Protein Filled Low Calorie Smoothies in Sheridan College

We all have been taught a lesson of taking balanced diet since our childhood. But often, most of us today have been compromising with our dietary requirements because of our busy schedules. Around 60 grams of protein is necessary in our routine diet but how many of us are complying with the same? Well, not to worry because we just got the right solution for you. Make ‘Protein Filled Low-calorie Smoothies’ at PSB Cafe, Sheridan College. a perfect companion for your diet.  It isn’t only made up of fresh ingredients and low sugar content but is also filled with protein of your choice. Whether you involve a lot into physical activities or not, Protein filled low-calorie Smoothies is just the right fit for your diet because it can be personalized according to your dietary requirements. You will have a world of ingredients to choose from to make your perfect mix of carbs, proteins, vitamins and other nutrients. 

Who knew maintaining a healthy lifestyle would be so easy in today’s hectic life?


Protein Filled Low Calorie Smoothie
What can be better than staying fit without putting an extra effort but enjoying all your specials in one glass?
Well, that is the magic of our Protein filled low-calorie Smoothie for you which will make your taste buds dance along with meeting your dietary requirements.

Product Speciality

Made up of fresh fruits and vegetables
 Pleasant and Distinct Flavours
 Low sugar content
 Less calories
 Gluten-free options available
 Suitable for Allergy Conscious consumers
 Great Nutritional Value
 Keeps you charged up for the whole day
 And most importantly!
 Customizable according to your taste and dietary requirements.

                                                                                Protein in Any Form

Protein Filled Smoothie in any form

You can get your protein-enriched bite in any form now. You have an option of adding:
More protein-rich fruits and vegetables
Even protein powder available in a variety of flavours :
Banana, Chocolate, Strawberry, Hazelnut, Cookie and what not

Now, meeting your protein requirement won’t put a dent on your wallet anymore because we have these healthy and protein-infused smoothies at very reasonable price

Product Price
                                              $4.99 – Small Smoothie Mixed with 1 tsp protein
                                              $5.99 – Medium Smoothie with 2 tsp protein (qty)
                                              $6.99 – Large Smoothie with choice of protein quantity
                                              Add an energizing snack for just $1.99

Product Delivery
And now a question may strike your mind, ‘Where are these taste delights protein-filled low-calorie smoothies at Sheridan College available?
You can buy them at:
Sheridan College, PSB Café, HMC and Davis Campus in front of gymnasiums
Can also be ordered online through ‘Boost App’
Delivered right at your convenience to the classes, gyms and library.

Product Promotion
And… Good News doesn’t end here only !!
All the customers of Protein Filled Low-Calorie Smoothies also get a chance to win monthly contests. Stay tuned for that and follow us on our Instagram handle @SheridanCollegePSB

                                                                         My Favourite  Smoothie
To all the health enthusiasts out there, Yes! You are thinking just right. Now you can get your “Protein Power at any Hour” in the way of your customized smoothies exclusively made up of your favourite ingredients. Here I am sharing one of my personal favourite ‘Protein infused Smoothie’ recipe:

Low Calorie Green Smoothie
In these hot summer days, refreshing Smoothie at PSB Café has become my new good to go. Following ingredients are present in my special:
1 small Cucumber
A half Kiwi
Small Green Apple
 4 Tablespoon Lemon Juice and Mint Leaves

And to add the crunch to all of that ‘Chia seeds’ which not only refreshes me after those hectic classes but fills me with that new energy by removing all the toxins from my body. Additionally, it helps for the weight loss. The calorie content is as low as just 175 calories.

I have chosen my daily ‘jam’ of Protein Filled Low-Calorie smoothies at Sheridan College When are you going to do the same?
Try these yummy protein smoothies for once and fall in love with them forever. I promise you will make excuses to try a different taste every day. So, hurry up! Go and find your ‘Perfect’. 

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