Green tea at Sheridan College

Introducing Green Tea at Sheridan College PSB Café

Green Tea with flowers
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Our café is budget-friendly and includes health benefits that will be selling green tea at Sheridan College. At HMC, our café will be in Building A Wing A, while at Davis campus, it will be in the Marketplace. The PSB café will present different ways to get your green tea drinks at Sheridan College. Either by purchasing in person, using a delivery app; i.e., Door Dash or by using vending machines on each floor. This will help students on a time crunch as they can select the method that is fastest. Since there are competitors around the café, we will be promoting the café and allowing students to use a discount. We want students to try our delicious green and become aware of the variety of flavors we offer.

When starting a budget-friendly that includes the health benefits of green tea at Sheridan College HMC and Davis campuses, there will be competitors every step of the way. We are no different as our competitors are Starbucks and Tim Hortons. They have similar products and prices as our café. As company chains, our customers may be used to purchasing from them; however, through promotion, the health benefits and advertisement of our café, we hope to change that. Advertising will be conducted through social media platforms, such as Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Promotion of Green Tea at Sheridan’s PSB Café

When advertisingwe will be talking about budget-friendly, how it helps the health benefits at Sheridan College and advertising free samples, contests through QR codes, loyalty cards. Customers will scan a QR code on their smartphone to reveal if they win an award. Prizes will include tea tumbler cups, at-home tea packets, tea sets, and PSB café merchandise. This will set us apart from the competition as they do not have those kinds of promotions. Furthermore, our competitors do not sell the variety of flavors of green tea that our café sells. Our green tea is healthy for students as we are aware of the stress students face. Green tea at PSB Café can be an alternative healthy choice to help students relax rather than consuming unhealthy drinks. Hence, we strive to maintain a healthy, budget-friendly green tea café.

Location of PSB café at Sheridan College where Green Tea will be distributed

An example of the location and how the café will look like
Figure 2 (Pexels, n.d.)

At HMC, our café will be in Building A Wing A, while at Davis campus, it will be in the Marketplace. The PSB café will present different ways to get your green tea drinks. Either by purchasing in person at the café, using a pre-order and delivery app; i.e., Uber Eats or by using the vending machines on each floor. This will help students because if they’re late to class, they can quickly grab a drink at the nearest machine.

Our café will be selling green tea products at Sheridan College HMC and Davis campuses. At HMC, our café will be in Building A Wing A, while at Davis campus, it will be in the Marketplace area. The PSB café will present different ways to get your green tea drinks, either by directly purchasing in person at the café, using a pre-order and delivery app, such as Skip The Dishes, Door Dash, or Uber Eats, or by using the vending machines on each floor at both Davis and HMC. This will help students on a time crunch as they can select the method that is fastest. Since there are competitors around the café, we will be promoting the café and allowing students to use a discount. We want students to try our delicious green and become aware of the variety of flavors we offer.

Why we choose Green Tea at our Sheridan College PSB café

PSB café worries about your health and cares about each one of our customers/students. Our café focuses on green tea because of its life-changing benefits and our awareness of the availability of healthy options and the willingness of people to change their poor health ways. Hence, PSB café offers healthy and fresh green tea that students should try.

Life-changing benefits of Green Tea

Green tea is one of the healthiest beverages and can lessen the burden of several health issues, helping you live a healthier life. Green tea started in China and its use expanded throughout Asia as a medicine for thousands of years (Conlon, 2020). Studies have shown that green tea aids in decreasing the progression of cancer cells (Liwanag, 2020), lowering blood pressure, and losing weight (Conlon, 2020).

Health benefit of Green Tea in some cancers

Cancer is a major issue in society with several treatment options that are time-consuming and add numerous amounts of stress to your body. Researchers have shown that consuming green tea allows you to feel healthier and can decrease your cancer risk for several cancers, including:

  • Breast cancer: A comprehensive review of observational studies found that women who drank the greenest tea had an approximately 20–30% lower risk of developing breast cancer, one of the most common cancers in women (Gunnars, 2020).
  • Prostate cancer: One study observed that men drinking green tea had a lower risk of advanced prostate cancer (Gunnars, 2020).
  • Colorectal cancer: An analysis of 29 studies showed that those drinking green tea were around 42% less likely to develop colorectal cancer (Gunnars, 2020).

Health benefits of weight loss

Apart from cancer, another benefit of consuming green tea is weight loss. Weight loss may be a major hurdle for students due to their time demanding schedules, academic stress, and frustrations when things do not go as planned. Several students attempt to lose weight by trying different diets or attempting to eat healthier, but at some point, may give up due to lack of results. Well, those students may like to know that research has shown that green tea can increase their metabolism. The polyphenol found in green tea works to intensify levels of fat oxidation and the rate at which your body turns food into calories (Conlon, 2020). Hence, if you consume green tea regularly, it will aid in your health and allow you to feel better and healthier.

