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PSB Recruit retirement home PSW staff problem

Why should I care about quality staff?

Residents matter, let us help you help them. The Importance of Quality Staff in Retirement Homes webinar will teach you about recognizing the good and bad in your staff and how you can work to only have the best. You will no longer have to worry about your retirement home PSW staff problem.

It's more than just the bare minimum!

Why should I care?

You’ve probably heard it a thousand times, respect your elders, but unfortunately, many retirement home staff do not share these same values. It is very important to find quality staff that are able to reliably take care of residents. There are many factors to consider and it can be quite time-consuming to find the right fit which is why we want to help you. We’re lending you a helping hand on your journey to find the best staff to fit you and your residents. The Importance of Quality Staff in Retirement Homes webinar will provide you with all the tools you need and give you an opportunity to network with other attendees and speakers. Let us help you with your retirement home PSW staff problem.

Learn to distinguish the bad from the good with your retirement home staff

What can I expect?

Join our keynote speaker, Melissa Crawford, an expert on the staffing crisis in retirement homes, to discuss the various aspects affecting your ability to find and hire retirement home staff. Melissa Crawford spent her early career in various HR positions in various industries from food services to retail to supply chain management to retirement homes. She recognized that in many of these industries, it can be hard to find the right staff for the job. 

After going back to school for communications, she began focusing on the various issues that affect hiring. Melissa decided to her main focus would be in the healthcare industry and took a liking to retirement homes. She noticed how many staff were rude, unreliable and often had limited training. From there she wrote her top-selling book “Respect Your Elders” about retirement home staffing issues. Melissa has dedicated her career to teaching hiring managers what to look for in quality staff and now she is here to teach you.

In this webinar, Melissa Crawford will discuss some of the topics in her book. She will discuss the issues that many retirement homes face when it comes to staffing. What elements make a good quality staff member and how to discover which factors are most important for you and your residents. Why it is so important to find the best quality staff and staff that your residents like and resonate with. And resources that you can use to help improve your staffing issues effectively and efficiently. Additionally, the webinar will provide you with the opportunity to network and connect with different homes and speakers.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain key insight into how you can distinguish the bad from the good when it comes to your retirement home staff. Join us in the Importance of Quality Staff in Retirement Homes webinar to learn all this and more. And don’t forget about the amazing networking opportunities.

Retirement Home Testimonials

Lawson retirement Home PSW staff problem

Lawson Retirement Homes

"I didn't realize how bad my staffing issues were until I attended this webinar. Not only did I learn where I was lacking, but I also learned what I can do to fix it. The speakers helped me to recognize where I need to improve and the best ways to do so. It was a great opportunity for myself and the Lawson Retirement Home that I'm so happy I took. Can't recommend this webinar enough!"​

Provide Health Retirement Home PSW staff problem

Provide Home

"I was having serious staffing issues but had no idea how to find the right people for my residents. We had residents and families complaining about my staff constantly which honestly was more time-consuming than looking for new staff. Provide Home wants the best for my residents so I knew I had to do something to make things better. This webinar taught me exactly what to look for and helped raise my rating as a retirement home. They provided me with the right tools for the job and I will never look back!"​

Home Health retirement Home PSW staff problem

Home Health

"I couldn't believe how knowledgeable to speakers were and how much I was able to relate to what they were saying. They perfectly described the situation Home Health is currently in with our lacking staff. They opened my eyes to how I can greatly improve the lives of my residents by finding the perfect staff for them. I want the best for my residents so the information and tools they provided are something that I will use forever. Highly recommend to anyone facing staffing issues!"​

Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to learn the benefits of quality staff

Join Melissa Crawford and other speakers at the 2023 webinar, The Importance of Quality Staff in Retirement Homes.

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AI: Streamlining your Recruitment Process

Streamlining Your Recruitment Process Using AI

Use AI to automatically scan resume, cover letters and preliminary technical test

Streamlining your recruitment process using the top-of-the-line AI recruiting software with technical test evaluation will not only reliably scan resumes and cover letters but also conduct preliminary technical tests. These technical tests can be customized according to the needs of the specific job posting making more time for hiring managers to focus on the top candidates. 

