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Effortless Centralized Finance Platform

Join us for a special webinar where we will introduce you to the effortless centralized finance platform that have been designed to completely transform how businesses handle their finances.

This online gathering, which will be hosted by thought leaders and industry experts, will turn into a lively hub of insights, conversations, and demonstrations. The newest developments in finance applications, budgeting tools, and payment handling systems will be adapted by participants.

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Topics Covered:

Webinar Speakers

centralized finance platform speaker

Natasha Romanoff

Product Marketing Lead
PSB Finance

effortless centralized finance platform speaker

Max Hamilton

Director of Enterprise
PSB Finance

effortless centralized finance platform speaker

Taylor Swift

Global Product Lead
PSB Finance

Trusted by leading brands

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“The software’s effortless and secured integration with various products and platforms has greatly increased the effectiveness of our process. Our processes have been centralized and time-saving thanks to this level of integration, which has freed us up to concentrate on our main business operations.”

charles sainz
Vice President, fast food

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Learn more about how we can help your organization effortlessly centralize your business operations with our finance platform suites.

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The Accounting Mobile App for Small Businesses

We Are PSB Finance

Revolutionize Your Small Business with PSB Finance App

Discover the Essential Accounting Mobile App for Small Business Owners. Operate Anywhere, Anytime!

Date: Nov 15, 2023 at 2pm

Join an interactive session where small business owners will share their success stories with the PSB Finance App. See how it transformed their businesses and made their financial lives simpler.

Are you a small business owner looking for a game-changing solution to simplify your finances and accounting? Join our exclusive webinar to explore how the PSB Finance App, an outstanding accounting mobile app for small businesses, can empower you to manage your business from the palm of your hand. Say goodbye to the complexities of daily transactions, bills, and payrolls. Our award-winning mobile app and software make it easy, even for beginners, to stay in control and streamline your financial operations. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to join a vibrant community of entrepreneurs, gain valuable insights, and take your business to new heights.

Why Join Our Webinar

In our webinar, discover how the PSB Finance Mobile App can make the complexities of daily transactions, bills, and payrolls a thing of the past. We’ll show you just how easy and intuitive finance and accounting can be with the right software, even if you’re new to the game.

Award-Winning UX Design

Our user-friendly interface ensures a seamless start for beginners like you.

Affordable Pricing

Take advantage of our annual payment plans tailored to small businesses.

Mobile App

Manage your business from the comfort of your smartphone with PSB Finance App. Work Anywhere, Manage Anytime!

Thriving Community

Join a network of like-minded business owners for support, learning, and growth.
Share and exchange your experiences working with accounting mobile app for small businesses.


Learn how the mobile app’s seamless integration between your smartphone and other devices gives you unparalleled flexibility. No matter where you are, you’ll have full control over your business’s financial pulse.


Our Clients Said

    Fernando Rodriges

    Fernando Rodriges

    Owner of Cafe Blu Blu

    I was struggling with accounting for my small business until I discovered PSB Finance. It’s not just an app; it’s a lifeline for entrepreneurs. It’s intuitive, convenient, and the annual payment plan makes it a budget-friendly choice. Thanks to PSB Finance, I finally have peace of mind when it comes to my business finances.

      Daisy Dunn

      Daisy Dunn

      Owner of Daisy’s Lazy Cafe

      I can’t express how much the PSB Finance App has revolutionized my business. As a small cafe owner juggling multiple locations, managing finances was a nightmare. But this app has simplified everything. It’s so user-friendly, and the community support is invaluable. I can’t imagine running my cafes without it now.

        Delina Shmicell

        Delina Shmicell


        PSB Finance has given me the financial freedom I always dreamed of. I used to dread the accounting side of my business, but this app has turned it into a breeze. It’s a game-changer for beginners and seasoned business owners alike. Plus, the community is a fantastic place to share experiences and gain knowledge.


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        Help Your Small Business To Get On A New Stage!

        Don’t miss this opportunity to empower your small business with cutting-edge financial technology. Join us for an engaging, informative, and game-changing webinar experience. Register today and take the first step toward financial freedom and success.

        seamless integration with business systems for labs

        financial software with seamless integration for healthcare in canada

        Seamless Integration. One Software. Smooth Operations.

        Running medical labs business operations can be inherently complex, with many moving parts. Therefore, we invite you to join our webinar to discover how you can manage your financial activities seamlessly and effectively engage your entire team.

        Wednesday December 6th at 10am ET | 7am PT

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        BACKGROUND LAB HEALTHCARE for PSB financial software with financial software with seamless integration


        During our webinar, our speakers will lead you through a comprehensive exploration of the features and capabilities offered by PSB Finance, which opens up endless opportunities for your operations. We will tackle the healthcare industry’s challenges, especially within medical testing labs, where it’s essential to achieve seamless integration with various business systems. This is critical for connecting all teams using cloud-based solutions.

        Moreover, PSB Finance software streamlines data access, saving you valuable time. Consequently, it leads to improved business outcomes and enhances your strategic planning. This fosters faster decision-making based on accurate and error-free data, effectively engaging your entire team across all your business functions.

