Fat Loss Weight Training Mississauga

People can be very busy in their lives whether it’s because of work, school, or their social life. One important key in life is to be healthy, which is why the new PSB Gym located in Mississauga, Ontario will begin their Fat Loss Weight Training program!

Rope Conditioning to lose body fat, full body workout
Rope Conditioning: Best Exercise for Fat Loss

The Fat Loss Weight Training Program is very beneficial as it gives reliable insights to your mental and physical health. This will focus on your cardiovascular strength, agility and weight training.

Rope Conditioning is a full body workout. It requires consistent movement in a timely matter for potential fat loss and muscle growth. This technique is also used by professional athletes.

The Mississauga, Ontario location is the designated area for fitness. Whether you want to focus on sports or personal health. You can train for soccer, football, and basketball. This will help you be more productive and see results as soon as possible.

Artificial Turf with gym equipment
Indoor Turf for Soccer Training

Indoor training for sports is also a very helpful way to lose fat. Sports are more than just muscle, but also more cardiovascular strength.

The Artificial Turf located inside is a good space to help with your running, endurance, speed, and acceleration. Doing cardio workouts help transform and define your muscle, and train your weight to a healthy manner. Cardio tends to make you sweat which helps build more core muscle and body definition, therefore helping with your calories.


Will there be examples, locations, and different aspects of losing fat on your body?

Different Workouts
Different workouts including Shoulder Raises, Cycling, and Deadlift.

Divergent Areas

Each section of the Gym has it’s own designated area depending on the body part you wish to workout on. With numerous variations and methods, there will be ways to figure out your plan on losing fat.

Having a plan to focus on different body parts per day, will help relax and build muscle. This will encourage fat loss and dedicate to weight training. Also, to make sure people do not interfere with one another, there is enough space for several drills.


As of right now there is only one location available. Fat loss Weight Training Mississauga is the only place available. Wish you all the best on your fitness journey!


Affordable Gyms for Students in Brampton!

Affordable Gyms for Students in Brampton.

PSB Fitness for Students in Brampton

Pursue Wellness and Happiness.

Want to get them gains without the debt in your pocket?

The PSB Fitness Center in Brampton has an affordable option at our gyms for both students and the public. At the PSB Fitness Center, we offer a variety of various workout regiments and classes that are cost effective and body effective!

Working Out is good for the mind and body!

Working out everyday for at least 30-60 minutes is not only good for the body to get physically slimmer, better or stronger.

It also helps alleviate stress, especially for college students who are always in crunch mode during the Fall, Winter or Summer semesters each and every year.

By getting in that workout, you are not only easing stress levels in your mind, but you are also distracted a bit to get a good and healthy workout in.

Zumba rooms in PSB Fitness

PSB Fitness Brampton Offerings

The following are all the various workout rooms we offer at PSB Fitness.

  • Several Zumba Rooms with different times for each 1 hour session.
  • Basketball Court.
  • Swimming Pool.
  • Weight Room.
  • Sauna/Relax Room.

Along with these offerings for workout rooms, we also offer various products such as Yoga Mats, Stress Balls, Water Bottles, and T-Shirts for when you may have forgotten yours or maybe you are in need of one but do not want to travel too far to get one at an affordable price.

Affordable Prices compared to other gyms

The prices are $11.25-$15 a month with a initial membership fee of $30 to start off. However, if you are a member of the Sheridan Family, you qualify for a 20-25% discount! Whether that may be by being a student, professor or a faculty member at Sheridan College.

Are the prices uneasy or just want to give PSB Fitness a try?

We do offer a free month trial for Sheridan Students only at no additional cost.

On top of the free month, any referrals made by Sheridan Students to future PSB Fitness members will also get a free month as well for each referral (Maximum of 5 referrals).

Purchasing a PSB Fitness Membership can be done either online via Sheridan Bruins , the Davis Campus (Sheridan Students, Professors, and faculty members), or at the PSB Fitness center.

For Sheridan Students, Professors, and Faculty Members, you can enter your Student ID, Sheridan Email,  or going to the PSB Fitness Location to take advantage of the discount. The discount will be added right away or to the current month for the monthly plan.

Sport enhancement training in Brampton

Extras for all our Students and Members

Being a member of the PSB Fitness Center will grant you many options for you both On site and Off Site.

On Site Help

By talking to one of our team members, they can offer various workouts or areas that you may want to focus on during or at your next workout.

Off Site Help

By connecting with one of our team members on social media, we are able to help you with whatever task you may need, whether that may be wondering Zumba times or stretches.



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Enjoy a Fun Weightlifting and Zumba in Mississauga

Keep fit and mental health with our weightlifting and Zumba

We have just opened our PSB fitness center at Sheridan College. We offer fun weightlifting and Zumba classes in both Mississauga and Brampton locations. The PSB fitness center is located on site at Sheridan College in both Mississauga and Brampton, so it’s just a step away for students who want to have fun exercising and relieve stress from school but have no time. For students who are busy with school and would like to at least squeeze some time to exercise, our PSB fitness centers provide you the right solution. The location in Mississauga is especially convenient due the center location near Square One so it’s easier to get to.

Fun Zumba

  • Are you looking for something fun to do with friends in Mississauga?
  • Are you looking for some “Fun” and “Free” experience?
  • Are you a music lover?
  • Are you trying to stay fit and having no idea how and where to start in Mississauga yet?
  • Are you the one who usually move your body along while there is music playing?

We are here for you!

Affordable price offering for both weightlifting and Zumba in Mississauga and Brampton

With only $30 admission fee a month, and $30 membership fee, you can enjoy the whole fun experience. For Sheridan students, professors, or faculty staffs, you can receive an extra 20% off on admission fee a month. Moreover, there is a-month free trial to Sheridan students and a referral program will be available too. You can refer your classmates or friends to our fitness center in Mississauga and Brampton. When you do that, you can get one more month free trial. How exciting that you’ll be able to try some free weightlifting, or Zumba and have all the fun together just after you finish your school! Share your workout experience will win you more free access to the gym.

Fun Weightlifting

Weightlifting and Zumba help to get fit and relieve stress

Weightlifting is getting popular recently, and our PSB fitness centers in Mississauga and Brampton both are fully equipped with anything you need to be strong and fit. We have professional and experienced weightlifting instructors who can show you the correct techniques for weightlifting, so you won’t get hurt. Weightlifting is proper for every level, so don’t worry if you have never tried weightlifting! We are sure we are going to have some fun together to help to reach your goals.

Have you ever tried dancing and felt you had two left feet? But, you’ve enjoyed the music so much and couldn’t help moving your body along with the music. Then Zumba is the right and new workout that you should try. We’re sure you will absolutely have fun with Zumba. No dance experience required, and just enjoy moving your body together with our Zumba instructors to sweat and have fun!

Are you ready to have fun weightlifting and Zumba classes in Sheridan College in Mississauga and Brampton?

Come to check out our PSB fitness centers for weightlifting and Zumba NOW!

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