Protein Filled Low Calorie Smoothies in Sheridan College

We all have been taught a lesson of taking balanced diet since our childhood. But often, most of us today have been compromising with our dietary requirements because of our busy schedules. Around 60 grams of protein is necessary in our routine diet but how many of us are complying with the same? Well, not to worry because we just got the right solution for you. Make ‘Protein Filled Low-calorie Smoothies’ at PSB Cafe, Sheridan College. a perfect companion for your diet.  It isn’t only made up of fresh ingredients and low sugar content but is also filled with protein of your choice. Whether you involve a lot into physical activities or not, Protein filled low-calorie Smoothies is just the right fit for your diet because it can be personalized according to your dietary requirements. You will have a world of ingredients to choose from to make your perfect mix of carbs, proteins, vitamins and other nutrients. 

Who knew maintaining a healthy lifestyle would be so easy in today’s hectic life?


Protein Filled Low Calorie Smoothie
What can be better than staying fit without putting an extra effort but enjoying all your specials in one glass?
Well, that is the magic of our Protein filled low-calorie Smoothie for you which will make your taste buds dance along with meeting your dietary requirements.

Product Speciality

Made up of fresh fruits and vegetables
 Pleasant and Distinct Flavours
 Low sugar content
 Less calories
 Gluten-free options available
 Suitable for Allergy Conscious consumers
 Great Nutritional Value
 Keeps you charged up for the whole day
 And most importantly!
 Customizable according to your taste and dietary requirements.

                                                                                Protein in Any Form

Protein Filled Smoothie in any form

You can get your protein-enriched bite in any form now. You have an option of adding:
More protein-rich fruits and vegetables
Even protein powder available in a variety of flavours :
Banana, Chocolate, Strawberry, Hazelnut, Cookie and what not

Now, meeting your protein requirement won’t put a dent on your wallet anymore because we have these healthy and protein-infused smoothies at very reasonable price

Product Price
                                              $4.99 – Small Smoothie Mixed with 1 tsp protein
                                              $5.99 – Medium Smoothie with 2 tsp protein (qty)
                                              $6.99 – Large Smoothie with choice of protein quantity
                                              Add an energizing snack for just $1.99

Product Delivery
And now a question may strike your mind, ‘Where are these taste delights protein-filled low-calorie smoothies at Sheridan College available?
You can buy them at:
Sheridan College, PSB Café, HMC and Davis Campus in front of gymnasiums
Can also be ordered online through ‘Boost App’
Delivered right at your convenience to the classes, gyms and library.

Product Promotion
And… Good News doesn’t end here only !!
All the customers of Protein Filled Low-Calorie Smoothies also get a chance to win monthly contests. Stay tuned for that and follow us on our Instagram handle @SheridanCollegePSB

                                                                         My Favourite  Smoothie
To all the health enthusiasts out there, Yes! You are thinking just right. Now you can get your “Protein Power at any Hour” in the way of your customized smoothies exclusively made up of your favourite ingredients. Here I am sharing one of my personal favourite ‘Protein infused Smoothie’ recipe:

Low Calorie Green Smoothie
In these hot summer days, refreshing Smoothie at PSB Café has become my new good to go. Following ingredients are present in my special:
1 small Cucumber
A half Kiwi
Small Green Apple
 4 Tablespoon Lemon Juice and Mint Leaves

And to add the crunch to all of that ‘Chia seeds’ which not only refreshes me after those hectic classes but fills me with that new energy by removing all the toxins from my body. Additionally, it helps for the weight loss. The calorie content is as low as just 175 calories.

I have chosen my daily ‘jam’ of Protein Filled Low-Calorie smoothies at Sheridan College When are you going to do the same?
Try these yummy protein smoothies for once and fall in love with them forever. I promise you will make excuses to try a different taste every day. So, hurry up! Go and find your ‘Perfect’. 

Protein Smoothies Sheridan HMC

Calling all gym enthusiasts! Are you looking for protein smoothies with variety at Sheridan College HMC? So, why not choose from your local PSB cafe? We offer a variety of protein powders mixed with fresh ingredients to create energizing smoothies. I know what you may be thinking: “protein powder in smoothies? That might not taste good.” You’re wrong! Smoothies made at Sheridan College combine your choice of protein to go along with your choice of ingredients to give you a great tasting blend. In addition to the premium quality and taste, the smoothies are affordable to provide a better bang for your buck.

Why choose protein smoothies?

If you are a fitness enthusiast that wants an escape from their daily meal plan, protein smoothies are great for you! According to a registered dietitian, Ryan Andrews, smoothies must contain a combination of nuts, vegetables and possibly protein powder for the beverage to be considered equivalent to a meal. Therefore, protein smoothies can act as a quick replacement for your regular meals!

Whey protein breaks down easily which is especially essential for your body. It is suggested that protein smoothies should be taken post-workout for your body to repair its muscles faster. Drinking smoothies packed with fresh ingredients and protein powder allow you to receive your body’s daily nutrient requirements.

So the big question is: what is holding you back from trying one of our protein smoothies from the PSB Cafe?

A lot to protein and ingredients to choose from!

