Green tea cafe at Sheridan college

green tea at Sheridan College PSB cafe:

green tea cafe at Sheridan College
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Flavors of green tea cafe at Sheridan college: 

We have high-quality green tea and we will sell 10 types of tea in our green tea cafe at Sheridan College from the following countries all over the world: India, China, the UK, and Japan. In total, we will offer customers a selection of 5 flavors of green tea: Matcha, Sencha, Shincha, Longjing, and Gyokuro Green tea. Since we sell tea and it will be in a small cafe, the prices should be regular/medium. We will serve our drinks in three sizes. Small, medium, and large.

Green tea pricing:

Every student will love getting a cheaper option for drinks because we will be on a budget for other expenses, and students love getting drinks at a low price. The competition will be Starbucks and Tim Hortons. They will form a big competition because they sell the same products. Our company can be different because we have different flavors of green tea. However, our green tea cafe at Sheridan College will be at affordable prices since some students have a low income and cannot afford expensive drinks every day. Our price for the small size will be only $ 1.50, medium for $ 2.50, and large for $ 3.50.


Additionally, we focus more on people who live a healthy and active lifestyle, we care about everyone’s health and we want you to stay healthy and have good health. Staying healthy is one of the most important things that we should focus on in our life. What we can do to achieve this goal is providing a healthy green tea for you at affordable prices (Negative Space, n.d.).


Green tea at Sheridan College location:  

We will be selling our green tea products exclusively through the PSB Cafe located at Sheridan College’s HMC and Davis campuses. At the HMC campus, the PSB Cafe will be located in Building A Wing A, and at David campus, the PSB Cafe will be located in the Marketplace area. We will be selling our green tea line in various formats. We will be offering students the ability to purchase our green tea through our physical cafe store, mobile ordering (Skip the Dishes, Door Dash, UberEATS), and vending machines located on every floor in both Davis and HMC campuses.


Green tea cafe at Sheridan College

Figure 2(Pexels, n.d.)


 Health benefits of green tea:

I am going to discuss a few reasons why green tea is important to you. Firstly, green tea is an anti-aging drink, we have heard a lot about the health benefits of green tea, loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that are great for your mind and body as well (Conlon, 2020). Secondly, studies have shown that green tea reduces cholesterol in the body and improves blood flow. However, in 2013 I conducted a review that green tea helps solve heart problems from high blood pressure to congestive heart failure   (Scott, 2020).

Moreover, according to the National Cancer Institute, studies have shown that there is a substance called polyphenols present in green tea that reduces the growth of the tumor and it protects the damage caused by ultraviolet rays (Ware Megan, 2017).

Therefore, in 2011 a study demonstrated that green tea ingredients help reduce Alzheimer’s disease. There is also another study that shows that green tea may be useful in preventing tooth decay, stress, chronic fatigue, treating skin diseases, and improving arthritis by reducing inflammation (Ware Megan, 2017).


Promotion of green tea cafe at Sheridan College:

Our promotion will be through social media such as Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook, you can enjoy various offers such as free samples and loyalty cards. Moreover, Publications will be distributed to students at HMC and Davis campus to promote our green tea. Also, our students will enjoy getting prizes such as teacups, magnetic, and stickers.



However, that is why we provided you with all the amenities to drink green tea. We will provide the vending machine on every floor at Sheridan college. Also, you will have the opportunity to order your tee during your class time. And we will deliver it to you. However, if you want to have a break and enjoy your time with your friend or study, we also will have a PSB Cafe that will be located in the Marketplace Area Building A at Davis and HMC campus.



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