What is the Impact of Social Media Marketing


Social media is the biggest way we communicate as humans. Through Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and the list goes on. There are many different types of social media platforms today. There are ways to advertise throughout all of them. Marketing through social media is a great way to get the word out of what you are advertising. The Unboxed Market is on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter which is great but their following is low. We want to increase their awareness. In this post, I will be discussing how social media can increase The Unboxed Market brand awareness and the benefits of social media marketing.


Who is the Unboxed Market?

The Unboxed Market is a 100% waste free grocery store located in Toronto. They have their own Café inside which is also 100% waste free. To most people “waste free” sounds extremely intimidating. Especially in the world we currently live in. The Unboxed Market makes that easier. How this store works is by you bring your own containers or reusable bags to place your food in. You weigh your food and that is how it will be priced. If you do not have your own reusable bags they have some you can purchase in store. Being waste free can be easy with a few simple changes. In conclusion, our planet needs us to help keep it green in order for us to continue to live the life we live. The Unboxed Market shows us how we can help the planet.


How Can the Unboxed Market Benefit from Social Media Marketing?

The Unboxed Market can benefit from social media marketing by getting their brand name out there through the power of the internet. Almost every company uses social media to market and spread awareness now of days. Using social media is how people communicate. They go on everyday to check Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. There are 3.48 billion social media users in 2019 (Hainla, 2019). If the Unboxed Market uses social media to create a platform they will be more successful. The Unboxed Market has Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook already which is great. But if they build a campaign for their business and increase there brand awareness they will see results.


Building a Campaign

The first step to building a campaign for any business is to create a clear, realistic plan. You will want to follow these steps when building your campaign plan: campaign goals and tracking, campaign insight and targeting, key campaign message and offerings, campaign media plan and budget, campaign asset production, and campaign execution (Lindley, 2019). Therefore, if the Unboxed Market built a campaign and followed these key components using social media as their platform they will see big results in the sales of their business, which is the ultimate goal.

Catching Your Audiences Eye

First, you want your campaign, social media platforms, and business website to be extremely attractive. The Unboxed Market could use visuals to their advantage greatly. There current website is very attractive. Showing fresh foods and photos of the store. Next, the Unboxed Market could show the dark side of climate change. Adding a page to the website of pollution, climate change, etc. In result, reducing our waste would help each of those extremely. The Unboxed Market could build their campaign on climate change alone. Therefore, more people are becoming aware of the how we need to change our way of living immediately.


What is the Impact of Social Media Marketing?

First, ask yourself a few of these questions: are you currently on any social media platforms? How often do you go on social media? Do you currently use social media for business purposes? The reality is that everyone is active on social media. The use of television commercials or radio commercials is very minimal. Everyone has turned to social media marketing. Marketing through social media can lower marketing costs as well as developing business tactics (Khanna, 2018).

Next, using social media to market is an easy way to grab your audiences attention when they least expect it. When you scroll through social media you are relaxed. If an ad pops up on your phone that you didn’t have to go looking for and that you are interested it, you will likely click on it due to convenience. That is truly what is amazing about social media marketing, how convenient is it for consumers. Finally, targeting your audience on social media is the best and easiest way to stay connected. Build brand image and increase sales.



In conclusion, after reading this article I hope you understand what social media marketing can do for a company.  Next, how you can build brand awareness through this marketing technique. In result, these tips and tricks for your business. You will see big results on what can happen when you use social media marketing.



Finally, the results of social media marketing will be extremely rewarding. If you want to expand your brand awareness or are starting up a new business, use social media marketing to advertise your company.

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