

PSB fitness is a home where you transform your body and soul and grow as a better individual. Additionally, our gym offers its workout services in Mississauga. This is a home, that helps you transform your life in Mississauga.

PSB fitness is happy to announce the opening of its new gym with a unique feature of relaxation with fitness. YESSS, you heard that right, you can work out and relax at the same place. Isn’t this awesome? Here, we offer a variety of services from the gym to the sauna. Additionally, we offer unique spa and sauna services to relax your body and soul. After a stressful day, everything you need is a cardio and relaxing workout. Moreover, we offer yoga classes to communicate with your mind and soul with your body. A place where you can grow as an individual and transform your life in Mississauga.

Sauna Space
Cardio Space







What services do we offer?

  • Gym Services
  • Cardio Space
  • Sauna for your soul
  • Spa for your body
  • Swimming, aqua activities for weight loss
  • Yoga Classes

How do we help you transform yourself? This is special Membership.

Moving onto our mission, our vision is to make you feel at home. Yes, you heard it correct, HOME. We want you to come here every day and feel like you belong here. Firstly, We are offering special discounts on group memberships. Bring along your friend, both of you will get a quality discount on our membership. Bring your family members, friends, neighbors, anyone who motivates you. You can not only have fun, but it will help your body too. Secondly, We offer different types of membership plans from family, single entry, and platinum memberships.

Spa Corner

                 How do we help you transform yourself? This is our free offer.

Moreover, we want you to create a special social environment where you satisfy your belongingness need and have a vibe. Additionally, we offer free one-day trails to our Sheridan students. Yes, we at PSB understand how stressful college life can be. Especially, if you are an international student like most of them, we know how hard it is to manage a work-life balance. So, we offer you a one-day free trial, come with your friends, see our services, and we are sure we won’t let you down. We will be waiting for you, come on Sheridan, let’s do this!!

              Transform your Life, at your second home here in Mississauga.

               Let’s explore the most relaxing workout ever here at PSB fitness.

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Body and Mind Healing with Deep Sensory Tanks

Body and Mind Healing with Deep Sensory Tanks and other Relaxation Services at Mississauga

Spa and Fitness relaxation

About PSB Gym 

Our gym is focused on body and mind healing and is an easily accessible gym located in Mississauga and Brampton for the utmost ease of search and availability of parking, so you don’t have to worry about it. PSB includes products and services such as our spa, pools, aqua fitness, and other light gym exercises reflecting premium relaxation. This ensures customers are getting the top quality any Gym has to offer anywhere in Mississauga and Brampton.  Along with our 3 memberships provided by us; the Family, Single entry, and Platinum memberships we want you to experience social environments as well. We know that some people find it a better experience in a social environment, so we offer various benefits like bonus packs for families and friends. Bring your friends to relax and workout with you and enjoy our variety of services. So, come exercise your mind and body in our PBS Fitness gym, you will feel like you have reached tranquility!


Deep Sensory Tank Body and Mind Healing

What is Body and Mind Healing with Deep Sensory Tanks?

PSB Fitness is introducing a new Gym that will allow combinations of relaxation and fitness within the same vicinity, to be able to work out and then hunker down for relaxation just minutes after working out without having to go back home or leaving the area. Our deep sensory deprivation tanks will replenish your Zen with a therapeutic nap that heals the mind and body from negative energy and stress, allowing members to take naps there after a long workout or exercise for the ultimate relaxation after a long week of work. Minimizing the amount of effort you need to take in between the workout and relaxation stages comes with priority in our gyms so that members can do it stress-free.


Join us and experience total relaxation and tranquility!


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Find Relaxation and Workout at same place!


Find Relaxation and Workout at same place!

This is where you can find it both. Find relaxation and workout at the same place.

Find relaxation and workout at the same place. We are a relaxation gym. PSB fitness introduces a new workout facility that allows relaxation and fitness combos in the same area. Our gym guarantees you complete rejuvenation and healthier life.


Relax at our Spa
Spa Services at gym
  • Our gym will include state of the art facilities that make us stand apart from other gyms.
  • After exercise and preparation, one can enjoy our premium facilities that include spas and saunas.
  • Other services include pools, personal sessions/classes, yoga, lounging rooms, deep sensory deprivation tanks, and calming music for relaxation and to de-stress.

Relaxing Post–Workout activities:

  • After exercise, the members can relax and experience quality muscle relief.
  • After rigorous exercise or training helps build core strength.
  • The variety of programs provide the opportunity to de-stress themselves with casual workouts or training courses.
  • A way to regenerate the zen and eliminate issues relevant to work.
  • Members will minimize the commitment between preparation and the recovery stages that they need to perform as a priority in our gym.

    Relaxation after workout
    Enjoy an entertaining atmosphere


Our Membership plans:

  • Three gym memberships provided by us are individual, family and platinum memberships.
  • Our Platinum memberships enable the members to bring a plus one.

Other gym Benefits:

  • We have our gym located at a prime location where our members can have easy access to parking and public transportation services if you are walking or taking a bus.
  • Features like weight training rooms and some aquatic exercises are provided.
  • Bonus offers include membership at a better price for friends and family and a one-week free trial for students at Sheridan.
  • You can find the services and join us in our different price packages through our online services. Come join us and take fitness to the next level.

Come join us and get yourself a relaxing experience after rigorous workouts! visit us using the link below.