Vegan Powders at Sheridan College.


I know what you’re thinking. “Vegan Protein, sounds disgusting”. Well that think again. However, vegan protein is a great new change to try then your regular protein powder/supplements. If your up for the challenge, firstly take a look down below to read about some facts regarding vegan protein and what else we have to offer and secondly, take a look where we will be selling our products. Therefore, we will be offering these vegan powders at Sheridan college. Then if you are interested in this by the blog, come on down to A building first at Sheridan college to try our smoothies and powders.


Vegan Protein Powder Facts:

In all honesty, here at Sheridan college, we are making sure to offer only the best options for our students and faculty. Not to mention, we have stated some facts regarding Vegan protein powders:

  • High in Fiber (10 Surprising… Facts, 2016)
  • It’s a great tool for cooking or baking (10 Surprising… Facts, 2016)
  • It’s rich of Antioxidants (10 Surprising… Facts, 2016)
  • Hypo-Allergenic (10 Surprising… Facts, 2016)
  • Healthy Fats (10 Surprising… Facts, 2016)

These are only some of the new facts regarding why protein powders can be highly effective and healthy to use.

Vegan Protein Powder


 Health Benefits of Vegan Powder: 

  • Metabolism Booster: Helps you burn body fat faster because it is easier to digest than regular protein powder (Danielson, 2018).
  • Calorie Control:  Eating/drinking fruits and vegetables gives you less calories than you would normally intake. (Danielson, 2018).
  • Slimming Saturated Fats: Vegan protein powders that contain coconut, also contain healthy saturated fats (Danielson, 2018).
  • No Growth of Hormones or Antibiotics: IdealRaw Protein is USDA certified organic so  one does not have to worry about hormones, antibiotics or any type of pesticides (Danielson, 2018).

6 best Protein Powders

We will be selling our vegan protein at Sheridan college. Therefore, we will also be partnering up with PSB cafe, and together make smoothies that contain vegan proteins and vegetables.



By the way, the PSB cafe will be located at the HMC campus located in the A Building on the first floor. You can only get the smoothies and vegan powders at Sheridan college. We will also be offering our smoothies at the Sheridan gym in A building second floor. 

PSB Cafe at Sheridan College


Vegan Protein Flavours:

We will be offering two different flavours and mixtures:

  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla
  •  Coconut Almond 

In addition to all the different flavours, we will be offering many different mixtures to make sure our consumers get a different, yet balanced taste of the protein.

Different vegan protein flavours



With our protein infused smoothies, we will have 3 different sizes that we will offer to customers:

Small: $4.99 mixed with 1 tsp of protein

Medium: $5.99 mixed with 2 tsp of protein

Large: $6.99 mixed with the choice of your protein quantity

We will also be selling an energizing snack (protein bar) for $1.99

Different size cups being offered at Sheridan College


 In addition, we will also be selling the protein powders in two different containers/packages:

                     One bag: $29.99                                                                     One Container:$49.99

Vegan Protein Powder in a bag option                  Vegan Protein powder in the container            



We will be offering delivery services to customers who are not able to make it to the cafe. We will be a part of the app “Boost”, which is an app that is used at Sheridan by companies like Tim Hortons as well. Next, through the app, our consumers can order and pay for their drink and just skip the line and pick up their order by showing the code they receive. Our customers can also purchase their protein powders through the app as well. We will also be going around both campuses to give out free samples of the drink and powders(with drink) for our customers to try.

Furthermore, we will also be adding a reward/loyalty program. This loyalty program/card will also apply if the individual just wants to purchase the powder. For each powder they purchase, they can save up to $.60 cents per purchase. Overtime, they will ultimately be able to purchase a container of the powder with how much money they have saved.


Easy and Quick Recipes:

Here at Sheridan by teaming up with PSB cafe, we have made it easy for you students to make sure that when you purchase our protein powders and feel like having a refreshing smoothie at home , you can do so through the Boost app. As a matter of fact, on the app, students will be able to find recipes and steps on how to create the delicious smoothies you thought you can only get at school and enjoy them in the comfort of their home. We hope you will find this helpful and will enjoy the refreshing taste in the comfort of your home as well as at school!!


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