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PSB Fitness is a bodybuilding gym offering meal plans. We operate two locations inside the Sheridan College, one at Mississauga Campus and one at Brampton Campus. We bring gyms close to students and faculty members and save your time spent on transportation. PSB Fitness is focusing more on bodybuilding and diet control. We want to help to build confidence, self-esteem, and a healthy lifestyle for you.


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Firstly, our locations are onsite at Sheridan College, where students and faculty members can have a quick workout at any time. It reduces the time spent on transit. Secondly, we offer experienced coaches whom you can ask questions directly for advice. Also, we have private classes with skilled trainers for you to start with bodybuilding. The private class will hold 3 times per week for people to schedule themselves. Thirdly, after the workout, we offer shakes and nutrition bars to give you a quick intake of carbohydrates, healthy fat, and proteins in the gym. Moreover, our meal plan is personally customized for people who have a strict diet. Because somebody like students or officers are busy with study or work. Thus, we offer workout meal plans to people who want to keep on a diet but with no time to prepare.

All in all, we want to bring you a great experience at our bodybuilding gym with meal plans.



We offer free membership within a limited time. Get yourself a try at our gyms! A special discount will apply to students and faculty members of Sheridan College! Contact us or drop in to start your new bodybuilding fitness experience with us! Please don’t wait and come to join us!


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