Fitness Assistance for Sheridan Bruins at low-costs

Fitness Assistance for Sheridan Bruins

About PSB Fitness

It is our honour to announce that we are collaborating with the college to introduce our own fitness Centre called “PSB Fitness”. PSB Fitness is a fitness club that provides users with 24*7 accessibility along with personal training. It also is the only on-campus fitness Centre that also provides the customers with an option of Aerobics and Zumba and is affordable for students as well as teachers. Its schedules and prices are designed keeping in mind students and faculty members. Due to the ongoing pandemic, it also supports online delivery of services with live exercises and progress tracking. Along with the enrolled students and faculty members, the doors of PSB Fitness are also open for alumni.

Affordable Fitness for Sheridan Students and Teachers

What services does PSB Fitness provide?

We are equipped with modern equipment and highly trained fitness trainers too. We are the only on-campus fitness Centre that, along with standard gym equipment, provides the customers with an option of Aerobics and Zumba. On-site personal trainers present for your convenience. Customizable subscription plans are also available because of the interests of the customers. We also provide Diet plans and recorded sessions for workouts. We provide the customer with a progress tracking feature by which they can take note of their progress and help them analyze and tell them how to achieve their targets. Along with this, PSB Fitness provides the customers with an option of online sessions in case one cannot come to the session so that the customers don’t lose their progress.

Affordable Fitness for Sheridan Students and Teachers


How much are the services for?

Due to it being an on-site fitness Centre, the prices are lower as compared to regular gyms as the primary motive is the fitness of members rather than profits. The prices have been set considering the fact that the target audience is college students so that every student and staff member can afford it and enjoy it. There would be additional discounts for students who are doing well in their studies or representing the school in any sports activity. As it is a new initiative, PSB will offer very high discounts to early birds. Students can buy the subscription along with fee payment or purchase separately. Access this page for more details.

Affordable Fitness for Sheridan Students and Teachers


Where are PSB Fitness Clubs located?

There are 2 locations of PSB Fitness, one on the Davis Campus and the other on the HMC Campus. There are plans to open a new location on the Trafalgar Campus too. The Centres are located in close proximity to the sports wing on the campus. Due to the pandemic, club like the school has adopted online classes. Due to the busy schedule of people, the option of online classes will still be offered even after the pandemic. Future customers can know more about the club by visiting the centre and can register on the spot. This can also be done at home on the website by online payment.

Affordable Fitness for Sheridan Students and Teachers


What more does PSB Fitness offer?

For promotion purposes, we start with a reward program in which every new user will get a PSB kit which includes a T-shirt, water bottle, and discount coupons for protein supplements. All the information on how to contact can be found on billboards and TV advertisements throughout the college. Students can also find this information on the college website. Future customers can now register for a free trial of the services of the club directly by filling the application form. It is available in person at the PSB office and online on the PSB website. The students with a cumulative GPA of 3.2 will get a minimum discount of 8%. Whereas, students with a GPA of 3.6 and above will get a 15% discount. The students who achieve a GPA of 3.90 and above in addition to the members of sports teams will get a discount of 20%.

Where can you connect?

For more information, you can contact us in person at the reception of the PSB Fitness office and also connect with us online at the following platforms as follows:-

Our website:


PSB Fitness: Quick Summary and its online benefits

A Quick Guide about PSB Fitness

We are happy to announce that Sheridan College (Pilon School of Business) has collaborated with us to introduce their own Fitness Club called “PSB Fitness.” PSB Fitness is an Aerobics & Zumba club with 24*7 accessibility. We are proud to announce that PSB is the only school in the peel region to provide Zumba sessions. Our Club will be situated in both Davis and Hazel McCallion Campus. Don’t worry, Trafalgar Bruins; we’ll be reaching you soon. In the end, We have provided links to PSB Fitness social media.

PSB Fitness: Quick Summary and its online benefits

What can you expect?

Here at PSB Fitness, we’ll take good care of our students. We have experienced staff with more than 5 years of experience in the Aerobics & Zumba field. We’ll make sure that every student enjoys the training sessions.