Health Benefits of Heart Disease and Diabetes from Green Tea

Heart disease and diabetes are very dangerous because they may occur without you knowing and can have detrimental effects on your health and well-being. Heart disease consists of a blocked blood vessel that may lead to having a heart attack in the long term, while diabetes is when you have high blood sugar. Studies have shown that drinking green tea regularly lowers your risk of developing heart disease and diabetes. Scientists believe that green tea works on the lining of blood vessels to help them stay relaxed and withstand changes in blood pressure, as well as protects against the formation of clots, hence, decreasing the risk of heart attacks (Conlon, 2020). Furthermore, green tea aids in the regulation of glucose in the body, which slows the rise of blood sugar after eating, preventing high insulin spikes and fat storage, and hence, decreasing the risk of diabetes (Conlon, 2020).

Pouring green tea
Figure 3 (Pexels, n.d.)


Therefore, in conclusion, we strive to educate students and our customers about the benefits of drinking green tea. We at PSB Café want you to be healthy and stay healthy. We know your schedules may be difficult and you may not have time to go out of our way for healthy options, hence, we are located very conveniently on campus. Green tea has a variety of health benefits, much more than was listed above, and we do not want you to miss out on a convenient and affordable healthy drink. I guarantee that you will not regret it and will enjoy each ordered green tea drink. PSB café is always here to help order your tea at our café, one of the apps, or even the vending machine. I guarantee that you guys will not regret it and will enjoy each drink. PSB café is always here to help.


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Healthy Green Tea at PSB Cafe

Green Tea Facts 101

At PSB Cafe, we offer a variety of healthy green tea drinks. We have summarized some facts about green tea down below:

  • Green tea is brewed from the dried leaves of the Camellia sinensis bush.

Figure 1. From “Cold Hardy Tea Plant”, Copyright 2020 by

  • Green tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world; water being the first. (Healthline, 2020)
  • There are 12 different varieties of green tea. These types of green tea include the following:

Figure 2. From “All About Green Tea”, Copyright 2020 by ITO EN.

  • Almost all tea grown throughout Japan is green tea. (ITO EN, 2020)
  • Green tea comes as fresh leaves or in tea bags. (ITO EN, 2020)
  • Green tea has proven to provide many health benefits. (ITO EN, 2020)

Health Benefits of Green Tea

There are numerous health benefits derived from drinking green tea. Health claims surrounding green tea include:

  • Reduced risk of stroke
  • Helps lower blood pressure
  • Prevents weight gain
  • Provides a boost of energy; helps to maintain focus
  • Minimizes depression
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Treats skin diseases, such as dandruff and psoriasis (Medical News Today, 2020)

You can enjoy all of these amazing health benefits of green tea at the PSB Cafe!

Green Tea at PSB Cafe

Come and stop by at your Sheridan College campus’ PSB Cafe to taste refreshing and healthy green teas from all over the globe!

  • Sheridan College Davis Campus: PSB Cafe is located in the Marketplace Area
  • Sheridan College HMC Campus: PSB Cafe is located in Building A Wing A

Figure 3. From “Your Campaign: PSB Cafe”, Copyright 2020 by Sheridan College.

Enjoy high quality green teas from 4 countries:

  • India
  • China
  • Japan
  • United Kingdom

We have 5 different green tea flavours to choose from:

  • Matcha green tea
  • Sencha green tea
  • Shincha green tea
  • Longjing green tea
  • Gyokuro green tea

All of our green teas can be enjoyed from these low and affordable prices:

Figure 4. From “Green Tea Cup Sizes”. Copyright 2020 by Devon Campbell.

Green Tea On The Go

  • Do you want green tea delivered right to your campus dorm? Not a problem, PSB Cafe has got you covered! You can place mobile orders through UberEats, Skip The Dishes, and Door Dash and have our delicious green tea delivered right to you! Enjoy healthy green tea from PSB Cafe on the go!

Figure 5. From “Uber Eats Logo Usage and Trademarks – Uber Eats”, Copyright 2018 by DLPNG.

Figure 6. From “Skip The Dishes.png”, Copyright 2019 by Wikimedia.

Figure 7. From “DoorDash”, Copyright 2019 by PNGIO.

Green Tea To-Go

Are you rushing in between lectures? Do you want to grab a quick drink before heading off to the Learning Commons? Don’t feel like waiting in line? No worries, PSB Cafe has got you covered! Find a PSB Cafe Green Tea vending machine located on every floor, exclusively at Davis Campus and HMC Campus!

Go Bruins Go!!

Are you coming out to support your Sheridan Bruins? Then why not also support your local Sheridan PSB Cafe! Come and stop by our pop-up shops at Sheridan sports games to drink our delicious green teas. They will keep you energized and alert during the sporting events!

Figure 8. From “What does it mean to be a Bruin?”, Copyright 2016 by Brooklyn Fell.

Easy and Quick At-Home Green Tea Recipes

Being a college student is stressful, time consuming, and not to mention, very expensive. At PSB Cafe, we have crafted and created easy at-home green tea recipes for you to follow. Visit your local PSB Cafe campus location today and ask for our Green Tea Recipe Pamphlets for delicious and easy to make recipes using our very own green tea at-home kits!! We hope you enjoy our healthy green tea drinks, from our kitchen to yours!!

