Technology Integrated Workout at Sheridan HMC

Weight training and Personal Training in Mississauga and Brampton


Looking for a technology integrated and affordable gym around Mississauga and Brampton?

PSB fitness is the gym that can fulfil all your needs by integrating traditional workouts with technology giving you a whole new experience altogether with technology integrated workout at Sheridan HMC.

At PSB fitness our main goal is to provide our customers with a new kind of fitness experience where our certified trainers will guide our members throughout their workouts with the help of technology such as using digital screens, fitness bands and fitness apps.

Also, we understand that our customers want a relaxing environment and to ensure that we have group workouts along with music of their own choice which they can play from any of the smart screens in our fitness center.

PSB Fitness is a fitness center I.e., ready for the next generation.

Importance of work out.

In today’s world it is important for us to work out because nowadays most of us tend to forget the importance of work out in our life and are busy with our hectic lifestyle ignoring the long-term effects that it will have on our health. So, it is important for us to work out be it any form of physical exercise. To do so we at PSB Fitness are ready to help you in achieving your fitness goals with the help of new technology and our certified trainers.

Why PSB Fitness?

  • PSB Fitness has two locations one at Sheridan college HMC campus and the other at Davis Campus. These locations can be easily accessed as they are in the center of both these cities.
  • Technology Integrated fitness center.
  • Affordable fitness center for all your workout needs.
  • Certified Personal trainers.
  • Special student discounts.


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Weight Training and CrossFit in Mississauga

Weight Training and CrossFit in Mississauaga


Are you looking for affordable Weight training and CrossFit Gym in Mississauga ?

PSB Fitness has the best Weight training and CrossFit rec center for you just across the starting point, which causes you to feel new by the atmosphere.

Moreover, Our rec center PSB Fitness is close to Sheridan school (Hazel McCallion Campus) at Mississauga which is at the focal point of the city, would give you the new feel that you are hoping to do your Weight training and CrossFit practice in a rec center.

Secondly, CrossFit with experts is an alternate inclination and it seems like we are more lively . Early daytime running, strolling, or climbing is the best thing. Moreover, Our location and nature of PSB fitness will help you to learn and try different things.

Most importantly, Weight training is difficult yet here with us in enthusiastic field everything turns out to be simple as here we give new abilities and strategies of weight preparing through help of specialists and different techniques for inspiration.

Weight training and CrossFit gym in heart of Mississauga 

Mississauga is the one of the beautiful city along being busiest. People who live close by needs a spot to go do their exercises.

However, Numerous People feel that they miss doing exercise or going out for a run on the grounds that there is fabricating all over the place and its consistently occupied on the streets with vehicles.

Firstly, Our PSB wellness at Sheridan College HMC is the best spot to supplant it. At PSB wellness weight training and CrossFit turned out to be simple as we bring you most effectively available and most reasonable exercise center.

As in the Center of the city you can see distinctive large structures with glass all over them. However, Among this bustling life we can furnish you loosening up openness loaded up with energy, live music to help energy and being prepared by affirmed mentors.

Most Importantly, Weight training and CrossFit at same spot brings various freedoms for you and at sensible cost.  PSB wellness focus is at advantageous area and it effectively available for students and neighborhood individuals.







Cost Effective

Attempting to be healthy and have solid way of life ought not be trouble over your head.

However, PSB wellness can gladly say that we are most moderate wellness place in zone and contrasted with our rivals.

We will give free preliminaries to initial 50 individuals as first come first serve.

Moreover, Our participation goes from $7 each week and month to month membership charge is $22.99.

To Conclude, At PSB we cared for each perspective and chose to give individuals helpful and moderate cost.


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Is it accurate to say that you are prepared to join?

PSB wellness offering best CrossFit and Weight preparing at Sheridan campus?

Remember to be one of initial 50 Participants to appreciate free preliminaries and it is accessible for the students.

