PSB Cafe at Sheridan

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In our former life, we were Sheridan students… but things have changed.

Coffee gripped us by the soul as well as our taste buds and what started as a love, grew into an obsession and finally a new lease on life.

About Us!

PSB Café at Sheridan is named after Pilon School of Business at Sheridan college, that produces waves of perfection, as our coffee here is roasted to perfection. We use only top quality beans, and our highly passionate crew serve amazing coffee from the green bean to the cup, at this Coffee Roastery.
Everyone should be able to have good coffee any time.

So, buy your favourite coffee right here and have them shipped straight to your taste buds. There should be no compromise on finest coffee and its made with no contact, just freshly roasted coffee starting at your fingertips and straight to your soul.


PSB Café was founded by two Pilon School of Business graduates from Sheridan College, Jessie, and Matt. Jessie’s family is of bakers and she always had a dream of owning a bakery. Matt on the other hand considers himself a coffee connoisseur.
Both wanted to provide a safe and pleasant environment for people, as well as room for all to socialize.
But ultimately both of them wanted to keep the Spirit of Bruno alive because as a student they got back so much from Sheridan College and decided to give little back.


Table d'hôte (Menu)
Enjoy the taste of Sheridan with our Bruno cupcakes in flavour, mango, passion fruit & blueberry with white chocolate filled and topped with icing and a Bruno head decoration.

When paired with a refreshing coffee straight from our barista, what could be better?

There are loads in the range to choose from to brighten up your day and couldn’t say no.


Where you Bean?
In a busy Sheridan life getting your hands on a good coffee cup can be challenging, especially when you’re stuck under the pile of assignments, or an exam is around the corner, but you couldn’t get a good night sleep because of studying overnight.
But only good coffee and great food is not enough the location of the coffee shop is of great importance also greatly too when you are in a hurry for a class.
Look no further, because PSB Café will be operating right at the heart of HMC and Davis campus of the college at B-wing and sway everyone with our fine aroma of meals.


Support fellow Bruins
Coffee is the real social network. You meet friends for coffee, have meetings over coffee and share a coffee with the one you love. So of course, we want our coffee to be shared as much as possible. So, Join the Club because we’re happy to provide exclusive rewards on our roasted coffee and roast your beans for you...
The more ways we can help people share coffee the better. You can help us by roasting our social media pages with your fellow Bruins on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.
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