Cold Cut Sandwich at PSB Cafe Sheridan

Entice users of cold cut sandwiches

Cold Cut Sandwiches at Sheridan

Exclusive to you, our new cold cut sandwiches will be available at the Sheridan College, HMC campus. Our new line of fresh cold cut sandwich is introduced with gluten free and vegan options; sided by both brown and white bread, a variety of toppings and spreads, as well as over ten different cold cut meats. Here at PSB Cafe, we value sandwich making as a form of art and expertise, providing you with nutritious, fresh, and healthy ingredients. Our menu is all about catering towards every angle of preference for the community of Sheridan College.

What Makes A Cold Cut Sandwich The Best?

Cold cut sandwiches provide the most complex of sensations while creating the simplest meal of the day. Cold cut sandwiches are filled with delicious precooked or cured meats that are sliced thinly. To start off, these cold cut meats are typically served in a tray with an assortment of different meat cuts; but, if you were to put them between two slices of bread, your perspective of cold cut meats will take a turn for the better. Moving on, what goes into your cold cut sandwich, besides the meat, is all up to you; this is your avenue of exploration and creativity. Here is our take on the best method of putting a cold cut sandwich together, follow at your own accord and make any changes to preferred toppings!

Not to mention, the secret behind creating and eating the best quality of cold cut sandwiches are the ingredients; don’t cheap out on these! Firstly, there are three basic components to any sandwich, theses three are the bread, the toppings or fillings, and the spread. Each of these components has the potential to break or make the best sandwich. Secondly, the same kind of pairings apply to bread, fillings, and meats as they do with colors; it’s important to mix and match with ingredients that cooperate with each other. Lastly, what makes a great sandwich is that its catered to your personal preference; work with the ingredients you acquire and come up with the best cold cut sandwich to your liking.

Why Are Our Sandwiches The Best?

Considering the ever changing trends towards a healthy lifestyle, PSB Cafe provides every aspect of organic ingredients and harvest from the bread to the core of the sandwich. In the same manner of this, we’d like to share our own experiences with a cold cut sandwich.

A guide to the perfect sandwich

1: Using the right bread.

To clarify, the bread is on the top of the list because it can break or make your sandwich, quite literally. Finding the perfect ration between thickness and crumbly texture to correlate perfectly with the spread.

2: Toppings.

In addition to the bread, it is a key factor to implement the right toppings to ensure the perfect combination of tastes. We’re not looking for too many toppings, but 2 or 3 to fulfill the experience of mouth-watering taste buds.

3: Sogginess.

Most importantly, you don’t want your sandwich to be soggy or stale. This is easily preventable by spreading your choice of sauce to each and every corner of the bread. In this case, this will prevent toppings from creating a wet bread.

4: Spread.

Lastly, you want to look for the perfect spread. Whether that is mayonnaise, chipotle, chutney, salsa, or a vinaigrette. As long as your sauce can incorporate itself with the bread, this will lead to the best sandwich.

In any event, it’s a good idea to have a back up! Here is another great guide which we think will greatly enhance your cold cut sandwich creations. You can also check out our other sandwich blog here!

At PSB Cafe, we offer a wide variety of cold cut sandwiches and all at an affordable price point, check out some of our deals below!

Meat options starting at $7.99 plus tax.

Vegetarian options starting at $5.99 plus tax.

Combo options starting at $12.00 plus tax.

Our combos include sides such as salads, fries and cookies, with a drink.

Where Are We Located?

You can find PSB Cafe at the Sheridan College, Hazel McCallion Campus; also, across Square One Shopping Center. The cafe is located on the ground floor of building B and is open Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. In addition to our prime location for the cafe, we currently house many seating areas and undisturbed spots. To add onto our prime location, we are located near many study rooms and other refreshment areas to enjoy. For more information about where we conduct our business or if you would like to join our exclusive subscription membership for PSB Cafe, visit us in person or leave a comment!

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