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CrossFit and Weight training at Sheridan campus

PSB Fitness (CrossFit and Weight training at Sheridan campus)

The PSB fitness has two new fitness centers which are situated at the HMC and Davis Campuses of Sheridan College. Now, Sheridan students can easily access the fitness centers anytime according to their convenience. Moreover, PSB fitness has the latest technology gym equipment and the best in class training professionals. Whether you are planning to do a high intensity CrossFit workout or you want to pump some iron to boost your strength, CrossFit and weight training at Sheridan has everything available to suit your health needs.

       Let’s consider some of your needs:

  • Are you looking for a fitness place?
  • Do you need relief from your stress?
  • You want to make new friends and socialize?
  • Are you trying to save money and stay healthy?
  • Do you love to listen music while exercising?


Well, if these questions appeal to you, then you are at the right place Because PSB fitness is the best CrossFit and Weight training at Sheridan campus that fulfills these needs.

        What We Offer in CrossFit and Weight training at Sheridan?

  • Gym Memberships
  • CrossFit Training
  • Weight Training

CrossFit and Weight training at Sheridan campus

All these features of the PSB fitness are made available at decent prices as compared to other competitors and the membership provides the students access to gym equipment 24/7. In addition, at a little extra cost you can take advantage of the meal plans available at the gym.

         What is Special about us?

We know students have a busy life where they are always studying, doing homework, researching, and completing their assignments. Therefore, they have very less time to spend on themselves. Students are health conscious; they want to stay fit and develop a good physique but often the fitness centers are far from their places. PSB fitness has opened its fitness centers at the college campus of Sheridan in Mississauga And Brampton to solve the problems of the students. The location of the PSB fitness centers is ideal for the students of Sheridan college. For instance, students can come to college for attending a class and in the free time they can enjoy the facilities of the gym located at their campus.

CrossFit Training

       Hit the CrossFit and Weight training at Sheridan whenever you want

Feeling a little stressed? You don’t need to worry about anything. Just go to the gym at your campus, put some weight on the bar and start pumping the iron. And, don’t forget to enjoy with the rhythm of the music. There are professional trainers who will help you achieve your fitness goals and get the body type you desire. Also, there is going to be no dull moment when you enjoy the beautiful view of the city buildings while doing your workout. Moreover, PSB fitness is the best place to make friends from your college.

       Are you ready?

Are you ready to join the PSB fitness offering best CrossFit and Weight training at Sheridan campus?

If yes, then don’t forget to check out the 5% discount offered exclusively to the Sheridan College Students.

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PSB gym near Mississauga – Sheridan College HMC

Smart and affordable fitness center.

Like no other budget-friendly gyms around.

fitness center

PSB is not like any other Inexpensive gyms around Mississauga, however, it has new equipment and a great location.

Fitness centers around Mississauga tend to have expensive memberships or old/outdated equipment.

however, low prices come with cheap equipment but, this is not the case in PSB’s. WE focus on new modern gym equipment that would satisfy your workout any day.

Gym near Mississauga downtown benefits.

PSB is located on the Sheridan college HMC campus, which means it’s very accessible to reach it by public transportation through the Mississauga city center transit terminal.

Also, you can grab food after your workout easily from Square one’s food court.


Click on the picture above for location.

Why PSB Fitness?

We’re planning to provide a new style of gyms, that we integrate technology with the actual workout itself.

Starting with the music, screens, and new technologically advanced equipment loaded with features for that reason the workout itself better and amusing.

long term memberships and Sheridan students discounts!

PSB is located on the Sheridan College campus for that reason the students deserve special offers and discounts.

However, students can easily access the fitness center in their free time as long as they show their membership.


Sheridan students
Moreover, customers finding long-term memberships convenient would be getting a discount.
That can be interesting for the customers who are looking for inexpensive gyms around Mississauga and live close, who want to find a convenient yet affordable place to workout daily.
Clean and friendly.

PSB staff are well trained and ready to help anyone, plus PSB provides personal trainers with different levels starting with beginners to experts.

In addition, the PSB fitness center is being disinfected every few hours, to guarantee clean and germ-free equipment.


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