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Premium Priced Coffee at Sheridan College

Premium Priced Coffee at Sheridan

The True North Caf-eh is the only location at Sheridan College that provides premium-priced coffee. Moreover, the cafe also provides foods such as donuts,  meat pies, etc.  The Cafe is expected to open early 2021 and is the only cafe on the Mississauga and Brampton campuses to offer coffee delivery at Sheridan College. This cafe will provide affordable coffee to the Sheridan faculty and students also.


Premium Priced Coffee of The True New Cafe

First, the new PSB cafe will have a new Canadian culture-focused atmosphere. The Cafe takes pride in its Canadian roots and patriotism. This cafe will offer an affordable price for all its customers offering them fast service. For starters, most students at the college like fast food. Owing to busy work arrangements balanced eating is challenging to manage.PSB cafe also gives them the opportunity to maintain their good wellbeing.


PSB Cafe Location and Flavours

The coffee arrives in several special tastes, too. You can pick from matcha, sencha, shincha, and several other flavors. They have been sourcing worldwide to match your palate. You don’t need to think about having exposure to your coffee. We offer unique distribution except for our PSB café. Which is by providing pre-order services to our customers at the comfort. This will also offer Sheridan college’s first coffee distribution, making it more accessible for students and teachers to reduce waiting times. This PSB Cafe is located Right near


Sheridan  J wing library on the first floor. So, it is convenient for students who sit and study in the library. The picture below describes the Sheridan college Davis campus location. The cafe can sell a range of products, with the high-energy coffee and freshly baked items the most notable. Coffee is a must for young people because it gives them an energy boost to fight through the day. At “The true North Caf-eh,” we encourage customers to pick up a limit of 400 mg per serving of their coffee.


Price( Premium Priced Coffee at Sheridan)

Premium-priced coffee is sold at Sheridan college by PSB cafe. the prices of coffee vary according to the size and flavor of the coffee. Moreover, there are different cells given to the new students. As they can get Medium size coffee at only $2.99 this offer is suitable for welcoming students only. Moreover, PSB cafe gives chance to only pay by debit or credit but also through their Sheridan id card So, in case any student forgets to take a card they can pay by student id card also. The number of cups increases the number of reward points to win the chance of getting 5 cups of coffee free. You can match prices with others also. Moreover, more about our cafe will be on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, youtube.

Different size cups

The advantages and the quality of service

The premium prices coffee delivered at Sheridan colleges has various benefits. The cafe will provide party and person seating configurations. This will have a large space for social events and sports, and individuals will have a single island breakfast room. The cafe accepts cash, internet, and card sales as well as eat-in, distribution, and food intake methods. The cafe also features music and indoor games recreation and leisure areas such as pool and ping-pong. The Cafe’s would be situated next to the market place for convenient access to both campuses. In short, the cafe offers a socialization environment coupled with facilities that improve consumer comfort.

ping pong

Indeed we almost as much enjoy our treats as our southern neighbors. Canada produces more than 85 percent of the world’s maple syrup (AGC, n.d), so we’ve chosen to incorporate it into the foods we love.



PSB café freshly baked cookies at Sheridan college food court

.PSB Café: Healthiness Starts Here… 😊


The PSB Café is the place where you can unhitch the whole day strain, and enjoy our numerous of quality products.

Freshly Baked Cookies are coming with healthy and local ingredients that provide you energy for the day. It is a place where you can enjoy the ambiance with the friendly staff. From the day the cafe was open it was known for its delicious and freshly baked cookies. The main aim of the, PSB cafe freshly baked cookies at Sheridan college food court, is to maintain high quality standards. Richness in the variety of products as well the satisfaction of the customers.


What we Serve?

WE SERVE QUALITY. We serve everything freshly baked, healthy and tasty products to our customers. Our products are not only cost-effective, but we use highly enriched local ingredients. It satisfy the cravings of potential customers.  The served products are gluten free, no added sugar and so on. You will never have to compromise for your taste and our standards will always remain up to the mark. PSB cafe freshly baked cookies at Sheridan college food court is in college campus. Our targeted customers are degree and diploma students. Adolescence in this age group always want to try something unique, fresh, healthy and tasty. Through they can uplift their mood and provide them energy for the day.


