Customized Cakes with PSB Café – Sheridan

Who are we?

Two alumni took an initiative to serve the taste buds of students by launching the PSB Café. With the previous experience in barista and  the other person having family background of bakers. Thereafter, owner dream of having a self-owned bakery. PSB Café comes with an edge to present customized cake to students. So they can celebrate their success moments, farewell, nostalgia goodbyes, birthday of their classmates and many events without any hustle. Also there is no hindrance of second thoughts.  Cakes on occasions and various deserts sweetness give satisfaction of every moment celebrated. PSB Café has the facility to customize cakes and other puddings and deserts as per preference. All over, creating a charming pampered remembering moment for years.

Cakes: Customized flavored orange and other fruits.
Cakes: Customized flavored orange and other fruits.


Students can easily rely on the customized cakes with PSB Café for their friends and loved ones. The taste and freshness is ensured as baking is done when order received, there is no crummy or moldy  items stocked in advance and everything is brought up whenever there is a particular order placed with selective preference. The advantage of being an alumni is that we are very well aware of our on-campus student expectation. Sheridan PSB Café serves the taste of students from overseas that is miss living in Canada. So, PSB Café aims to provide the best products and services to both the domestic and international students.

What we serve ?

PSB Café serves various beverages, deserts, combo-meals and many other items as per both the Canadian taste and international students. Café serves as a combination to mix as per one’s taste and liking. Customized cakes is a new way to make college more lively and students can enjoy to fullest. After a tiring day full of assignments, deadlines and other chaos, eating puddings and sweet platters can be the most positive moment for the day.

Customized cake
Choco chip Cookies as a desert after every meal.

Plenty of items having customization as per the customer desire greets them with pleasure and a sense of contentment. The cakes of PSB Café are baked with love, freshness and lots of care and wishes for the success of student. Lastly, we establish the long-term relationship with the alumni’s and also existing students. Also, helping them academically whenever needed. PSB Café is simply a mode to connect to students on-campus and be the service to their daily needs of meals and regular drinks. Cakes are addition to the moments of joy and cheerfulness, a small gesture one can present to other. Avoid looking outside or long-way drive to do any kind of preparation to please oneself.

chocolate cake
Chocolate cake serves the pampering feelings

Where can you find us easily? 

PSB Café can be easily located at the premises of Sheridan college – Davis Campus and HMC Campus. Also, to avoid delays and hustle, book your order online with the fixed date and timings. Customized Cake with PSB Café is available as to produce the personalized savor and flavors of home country. Various options in deserts, beverages and combo-meals can surely be full satisfying breakfast after reaching college early morning hours. Thus having a break from stressful and pressurized presentations and deadlines. Regular loyal customers enjoy many discounts, rewards and offers. Learn more about the fresh Brew at Sheridan PSB Café.

Pudding cookies enhances the moments

Considering the coffee-lovers, e-cards are bought up into action so as to charge less after a certain cup of coffee in a day and building up the loyal regular customer for the PSB Café. Lastly, during the college occasions and celebrations, PSB café will continue to offer various other customized products. Therefore, to stay updated and enjoy every moment of Sheridan college holding carefully the Customized Cakes with PSB Café, stay connected with us on social media platforms.




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Are you craving a highly nutritious fruit smoothie right now? Well hello hello, all you diet-conscious fitness enthusiasts! We have some good news for all of you who are spending a lot of time at or around the Sheridan College HMC campus. We heard your concerns about not having enough healthy food and drink options on campus. As a result, we decided to bring you something very exciting! Let us give you a hint – “healthy smoothies Sheridan HMC?”

You wanted it, and now you got it! As a result, here at our very own campus, you will be now able to find something that you will not be able to resist after an exhausting session at the gym. We present to you our very own – protein-infused smoothies – exclusively available at the PSB Cafe at Sheridan College.

Let us make a promise to you; these drinks taste exactly like any other smoothie you will have. But what’s different in our smoothies? OUR SMOOTHIES HAVE NO SUGAR! In addition, we will even keep all artificial additives away from you. We already know the health benefits of protein smoothies and so, this smoothie is here to keep you on track for your nutrition goals for as long as you keep coming to us. Our smoothies are being kept MILES away from any sugar, and we replace all those bad calories with good calories in the form of fruits, and that to of your choice. At very modest prices of $4.99, $5.99 and$6.99 for a small, medium, or large smoothie, you even have the option of choosing the type and quantity of protein to go in your smoothie. Well, do we have your attention now?


