Bodybuilder and nutrition has never been easier. Come workout at PSB Fitness

Who are we?

PSB fitness is your one stop shop for your fitness journey. We are will help you throughout your journey through various aspects including bodybuilding and nutrition. We operate out of the Sheridan College Brampton and Mississauga campus however PSB fitness is available to all individuals interested in joining. Stop by now to start your fitness journey!

What services do we offer?

People starting out their fitness journey can get overwhelmed with making healthy choices. Firstly, we believe that making healthy choices should not be overwhelming to people starting out and that’s why we offer personalized fitness programs catered to your needs and preferences. Therefore, our monthly membership fee is $30 for students, $35 for staff and $45 for individuals nearby and we also offer freshly made meal food, smoothies and nutrition bars at a reasonable price in order for campus students to provide the best experience without having to stress and keep students healthy and focused. Because our gym has state of the art body building and cardio equipment along with personal trainers to help you get familiar with the equipment. Come get advice or personalized meal plans from our nutritionist at our nutrition center. We also have a mixing bar for, pre-workout shakes, protein shakes, and smoothies.

Why sign up with us?

PSB fitness is thrilled to be a part of your fitness journey. However, What separates us from the rest is that we care about every step in the journey. Our hours of operation are designed so that even customers with a hectic schedule can have a chance to workout because, we understand that staying healthy can be expensive for some which is why we offer student and faculty discounts. Our goal is to help you reach your goal. Don’t believe us? Check out our limited time free trial.


       How to register?

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  •  walk-ins are accepted


Come Workout at PSB Fitness for all your Bodybuilding and Nutritional Needs

Who are we?

At PSB Fitness, we are a bodybuilding/ toning gym, that also specializes in nutrition, meals, and shakes/ smoothies. We are currently operating at Sheridan College’s Brampton (Davis) and the Missigsaugua (Hazel Mccallion) campuses. We are located specifically at these campuses for our students and faculty members, as a means of making their fitness journey easier and more convenient. PSB Fitness is also open to individuals living nearby and are interested in joining.

What services do we offer?

-Bodybuilding, Toning, Nutrition and Meals

Here at PSB Fitness, we offer bodybuilding, toning, meals and nutrition services. With top-line equipment and professional instructors, PSB is great at helping individuals reach their fitness goals. For our nutrition services being offered, at PSB Fitness we have a full-service nutritional center with full pre and after-workout meals. We also have a mixing bar with protein shakes/smoothies, and nutritionists available to assist with all concerns about the right type or amount of food needed for consumption and the effects it may have towards your workout journey. Though we are located at the Sheridan campuses, we are open to individuals from all over who are interested in the services we are offering.

Why sign up with us? 

At PSB Fitness, our staff are dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals of bodybuilding, toning up, purchasing our meals or learning more about nutrition. Here at PSB Fitness, our hours of operation are designed to accommodate everyone, even those with the most bizarre schedules, thus making your fitness journey more convenient. We offer numerous discounts, such as a limited-time free trial for new members, as well as,  there will also be a student and staff/ faculty discount for members at Sheridan College. When signing up, students and staff/ faculty must show their Sheridan OneCard to verify their involvement at the college.

How to Register? 

Start your Bodybuilding, Toning and Nutrition journey with us!

Come Build a Better You!


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Bodybuilding Gym with meal plans and nutritional counter

The ideal Bodybuilding and meal plans in Brampton & Mississauga with nutritional counter for healthy shakes and protein bar at PSB Fitness.

bodybuilding and meal plan
PSB Fitness

Who are we?

Here at PSB Fitness we provide an ideal bodybuilding and meal plans in Brampton that is specifically designed for every student and faculty of Sheridan College, in addition to individuals living in nearby neighborhood communities.

We operate at 2 locations, Brampton and Mississauga campus. PSB Fitness focus on healthy lifestyle, boosting self-confidence and one’s physical image. Above all, we differentiated ourselves by offering unique features that many fitness club/gyms haven’t incorporated as yet.

What makes us different?