How we Serve?

We serve through our walk cafe at the college food court as well as our online store. Due to COVID-19 pandemic our cafe is closed for dining-in. To serve our loyal and regular customers, keeping the safety of our employees and customers, we have started taking online orders and take out deliveries. We are getting pretty good response on our alternate means of delivery. Not only our potential customers are satisfying our response in this pandemic we are getting connected to new and satisfied customers day by day who are showing more interest in our bakery. Our PSB cafe freshly baked cookies at Sheridan college food court is getting more popularity. Our staff is also getting more engaged with us.



We always get many luminary feedback’s from our cherished customers that shows us how well we are delivering our services to our customers which keeps us motivated in what we are doing and how we are doing. Customers always gives us feedback on how our products are unique in many ways from our competitors. We always get comments on our healthier, tastier and freshly served products. Customers talk about our premium quality fresh local ingredients which are best in quality and they also comment about how our products are un-match in the whole town. Our reasonable prices and non-stop online and walk-in deliveries are some other areas where we are gaining more popularity as very less competitors are doing so.


What are our plans?

In the upcoming years, when the world will overcome from this pandemic, we will definitely try to expand our business in different colleges and different locations in the GTA areas. Our best try is to focus on the quality of the food. Secondly, the performance of our employees at all the new locations. Our goal is to open our best in class cafe in different colleges. We want to expand our uniqueness and happiness. Especially students who need healthy additives in their diets to keep their mind up to the focus.


What are you waiting for?

Walk-in to our cafe today or place your order online or on the phone. You can enjoy our variety of baked products with high quality ingredients and healthy benefits. We always look forward to providing quality food to our customers, if you like our food, we are more then happy to get your feedback. If you would like to suggest some changes in what we are doing and how we are serving. We would always try to provide you best food and best service in the town. For more results, PSB cafe freshly baked cookies at Sheridan college food court, you can always follow and subscribe us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. For more and up-to-date information about our products, menu and more visit PSB Fresh cookies.

Cold cut sandwiches at PSB Café Sheridan

Are you a student who is constantly on the go? Between all your classes, studying, potentially having a job and trying to maintain a social life do you find it difficult to also keep a healthy diet? This is where PSB café can help you! PSB café is dedicated to keeping an affordable menu that is quick, easy and healthy for students who need it most! We want all students at Sheridan to have a go to place to get a quick meal while they’re either in between classes, busy studying or just on the go in general.


Photo found here 

How do we keep our product healthy?

PSB café picks from the best possible products with the least amount of preservatives for all our products, from cold cuts to our veggies. Our cold cuts, cheeses and veggies are freshly sliced every morning, keeping them as fresh as possible. We want you to enjoy every bite of your sandwich, from the crisp veggies to the soft and warm bun. We have many different bread options, some healthier than others, such as our gluten free option. Also, if you’re keeping track of your meals let us know and we will make sure you can count your macros, calories or whatever nutritional values you need to know.

What makes our sandwich better?

Its built for you! We have so many options to choose from, you can build your sandwich your way! You do not have to choose from a list of pre-built sandwiches, first you pick your bread, than you pick your base, either protein based, or veggie based, choose any of your toppings, from veggies and cheese and finally any choice of sauces on top. Build the sandwich you want to eat, hot or cold. No more picking and choosing, you can have your sandwich and eat it too!

How many options do we have?

At PSB café we are dedicated to giving you options for your meals, from meatball subs, salami, turkey, ham, grilled veggies, eggplant Parmesan, classic grilled cheese and more. We even have a wide variety of breads from Italian, Rye, Whole Wheat, Cheddar and gluten free. You can also make any of your sandwiches a combo, with chips or a salad and a drink (pop, juice or water). We want to give our guest as many options as we can because we know not everyone wants to eat the same thing. Find a full list of options at our locations.

Photo found here 

Our promise to you!