        Business Development Specialist & Consultant PSB SPEAKER
        Founder & CEO of PSB Corporation
        Head Of Information Technology & Product Design At PSB Corporation


        Business Development Specialist & Consultant, Fortune 500 Company

        Mr Belkin is a key driver of growth and success for many companies. With his strategic approach and market insights, he identifies and capitalizes on opportunities, forms essential partnerships, and expands client base. He also uses innovative strategies and has a track record of delivering results making him a great asset to have for many businesses.


        Founder & CEO, PSB Corporation

        Ms. Smith boasts two decades of industry experience, having a rich history of serving numerous clients. Her visionary approach is centered on staying ahead of new technology trends while ensuring that her clients benefit from cutting-edge solutions and state-of-the-art platforms that elevate their business management.


        Head Of Information Technology & Product Design, PSB Corporation

        Mrs. Elijah has been with the company since its inception. She has been instrumental in addressing challenges and building a team of skilled engineers. With her team, she focuses on continuous testing processes to guarantee a seamless integration and error-free end-user experience, to ensure the highest quality of applications.

        PSB FINANCE BENEFITS that focuses why it is the #1 financial software with seamless integration, easy to learn, accurate data, and customized financial reports

        PSB finance in a glance

        #1 financial software that is reliable financial software with seamless integration

        Reliable software solutions

        our products

        #1 financial software with award winning user interface design

        Award-Winning User Interface

        our demo

        #1 financial software with world class team of engineers to ensure seamless integration with business systems

        World Class Team of Engineers

        our team

        #1 financial software with cloud-based solutions

        Cloud-Based Access

        from anywhere


        “We have tested PSB Finance for a pilot project early this year. overall, we were satisfied with the process, and the software blended with our systems in a way that leveraged all the functions and consolidated them in one easy to use and fully integrated financial software. Presently, we have moved to full integration and highly recommend PSB Finance!”

        Dean McCarthy, CEO, North Laboratories Corp.


        Knowing the challenges of the healthcare industry and addressing all the challenges in the medical labs working environment, PSB Finance integrates seamlessly with business processes. It can offer you and your organization effortless connectivity across all functions including HR, marketing, finance, operations, IT, and more.


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        financial software with seamless integration for healthcare in canada

        Learn Hints For Accounting Software in Canada

        Bring Productivity of Finance Operations

        To the Next Level

        Join our free webinar to learn modern hints for accounting software in Canada that will help you to increase your business productivity while decreasing operational costs.

        December 20, 2023 | From 12-1:30 PM

        Seeking new ways to increase your company’s productivity?

        Get insights from industry leading professionals! Firstly, you will benefit from some innovative hints for accounting software in Canada. Secondly, we will show you how to apply them in practice. Finally, we will share with you the best tools you can start using right now to make the most out of your financing!

        Image of an Accounting Professional smiling and ready to tell hints

        Learn Hints For Accounting Software in Canada from PSB Finance

        This free webinar is created and structured specifically for small and medium sized businesses. If you were seeking ways to maximize your business’s productivity by utilizing hints for accounting software, than look no further!

        Two industry leading professionals from our team will tell you about the most emerging trends and methods that the accounting software market can offer. You will get expert advice on which of these trends can bring you the most benefit as well as what should be avoided.

        Then we will be showcasing a real-world example of how all these benefits can be utilized using our PSB Finance Software. Each of you will be given a 5-day free trial to play around and apply all learnings yourself. This will allow you not only to practice what we told you, but also see how your business can benefit from this.

        At the end, we will share with you a list of free tools that all small and middle-sized businesses can make use to bring their productivity to the next level.

        Join us on Wednesday, December 20 from 12 to 1:30 pm to learn about the most recent hints for accounting software in Canada.

        Our clients trust us!

        Burrito Especial

          Burrito Especial

          Mexican Restaurant

          We’ve been using PSB Software for more than 10 years now and we believe they are the best! We constantly get updated on the software we use to include all most modern technologies available on the market.

          Cow's Delights

            Cow’s Delights

            Ice Cream Cafe

            Last year we visited their webinar on hints for software in Canada that increase productivity. We were surprised on how beneficial advices appeared. We managed to reduce more than 30% of working time on some processes.



              Mac&Cheese Cafe

              After using inventory management software from BSB for almost 5 years we recently decided to try their new finance module. It appeared to be just a breakthrough!

              Loaded Burgers

                Loaded Burgers

                Burger Restaurant

                We never thought a 2-hour benefit could give us so much benefit! A team of professionals gave so many advices and hints that allowed us to innovate our processes and reach new productivity level! Looking forward for more!

                Are You Ready To Thrive?


                Can I get recording of the Webinar

                Yes, but only those, who visited webinar will receive free PSB Finance 5-day trial as well as a FREE access to the tools that can boost your business productivity.

                I am not available for this time, do you have other dates?

                Yes, this “Learn Hints For Accounting Software in Canada” Webinar will be also conducted in February and April 2024. Subscribe to our social media to get notified on new dates and new Webinars!

                How long does it take to install PSB Finance

                All of our software modules are cloud based. You can start benefiting from using the in less than 10 minutes.

                Accounting Professional Smiles and eager to tell hints


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