Types of Services Offered with social media:

  • Aerobics + Zumba (You can also choose either one of them).
  • Personal Training Sessions
  • Virtual Sessions
  • Dietary advice
  • Workout Planning
  • Gym (Coming Soon) 🙂

PSB Fitness: Quick Summary and its online benefits

More About Us (FAQs)

1. Will PSB Fitness charges be included in the semester fee?

It’s totally up to you. You can either purchase PSB fitness subscription by adding it to your College fees or purchase it separately. We recommend purchasing it separately as you’ll get an opportunity to build your own customized membership as per your field of interests and likelihood. But we assure you that the price would be affordable and worth every single penny.

2. Where can I buy PSB Fitness membership?

As mentioned earlier, you can either pay the membership in addition to your tuition fee, or you have got a couple of other methods:

Directly from the Club location situated in Wing “B” on both campuses.

You can purchase the memberships through the PSB Fitness Website or Sheridan College’s website. (You can access a direct link on PSB Fitness Social media accounts and at the end of this page)

3. Are there any discounts for students with high academic standings?

Indeed, we are excited to announce that students with a cumulative GPA of 3 will get a minimum discount of 10%. Students with a GPA of 3.5 and above will get a 20% discount, increasing to a discount of 40% for students who achieve a GPA of 3.90 and above. So, don’t stop, study hard and save money harder!

4. What is the Scenario for personal sessions through an online social site?

Due to the on-going pandemic, we have decided to provide virtual sessions as well as personal sessions. Students can select Class-timings for virtual and personal training within 8 AM-8 PM (7-days a week). We surveyed Sheridan College’s Twitter account, and we witnessed that more than 15% of the participating students prefer to stay home and avoid any social gatherings. So, we decided to announce personal and virtual sessions, where students will not have to gather among other students. However, we also assure other students that we’ll be practicing strict COVID-19 prevention instructions as stated by Canada’s government.

PSB Fitness: Quick Summary and its online benefits

Furthermore, our motive for announcing personal sessions was not only prevention of COVID-19, but we also care about students who are insecure about their body language or students who don’t feel comfortable around others. We assure you that our expert Instructors will provide the maximum comfort with great understanding with our students as lacking confidence or being socially awkward is a common trend among students today.

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Our Website:

For more information, feel free to contact us on:



Students with good GPA get discounts at PSB


PSB is the gym service started by Sheridan college. This is the gym that helps the students to stay healthy. This basically is for the students and the staff member of the college. The college is also providing some extra discounts to students who have a GPA of 3.5. Moreover, this also motivates the students to get good grades in the study to avail these benefits. These students who are also having some good interest in students also take some more initiative to study more and get some more discount. Students with a good GPA get discounts at PSB is the main theme for the college gym.

Students with good GPA get discounts at PSB

What are the special offers By PSB fitness?

As PSB is available to the students on the campus of Sheridan College. So, students who are scoring well in their studies have a chance to avail the services of PSB cub at less and affordable rates. Students with an excellent GPA get discounts at PSB. For example, PSB is offering 50% on the half-yearly and yearly membership to those students who have more than a 3.5 cumulative GPA in their course. These kinds of offers are helpful to boost the students do attain good grades in the course. The club is also offering free meal guidance to its customers. So, they will eat according to their body posture.

Students with good GPA get discounts at PSB


Some specialties of PSB are good in studies. 

PSB is in one fitness center because they are offering a variety of services to the students to remain fit and fine, All the students in this club are doing their workouts under the supervision of qualified trainers. These trainers make ensure that students are doing the right exercise according to their body. The main specialty of this club is that it is available to students 24/7 also it means students have the convenience of time to do exercise. Students with a good GPA get discounts at PSB at some percentage.

Students with good GPA get discounts at PSB

Benefits In PSB Fitness who have good GPA 

  • Qualified Trainer.
  • Free music system.
  • Free meal guidance.
  • virtual session of workout.

Do not wait to join the PSB fitness…

For more information visit the social media sites of PSB fitness.


official site-

PSB 24/7 yoga and zumba classes

  • Who we are?