PSB café wants to provide a healthy and fast option to all our students at Sheridan College, you keep busy with your schooling, and we will keep busy cooking. Not only are we keeping busy cooking, but we are keeping busy keeping healthy options. Although we know that because students spend a lot of time studying, they may not have the time to be working, therefor we have made it as affordable for students to be eating at our café as possible. When it’s this easy to get a healthy meal, you can even have some time to yourself, or your friends, we want you to have a well balanced life.


We want you to try us out! Checkout our social media pages too. We are on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, @PSBCafe and you can find all sorts of promotion code and coupons! If you were thinking about trying us out now is the time!

Where can you find us?

We are located at Sheridan Colleges Hazel McCallion Campus, across the street from Square One Centre. We are located on the first floor of building B, open as early as 8:00am and closes at 8:00pm. We stay open longer than the other cafes because we know sometimes your schedule doesn’t always line up with specific hours, so have lunch or dinner with us on your time.

Protein Filled Low Calorie Smoothies in Sheridan College

We all have been taught a lesson of taking balanced diet since our childhood. But often, most of us today have been compromising with our dietary requirements because of our busy schedules. Around 60 grams of protein is necessary in our routine diet but how many of us are complying with the same? Well, not to worry because we just got the right solution for you. Make ‘Protein Filled Low-calorie Smoothies’ at PSB Cafe, Sheridan College. a perfect companion for your diet.  It isn’t only made up of fresh ingredients and low sugar content but is also filled with protein of your choice. Whether you involve a lot into physical activities or not, Protein filled low-calorie Smoothies is just the right fit for your diet because it can be personalized according to your dietary requirements. You will have a world of ingredients to choose from to make your perfect mix of carbs, proteins, vitamins and other nutrients. 

Who knew maintaining a healthy lifestyle would be so easy in today’s hectic life?


Protein Filled Low Calorie Smoothie
What can be better than staying fit without putting an extra effort but enjoying all your specials in one glass?
Well, that is the magic of our Protein filled low-calorie Smoothie for you which will make your taste buds dance along with meeting your dietary requirements.

Product Speciality

Made up of fresh fruits and vegetables
 Pleasant and Distinct Flavours
 Low sugar content
 Less calories
 Gluten-free options available
 Suitable for Allergy Conscious consumers
 Great Nutritional Value
 Keeps you charged up for the whole day
 And most importantly!
 Customizable according to your taste and dietary requirements.

                                                                                Protein in Any Form

Protein Filled Smoothie in any form

You can get your protein-enriched bite in any form now. You have an option of adding:
More protein-rich fruits and vegetables
Even protein powder available in a variety of flavours :
Banana, Chocolate, Strawberry, Hazelnut, Cookie and what not

Now, meeting your protein requirement won’t put a dent on your wallet anymore because we have these healthy and protein-infused smoothies at very reasonable price

Product Price
                                              $4.99 – Small Smoothie Mixed with 1 tsp protein
                                              $5.99 – Medium Smoothie with 2 tsp protein (qty)
                                              $6.99 – Large Smoothie with choice of protein quantity
                                              Add an energizing snack for just $1.99

Product Delivery
And now a question may strike your mind, ‘Where are these taste delights protein-filled low-calorie smoothies at Sheridan College available?
You can buy them at:
Sheridan College, PSB Café, HMC and Davis Campus in front of gymnasiums
Can also be ordered online through ‘Boost App’
Delivered right at your convenience to the classes, gyms and library.

Product Promotion
And… Good News doesn’t end here only !!
All the customers of Protein Filled Low-Calorie Smoothies also get a chance to win monthly contests. Stay tuned for that and follow us on our Instagram handle @SheridanCollegePSB

                                                                         My Favourite  Smoothie
To all the health enthusiasts out there, Yes! You are thinking just right. Now you can get your “Protein Power at any Hour” in the way of your customized smoothies exclusively made up of your favourite ingredients. Here I am sharing one of my personal favourite ‘Protein infused Smoothie’ recipe:

Low Calorie Green Smoothie
In these hot summer days, refreshing Smoothie at PSB Café has become my new good to go. Following ingredients are present in my special:
1 small Cucumber
A half Kiwi
Small Green Apple
 4 Tablespoon Lemon Juice and Mint Leaves

And to add the crunch to all of that ‘Chia seeds’ which not only refreshes me after those hectic classes but fills me with that new energy by removing all the toxins from my body. Additionally, it helps for the weight loss. The calorie content is as low as just 175 calories.

