Great and Easy Cake Piping Tutorial

What is Cake Piping

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Hey guys!

After making many custom cakes for amazing people, I’m super excited to introduce something very special. Today I am going to start creating small How-to cake tutorials that can help you experience the joy that I get every time I make a custom cake for you! One of the best ways to start is to learn how to pipe a cake. Piping a cake creates some great visuals that everyone can enjoy. Now let’s get ready to take your baking to the next level.

What is Piping?

Piping is when how many people decorate their cakes. There are various techniques that can be used to pipe a cake. Although this is one of the more basic techniques out there, it helps create a layering to the cake in which it now becomes a unique work of art.

How to Pipe


  • Decorating Tips
  • Icing spatulas
  • Pastry bags

 Create a good base

The best way to start creating a good decoration for your custom cake is to create a good base. For this, put the initial icing on the cake and then smooth it out all around and over the cake. The reason to do this is to help cover up and cracks in the cake. After doing this, chill the cake for 15-20 mins so that the icing can settle and redo the process one more time.

Set up the tip

While your cake base is chilling, take this time to pick what type of tip you want for the piping tool. There are many different types of tips that you can get (my personal one is the large star) and so now focus on what you want the final cake to look like. Cut off a corner on the pastry bag and attach the tip to it.

Fill in the bag

Custom Cake of Superman and The Flash

Now decide on what kind of icing you want to pipe with and fill in the pastry bag. Make sure that there is enough space at the end of the bag so that you can tie or twist it up to make the inside nice and tight. This is where you can create that beautiful custom cake that you have always dreamed of!

How to grip and squeeze

Since I am right-handed, I will explain how to hold the bag, but if you are left-handed don’t worry, just hold it with the opposite hands than what I say. Hold the top of the bag with the right hand while holding close to the tip with your left. The right hand will be used for squeezing out the icing while the left hand will be for controlling where the icing goes. It is best to hold the bag at an angle so that it is easier to decorate.

Custom Cake of Dress

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Piping a cake may seem like a piece of cake (pun intended), but it takes a lot of practice to get it just right! Don’t worry if at first you do not get the results that you were originally looking for since there is a lot of trial and error to get it right.

New Tutorials

I will be making new How-To Cake Tutorials from now on so make sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram @bakewithrags where I show time lapses of my own piping techniques and hopefully you can get some inspiration off of me.

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