Sheridan College | Toronto Area: Brampton Mississauga Oakville

We are located at Sheridan College’s HMC Campus, adjacent to the Square Mall Shopping Mall. The PSB Cafe is located on the Ground floor of the A-wing of the campus and is open for business from 8 am to 10 pm daily.  Located in a very convenient location, there are very spacious common areas right outside the PSB Cafe where you can relax after a day filled with classes and extra-curricular activities, and enjoy one of our refreshing, healthy smoothie with your friends. Sheridan College has a current enrollment of over 18,000 students who walk in and out of the cafeteria doors on a daily basis. The PSB Cafe is conveniently located very close to the library, gymnasium, and team study rooms. In addition to that, we have table tennis situated right next to our cafe! Now isn’t that a blessing?


Protein smoothies Sheridan HMC

For your convenience, we will place a promotional stall right outside the Sheridan HMC Gym located on the B-wing 2nd floor. Hence right after a workout session, don’t hesitate in stopping by at our booth to try our fruit and protein smoothies. We will be there wherever you want us!


Sometimes you might be running late for a group meeting and do not have the time to stop for a protein smoothie, don’t be disappointed! If you can’t come to us, we will come to you! Through the “Boost” app currently being used by Tim Hortons for advanced orders, you will have the facility to order a drink and we will deliver it to you at the Sheridan Library located in the B-wing. Now how can you ever say no to a classic protein smoothie?


Protein smoothies Sheridan HMC

If you think delivering to the library is a blessing, wait till you hear this. In addition to library deliveries, WE EVEN DELIVER TO CLASSROOMS! Moreover, you do not need to miss those important lectures to grab a drink. Eventually, the “Boost” app will bring the smoothies to your classroom as well. Now, do you have an excuse to not give us a try? We don’t think so!

We understand how stressful it can be to manage school and fitness. So now all you young gym enthusiasts know what we have brought for you. In short, your “Healthy Smoothies Sheridan HMC” dream has finally come true!


The PSB Cafe has also announced a special loyalty program just for the new refreshing smoothies. Thus, after every 5 drinks, your 6th smoothie would be free through a loyalty reward card. So let’s start enjoying those free drinks!

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Finally, we look forward to seeing you, or if you want, we will come to see you!


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Healthy cookies at Sheridan foodcourt

PSB Café : Healthy cookies at Sheridan foodcourt

The PSB Café is the place where you can release your all day’s stress by having number of quality eatable which can help you to enlighten up your day. It is a place where you can feel your study. It was started in 2017 and is known for its delicious and healthy baked items. Its aim is to establish the balance between the desires for comfort and privacy and the user needs such as independence workspaces.We serve healthy cookies at Sheridan foodcourt.

Photograph of Men Having Conversation Seating on Chair

What we serve ?
WE SERVE QUALITY. We serve all the bakery items to our customers which are healthy and tasty. Our served items are unique in many ways as they are gluten-free, no added sugars and so on but the fact is that you will never have to compromise on your taste for getting these benefits from our products. As we operate in college, our primary customers are the diploma or degree students who wants to have something unique, healthy, tasty and that can enlighten up their whole day. So, we serve the very unique experience to all our customers.

How we Serve ?
We serve our target customer through our walk-in café at the college food courts as well as through the online ways. Nowadays we are operating only by online means as the college is no more opening due to COVID-19 and we are getting a good response to our online means too. Not only our target customers, but other people are also showing more and more interest in our bakery. This means we are getting more popularity through the word-of-mouth and people are getting engaged with us.

Photo of the Restaurant

We always get many worthy feedbacks from our customers that shows how well we operate in our industry. The customers talk about each aspect of our work and our uniqueness. They talk about our product that in how many ways it is unique from our competitors like it is healthier and even tastier than most of competitors.
They talk about our premium quality that we serve one of the best quality food in the town. Even most of the premium pricing bakeries cannot meets the expectations of the quality and the taste of the food we have at our Café.
The online selling of our items is also gaining more popularity among all customers as very less competitors are doing home deliveries these days and hence we are gaining more and more focus of people in the area.

What are our Plans ?
In near future, we are trying to expand our roots all over Toronto at different locations in different colleges and we will try our best to maintain the quality as well as the performance of our employees at all the new locations we are trying to open. This planning is done in order to expand the uniqueness and happiness to more and more customers especially the students who are stressed and not able to get the quality we offer in their near locations. We plans to serve every student who is in eager too have something good to eat and wants to spend some quality time alone or with their loved ones. We will also opens at locations other than colleges as we are gaining popularity among old aged people who have something healthier to eat. So basically our plans are to serve healthy cookies at Sheridan foodcourt to each individual who wants it.

What are you waiting for ?
Pick up your phone and place order to get to know more about us and our various baked items. You can also drop in a comment if you would like to suggest some changes in our patterns so that we could do even better in coming future to serve you. You can also subscribes to us and follow us on Instagram, twitter and facebook for more and up-to-date information about us and our menu and more.

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