I have chosen my daily ‘jam’ of Protein Filled Low-Calorie smoothies at Sheridan College When are you going to do the same?
Try these yummy protein smoothies for once and fall in love with them forever. I promise you will make excuses to try a different taste every day. So, hurry up! Go and find your ‘Perfect’. 

Cold Cut Sandwich at PSB Cafe Sheridan

Entice users of cold cut sandwiches

Cold Cut Sandwiches at Sheridan

Exclusive to you, our new cold cut sandwiches will be available at the Sheridan College, HMC campus. Our new line of fresh cold cut sandwich is introduced with gluten free and vegan options; sided by both brown and white bread, a variety of toppings and spreads, as well as over ten different cold cut meats. Here at PSB Cafe, we value sandwich making as a form of art and expertise, providing you with nutritious, fresh, and healthy ingredients. Our menu is all about catering towards every angle of preference for the community of Sheridan College.

What Makes A Cold Cut Sandwich The Best?

Cold cut sandwiches provide the most complex of sensations while creating the simplest meal of the day. Cold cut sandwiches are filled with delicious precooked or cured meats that are sliced thinly. To start off, these cold cut meats are typically served in a tray with an assortment of different meat cuts; but, if you were to put them between two slices of bread, your perspective of cold cut meats will take a turn for the better. Moving on, what goes into your cold cut sandwich, besides the meat, is all up to you; this is your avenue of exploration and creativity. Here is our take on the best method of putting a cold cut sandwich together, follow at your own accord and make any changes to preferred toppings!

Not to mention, the secret behind creating and eating the best quality of cold cut sandwiches are the ingredients; don’t cheap out on these! Firstly, there are three basic components to any sandwich, theses three are the bread, the toppings or fillings, and the spread. Each of these components has the potential to break or make the best sandwich. Secondly, the same kind of pairings apply to bread, fillings, and meats as they do with colors; it’s important to mix and match with ingredients that cooperate with each other. Lastly, what makes a great sandwich is that its catered to your personal preference; work with the ingredients you acquire and come up with the best cold cut sandwich to your liking.

Why Are Our Sandwiches The Best?

Considering the ever changing trends towards a healthy lifestyle, PSB Cafe provides every aspect of organic ingredients and harvest from the bread to the core of the sandwich. In the same manner of this, we’d like to share our own experiences with a cold cut sandwich.

A guide to the perfect sandwich

1: Using the right bread.

To clarify, the bread is on the top of the list because it can break or make your sandwich, quite literally. Finding the perfect ration between thickness and crumbly texture to correlate perfectly with the spread.

2: Toppings.

In addition to the bread, it is a key factor to implement the right toppings to ensure the perfect combination of tastes. We’re not looking for too many toppings, but 2 or 3 to fulfill the experience of mouth-watering taste buds.

3: Sogginess.

Most importantly, you don’t want your sandwich to be soggy or stale. This is easily preventable by spreading your choice of sauce to each and every corner of the bread. In this case, this will prevent toppings from creating a wet bread.

4: Spread.

Lastly, you want to look for the perfect spread. Whether that is mayonnaise, chipotle, chutney, salsa, or a vinaigrette. As long as your sauce can incorporate itself with the bread, this will lead to the best sandwich.

In any event, it’s a good idea to have a back up! Here is another great guide which we think will greatly enhance your cold cut sandwich creations. You can also check out our other sandwich blog here!

At PSB Cafe, we offer a wide variety of cold cut sandwiches and all at an affordable price point, check out some of our deals below!

Meat options starting at $7.99 plus tax.

Vegetarian options starting at $5.99 plus tax.

Combo options starting at $12.00 plus tax.

