We are changing a concept of Sandwiches made at Gourmet Restaurants that are best to Sheridan PSB Coldcut Sandwiches are. Our Cold Cut Sandwiches will be a feast to found at Sheridan PSB Café. Cold Cut sandwiches are calling from our Sheridan PSB kitchen.


Our PSB Coldcut sandwiches are all about the quality, nutritious ingredients, and the way its packaged. Customers have an opportunity to enjoy their PSB Cold Cuts with a choice of different meats, and type of freshly baked bread.

Being situated at an Education institution, we believe in fresh, delicious, and nutritious ingredients. Students and other customers from and outside the campus can fearlessly enjoy their meal.


PSB Café is at Sheridan College – Davis and HMC Campus. At Davis Campus, it is located right next to the gym with a patio opening to the garden with a lake view and fresh breeze. PSB Café at HMC campus is at the west entrance with the patio extending into the garden.

At both campuses, the PSB café is in a convenient space. Students can access the PSB café from inside the building. We have a convenient street access for outside customers.


We are offering different ways to get your Cold cut sandwiches. You can purchase in person at the PSB café. Students can order by scanning our QR code posted at multiple locations inside the campus or by using the Sheridan app. Can be pre-order by telephone or through our website, and third party delivery app; i.e., Uber Eats, SkipTheDishes, and DoorDash.

Multiple options will help to skip waiting in line while late to class. They can quickly grab their sandwiches on the go. It will help students on a time crunch as they can select the fastest method.

For students with short brakes, not able to visit the cafe, for staff with a busy schedule, the conference meetings, and group studies, we are offering an In-house delivery service. PSB Cafe will individually pack your meals in an insulated bag with utensils & condiments. Our associates will deliver the order to the requested location.

For students who have a short break where they visit the cafe to pick up food, for staff with busy schedules, and meetings and conferences, We are also providing in-house delivery service for orders over $20. Our associates will deliver the food to the classrooms, office rooms, staff lounges and conference rooms at the selected time slot.


Since there are competitors around, we will be promoting the café and providing discount coupons to students and staff. We will be running a marketing promo “GET $15 OFF WHEN YOU POST YOUR SANDWICH”. If the customer shares the sandwich picture in social media on their story or page and tags us, PSB Café will offer a $15 discount on their next order. We want students to try our delicious and nutritious PSBColdCuts and become aware of the variety of healthy, meat and delivery options we offer.

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