Want to Streamline your Recruitment Process?

Register Now

Interested in learning more about how using recruiting software with AI can streamline your hiring process? Fill out this form to register for the webinar.

April 25, 2023 1:00-2:00 pm EST

via Zoom

As the technology industry continues to grow exponentially, it is essential for businesses to efficiently hire the best candidates for the job. The industry requires better and smarter approaches to evaluate applicants’ technical skills and reduce recruitment time so that hiring managers can focus on the top candidates. 

Join our industry experts to learn the benefits of using an advanced recruiting software with machine learning capabilities which can help save hiring managers’ time during the recruiting process. This includes how artificial intelligence can efficiently scan through hundreds of resumes, cover letters, and technical tests for specific job postings. With technology continuously advancing, how will YOU adapt?

In this webinar you will learn: 

  • The advancement of AI technology in the recruiting process.
  • How streamlining your recruitment process using Artificial Intelligence will help your company.
  • Best practices when developing a preliminary technical test to send out to promising candidates.


Meet Our Webinar Guests

Barbra is a smiling women happy about candidate tracking system for recruiters

Samantha Johnson

Leading Expert in Artificial Intelligence

Samantha is a well-known AI expert with a long background in computer science. She is currently consulting for many well-known companies across North America for the past 10 years. She is particularly passionate about helping companies work more efficiently by utilizing AI to their advantage.

Morgan Stark

Computer Science Professor at Stark University

Morgan is a Computer Science professor at Stark University with a focus on Artificial Intelligence. Previously she worked at Stark Industries holding the position of Director of Machine Learning. Her mission is to find ways to make AI more adaptable according to the needs of the user. 

John Davis

Lead Software Developer at PSB Recruit

John has been working for PSB Software for the past eight years. Throughout the years, he has been responsible for artificial intelligence within PSB Software. His latest project was working on the PSB Recruit software to improve the efficiency of companies. 


Webinar Topics

The Advancement of AI Technology in the Recruiting Process 

Learn the latest trends in Artificial Intelligence within the recruitment process and how it is practically used within the tech industry. Presented by the leading expert in artificial intelligence, you will receive real-life examples of how the technology transformed multiple companies that Samantha Johnson consults for. She will go into more detail about the process of streamlining your recruitment process. 

Streamlining your Recruitment Process using Artificial Intelligence


Learn how top companies use AI technology in their recruitment process to efficiently find the best candidates. Morgan Stark will walk you through some features that AI can offer which includes scanning resume and cover letters. She will also give you a basic understanding of how users can work with AI by setting parameters to better adapt to their needs. In addition, she will go over how machine learning can make the software more efficient over time. 

Effectively Develop a Preliminary Skill Test

The AI integrated software is only limited by your imagination! Use AI to your advantage and create basic yet unique coding problems suited for each job position. John Davis will briefly walk you through how he uses PSB Recruit’s AI technology to customize preliminary skill test for job positions that require the use of multiple coding languages. In this webinar, you will receive tips and tricks on how to easily create technical tests that is tailored for the position you are hiring.


Trusted by leading brands

Captain Gaming

Panther Technology


Webinar Testimonials


” I am so glad that I attended this webinar! It has opened my eyes to the potential that Artificial Intelligence has for my company. I can’t wait to share the information with my team and start implementing some changes.”

Luke Banner, VP of engineering, parker technology inc.

lady happy about applicant tracking system

“Extremely informative webinar, it went above my expectations! The speakers were very knowledgeable and the information presented was very relevant to me. I would highly recommend this webinar to people who want to save time during the recruiting process!” 

Sophie simons, VP of human resources, Ragnarok games

Interested in streamlining your recruitment process with AI?

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AI: Learn how to 10x your productivity with the best candidate tracking system for recruiters

image of PSB Recruit's logo that is used to promote candidate tracking systems for recruiters to recruiters

Current number of participants: 400/500

Streamlined Recruiting: How to10x Your Productivity With the Best Candidate Tracking System for Recruiters

PSB Recruit: Effortless recruiting, limitless results

This live webinar is scheduled for 11:00 a.m. EST on April 14th ,
2023 via Webex.