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Do you want updates on new products? Would you like access to product coupons and discounts? Do you have any questions or comments for us? Simply follow us on our social media platforms to discover more information and to stay in touch with PSB Café!

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PSB Café’s Green Tea Health Benefits

Importance of green tea

We eat for the benefit of our bodies. Taking tea is an excellent accompaniment to most meals. Be it a snack or breakfast. In addition to consuming various foods, there are few that take note of what it does to the body. For instance, most college students prefer junk food. Healthy eating is hard to maintain due to tight work schedules. Nonetheless, there is good news that taking tea can come with additional health benefits. On-campus, the PSB Café’s green tea has many health benefits. As such, you can now enjoy green tea at our PSB Café. That will assure you of a healthy lifestyle and worry less about various diseases. Let us first understand the various tea flavors.

Green Tea flavors and location

Moreover, the tea also comes with various unique flavors. They sourced internationally to suit your taste. You can choose among matcha, sencha, shincha, longjing, and gykuro tea flavors. You do not have to worry about accessing your tea. Apart from our PSB café, we offer unique distribution. Which is by delivering to our customers at the comfort of their home.

Green tea pricing

Who cannot afford green tea on campus? The pricing of our green tea makes it stand out due to its affordability. For instance, the small size goes for $1.50 only while the medium and large sizes go for $2.50 and $3.50 respectively.


Through our social media channels like Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook, you can give us feedback. You can also use the platforms to enjoy various offers like free samples, loyalty cards. Students also have a chance to enter contests through the QR code. Just scan the QR code for a chance to win various prizes. They are including tea sets, tea-packets, tea tumbler cups and plenty of PSB café merchandise, such as magnets, stickers and pens. In addition the promotion will also include handing out flyers to students around the HMC and Davis campus. We have also partnered up with Sheridan College to promote our green tea at a school sports game. Setting up a pop-up shop would be a great example. We plan to put our slogan or logo on sports team uniforms, which players will be wearing during the game.

Serving Green Tea: The beauty of Green tea is when it is served hot. You can get all the health benefits by being a regular at PSB Café and get served a hot cup of healthy green tea.
Figure 2: Green tea

Green tea at PSB café, Sheridan College

PSB Café’s green tea health benefits aim at establishing a disease-free society. We can attain this goal by providing affordable and readily available green tea. Nothing can be more rewarding than knowing that the tea consumed fights against most of the ailments. Here is your chance to make the right decisions about your lives. Above all, it keeps you healthy. So, say no to unhealthy lifestyles by incorporating green tea into your diet, and you will never regret it.

A woman taking tea: The concentration at PSB Café understanding the health benefits of taking our Green tea.
Figure 2: A woman taking tea ( 2019).

Health benefits of green tea

Green tea offers solutions to various health problems. The medicinal value of green tea explains its existence for centuries. After water, tea comes second in consumption globally. Particularly, as a traditional Indian and Chinese medicine, it can prevent various ailments affecting people. Let us examine some of the advantages in detail.

Health benefits of green tea in cancer prevention and treatment

Cancer is one of the biggest public health challenges affecting the world. Treatment of cancer requires expensive procedures associated with adverse side effects. However, using green tea frequently is known to prevent cancer and help cure various diseases (Cabrera, Artacho, & Giménez, 2006). As more cancers continue to ravage people globally. There is a need to take preventive measures to avoid such cases from spreading. Furthermore, people’s lifestyles support the thriving of different cancers. Taking care of yourself is your responsibility. Green tea is here to ensure you meet your health goals. Apart from cancer prevention and treatment, green tea is also essential to examine its benefits concerning cardiovascular health.

Health benefits of green tea in cardiovascular health

Aside from cancer, green tea will ensure your cardiovascular health is maintained, and your cholesterol level is in check. Eating too much fat and sugar consequently is the riskiest factor leading to increased blood pressure and possible heart problems. Therefore, it is important to check that your cardiovascular health. The way to do it is by reducing the amount of fat and cholesterol in the body. Green tea has the health benefits. That is the effectively preventing heart diseases and lowering the level of cholesterol. Drinking at least five cups of green tea per day will ensure that you lower your risk of getting any cardiovascular diseases (Ware & Wilson, 2017). The risk of stroke declines greatly with green tea consumption. The aspect of cardiovascular health is also related to obesity and diabetes. It is essential to understand that green tea still has a role to play on these conditions.

Health benefits of green tea in obesity and diabetes

Obesity and diabetes are other dangerous diseases. It affects millions of people globally. More Americans are becoming obese or overweight due to their unhealthy lifestyles. Most importantly, you no longer have to worry about obesity and diabetes anymore. All you need to do is visit our PSB café, and your solution will be waiting for you. In conclusion, making green tea a part of your diet will solve all challenges associated with obesity and being overweight. Luckily, here is the secret, make green tea your friend. Ask your friends and loved ones to try it, and I guarantee you that your health and that of your loved ones will not be the same. At PSB café at Sheridan College, we will ensure that your supply never runs out. Happy drinking!


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