Our combos include sides such as salads, fries and cookies, with a drink.

Where Are We Located?

You can find PSB Cafe at the Sheridan College, Hazel McCallion Campus; also, across Square One Shopping Center. The cafe is located on the ground floor of building B and is open Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. In addition to our prime location for the cafe, we currently house many seating areas and undisturbed spots. To add onto our prime location, we are located near many study rooms and other refreshment areas to enjoy. For more information about where we conduct our business or if you would like to join our exclusive subscription membership for PSB Cafe, visit us in person or leave a comment!

Real Canadian food at Sheridan College

Indulge in Canadian food at Sheridan College

The True North Caf-eh team is proud to bring real, authentic, Canadian food to the Sheridan College campuses. Passionate in our Canadian heritage, we want it to reflect in our food and the atmosphere that the cafe will bring to our customers. We take pride in using only the freshest ingredients from local farmers and marketplaces in creating our meals for you. From early morning breakfasts before class with coffee and donuts, to late night after class studying with a poutine; The True North Caf-eh is your one stop shop for all your Canadian food.

Beverages with a taste of Canada

Unlike your standard cup of coffee that you brew in the morning, the True North Caf-eh provides a new twist. In this case, we are happy to provide Canadian flavoring to any of our hot beverages. Varying from coffee additions to specialized tea bags, we plan to provide Canadian classics like:The best coffee shops you'll find in Canada (by province)

  • Maple syrup
  • Nanaimo bars
  • Butter tart
  • Candy apple
  • Ginger “Ale”
  • Saskatoon Berry Pie
  • Caramilk chocolate
  • Coffee Crisp chocolate

For just $0.99, we will infuse your drink (conditions vary) with one of these iconic Canadian flavours to provide a new, tasteful experience to your morning. For example, we all have our standard choice of milk and sugars for coffee and tea, but we want to capture the atmosphere of Canada.  Whether you are trying new flavors, or going back to old favorites, a taste of Canada is a good way to start the day.

Homemade Canadian food at Sheridan College

Along with making your beverages Canadian, we can’t forget about the classic Canadian food that we all have come to love. Staples in the Canadian culture like Montreal smoked beef sandwiches, poutine, meatpies, peameal bacon, and traditional game meats are some of the many Canadian dishes we will offer. Indeed, Canadian food is visible throughout Canada, but as diverse as our cuisine is, a lot of is not always available. We want to bring the full scope of Canada’s diverse culture into the spotlight. To do so, we will be using the freshest ingredients, traditional recipes, and a welcoming environment.Canadian food at sheridan college

As a result, to have real Canadian food at Sheridan College, our ingredients would include the use of:

  • Montreal cheese curds
  • Montreal smoked beef
  • Prince Edward Island Russet potatoes
  • Atlantic Cod / British Columbia Salmon

Following traditional recipes, The True North Caf-eh team can fully customize any hot meal order to your liking in order to allow personal preference for our customers.

Breakfast items would be offered as well, ranging from:

  • Montreal style baked bagels
  • Traditional eggs, potatoes, hashbrowns, pancakes, waffles, etc
  • Variety of oatmeals and cereals

Canada and its sweet life

Whether your preference is cookie, donut, or muffin, everyone loves a quick sweet in the morning. Freshly baked goods are readily available at the True North Caf-eh. Ranging from donuts, to cookies, to muffins, to danishes, and much more, all dessert goods will be made fresh every morning to ensure quality for our customers. Likewise, your traditional cookie flavours (chocolate chip, macadamia nut, peanut butter, etc) will meet The True North Caf-eh to bring the Canadian flavour. At this time, our most notable flavors of sweets and baked goods are:

  • Nanaimo bars
  • Butter tarts
  • Pouding Chomeur
  • Saskatoon Berry Pie
  • Maple Walnut cookies, muffins and donuts

Indeed, we love our sweets just as much as our southern neighbours.  Canada produces over 85% of the worlds maple syrup (AGC, n.d), so we chose to incorporate it into the foods we know and love.

Show your pride, stop on by!

