PSB 24/7 yoga and zumba classes

  • Who we are?

PSB is Pilon school of business and they have started the in campus gym service. This gym is offering PSB 24/7  yoga and zumba to the students and staff member. This service is only for the staff members and specially for the students who are studying hard. By this they also get opportunity to  spend some time on themselves and with the college mates with whom they are studying. By this their mind will also get relaxed by doing Zumba exercise as it is possible with music and dance. They are offering many type of exercise like Aerobics, Zumba, Yoga and crossfit exercise and body building exercise. Their main focus  is on exercises like zumba and yoga as both of them are physical exercise with proper combination.

PSB 24/7 yoga and zumba

  • What do we provide?

PSB is providing gym service to its student and staff members for 24/7. This means that they can access it anytime and in any campus wherever the gym is available. Currently the service is now on its initial stage and the planning of this to provide world class service to its clients. The trainers are highly qualified and they also have field in this experience as trainers. The gym is also giving virtual classes to some clients because some students and staff are highly dedicated towards fitness for them. Moreover, it is not possible to come daily without having their class. So for them the service is ready to provide virtual classes. With the virtual classes at one side the PSB 24/7 yoga and zumba will also be working at the same time.

Clients enjoying Zumba session in class
  • How our fitness centers do smart work to be better than others and benefits they offer?

PSB has its fixed training schedule which makes them different from others. The fixed schedule for them is like there will be some normal exercise for the clients just to make body ready for workout. After that there will be 1 hour Zumba training in which clients will perform aerobic fitness program through the way of dancing. After this activity there will be rest time in which clients can relax just for 5-10 minutes. The break time is less so that the body should remain in motion mode. In the last session there will be proper yoga session which will again be of 1 hour. This is the schedule for the people who have free time and able to complete the whole process line.

  1. The plus points that the clients get with 24/7 exercise 

    they will get headphones for Zumba exercise so that every client can get full freedom for the type of music he/she wants to listen. By this clients will work with motivation and dedication.

  2. Quick and productive 24/7 workout

    The PSB also offers to get a quick gym training session also. This helps the students who do not have 2-3 hours free time in continuous hours. Suppose if they have 1 hour free then they can workout in PSB in a productive way.


We also offer membership discounts to the students who have GPA above 3.5 so try to get a try at our gym. Contact us or just drop in to start your new zumba and yoga classes.

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