Low-Cost Retirement Homes Staffing

Revolutionize Your LOW-COST Retirement Homes Staffing with New Hiring Strategies

Join us to learn more about tips and tools to have low-cost retirement homes staffing but still have quality staff.

Get quality healthcare staffing effortlessly at a low cost to provide good care for your resident without compromising.

Time: 2 PM – 3 PM Nov 11 / Via Zoom  

Why do you need to join us?

Retirement homes staffing

Are you struggling with the high costs of hiring staff for your small or medium-sized retirement home organization? Do you want to learn how to streamline your hiring process and save money in the long run? Then you don’t want to miss our upcoming webinar on Low-Cost Retirement Homes Staffing!

What's in it for you?

We are excited to share with you our latest software designed to help small and medium-sized organizations with low-cost staffing for retirement homes. With our software, you can streamline your hiring process and save valuable resources while finding the right candidates to join your team. 

PSB Recruitment Software is proud to present this informative and engaging webinar, featuring industry experts and thought leaders in the field of retirement home staffing. In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The challenges faced by small and medium-sized organizations in hiring for retirement homes staffing.
  • How our PSB recruitment software can help you simplify your hiring process.
  • The benefits of using our software for your organization, including cost savings and increased efficiency.
  • Live demonstration of the software and how it can be customized to fit your specific hiring needs.
By attending this webinar, you will gain valuable insights and strategies that you can implement right away to improve your organization’s staffing practices and save money in the process. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to learn from one of the industry’s leading experts.
John Smith, retirement homes staffing expert

Meet John Smith our featured speaker! 

He is a seasoned HR professional with over
10 years of experience in the retirement home industry. John has worked with organizations of all sizes and has helped them to improve their staffing processes, reduce costs, and enhance the quality of care for their residents.

Our incredible clients


David Brown a senior manager who uses matchmaking recruitment software

“PSB Recruitment Software has truly revolutionized the way we approach hiring for our retirement home organization. Their low-cost solution has helped us streamline our hiring process, reduce costs, and find the best talent for our needs.”

David Hargreve, Talent Aquistion at Sunny Acres Retirement Home

Get ready to get inspired, get connected, and learn new low-cost staffing strategies for your retirement homes with advice from an industry expert.

Don't miss out on this opportunity!

Retirement home staff

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How AI Automation will Recruit Candidates that Match the Needs of your Business

Facilitate the hiring process by using resume filtrate automation software and discover how you can and fill job openings with the right talent through AI recruitment software, manage talent acquisition, resume filtration, and list your job posting on job listing websites.

Resume Filtrate Automation Software

Spring 2023 Webinar

Discover PSB Recruit’s features of resume filtration automation software and learn how AI automation has evolved the recruiting and employment industry to facilitate the hiring process. Additionally, software developed today has automated the hiring process with new technologies to eliminate variables in recruiting and ensuring the right candidates hired. PSB Recruit’s software features machine learning to personalize its programs to your business and its preferences. Equally, PSB Recruit also features software to aid in talent acquisition to ensure that only qualified candidates are hired to become team members. Furthermore, learn how your business can take advantage of PSB Recruit’s tools and software which include resume filtering, talent management tools, AI recruitment software and access to numerous job listing websites for job postings

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may 22, 2023 12:00pm-2:00pm est via zoom

Interested in learning how AI Automation is evolving the hiring process? Reserve your seat now for PSB Recruit’s upcoming Webinar!

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Meet our Featured Speakers

Tyler Durden

Tyler Durden is a Stanford University software engineer graduate who is an expert in B2B software development. Altogether, having developed ERP programs used by many organizations today along with working on CRM tools, Tyler is an industry expert who believes in the efficiency of using programs and applications to facilitate processes in organizations.

John Smith, retirement homes staffing expert

Edward Mullens

Edward Mullens is a psychologist employed at Harvard University where he conducts research on human behavior in the workforce. Studying organizational behavior, Edward Mullens explores how new employees fit into corporate culture and friction points when onboarding. Mullens has now began his journey in researching how AI can incorporate learned behaviors to evaluate applicants on their ability to fit into corporate culture.

Jennifer Smith

Jennifer Smith is the creator of PSB Software and is keen on sharing her vision of how PSB Recruit will revolutionize the recruitment industry. Additionally, Jennifer has seen major success in her prior ventures with PSB Software including the creation of inventory software and finance operations.

Webinar Breakdown

AI Automation in Recruitment

Understand how AI Automation tools can be used in the recruitment process. Additionally, AI Technology is able to scan applicant resumes, employment history, experience relevance to job listing, technical tests, and cover letters to then generate a score based on the quality of the candidate (Company loyalty, experience, soft skills, technical skills)

Access to Job Listing Websites

Accessing job listing website is simple, PSB Recruit is linked to 100 job listing websites. PSB Recruit can place job postings across job listing websites. Additionally, maximize your reach and diversify your search by taking advantage of PSB Recruit's access to 100 job listing platforms where your organization can share job openings across the web. 

Setup & Configuration

Discover how to use PSB Recruit's automation tools and recruitment software and personalize the software to the preferences of your organization. Take the next steps to getting set up with PSB Recruit and start recruiting the right candidates.


FAQs and other questions can be addressed by reaching out to our support team at questions@psbrecruit.com 

our satisfied customers

Thomas Anderson

Retirement home, Talent Acquistion

“PSB Recruit offers a wide variety of HR Management tools that facilitate the hiring process drastically, furthermore, time consuming tasks such as filtering applications and the screening process are no longer which allows me to focus on the people, not the paperwork.”

Human resources manager - code lab

Grow your team with PSB Recruit

Finally, uncover how you can build a quality team with PSB Recruit and take advantage of PSB Recruit’s feature of resume filtrate automation software and register now for our upcoming webinar.

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