Our strengths are what makes us different and unique. PSB Fitness differentiated themselves from the competition by including unique features that many gyms in the industry haven’t incorporated as yet.  Features such as value- added services like diet and nutrition cafes, celebrity trainers and unique classes. PSB fitness is owned by two highly experienced personnel who already have a combined experience of 15 years in the industry

What we offer? 

We offer services such as bodybuilding and meal plans. For example, powerlifting, freshly blended nutritional shakes and protein bars onsite. Our products and services are affordable. Coupled with benefits to boost confidence and promote the theme of a healthy lifestyle. Unlike competitors, our product is of better quality such as equipment’s, lower priced membership, flexible hours and private classes hosted by celebrity and skilled trainers.

Protein Smoothies have Arrived

Wondering what are the benefits of bodybuilding and a healthy meal plan?

Resistance training increases muscle strength and size. Muscle strength is highly correlated with a lower risk of cancer, heart and kidney disease as well as several other critical illnesses. A change to healthy eating and  Planned meals helps to maintain one’s weight, lower the risk of heart disease and other health conditions and increased in energy levels. A healthy eating plan gives your body the nutrients it needs everyday while staying within your daily calorie goal for weight loss or weight maintenance.

Product price of our bodybuilding and meal plans in Brampton

The price will be at a normal and ‘freemium’ level. Our ‘freemium’ pricing strategy is an offer of free services or product in addition to paid options. For example, A free 1 week trial (occasionally) at our gym but if you desire shakes or protein bars you will need ask to pay the amounted price. However, we offer:

  • Monthly membership fee at $30 for students, $35 for staff and $45 for persons outside.

Besides the membership fee, Prices for over the counter products;

  •  small shake is $6 and large $ 10
  •  single nutrition bar is $2.5
  • Monthly pass for shakes & bars is $ 20 for 5 shakes per month and 1 bar each visit
  • Meal plan is $60 per week with 6 meals


  • Limited Free membership
  • Student and Faculty loyalty membership card
  • weekly, monthly Contest

Why Us? 

Have difficulty balancing work/school and your outside life?

We take pride in everything we do. In this case, our services help to reduce the stress of balancing work and enjoying the outside world. Moreover, we valued our customers needs and desire. Occasionally, we offer free membership for a limited period, students and faculty discounts that varies and competitions. On the positive side, all campuses are accessible for every service and product.


How to be a valued member of our bodybuilding and meal plans in Brampton?

Registration is simple and at your finger-tip. visit our website  or any of the 2 campuses with your student ID – OneCard.

For more info, please feel free to email us:

“Each new day is a new opportunity to improve yourself, join us today to “build” a better you!” – opportunities awaits you!

“Come and bring out the beast within you!”


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WORKOUT at PSB FITNESS to get a good bodybuilding experience and eat healthy

Professional bodybuilding gym with meal plans, fresh healthy shakes, and nutrition bars at PSB


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PSB Fitness is a bodybuilding gym offering meal plans. We operate two locations inside the Sheridan College, one at Mississauga Campus and one at Brampton Campus. We bring gyms close to students and faculty members and save your time spent on transportation. PSB Fitness is focusing more on bodybuilding and diet control. We want to help to build confidence, self-esteem, and a healthy lifestyle for you.


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Firstly, our locations are onsite at Sheridan College, where students and faculty members can have a quick workout at any time. It reduces the time spent on transit. Secondly, we offer experienced coaches whom you can ask questions directly for advice. Also, we have private classes with skilled trainers for you to start with bodybuilding. The private class will hold 3 times per week for people to schedule themselves. Thirdly, after the workout, we offer shakes and nutrition bars to give you a quick intake of carbohydrates, healthy fat, and proteins in the gym. Moreover, our meal plan is personally customized for people who have a strict diet. Because somebody like students or officers are busy with study or work. Thus, we offer workout meal plans to people who want to keep on a diet but with no time to prepare.

All in all, we want to bring you a great experience at our bodybuilding gym with meal plans.



We offer free membership within a limited time. Get yourself a try at our gyms! A special discount will apply to students and faculty members of Sheridan College! Contact us or drop in to start your new bodybuilding fitness experience with us! Please don’t wait and come to join us!


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