We would love to see you stop by the cafe, or to connect with us on social media! Follow us at our links below

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter apps


Canadian maple syrup [Pdf]. (n.d.). Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.

Sweet-Gluten Free cookies in Sheridan Campus

Making daily choices healthy with sweet-gluten free cookies in Sheridan Campus and with a good diet one can help to prevent diseases. Increased Energy choosing to eat healthy foods. Moreover, participating in regular activity can lead to higher levels of energy and reduced fatigue. Eating well is fundamental to good health and well-being. Healthy eating helps us to maintain a healthy weight and reduces our risk of diseases. We are providing Sweet-Gluten free cookies in Sheridan Campus for everyone and for better health. One of the biggest issues for students is affording healthy food with 46% of community college students. Also, 40% of four year college students reporting an inability to pay for balanced meals. (Hess, 2018).  Food is a lot more than nourishment for the body. Moreover, healthy food is very important for students. (Clarke University, 2020)


Introducing Sweet-Gluten Free Cookies:


Firstly, Our products are 100% natural, low-crab, dairy free and gluten free so that they can be diabetic friendly and sweetened. Secondly, all the products do not contain sugar but have ingredients like honey and maple so that it can be diabetes-free. Everyone’s wanted to be healthy and stable in life in terms of eating habits. Furthermore, if a common man or a college going student would like to have a good snack in between their free lessons or during eating periods. In addition, These cookies are ready to go. Anyone can have it and anywhere you can take it. We serve QUALITY.(Student 705, 2020)

Sweet-gluten free cookies in Sheridan

(Figure 1: Sweet-Gluten Free Cookies in Sheridan Campus)



Thinking about students and keeping in mind to keep them healthy and provide snacks which contain good amounts of protein and less calories.  Sweet-Gluten free Cookies in Sheridan Campus in PSB Cafe.

Sweet-gluten free cookies cafe

(Figure 2: Sweet-Gluten Free Cookies available in PSB Cafe of Sheridan Campus)

The PSB Cafe has many and various healthy products on college campuses. One Product which tempts many and has proved to be everyone’s favorite Sweet-Gluten free cookies.  All the bakery products with super high healthy benefits. These sweet-gluten free cookies are made in PSB Cafe itself and full hygiene is maintained in the cafe for the people coming to have it there or taking it away. The cafe look has also changed with a new theme. PSB Cafe located at Sheridan college Davis campus, Brampton. (Student 722, 2020 )


  • Sweet-Gluten free cookies give a great sense of satisfaction as when you eat cookies, you will feel full. As it is sweet-gluten free cookies in Sheridan college.
  • Cookies add energy and  are a perfect snack if you have a lot of activity in the morning, afternoon or evening.
  • These cookies also produce stable metabolism and give protein.
  •  Sweet-Gluten free cookies  improve bone health.
  • Maintains brain health as well.
  •  Cookies are ready to go. Person can take it away or have it there.


Pricing of Sweet-Gluten Free Cookies in Sheridan Campus:

Firstly, The best part of our product is the pricing. Secondly, The price is very much normal. Because, we want every student whether from a good economic profile or middle will be able to afford it on an everyday basis. The taste will work like magic for everyone. Moreover, If once tasted by anyone they will buy it again and again. The specialty of the cookies is the taste as well as the health benefit. In addition,  Healthy cookies contain whole grain flour, which provides vitamins, minerals and fiber all of which are nutritional in value. It is very pocket friendly for everyone.


  1.Online Promotion:

Certainly, Sweet-Gluten Free cookies will be promoted through online platforms of PSB Cafe. Instagram page, Twitter account, Facebook page of the Cafe will introduce healthy cookies and share their benefits. Also, People of Sheridan will get different benefits while promoting these cookies online and earn points. Moreover, Proper marketing will be done via social media through regular posts, stories, videos and clips.

