Good CrossFit Gym Mississauga

Are you searching for a Good CrossFit Gym at the city center of Mississauga ?

PSB Fitness has the best CrossFit gym for you just across square one , which makes you feel fresh by the ambience. Our gym PSB Fitness is near Sheridan college (Hazel McCallion Campus) at Mississauga which is at the center of the city , would provide you the fresh feel that you are looking to do your CrossFit exercise in a gym.

Yes, doing CrossFit outside is a different feeling because it feels like we are more energetic . Morning running, walking, or hiking is the best thing. But what you do when you’re living in the middle of the city?, Or when the weather is bad? . Don’t worry! You will have natural sunlight in PSB fitness while doing your CrossFit exercise .

CrossFit Gym at the center of the city

Mississauga is the most the busiest and commercial place. Residents who live nearby needs a place to go do their workouts. Many People feel that they miss doing exercise or going out for a jog because there is building everywhere and its always busy on the roads with vehicles. But Do not worry! Our PSB fitness at Sheridan College HMC is the best place to replace it.

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Among the huge buildings in the city center of Mississauga, you can find a peaceful, relaxing, and open space with glass windows to do your CrossFit exercises with trained and certified expertise. Where there is more CrossFit equipment available. You get to grow your workout with proper training and coaching with bright and strong full affirmations. A convenient location for you which is accessible to bus and college anytime.

Best CrossFit Gym ambience at Mississauga  –

YOU Will Pick Up the Pace in Bright Lights

Our gym brings the sunshine inside .it is very important to do workout in a place where it is bright and light feel. Body mindfulness and peaceful is more important, that’s why we introduced this concept of ambience to our gym.

Rich search "big window gym Mississauga" Natural light can make people feel more energized and give alert in your exercise routine, which adds more productive fitness environment especially while doing CrossFit, you feel like as if you are exercising in outdoors. What you feel outside you feel it inside. When its not going to be a bad weather and cold, we would open the windows for you to feel the fresh air like on a bright summer day. You will have all the gym equipment in one place yet be an indoor, but you will have the fresh breeze of air like it is an open space. this will give you to focus more and workout in the best effective way and get you the best results.

Join us ! and you wont feel like you missed anything .

Follow us on Facebook ,Instagram and Twitter . you will be excited to be a part of this 😊Still have doubts? – Don’t worry you can drop at our location anytime from Monday to Saturday 8am to 9pm .


Cost Effective CrossFit Experience in Mississauga.

cost effective yogaA Cost effective CrossFit Experience in the heart of downtown Mississauga is one you’re not going to want to miss out on. While staying completely budget-friendly and gaining a full-body workout while doing something you’re comfortable doing. Working out should not break the wallet, nor should it hinder your ability to feel, and stay healthy. Our Mississauga location is a vibrant, bright and social experience. You’re sure to enjoy your time working out and staying active.

Cost Effective and Experience.

Being active shouldn’t cost a lot, or break the wallet, we pride ourselves on ensuring our memberships are designed to cost no more than $10 a week, a total monthly membership is $39.99. Stay fit, healthy, and cost effective.

We know our members are not always looking to spend a lot, but want to maintain a healthy and active life. We’ve tried to set our cost to be effective to support your lifestyle.

experience crossfit in mississauga

Supportive, Helpful, and Effective.

Our motto is to always be supportive, no one person is the same. We’re here to help,  everyone needs different support systems while building their strength. Training that specifically for your body is always going to yield better, more effective and sustained results than doing the “norm”. Our staff are always available to provide support and assistance as needed in aiding what you need. From a spotting partner to furthering your understanding of the benefits from CrossFit.

cost effective experience crossfit Heart of Downtown Mississauga

We’re located in the heart of downtown Mississauga, making it easy to access; staying effective to your membership. And gaining the best experience you possibly can. With easy access from Square one, the Go Station and Miway station, a cost effective CrossFit experience is not far away from you. Drop by and come say hi. We’re not too far away.

Save more

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Good CrossFit Gym in Mississauga 
CrossFit Training near HMC Sheridan College
Mississauga CrossFit and Strength Training at PSB

CrossFit Training near HMC Sheridan College

Train your mind to better train your body.

crossfit training

At PSB Fitness, we value the time you put in to achieving your goals. Our fitness trainers can help you put in the proper work to effectively get the body you wanted. Our gym provides weight training and CrossFit training by Sheridan College (HMC campus) for extra convenience to students in the area.

Let us teach you how to work smarter to reach your body goals faster

Enjoy the various amenities at PSB Fitness. When you register with PSB Fitness, you get access to all the weights and machines as well as access to a locker room, and access to the CrossFit studio for some CrossFit training.

Experience the productivity of a trainer. You can test the waters of what it’s like to have your own personal fitness trainer. PSB Fitness offers a 3 day trial with a fitness trainer that specializes in either weight training or CrossFit.

crossfit training

If you’re looking to pack on some muscle, you should try out our weight training machines and collection of dumbbells. We have enough for everyone to use.

CrossFit Training offered at PSB Fitness (Near Sheridan College) Is the Best Way To Boost Your Stamina!

Want to increase your stamina? Try out our CrossFit studio. Sectioned off from the rest of the gym, our CrossFit studio is equipped with mats for comfort, resistance bands for training, and upbeat music to get you into the mood of achieving your goals!

If you want to sign up to CrossFit Training, PSB Fitness makes it easy to register. All you need is a gym membership and you can show up to any of the available timeslots of your choice! A CrossFit instructor will be ready to greet you in the studio and you can take position anywhere you like. Depending on the level of experience of the class, the instructor will show you the ropes and get you in shape in no time!

Register now for CrossFit Training at a low cost near Sheridan College!

For a limited time, you can become a member at PSB Fitness for as little as $39.99 a month! If you want to lock in a yearly membership rather than pay month-to-month, you can secure an annual membership for just $431.90. That way, you save $47.98!

Unsure if you want to commit to a membership? Don’t sweat it! With out 3 Day Free Trial, you get access to all* of the amenities PSB Fitness has to offer for 3 consecutive days, absolutely free!

Take a look at some of the benefits of participating in a CrossFit Program at PSB Fitness! Need some motivation on why you should try out our weight training programs? Click Here!

crossfit training

We are proud to offer you the convenience of our CrossFit Training near HMC Sheridan College. With the recent closure of the local YMCA, PSB Fitness is the perfect choice for students that want to drop by for their workout session.


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*3 Day Free Trial does not grant access to the free 3 Day Personal Trainer perk Members are offered.

Mississauga CrossFit and Strength Training at PSB

Who said you had to choose between your health and success?

We can’t even begin to imagine how hard you are working to begin and create a life for yourself as college student trying to balance your work and life while studying every free moment that you have so that you can graduate debt-free. You are doing so incredibly amazing! But don’t forget to give your body and brain a break! Situated in an urban area, by Mississauga, Ontario, the opportunities available around you to achieve your goal is endless!  It can be daunting to have to think about what workouts you need to do at the gym. At Mississauga CrossFit and strength training, we’d like to take that stress away for you!

You might not always have spare time to do what you truly love, like hiking in the summer or skiing in the winter but imagine there is a place for you to take a breather and relieve stress in between your hectic schedule and blow off steam from school and work stress. 

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