Our technological world is constantly evolving, and staying up to date with the latest trends and best practices can be a daunting task for some recruiters, particularly those who are inundated with information. As start-up recruiters, you are constantly faced with the challenge of finding qualified app developers who possess the skills and experience needed to help your company thrive in the ever-changing landscape.

During the webinar, you will learn about the latest advancements in recruitment technology and how it can help your start-up technology organization overcome the challenges of finding qualified programmers and maintaining a diverse workforce.

14 days left!

By registering for this webinar, I agree to be
contacted via email or other automation
software periodically with event details
Person in Meeting talking about candidate tracking system for recuiters

Is This the Right Webinar for my Company?

If you are a recruiter at a start-up technology organization who is finding it increasingly difficult to find qualified app developers, we encourage you to signup for our webinar, as it will equip you with the technological competencies necessary to attract the talent pool your company deserves!

Webinar Discussion Topics

Bias recruiting software can perpetuate prejudices and discrimination, leading to a less diverse and qualified workforce. Fortunately, attending this webinar will teach you how robust recruiting software can help your start-up avoid bias.

By attending this webinar, companies will have the opportunity to learn about the latest advancements in AI recruitment technology and how to implement them to gain a competitive edge in their industry. In addition, you gain insights into how candidate tracking systems can automate tasks such as resume screening and candidate matching, thereby reducing the time and effort required to hire a candidate.

This webinar will teach you about the different types of bias that can be introduced into the recruitment process and how to avoid them using AI algorithms. In addition, you will also learn about the legal requirements for collecting and processing personal data and how to ensure that your recruitment process is compliant with relevant Canadian data privacy laws. ​

Attending our webinar will provide recruitment managers with tips on how to attract the right programmers for their job openings. Furthermore, you will gain a better understanding of how to optimize the coding interview process for app development positions

 During our Q&A session, our panellists will provide practical tips and advice on how to create job postings that resonate with candidates, how to conduct effective interviews, and how to negotiate competitive offers that will entice top talent to join your organization. In addition, our webinar will provide an overview of the different tools and resources available to help recruiters identify and engage with potential candidates, including social media, job boards, and industry events.

Trusted by Leading Technology Recruitment Companies


Nexus Nok

Paradigm, Inc



"Thanks for the insightful webinar on the importance of recruitment software. It was great to learn about the latest trends and how PSB Recruit can benefit our hiring process. "
Mike Viv, believer in efficient ai recruitment technology and candidate tracking system for recruiters. He is smiling
John Lu
"Thanks for the fantastic webinar! As someone who is new to recruitment software, I found the information presented by Gaben and Barbra incredibly helpful and insightful. Can't wait for the next one!"
HR professional smiling about candidate tracking system for recruiters
Dwight Stevens
" I just wanted to thank you for such an informative webinar on the importance of recruitment software. I learned a lot and can't wait to implement this technology for my company; cheers!"
HR manager happy about new a candidate tracking system for recruiters
Sasha Beer

Meet the Webinar Speakers

Gaben and Barbra have over four fours years of experience organizing seminars and webinars for PSB Software. They are both industry professionals with seasoned experience in the mobile app industry and AI sectors.

       Gaben Belford- Engineer

Gaben has over 20 years of experience in mobile app development, with a focus on building AI models and optimizing his candidate tracking systems for recruiters

Barbra is a smiling women happy about candidate tracking system for recruiters

       Barbra Warfet- HR Manager

Barbra is an experienced hiring manager with over ten years of expertise in talent acquisition, retention and development. She also has 9 years of experince in the technology industry.

It's time to Learn More About Canada's the Best Candidate Tracking System for Recruiters!

This webinar is your last chance to learn about PSB Recruit's candidate tracking system for recruiters, a powerful technological tool that can improve your hiring process and productivity. Additionally, you'll gain valuable insights into the latest trends and best practices in recruitment and have the opportunity to connect with highly skilled recruitment professionals who can share some of their insights. Don't miss out on this limited-time opportunity to learn how to expand your knowledge!

Connect With Other Participants who Signed up!

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