Sweet-gluten free cookies

(Figure 3: Student promoting sweet-gluten free cookies online in Sheridan Campus)


   2.Sheridan Students Union:

Firstly, Students Union of Sheridan will promote these sweet-gluten free cookies in Sheridan campus. Secondly, Knowing the health benefits and price of the cookies will be an advantage for students to consume. Also, Students Union will promote it online on college Twitter account, LinkedIn account, Facebook account, share in whats app groups and all other social networking accounts. Moreover, Official emails to the college IDs should be sent about the healthy snack provided by PSB Cafe with the help of students union. In addition, All the events organized by Students Union will have posters of  Cookies and their benefits. In different events, these cookies should be given as gift hampers to the winners. Finally, SSU will advertise sweet-gluten free cookies on notice boards of campus and market their health benefits.

  3.Promotion at Events:

Sweet-Gluten free cookies provided at very low prices in different events in the college. Meet-ups, conferences, convocations and job fairs will be the highlight for promoting the cookies. Whereas, Athletic meets in college will be the main source of advertising cookies.


  4.Fun Activities organised by PSB Cafe:

In the common area, every weekend free activities and games are organized for the faculties and students. The  motive of promoting Sweet-Gluten free cookies in Sheridan Campus by PSB Cafe. After every Two weeks there will be a stall with a different theme, but same motive to attract customers. 


  5.Cookie Sale every Wednesday:

Every Wednesday, There will be a cookie sale for students especially on the campus. It will promoted with the help of SSU on website and PSB Cafe’s website. All the existing customers will get a reminder message as well. Different offers get unleashed like free samples to new customers. About, Refer and Earn coupons.


We all should give it a try and spread the work. PSB Cafe will make sure that no customer will leave the cafe disappointed.

Cold Cut Sandwiches at an Affordable Price

Everyone is in a rush these days. No one got time to cook at home, especially students. Also, with their limited budget and pocket money, they are always looking for ways to save money. But they do not have to worry anymore because Sheridan PSB café is bringing the best cold cut sandwiches at an affordable price. Yes, you heard it right, “Affordable and Best.”

What makes our cold cut sandwiches so unique?

We all want nutritious, fresh, and healthy food, and that is what PSB café is willing to provide you. We make our cold cut sandwiches with fresh and healthy ingredients. It is all about giving you the best quality. We understand that different people have different food types. Our menu is designed in a way so everyone can enjoy cold cut sandwiches according to their preferences.

We offer meat, vegetarian and vegan sandwiches. From whole wheat bread to gluten-free bread, we got it all. Our goal is to provide you with the best quality food at the price you want. 

We understand our customers’ needs, which is why we promise to provide the best quality cold sandwiches at an affordable price. 

Vegetarian sandwich – starting at $5.99+tax (Veggies of your choice)

Meat sandwich – starting at $7.99+tax (chicken, beef, turkey, and bacon)

Cheese sandwich – starting at $4.99+tax (mozzarella, goat, cheddar)

 Regular Combo – starting at $12.00 +tax

Combo options are available with sides (salads, fries, cookies with juice, and pop beverages).

You can upgrade your combos to medium or large (med: 60c and large 90c).


Cold Cut Sandwiches


Our store provides you the best price and service which cannot be matched by other stores. We care for you and your money, that is why we are offering you the best prices. 

Coupons and Discounts:

Not only that, but we will also be offering discounts and coupons so that our customers can save a little extra. We will be handing out tickets/coupons with your purchase, which you can use on your next purchase. But wait! There is more to this. If you post the picture of our sandwiches on your social media account and tag us, you will receive $15 off your next purchase. Yes, you heard it right $15 off. You can scan the coupons on your app too. 

Wait, we are not done yet. Every day we will be offering a “deal of the day” like buy sandwich and get another sandwich for free.

amazing deals

Skip the Line!

Time is money and we don’t like to waste your time. For your convenience, we have designed multiple options to skip the line. You can order from our PSB Café app, or you can place your order on the phone. We will send you a text message with the wait time. Not only that, but you can also place your order on Skip the Dishes and Uber Eats. Our store provides you with the best services so that you can save money as well as your precious time.

Where to find us?

