Low-Cost Retirement Homes Staffing

Revolutionize Your LOW-COST Retirement Homes Staffing with New Hiring Strategies Join us to learn more about tips and tools to have low-cost retirement homes staffing but still have quality staff. Get quality healthcare staffing effortlessly at a low cost to provide good care for your resident without compromising. Time: 2 PM - 3 PM Nov … Continue reading Low-Cost Retirement Homes Staffing

Matchmaking recruitment software for the win!

Introducing the most exciting software on the market, PSB recruit is a matchmaking recruitment software created to help senior managers. With patented software, there is no other recruiter like PSB. Useful for every industry under the sun, PSB connects you to the brightest minds, fulfilling your hiring needs. We offer a free webinar, to teach … Continue reading Matchmaking recruitment software for the win!

AI: Streamlining your Recruitment Process

Streamlining Your Recruitment Process Using AI Use AI to automatically scan resume, cover letters and preliminary technical testStreamlining your recruitment process using the top-of-the-line AI recruiting software with technical test evaluation will not only reliably scan resumes and cover letters but also conduct preliminary technical tests. These technical tests can be customized according to the needs … Continue reading AI: Streamlining your Recruitment Process