We provide locally sourced fresh ingredients mixed with vegan based protein options to energize your workouts! All ingredients used in smoothies come from local farms to give you that great revitalizing taste. We have low-calorie options without added sugar or preservatives for diet-concerned individuals.  For gym enthusiasts, the calories are displayed on the cup of each beverage to help you keep track of your daily caloric intake! Some protein options that can be added into smoothies are shown below:

Protein Powder in a bag optionProtein powder in the container








Affordable Protein Smoothies!

We understand that students have enough bills from attending college! Therefore, we have developed affordable options to meet your daily protein needs! Along with healthy protein drinks, we also offer small snacks to be added as a meal to go along with your beverage. These are some of the options below:

$4.99 – Small Protein Smoothie! Mixed with 1 tbsp of your choice of protein.

$5.99 – Medium Smoothie with 2 tbsp of protein.

Finally, the $6.99 – Large Smoothie with choice of protein quantity.

In addition, add an energizing snack for just $1.99.

Where are we located?

Why in Sheridan College HMC of course! The PSB cafe is in the A-Wing of the HMC, which is right across from Square One’s Food District. Sheridan gym members can also pick up pre-packaged smoothies from outside the fitness centre located on the second floor of A-Wing. Protein smoothies will also be offered outside of the new gym being opened soon at the campus.

In addition to a convenient location, the PSB cafe will soon be implementing classroom delivery! So, that means no more lineups, and no more waiting around for your order. Soon it will be possible to order on the Boost Mobile App and receive your protein smoothie almost anywhere on campus at HMC! Isn’t that exciting? We thought so too! Imagine receiving a cool and refreshing protein smoothie in class, delivered in style. Moreover, Boost will also have some of our recipes listed if students want to try to make a protein smoothie at home!

Protein Smoothies at Sheridan HMC


If customers buy five protein smoothies from the PSB cafe, their sixth one will be free!

Now its time for you to go out and try protein smoothies at Sheridan College HMC! Follow us on social media for new products, news on special events and promotions:

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Affordable Protein Smoothies PSBCafe

Raising the Protein Smoothie Game at PSB

We are pleased to announce the launch of Affordable Protein Smoothies PSBCafe. They are offered at both Davis and HMC campuses. PSB Café has creatively tailored our affordable protein smoothies with our audience in mind. Specifically targeted to the individual who takes large interest in working out. Firstly, PSB Café achieves this by bringing you very high-quality ingredients. Our target market upholds this to be most important. Not only are the benefits of protein countless they are vital for everyday functions. Our booth offers all our products at affordable prices in retro spec to our current competitors, without sacrificing overall quality.

Affordable Protein Smoothie PSBCafe







Benefits of Protein

The smoothies that we offer are fortified with everyday essential nutrients. First off this provides optimal energy levels. Secondly, being a student stress is something that we’ve come to live with. In fact, consuming adequate amounts of protein can help lower hunger and reduce overall appetite. There are numerous negative impacts stress can cause your central nervous system along with your digestion system. Our ingredient profile mixed with our top tier protein supplements combat this. Boosting your immune system and providing optimal digestion health are just some of the few benefits you will walk away with.

Affordable Protein Smoothies PSBCafe

The PSB Café has made the pricing for these smoothies with the student in mind. First, the price point for our smoothies reflects our quality but doesn’t break the bank. Ultimately, this is how we differentiate ourselves from other beverage companies. It was a major part upon the launch that we created a smoothie that would financially entice our target. Above all, our brand provides healthy drinks at premium pricing expresses the value of our product. Our pricing is as follows;

$4.99 – Small Smoothie Mixed with 1 tsp protein

$5.99 – Medium Smoothie with 2 tsp protein (qty)

$6.99 – Large Smoothie with choice of protein quantity 

 Smoothie Customization

Our customer satisfaction is the driving goal behind our campaign theme at the PSB Cafe. With the upcoming 3 tier gym at HMC campus it is a great time to launch our protein infused smoothies. Customers love to be able to make changes and make personalized items that suite their specific needs. Firstly, PSB Cafe offers a wide selection of many fruits and vegetables that allow the consumer to customize their smoothie to exactly what they want. Ultimately, individuals have the opportunity to customize from a huge menu. As a matter of fact the menu has all options of protein to fit vegan, Gluten free and keto lifestyles.

Quality Driven at PSB Cafe

The cafe here at Sheridan college offers only the highest quality ingredients. We outsource products protein and fresh ingredients in which we can confidently back. Quality is what drives us. Firstly, we have numerous distributors ship raw ingredients as well as finished foods in which have to be inspected for premium quality. PSB Cafe doesn’t stop at product quality but also excels in experience and convenience. Offering delivery to all classes, libraries and college gyms we really exceed expectations. It is achieved through the well known “Boost” app that allows the customer to order virtually and be placed in a queue. All aspects of a company contribute to overall quality, it doesn’t just end with the product and we really cover all aspects well.


Affordable Protein Smoothies at PSBCafe await!!

The launch of these protein infused smoothies are going to be in great demand. Extensive research was implemented into finding the exact wants and needs of our consumer. Not only did PSB successfully locate the booths but also provided high protein and fresh ingredients. Ultimately, the product campaign is convenient, attractive to customers and differentiates itself well from competitors in the area.

Look forward to serving all at the booths!!!