We are in the PSB Café at Sheridan College. We are operating our business in Davis and HMC campuses. In Davis campus, we are located next to the gym. There are two entrances to the café, one from inside the building, which students can access easily. We designed a separate entry for our outside customers.

On the HMC campus, we are located at the west entrance.

We are waiting for you.

What are you waiting for? Come and visit us to try our best cold cut sandwiches at an affordable price. We are open on Mondays to Fridays, from 8:00 am to 8: 00 pm.  For your convenience, we are open on weekends so that you can enjoy our sandwiches every day throughout the week.

Calories Displayed PSB Sheridan

Calories Displayed PSB Sheridan

What can I add to my low calories Protein Smoothie PSB Sheridan?

Calories displayed PSB Sheridan, We have a variety of gradians to maintain your low-calorie diet. The main thing we focus on is for you to know how many calories your smoothie has. We also offer standard protein-infused smoothies with great prices.

PSB café allows u to add any gradients from the following list:

  • Nut Butter
  • Coconut Milk
  • Flax Seeds
  • Seaweed
  • Oats
  • Chia Seeds
  • Milk
  • Pumpkin Seeds
  • Clean Protein Powder
  • Vegan Protein Powder
  • Cinnamon
  • Almond Milk
  • Spinach
  • Frozen Banana
  • Avocado
  • Berries (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries)
  • Mango.
  • Pineapple.
  • Peach.
  • Banana.
  • Apple.
  • Melon.
  • Cherries.


Healthy Protein Smoothies

How great are calories displayed PSB Sheridan!

Being able to customize your smoothie with the number of calories displayed PSB Sheridan. Not only personalized delicious protein smoothie but also with a displayed label that identifies the gradients you have selected from the list with the number of calories displayed.


However, sometimes we struggle to find something tasty, healthy, and with a low number of calories. Much less, this will help you achieve your target and stay on top of your healthy diet. The label printed on your protein smoothie cup can keep you tracked of the amount of your calorie intake every day. All prices at PSB cafe at Sheridan college starts from 4.99 CAD. By being aware of the number of calories you have in your drink you can lose body fat or even weight loss. Also, meals during the day can be reduced and replaced with protein smoothies especially for gym aesthetics who want to reduce their weigh.

low calories protein smoothies at PSB Sheridan
low calories protein smoothies at PSB Sheridan


Protein smoothies help you stay active and focused on what matters to you during the day. As a matter of fact, Protein smoothies can be the best thing to start your day with, especially with morning classes. Besides, Even coffee sometimes doesn’t give what protein smoothies do. Additionally, PSB café is located on campus, all what you actually need is to grab your personalized protein smoothie and start the day with the energy that all of us need. Customized protein smoothies that fit your healthy diet, and allows you to have the drink you want with the number of calories you want.


Why is it important to customize your protein smoothies?

If you’re willing to maintain a healthy diet, you should know what exactly you’re eating and drinking. As most successful diets are about consuming fewer amounts of sugar, and when we talk about smoothies, we expect high amounts of sugar with a high number of calories. However, it’s always better if we can get protein smoothies with the number of calories displayed on the cup. Indeed, that’s why you need to make sure about all gradients added to your protein smoothie.

Starting with the number of calories in each protein smoothie. Above all, most of the smoothies we buy daily don’t have the number of calories on the cup. It’s important to know how much calories and what gradients my smoothies contain especially for someone who works out daily and tries to burn fat or lose weight, or even to stay in a good shape. Also, the number of calories in any drink depends on the gradients you add to it.

Low Calories Protein Smoothies

PSB Café at Sheridan college HMC

PSB café is located at Sheridan College Mississauga HMC near square one. Even more, for all Sheridan’s students who care about their health and need to stay energized and active?
On the other hand, at PSB Café we know how difficult is to maintain a healthy diet, that’s why we brought an amazing product that helps you to manage the number of calories you need in each smoothie. furthermore, we help our aesthetic customers to reach their goals. Therefore, at PSB café we provide great and healthy smoothies by allowing you to customize your protein smoothies by adding the gradients you wish. nevertheless, We also display the number of calories in each smoothie based on your gradients.


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