PSB is Pilon school of business and they have started the in campus gym service. This gym is offering PSB 24/7  yoga and zumba to the students and staff member. This service is only for the staff members and specially for the students who are studying hard. By this they also get opportunity to  spend some time on themselves and with the college mates with whom they are studying. By this their mind will also get relaxed by doing Zumba exercise as it is possible with music and dance. They are offering many type of exercise like Aerobics, Zumba, Yoga and crossfit exercise and body building exercise. Their main focus  is on exercises like zumba and yoga as both of them are physical exercise with proper combination.

PSB 24/7 yoga and zumba

  • What do we provide?

PSB is providing gym service to its student and staff members for 24/7. This means that they can access it anytime and in any campus wherever the gym is available. Currently the service is now on its initial stage and the planning of this to provide world class service to its clients. The trainers are highly qualified and they also have field in this experience as trainers. The gym is also giving virtual classes to some clients because some students and staff are highly dedicated towards fitness for them. Moreover, it is not possible to come daily without having their class. So for them the service is ready to provide virtual classes. With the virtual classes at one side the PSB 24/7 yoga and zumba will also be working at the same time.

Clients enjoying Zumba session in class
  • How our fitness centers do smart work to be better than others and benefits they offer?

PSB has its fixed training schedule which makes them different from others. The fixed schedule for them is like there will be some normal exercise for the clients just to make body ready for workout. After that there will be 1 hour Zumba training in which clients will perform aerobic fitness program through the way of dancing. After this activity there will be rest time in which clients can relax just for 5-10 minutes. The break time is less so that the body should remain in motion mode. In the last session there will be proper yoga session which will again be of 1 hour. This is the schedule for the people who have free time and able to complete the whole process line.

  1. The plus points that the clients get with 24/7 exercise 

    they will get headphones for Zumba exercise so that every client can get full freedom for the type of music he/she wants to listen. By this clients will work with motivation and dedication.

  2. Quick and productive 24/7 workout

    The PSB also offers to get a quick gym training session also. This helps the students who do not have 2-3 hours free time in continuous hours. Suppose if they have 1 hour free then they can workout in PSB in a productive way.


We also offer membership discounts to the students who have GPA above 3.5 so try to get a try at our gym. Contact us or just drop in to start your new zumba and yoga classes.

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Zumba and Aerobics at PSB Fitness.


Our PSB fitness club is offering Zumba and Aerobics fitness exercises which are unique and fun ways of workout. If you are interested please don’t wait. Get yourselves entered into the world of joy and dance. To stay healthy and fit register to PSB Fitness Club in Davis and HMC.

Group of People doing Zumba fitness at PSB


Zumba is a great exercise for muscles and the heart. It is an enjoyable workout that involves movements on dance music. It is designed to boost the heart rate. Also, it helps to build cardio endurance. It is very beneficial because it is a stress remover. Moreover, it is a fitness program that is designed to improve cardiovascular fitness with the use of slow and fast rhythms. In addition to it is dance moves with a combination of international music. Similarly, it helps to reduce weight and maintain the body shape. It is a fact that one hour of Zumba workout can burn 450 calories which is similar to one hour of running. Also, the big advantage of Zumba is that anyone can practice it because it is very simple and easy. It is one of the fitness programs which does not need special types of equipment and outfits.


              Zumba and Aerobics Studio

PSB Fitness Club is open 24/7  located in Brampton and Mississauga.   The session includes a dance workout for 45 minutes or more. Also, we have organized 15-25 minutes Yoga and meditation sessions because it helps to calm the mind and body. Furthermore, our Membership package includes pre-workout on your choice of music,  Zumba, and after-session meditation classes. Although, it is worth spending your money to enjoy and stay fit. It is a high-energy workout that we offer at an affordable cost. Our club offers flexible timing of the sessions.

Following are the duration and the timings of the sessions:

  • Zumba workout duration- 45 minutes.
  • Every new session will begin after an hour.
  • Also 15-25 minutes after-workout meditation sessions.

Most Importantly, before leaving the club, we would serve a complimentary diet and healthy drinks. Because it will help to re-energize your body, refreshen up your mind, and gives satisfaction.


  • Virtual Sessions on requests and every weekend.
  • Personal Training
  • Special Equipment for customers with disabilities or help. For instance- Providing wheelchairs and private accommodation for workouts.
  • Weekly memberships and installments accepted.
  • Dieticians help to create diet plans.

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